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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Cried The Day He Becomes PM - Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau, Batang Ai Ceramah Online

I am not ashamed to let you all know that I shed tears on the day racist umno najib was sworn in as our top employee position, the pm post. It is not the tears of joy but the tears of fright, sadness and shame. I need not go into details the type of baggage he is carrying with him into the premiership as you all already know what they are.

Do not tell me that we cannot find one single person out of the 28 million population that can perform better than racist umno najib. Or the least, is there no one within umno's 3 million members that is better qualified than racist umno najib?

The answer is of course there is but by umno's tradition and system of patronage, there is no way umno is going to give up the pm post as long as they are still in power, even if they have no other choice but to select a man that is illiterate, they will go for it.

The newly minted pm, is now trying to prove himself to be a good leader that will lead this country to fame and prosperity. His maiden speech plus his walk around means nothing but to bait those who are not so familiar with umno's antics. The news media are painting a good picture of racist umno najib euphoria with the "1Malaysia" concept and "People First, Performance Now" tagline.

No one question him about the recent concluded umno general assembly and his welcoming talks with mahathir, whereby the malay supremacy, unite the malays talk still ringing non stop. So what does he mean by 1Malaysia, is it going to be just like badawi's Islam Hadari that just disappeared or 1Malaysia is a "1 Malay Race Only" ruling over the whole Malaysia. Would he dare to say that his 1Malaysia is Malaysia For All, Equality For All, Equal Justice For All. Why must he always have a caveat in all his talks and not just plain and simple talk where people will not need to be puzzled and keep wondering what his dirty tactics are.

Not one word on corruptions in his maiden speech. Why he did not dare to touch on the word corruptions, is it because he knows to well that he cannot rid of this cancer during his tenure while trying not to make the same mistake like badawi? If he is going to use his tagline "People First, Performance Now", he must tackle corruptions as his top priority, without which his tagline does not mean a thing.

The news media, mostly owned by umno/bn are trying to convince the public to give racist umno najib a chance and do not reject it without giving it a try. Have we not given umno/bn so many chances over the 50 years of their ruling and can we be so naive to trust them one more time knowing that each time a new pm takes over, these kind of euphoria will always be their first action to buy the peoples heart and soul. After that, what happen, their true color will surface and they once again continue with their, arrogant, corrupt and racist lifestyle.

Fellow Malaysians, voters of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai, let me remind you all, racist umno can never change. Do not be overwhelmed by racist umno najib's euphoria, this is just to entice for your votes. Do not be cheated, lied and bullied again by their call to give this racist umno najib a chance. Ask them back, how many chances do they want, 53 years of chances still not enough?

Racist umno najib can still carry on with his promised reforms without winning these 3 by elections if he is sincere in wanting to change. We want to see whether he is sincere to walk all his talks by voting for Pakatan Rakyat in these 3 by elections and will only decide his fate comes the 13th GE.

We have come a long way for change and we must not be distracted now. For the good of this country we must continue with our fight against umno/bn to force umno/bn to change or we will change them.


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