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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Simple Explanation About What Is "1Malaysia" - Update

Now confirmed, an explanation of 1Malaysia by the Prime Minister and his deputy: "1Malaysia" means - "A Malay First Malaysian" for the Malays and second "Malaysian" to all the other races. "1Malaysia" is still race base to fulfill umno's "ketuanan melayu" policies.

Let me start by providing a short story regarding a sport car developed by a large conglomerate call Proeton. This sport car took less than a month to produce including designing and fabrication. The big boss was so proud because he is the one who thought of the design and build concept. He also name the sport car "1Car". On the day of launching, all the best sale agents throughout the country, including competitors were invited. The proud boss stood at the specially designed gold plated rostrum and announced his sport car, named "1Car" and that it is a good car and should be easy to sell. The boss continue with his cock and bull story about any other things except the details about the "1Car".

The sale agents look puzzled, because when they inquired and asked about the specifications, the boss could not produce any, ask about the pricing, the boss could not give any pricing and when press further for more details, the boss simply said, the "1Car" is a very good car, just go and sell them.

The sale agents, scratching their heads, turn to each other and started to speculate about the "1Car". This must be a special car with 10 HP and run by solar energy, another agent calming that it is capable of running at light speed while others are saying that the wheels are square in shape and the engine can start without battery or fuel. The speculations kept on forever without anyone really knows what this "1Car" has or how it can perform and slowly but surely the "1Car" will forever remain in cold storage.

So, what can I say about "1Malaysia". No details, no specifications, just that we know there is only 1 Malaysia in this world, nothing special about it. The big boss of this country came out with his concept of "1Malaysia" without dwelling into details of what it means. All his subordinates were told to sell his concept of "1Malaysia" and being yes men, they just have to follow the boss order even though they know nuts about its concept. As you all can see and read every day, the different interpretations and opinions on this so call "1Malaysia" from the medias, political parties, businessmen, NGOs and other sources.

Well you can contribute your own interpretation of "1Malaysia" if you like, as nobody cares about it anyway, I for one. Just like the "1Car" story, until I get to know exactly the specifications and performance of the sport car, I will not buy it, would you?

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  1. As a foreigner from Britain living in Malaysia perhaps I have a more objective view of what I believe'1Malaysia' to mean.

    Alphabetically '1Malaysia' is: -

    Advanced, benevolent, cultured, democratic, exciting, friendly, great, happy, infrastructured, judicial, kind, lucious, multicultural, neutral, optimistic, pretty, quake-proof, restrained, superior, tasty, unhurried, vibrant, wonderful, xiphoid, youthfull, zippy.

    Xiphoid = sword shaped.



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