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Friday, July 30, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

A seafront village full of hungry people wanting to eat various big fishes, sent out a fishing trawler to net some big fishes to fill their empty stomach. The trawler sailed out to sea, headed by the village chief together with a few experienced local fishermen. They cast the big net and trawled the big sea. After a few hours of trawling they started to pull in the net filled with different types of small and big fishes. As the fishes were flipping high and low, the fishermen gathered all the small fishes and threw them back to the sea, leaving the big fishes to be brought home for the villagers to be served as dinner. Upon reaching the village the big fishes were immediately cooked and consumed by the villagers while it is still fresh.

Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

The umno/bn government promises the people, election after election, that they are fighting corruptions. They did kept their promises by sending out their best fishermen to cast the net and to bring in those who are corrupted. Yes, they are serious in fighting corruptions but all these while, people are wondering why the big fishes managed to slip through the net and what get caught are only the ikan bilis. A few unlucky big fishes may be netted due to their political fallout with their leaders or are placed inside the aquarium just for show and at the end of the day, these big fishes will not be cooked and served as dinner to the public. They either belly up in the water tank due to old age, sickness or "accidentally" flushed out when the water tank is in the process of cleaning and water changing.

The Najib administration is playing the same script but with different actors and adding some spices to make it taste better, as the PM knew by now what the people's taste are. The net is now more tightly guarded to ensure the big fish does not slipped out. The stage is set for a good show, to enlighten the public that the Najib's administration is serious in combating corruptions.

After the acting script is put in place, the leader goes for a long holiday letting his subordinates to carry out the dirty job. One day after he left for holiday, a real big fish was caught and at the same time, news of more big fishes will be caught, were leaked out. Many leaders from both side of the divide expressed "shocked" over the charged of this big fish but I am very sure in their hearts they knew that this big fish and those that are going to be caught soon will be put inside a beautiful water tank for display to the public but will not be served as dinner, while it is still fresh.

The fear of losing power has forced the ruling umno/bn to put up an "action movie" with no conclusion or ending, to placate the public outcry for action. This "action movie" has two parts, the first part is "ARRESTS & CHARGES" and the second part which you will never get to see is "CONVICTION & JAIL TERM".

Many were delighted to hear of the big fish being charged and many more big ones to come. We have seen such action played before by previous leaders and what is the outcome to this never ending "action movie"? The outcome will be "Found not guilty", "Gone to be with his maker", "Case closed due to insufficient evidence", "NFA", after umno/bn had won big in each general election.

There must be an ending to this "action movie" and we, the voters, must see to it that it ends with the second part "CONVICTION & JAIL TERM". As long as umno/bn is in power those big fishes caught will be swimming happily inside the beautiful water tank provided for them and you and I will be helpless to do anything. As long as you continue to give umno/bn the mandate to rule, they have the power to control the "action movie" without letting you view the second part and to take back whatever they had given to you after they had won the general election.

If you want to see the second part of the "action movie" with the big fishes being well cooked and served as your dinner, you must no longer "Wait And See First Lah" or hesitated to vote for a new Federal Government. Only with a new Federal Government will it be able to conclude this "action movie" with the second part revealed and served you the well cooked big fish dinner.

Between now and the 13th GE we must support and praise the umno/bn government for continuing their no ending "action movie" and keep on charging more big fishes. On the day of the 13th GE we will promise umno/bn that we will help them to conclude their never ending "action movie" by revealing the second part and cooked the big fish for dinner by voting in a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

Umno/BN Controlled Multi-Media Spin And Distortion

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tun Ling Liong Sik Charged, A Conviction Perhaps Or Just A Najib's Ploy ?

The news of former MCA President Tun Ling Liong Sik getting ("arrested" ?) and charged in court for his role in the scandal hit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project is spreading like wild fire across the globe.

This is exactly what Najib had wanted, to deflect criticisms of his administration lacks of will to go after the big fish. I am sure this is another staged acting, see how the Tun is being brought to court, is he really arrested, handcuffed and brought to a police station prior to his being charged today? Compare this to other arrests, especially the opposition.

Did he get a deal from Najib, "You help me, I help you" get arrested and charged first and I will make sure of a no conviction?

As history had shown us, this action today is a sign of coming general election and after everyone had forgotten and weary of the trial, a final verdict of "NOT GUILTY" will be filed or the defendant goes to his maker before the trial can be concluded.

Until we see all those big fish involved in corruption got convicted and jailed, let us hold our breath.

Please do not be swayed by such a staged show.

Arrest and Charged
is different from being
And Jailed

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fuss Over DPP Affair With Saiful - My Theory

The Najib administration had spent a lot of effort, time and money through their controlled multi media to inform the public not to be taken in by the lies that are spread by bloggers, especially Raja Petra Kamarudin's (RPK) blog, Malaysia Today.

The DPP affair with Saiful came to light via RPK's Malaysia Today and as far as we know, no other medias or person had come forward with this allegation prior to or after RPK had reported it in his blog.

There are tonnes of allegations against, Najib, Rosmah, Umno, PDRM and many other leaders reported in Malaysia Today but they are all brushed off as lies and the AG would not even be bothered to look into any of them.

But why the AG had suddenly taken interest into RPK's "lies" regarding the DPP's affair with Saiful? Basing only on RPK's supposed allegation of the affair, DPP Farah Azlina Latif has been removed from the prosecution team in Anwar Ibrahim's current sodomy 2 trial. Does it not look kind of awkward that the AG now believed in a common liar's cooked up story?.

This is my theory what this fuss is all about.

Najib is in a bind over Anwar's sodomy 2. To convict Anwar and send him to complete his remaining life in prison will have a very great impact on Najib's future. Najib knows that 70% of those following the case do not believe that the trial is fair nor the charges against Anwar were true.

The ongoing trial is leading no where yet the judges are bend on continuing to see that Anwar is send to prison. Najib wanted to stop this sham trial before it hurts him further but there is no way to put of the trial now.

In order to stop this sham trial they have to create something to show a cause for a mistrial or throw sodomy2 out completely.

What better way then to have the witness seen as having an affair with the DPP inside the prosecution team. Saiful and the DPP may have got attracted to each other and this is seen as an opportunity to create a scene that both are having affair. (They may or may not actually had an affair) Both parties must have agreed to allow this kind of story to leak out after heavy bargaining for whatever they wanted.

It is not hard for this story to be leaked out to RPK for him to released it through his popular blog. RPK has all kind of sources and some of them may be double agent working for both sides. (Sorry, RPK this is only my theory).

Najib wanted out, so this is the best way to do it.

We will have the answer when the trial continue on Aug 2 and from there we will get a clear picture on two things.

1) Should the defendant application for a mistrial or the case be thrown out failed, we can be 99% sure that Anwar will be sent to jail.

2) If my theory is somehow right, along the way of the trial the case will be dismissed. Of course it will not be immediate, the judges will dragged on for sometime before they act on it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Candlelight Vigil 1st August 2010 - Speakers' Square, Esplanade, Penang Update:Various Venues

Updated with venues that are taking part in this Anti-ISA candlelight vigil. Scroll down to see the venue nearest to you.

Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil Venues: Selangor/KL, London, Penang, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Perak, Kelantan...

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) would like to invite all concerned citizens to a Candle light Vigil in conjunction with 50 years of ISA. The Vigil will be held on the 1st of August 2010 at several parts of Malaysia such as:

State Place Contact Person

Selangor Dataran MBPJ, Nalini: 019 37589...12
Padang Timur
(Opposite Amcorp Mall)

Penang Speakers Square Jing Cheng: 012 7583779
Perak Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh Dr. Kumar: 019 5616807
Kedah Dataran Zero KM, Simon Ooi : 012 4202264
Sungai Petani

Kelantan Taman Hijau, KB Zaidi: 0123840415
Seremban Dataran Seremban Veron: 016 6687900

Sibu, Kuching and Johor will be confirm soon.

We demand the Government of Malaysia to Abolish the ISA as soon as possible as the barbaric and unlawful Act has existed in Malaysia for 50 years. The ISA is draconian and most importantly, it is against the fundamental human rights.

Please join us together to fight the ISA and all other detention without trial laws! Together We CAN Bring CHANGE!

GMI Secretariat will update everyone from time to time regarding the venue of the Vigils in each state mentioned above. Please bear with us. For further info, please contact Miss Nalini at 019 3758912 or 03 77843525.

Released By,

GMI Secretariat and SUARAM Coordinator

From Malaysiakini
The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) will be holding a simultaneous candlelight vigil, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the oppressive Internal Security Act 1960 by calling for its abolition.

Those from Penang and the surrounding areas can attend this candlelight vigil:

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Speakers' Square, Esplanade, Penang


Mansuhkan ISA, bukan Pinda! 废除内安法令,不是修改!
ISA telah menzalimi rakyat selama 50 tahun! Sertai vigil Mansuhkan ISA pada 1hb Ogos(Ahad), 8:30pm di Dataran DBI.

Please Join us for candle vigil "Abolish ISA" peaceful assembly,
1th Aug (Sun), 8.30pm, Dataran DBI Ipoh.
Wear Black or Black, come with a candle.
1-8-2010(日), 8.30pm, 怡保市政厅广场(Dataran DBI)


Trafalgar Square, London

Sunday 1st August

Venue: Malaysian Tourism Office

Time: 12-2pm.


Main Vigil At Dataran MBPJ

20:00pm - Gather for the vigil. Location - Dataran MBPJ opposite Amcorp Mall/ Padang Timur

20:05pm - Short/very brief speech by Syed.

20:05pm - 20:15pm - A short performance by Rumah Anak Teater

20:15pm - 20:30pm - Vigil proper

20:30pm - 20:35pm - Reading of the declaration

20:35pm - 20:45pm - Closing with Meor's song


Sungai Petani, Kedah

1 OGOS 2010



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beg Your Pardon, Is Perfect English A Prerequisite To Blogging?

There was a comment regarding my article Open Letter To Robert De Niro & Famous Celebrities at Malaysia Chronicle under the heading "Open Letter to Robert De Niro and other 'guests' of Rosmah's" which I reproduced below.
Anonymous said...
Richard Loh: If you are writing to American celeberities at the very least write in good and correct English. Rosmah will laugh at your letter as she has better command of English than you..
July 24, 2010 10:36 PM

in which I gave a short reply:
Thank you anon 10:36
I am not a professional writer nor journalist or an expert in writing. I am just a commoner with limited education background.

As you may know blogging is for everyone to blog what is in their mind. This posting is to highlight what is wrong with our leaders and a common second wife of the PM wasting the public funds as though it belongs to them.

Yea, rosmah English may be much much better than me but is she a person with integrity and honesty while trying to act as if she is running this country and spending the public fund as and when she likes?.

A fool will only laugh at my poor English but a smart one will be able to understand that this country needs a change of Government before it rots and bankrupt in 2019.

Laugh all you want.

There is no denying that people prefer to read a well written article in good English. So what am I still posting my articles when my English is so damn bad, according to some Great Masters Of The English Language. Let me explain to you why and please bear with my poor command of the English Language.

1) If you enter my blog, you will see the title of the blog, photos and other categories indicating this blog is leaning more towards the political side. I am not paid to write for any news media or journal as I am not a journalist nor a professional writer but just expressing my own personal point of views regarding the status of our country using the best level of my knowledge of the English Language.

2) The PM had claimed that he wanted to listen to the people and I am not lucky as one Saiful who can just walked right into his front door to chat with him, so the only recourse is to write on my blog hoping that he can read it and understand what the normal people on the street wanted, if he is sincere enough in wanting to listen and not sending his cybertroopers, the SB and PDRM to hunt us down.

3) Commanding good English is not every one's cup of tea. There are different level of command depending on one's education background or exposure. You can compare it to the like of the star rating for hotels. If you can afford you will stay at a five star hotel, many are just able to live at the three star while the rest simply have to be happy living in the budget hotel. It is no shame to live either at a three star or budget hotel for it provided us the same result, a place to sleep for the night.

So, am I ashamed to expose my poor command of the English Language through blogging. No, I am not. For those who expressed their sorrow over my bad English, they are the intelligent one who need not have to read what I wrote for they are smart enough to know what is happening to this country to decide on their own future.

I am among the millions that live between the three star and budget hotels. We may want to try the five star hotel but simply could not afford to. Likewise, for those of us, whose command of English are poor will not be able to fully understand what the expert or professional writers are writing about with their jargon vocabulary and at the same time you must also be able to read between the lines.

I am not a graduate nor highly educated but thanks to our government education system, there are thousands of graduates churned out yearly that cannot secured a job due to their poor command of the English Language. So, I can consider myself to be the best among the worst.

This country is now on a political war path and this is where I come in, to serve those who are weak in their command of the English Language. They do not understand what the political scientist, political writers or political professors are writing about. They can at least absorbed my simple broken English and straight to the point political views. Just remember that political blogsphere is not for you to learn your English Language but to grasp the reality of the country political situations.

4) This country is going to the dogs and if we do not put our effort together to make a change we are doomed. For those Great Masters Of The English Language you can put your effort fighting at the higher level and as for me I will help out at the lower level, to the people on the street and those whose command of English are weak.

5) I am not challenging anyone and I know my English Language is not up to the international standard but at least I am not as bad as some of our ministers and leaders who cannot differentiate between "Election" and "Erection", reporters who do not understand certain vocab yet can file their report and charged someone for sedition. I am very certain that Rosmah would not dare to laugh at my poor English for she would be laughing at her husband and his ministers for producing the thousands of graduates whose command of English are worst than mine.

6) You can still continue to criticise and laugh at my poor English but for the sake of the country I have to voice out and call for A CHANGED IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT using the English Language even though it may not be up to the standard and taste for some of you. As long as my simple broken English can send the right message to the people on the ground to effect changed, I will be happy and satisfied.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Umno/BN Controlled Multi Media Spin & Distortion

Stay Clear Of Umno/BN Controlled TOXIC Multi Media

The Umno/bn controlled multi media are now on the overdrive to spin, distort and lie, trying to break the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat. All signs are pointing toward the fall of Umno/bn comes the 13th GE. Umno/bn are now on shaky ground and they need to take drastic actions to curb the growing strength of Pakatan Rakyat.

Other than using the government apparatus to clamp down PR, banning PR party news bulletins, bringing all kind of charges against PR leaders and members, they are now using their controlled multi media to spin, distort and lie. Even Bernama has stooped to such a low level to bow to the demand of umno by misreporting intentionally. The case in point can be read further down this posting.

GE 13 is very near, the umno/bn controlled multi media are now starting to spin and distort news about PR. If you love Penang and Malaysia stay away from the umno/bn owned multi media and TMI.

TheStar is the latest culprit to wreak havoc in Penang. A very naughty headlines "Penang May Ban Low Cost Homes" to stir up controversy and allowing umno/bn to puke venom on PR. STOP BUYING THESTAR If you need to read certain section of TheStar, go to a hotel or coffee shop, hair saloon where you can read it for free or online.

Get your news from online sources:


Malaysia Today

Malaysia Chronicle

The Nut Graph

Free Malaysia Today

You can also read from other blogs which you can find on the right side column of this blog.

The response from Penang Chief Minister regarding Bernama misreporting:

Bernama Chief Editor,
Kuala Lumpur.
Bernama Editor,

Dear Sir,

I wish to object in the strongest possible terms at your journalist's dishonest and false reporting of a statement made by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at the MPPP Youth Park this morning on the "Little Napoleon" Nik Ali controversy. When asked to respond to PM Najib, DPM Muhyiddin and KPI Minister Koh Tsu Koon's criticism of Lim for speaking out at the incompetence of State Development Officer Nik Ali, Lim had replied in a few simple sentences as follows:-
"I got the message from both Najib and Muhyiddin. That they still want to defend Little Napoleons like Nik Ali. I thank them for the message. As for Koh, who was rejected by Penang voters in the last general elections, his KPI now is to follow and parrot what the Prime Minister says so Koh has indeed fulfilled his KPI."
For Bernama to twist this clear but simple response into Lim accepting in good faith the reproach from both Najib and Muhyiddin is dishonest and false. What is most shocking is the response from that Bernama reporter when I called her up to complain. She replied that she heard Lim Guan Eng clearly say "Little Napoleon" but had left that phrase out so that the story can come out. If she had reported what CM said exactly the story would not come out. I told her firmly that we want a true statement and if that can not be truthful then don't publish the story.
She then said she would pull out the story. Bernama has pulled out the story but did not give any explanation of the background causing some online news websites like the Malaysian Insider to pick it up and publish the false news. This is most unprofessional and unfair. And lends suspicions that the mainstream media is out to get and frame up Lim Guan Eng by any means possible.
As Press Secretary to the Penang Chief Minister I hope that Bernama explains fully such unprofessional misconduct.

Cheong Yin Fan
Press Secretary
Penang Chief Minister

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

Friday, July 23, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Intolerable Umno/BN

Subject: A Letter from a Chinese Malaysian Resident In USA

....and our "MALAYSIAN" Government wants to woo MALAYSIANS back from overseas...

Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Prime Minister of Malaysia

Dear Prime Minister,

We refer to the letter below from a Chinese Malaysian for your information.
Would you like to comment, please?
We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours respectfully,
Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA
Ph/Fax: 61 893681884
Date: 02-Dec-2009.


A Malaysian speaks up....

I am a female Chinese Malaysian, living in the Washington DC area in the United States. I have read many of the letters that often talk about foreign countries when the writers have no real knowledge of actually living in those countries.

Many draw conclusions about what those countries are like after hearing from someone else or by reading and hearing about them in the media or after four years in a college town in those countries.

I finished STPM with outstanding results from the prestigious St George's Girls School in Penang. Did I get a university place from the Malaysian government? Nothing. With near perfect scores, I had nothing, while my Malay friends were getting offers to go overseas.

Even those with 2As got into university. I was so depressed. I was my parent's last hope for getting the family out of poverty and at 18, I thought I had failed my parents.

Today, I understand it was the Malaysian Government that had failed me and my family because of its discriminatory policies.

Fortunately, I did not give up and immediately did research at the Malaysian American Commission on Education Exchange (MACEE) to find a university in the US that would accept me and provide all the finances. My family and friends thought I was crazy, being the youngest of nine children of a very poor carpenter. Anything that required a fee was out of our reach.

Based on merit and my extracurricular activities of community service in secondary school, I received full tuition scholarship, work study, and grants to cover the four years at a highly competitive US university.

Often, I took 21 credits each semester, 15 credits each term while working 20 hours each week and maintaining a 3.5 CGPA. A couple of semesters, I also received division scholarships and worked as a TA (teaching assistant) on top of everything else.

For the work study, I worked as a custodian (yes, cleaning toilets), carpet layer, computer lab assistant, grounds keeping, librarian, painter, tour guide, etc. If you understand the US credit system, you will understand this is a heavy load.

Why did I do it? This is because I learnt as a young child from my parents that hard work is an opportunity, to give my best in everything, and to take pride in the work I do. I walked away with a double major and a minor with honours but most of all a great lesson in humility and a great respect for those who are forced to labour in so-called 'blue collar' positions.

Those of you who think you know all about Australia, US, or the West, think again. Unless you have really lived in these countries, i.e. paid a mortgage, paid taxes, taken part in elections, you do not understand the level of commitment and hard work it takes to be successful in these countries, not just for immigrants but for people who have lived here for generations.

These people are where they are today because of hard work. (Of course, I am not saying everyone in the US is hardworking... There is always the lazy lot that lives off of someone else's hard work. Fortunately, they are the minority.)

Every single person, anywhere, should have the opportunity to succeed if they want to put in the effort and be accountable for their own actions. In the end, they should be able to reap what they sow.

It is bearable that opportunities are limited depending on how well-off financially one's family is but when higher education opportunities are race-based, like it is in Malaysia, it is downright cruel for those who see education as the only way out of poverty.

If you want to say discrimination is here in the US, yes, of course it is. Can you name a country where it doesn't happen? But let me tell you one thing - if you go looking for it, you will find it.
But in Malaysia, you don't have to go look for it because it seeks you out, slaps you in your face every which way you turn, and is sanctioned by law!

Here in the US, my children have the same opportunity to go to school and learn just like their black, white, and immigrant friends. At school, they eat the same food, play the same games, are taught the same classes and when they are 18, they will still have the same opportunities. Would I want to bring my children back to Malaysia ?

So they can suffer the state-sanctioned discrimination as the non-Malays have had for over 50 years?

The injustice the non-Malay have to suffer in frightening silence is the most damaging problem one has to face throughout one's life. You just have to look at the mighty government structures which completely favours only one race, the Umno Malay.

The Chinese and Indians are treated no better than the illegal Indonesians.

Racism and corruption are openly practised by the Malay politicians everywhere, Courts, schools/Uni, police, govt offices, contracts, GLC, NEP, ISA, local government.

It's so powerful and intimidating that you walk with fear and keep your mouth shut on anything and everything political.

Religion is taboo unless you talk good about Islam.

As for being a slave in the foreign country, I am a happy 'slave' earning a good income as an IT project manager.

I work five days a week; can talk bad about the president when I want to; argue about politics, race and religion openly; gather with more than 50 friends and family when I want (no permit needed) and I don't worry about the police pulling me over because they say I ran the light when I didn't.

Have we seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet (Anwar Ibrahim)?

Or is it the head light of an oncoming Umno train ?

Lets hope its the former for the sake of all fair-minded Malaysians.

The dream of a Malaysian 'race' in the future is nowhere in sight with the present BN govt.

Where is Negara-Ku???


This post may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please stop reading. All copying, disclosure or distribution of material in this post is freely authorized. The poster cannot guarantee that this communication is secure, free of viruses, interceptions or interference. The poster does not accept liability for any errors or omissions.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open Letter To Robert De Niro & Famous Celebrities

Malaysia and its people welcome you all to visit Malaysia with open arms provided that your visits are in a way charitable to help raise funds for the needy or as paying tourists to help our poor economy.

If you are here on the behest of our Government or the Prime Minister's wife, whom anyway is a nobody to the people of Malaysia, there are a few things that you need to know and understand first before accepting the invite blindly.

Malaysia was once a prosperous and rich country but over decades of the same ruling government the richness were drained through leakages and corruptions and we were told that the country will be bankrupt by 2019.

The government always reminded the people to be prudent and to tighten our belt but they themselves live like kings and splashed the public funds on useless mega projects, spending billions on military hard wares when there are no wars in sight.

The government knows that they are receiving back slashed from the people and its popularity are at its lowest including the PM and his wife. The PM and his wife are trying to uplift their images by engaging a foreign PR and that causes us, the public, a lot of money.

They are now trying to rub shoulders with celebrities to enhance their images which to us is just sear waste of the public money.

You may not know that our PM wasted millions of dollars just to rub shoulder with your President Obama while his wife spent millions in New York and placing ads to boost her image. The allegation is that this money is from the government and that belongs to the public which they did not deny nor explain where this money came from.

We do not care one bit if they wanted to rub shoulder with you all celebrities as long as the money spend are not siphoned from the public fund but their own. The very important thing you need to know is that, we the public can never get to know whether they are using the public fund to serve their own purposes as they are classified under the OSA, Official secret Act.

We are very certain that the government or the PM's wife will show you the best side of the country and leaving the worst under lock and key.

You must be made aware that the present government practices racism and have the worst human rights issues. The PM is a racist and if you do not believe, please ask him what he did in 1987. I am very sure you all celebrities hate racism and non compliant of the human rights.

Do not just take my word for it, make a search yourself on the internet, your embassy in our country or the thousands of Malaysians that had left the country and are now residing in the US.

You all are most welcome to Malaysia but not on the expense of the public funds just to boost the images of the PM or his wife.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock 1st Anniversary Memorial Services-Pictures, Photos

The three memorial service events that I partake to remember the very incriminating death of Teoh Beng Hock. Tears are still flowing from the eyes of Teoh Beng Hock's family and their cry for truth and justice are still loud and clear.

The evil regime of Najib is trying to portray these memorial events as political but I can bear witness that it is not political at all. It just happened that Teoh Beng Hock was a political member of DAP and his life was taken away while under the ever bias MACC investigation of corruptions in order to topple the Selangor Government under PR rule.

Even after Teoh Beng Hock's death they are not satisfied, they still deployed their SB to his memorial service at the Nirvada cemetery. Why, what could a dead Teoh Beng Hock do now, what are they afraid of? The MACC claimed that they also feel sad over Teoh Beng Hock's death, why is it there is no representative sent to pay respect instead of the SB?

Memorial Service At The Cemetery, 17th July 2010.

Keadilan/Justice For Teoh Beng Hock At KL Chinese Assembly Hall, 16th July 2010

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) Group Remembering The 1805 Deaths In Custody Including Teoh Beng Hock.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memorial Service Venues: Teoh Beng Hock, Guna And 1803 Others

This blog will stay silence for 5 days to pay respect to the 1805 lives perished in our remand cells, prisons and detention centers between 2003 and 16th July 2009.

Below are the venues that will hold simultaneous memorial services. Please lend your support in great numbers to show to the ruling elites that we have not forgotten.

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia


Date: Friday, July 16, 2010
Time: 8:00pm - 11:30pm
Location: Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall ( KLSCAH | 隆雪华堂礼堂 )
Street: No.1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia City/Town:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
View Map



Pusat Khidmat DUN Seri Kembangan

17 July 2010 (Saturday) at 8pm.



Venue: Speakers Square, Esplanade

Date: Friday 16 July 2010

Time: 8.30 pm

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Najib, Is Umno Really That Strong?

We are suppose not to believe in what bloggers wrote in their blogs but since the government and its controlled media can believe in the posting of an obscured blogger living on the hilltop, hit by lighting inside her bedroom, half way across the world, I feel that we should also believe in what Raja Petra writes in his blog, Malaysia Today.

Today, I am stealing an article from Raja Petra and post it here for all to read, hope Pete does not mind.


By Raja Petra Kamarudin

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak says that Umno does not need PAS and that it is strong enough to survive without PAS. There are some in Umno who also belittle MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc., and suggest that Umno is better off without these non-Malay parties -- especially when the non-Malays are ‘so demanding’.

Well, let the facts speak for themselves. Umno, on its own, is dead meat. Umno needs PAS because it realises that it rules this country at the pleasure of the non-Malays. Without the non-Malays Umno is dead. So how can Umno claim to represent the Malays when the Chinese, Indians and natives of East Malaysia are giving it that power to rule?

Umno needs PAS because it wants to be able to legitimately claim that it is a Malay party. Currently it has no legitimate right to that claim. It is not the Malays but the non-Malays who have given Umno the power to rule.

In the last General Election, Umno won only 29.33% of the votes and 35.6% of the seats in Parliament. Only when you add the votes of the other 13 parties in the ruling coalition would Barisan Nasional win 50.27% of the votes and 63.1% of the seats.

And that is after taking into consideration the gerrymandering and postal votes, mind you. Without all this fraud and election rigging Barisan Nasional would have been kicked out and today the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, would be running the federal government.

So, no, Umno is not strong enough, as what Prime Minister Najib claims. On its own -- without the Chinese, Indians and natives of Sabah and Sarawak -- Umno would have been buried back in March 2008. And that is why it is still, until today, talking about courting PAS.

Umno knows, unless it can get married to PAS, it’s future will always depend on non-Malay support. And Umno hates that. But most Malays do not realise this and thus far Umno is safe. But once the Malays wake up and realise that it is the non-Malays who are keeping Umno in power that would be fatal for Umno.

Umno may be a Malay party. But it is not the Malays who give Umno that power to rule. It is the ‘pendatang’ Chinese and Indians and second-class citizens from East Malaysia who have been colonised by Umno. They keep Umno in power. And they allow Umno to insult them on top of that.

Bodoh punya Cina, India dan orang Sabah dan Sarawak. At least prostitutes get paid for getting screwed. You get screwed and you pay for it. You are worse than prostitutes. I have no sympathy for these types of Malaysians. And these are the people who complain the most. Stupid!

Let me say that again. Without the Chinese, Indians and natives of East Malaysia, Umno is dead. You keep Umno in power. And you get insulted on top of that. You deserve what Umno dishes out to you. And Najib has the gall to say that Umno is strong enough and does not need PAS. And do you know that there are some leaders in PAS who feel that they should go to bed with Umno? Yes, not only are the Chinese, Indians and natives of East Malaysia bodoh. Melayu pun ada yang bodoh.

Only The Government & Its Controlled Media Are Allowed To Tell & Spread Lies ??

We were told not to believe what are being said on the internet, especially the blogs, because they are lies, mostly written by unemployed women. Other online news portals are anti-government and they tend to distort news about the government, so the people must be warned not to believe in them, only the government owned media are trustworthy.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also reminded the media not to corrupt the people's minds by publishing concocted stories, lies and defamatory statements.

To fight all the new media lies, the Home Ministry has set up a committee to formulate the government's communication strategy besides thwarting the dissemination of false news headed by Hishammuddin Hussein, Nazri Aziz and Rais Yatim.

I fully supported the Government for trying to stop all the lies supposedly perpetuated by those that are anti government. Actions have to be taken against them.

But my question is, what are they going to do when even the government themselves are propagating lies through their ministers and their own controlled media?

How can we put our trust in a government which preaches one thing and practices the other.

The Umno-owned media was allowed to publish unsubstantiated revelation by a blogger in New York, Elaine Meinel Supkis, that Anwar was a tool of the USA intelligence agency (CIA) to protect American interest and its covert operations in the country.

Worst of all, Rais Yatim and Hishammuddin Hussein whom were also members heading the newly established committee to fight the new media lies and Noh Omar were taken in by the blogger's unsubstantiated revelation.

While umno leaders keep on hammering Anwar for being a CIA tool by just basing on the unsubstantiated revelation from the blogger posting another lie earlier goes unpunished.

Mohd Shafie Apdal claimed that he is not surprised if Anwar Ibrahim paid for an interview with Cable News Network (CNN) in an effort to convince Jewish lobbyists that he is not anti-Israel.

CNN rebutted the claim by issuing this statement:

CNN says news stories about the TV network having accepted payment from people on behalf of opposition politician Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to appear on the “Connect the World” programme were clearly fabricated.

A CNN spokesperson said today it was disturbing that no effort was made to contact the network and “independently verify these groundless allegations before they were subsequently reported as fact”.

With this kind of government, where will our country be heading?

What we need is to change the Federal Government where there is a chance that our country can be saved.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

Wait And See First Lah!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - "Wait & See First Lah!"

How many times have you miss a good opportunity to do what you like, a great offer to buy something that you dreamed of, being offered a prospective job that you yearned for and many other god given opportunities just because you hesitated and wanted to "Wait And See First Lah".

I have many friends that miss many a great opportunities to get what they wanted just because they wanted to "Wait And See First Lah". This is very common among Malaysians and can be treated as normal and of no importance. The chances of coming across these opportunities again will always be there, hopefully during their remaining lifetime.

We can "Wait And See First Lah" for personal materialistic things and other expectations but we cannot have nor allowed such an attitude when it comes to voting in a Government. We are going nowhere with the present ruling government which has run this country for over 50 years. When 0ne PM failed to deliver, the next incoming PM will sing a new tune with more great promises of this and that. For the voters they are reminded so very often to give time for the new PM to show his performances and that is to mean "Wait And See First Lah".

Malaysians have for the past 12 general elections "Wait And See First Lah" one PM after another and see what have become of our beloved country. We are getting from bad to worst from each passing GE and if we continue to "Wait And See First Lah" our country will be going bankrupt in nine years time and with a racist like government, racism is at its peak.

What do we make of the latest PM's "1Malaysia", yet another same old rhetoric sung with a new tune. Malaysian first, fairness, equality and transparency were the rallying cry when "1Malaysia" was first introduced 1 and 1/2 years ago and what is the outcome now?

Due to pressure from a strong Opposition and a worrying decline of non malay voters, the PM has to play the good guy image by giving out a little more than usual, just like his announcement of scholarship to all top excellent students, which beg the question of why only now and will it be retracted should he obtained a huge majority after the 13th GE? Even before the merdeka survey findings were out, many had known of the PM talks of "1Malaysia" but, in reality, a "2Malaysia" actions.

Whatever good the PM is doing now, in the name of his "1Malaysia" are just baits and if you failed to see his real intention, you are finished, hooked, sliced and fried.

While the PM is playing the nice guy, he is letting loose others to play out the racist game, a very dangerous game which the PM is willing to allow it to go on. A PM who keeps on harping on the "1Malaysia" slogan while permitting others to go overboard on racism is not a leader that this country needs.

Yes, you can continue to hear "1Malaysia" this and "1Malaysia" that but the core ingredients of Malaysian first, fairness, equality and transparency are missing and not talk about anymore.

Malaysians had woke up and that led to the 308 tsunami but due to their hibernation for over 50 years they have not grown up even a bit. Now is time for all Malaysians to wake up as well as grow up. The present ruling government knows about their wrong doings which they have the power to subdue from being investigated nor charged. They see that the opposition force is getting stronger and they are all out in full force together with the MACC, PDRM and if necessary the Judiciary as well, to bring down the opposition.

Now we have a very good opportunity, standing right in front of us that can allow us to create history by voting in a new Government, the Pakatan Rakyat Federal Government, a government that cares for all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion. Do you still want to hesitate and "Wait And See First Lah"?

We cannot allow this opportunity to pass us by, for, if we do not grabbed this golden opportunity we can never have the chance again in our lifetime. Change is imminent, no if's or but's and most of all no more "Wait And See First Lah", just go for change.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Umno/BN Najib, Have You All Learn Anything From This World Cup ?

MACC, the PM and other leaders had tried to use this World Cup as analogy to some of their speeches or statements but all for the wrong reason.

They should see and learn from this World Cup from the right perspective and use the correct analogy to enhance their performances as the ruling government.

There are three very important lessons to learn from this World Cup for the PM and his Umno/bn government including the MACC, PDRM, EC and Judiciary. Let me present the three lessons in picture form so that you all who always think that you are THE BEST AMONG THE WORST can learn them faster.

Lesson number 1: Level Playing Field

Lesson number 2: Fairness To Both Parties

Lesson number 3: Say No To Racism

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Crackdown On Media, Cyberspace?

Today is just a copy and paste article from Malaysia Chronicle.

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

A crackdown on opposition leaders,journalists and bloggers may be in the offing in Malaysia as Prime Minister Najib Razak fights tooth and nail to suppress scandalous information implicating him and some of his family members in a high-profile murder-and-graft case.

With just hours to go before a much-anticipated press conference starts in London, the Home Ministry and police have already begun the intimidation game in Malaysia.

At the presser tagged the Bala thrilla, a private investigator P Balasubramaniam has promised to spill the beans on Najib's alleged involvement in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder and Scorpene-submarines corruption case.

Leading the clampdown in Malaysia was Najib himself. Speaking to national news agency Bernama, the PM warned he would not tolerate stories that are concocted, lies or defamatory. "If a building or road is damaged, we can repair it, but if it is the people's thinking and values, the consequences will be bad," Najib said.

Hot on his heels was top cop, Musa Hassan, who warned any individual seen to be in collusion with fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin - whom Najib blames for instigating the press conference - could be hauled up. "We can propose to charge them for harboring criminals but it is up to the court to decide," said Musa.

But the menace in his words was unmistakable. Lawyers expressed concern as Musa's comments implied a bullying, 'arrest-first-talk-later' strategy to gag Najib's critics and strike fear into the hearts of the citizenry.

Intimidating the media and cyberspace

CID chief Bakri Zinin was next. He told Bernama that the police will be recording statements from certain politicians, editors and reporters involved in the recent slew of news articles on Raja Petra. "We will record statements from several reporters this week," said Bakri.

According to Bakri, two police reports were lodged in Petaling Jaya and Brickfields on Sunday, accusing certain people of harboring Raja Petra. The CID chief did not identify the people accused or say who lodged the police reports.

But the media controlled by Najib's Umno party has been picking on PKR coordinator Zaid Ibrahim, who is in London to launch the Friends of Pakatan Rakyat project. Zaid has made no bones about meeting Raja Petra, saying it was his personal right to choose his friends.

Nonetheless, the series of steps taken by the Malaysian authorities to protect Najib - whether coordinated or coincidental - is likely to backfire. Instead of striking fear, the ominous words that came from Najib, his cousin Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and the Malaysian police are likely to spur even greater national and international protest.

Malaysia already suffers one of the poorest images in the world due to the government’s ham-fisted licensing of media publishing and printing permits. Newspapers firms in the country are obliged to apply for annual renewal of their permits and the extensions are at the sole discretion of the Home Ministry.

Civil rights activists have slammed this archaic law as little better than manipulation and blackmail - a means by which the government can influence and dictate the news flow, especially the political overtones, in the country.

Crackdown would bolster his position in Umno

Meanwhile, the Home Minister has already begun what many fear is a prelude to a roundup of media practitioners, including bloggers such as Raja Petra, to black out dissent and protest at the degeneration of democracy and justice in Malaysia.

Already, Hishammudin's ministry has banned Suara Keadilan, the newspaper of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR party. The Malay-language weekly, which is popular in the rural areas, had front-paged a story entitled Felda Bankrupt.

The article upset Najib, who oversees Felda. It highlighted gross mismanagement in the cash reserves belonging to the Felda land settlers. In a move indicative of how worried he is, the PM's Department slapped a RM200 million defamation suit on the newspaper.

PAS, which publishes the Harakah newspaper twice a week and Siasah weekly, has not been spared. The Islamist party was also hauled up and warned its newspaper permits could go the same way as Suara Keadilan if it did not toe the line.

Even political cartoons have not been spared. A series of satirical drawings depicting Najib and Altantuya, a beautiful 28-year old translator killed in Malaysia in 2006, has been banned and the offices of the cartoonist, Zunar, raided.

However Suara Perkasa, the latest weekly in town published by ultra-Malay rights group Perkasa was let off with a slap on the wrist. This despite having front-paged in its maiden edition an article calling for the arrest of a Chinese leader and which contained racists inferences. Perkasa is regarded by many to be a wing of Umno’s,

Pundits say with the emergence of so much 'baggage' - from Felda to Altantuya to the Scorpenes - Najib's political survival is on the line. Both nationally and within his own Umno party. If he did indeed take emergency measures, it would be to bolster his position in Umno and help stave off a mutiny from a growing group of warlords unhappy with his leadership.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IGP Musa, You Are Wrong, England Is Habouring RPK

Is the IGP going to take England to court?

(Bernama) -- Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said individuals in collusion with fugitive Raja Petra Kamarudin can be hauled up under the law.

"We can propose to charge them for harbouring criminals but it is up to the court to decide," he said when asked what police (PDRM) were doing to bring Raja Petra home.

These two words, Fugitive and Harbouring as uttered by the IGP which I seek for explanation from the dictionary;

Fugitive - fleeing or running from danger or pursuit, duty or service; one who flee; a deserter; one who flees from danger or duty, one who flee for refuge

According to the IGP, Raja Petra Kamarudin, RPK, is a fugitive and that to the IGP means he is a criminal but did not specified what is the crime that RPK had committed. So by definition of the word fugitive from the dictionary, RPK is not a criminal "as yet".

Harbour - A place of shelter, protection or refuge, to shelter or take under protection' to protect; to entertain or cherish in the mind

Does the IGP understand the difference between harbour and to meet with a friend deemed by the IGP as a fugitive.

From the dictionary explanation, I suppose the IGP should take England to court for actually harbouring RPK by allowing RPK to remain in England.

This country is plague with all kinds of criminal activities and the IGP finds it so important to go after a "yet to be criminal".

Monday, July 5, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

Before I start my first online campaign speech for the 13th GE, I would like to thanks the online media from Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysian Mirror, Malaysiakini via Anwar's blog, other various blogs, Facebook friends and to the many that I may have missed out for reporting, promoting, supporting and sharing my blog posting on the kick off campaign for the 13th GE. Thanks to Malaysia Today for sharing my earlier posting Is Malaysia Crumbling Under Najib's "Umno Controlled BN" ?.

Is it difficult to govern a country?

If Merdeka Center were to take a survey posing this question; "Is it difficult to govern a country?", what do you think the results will be? I am sure that 99% respondents will say yes, its difficult to govern a country.

I will agree that its not easy to run a country, the huge responsibility that one had to take, to ensure the country, together with its citizen, are taken good care off, progress forward, with peace and prosperity. The government itself must have a team of leaders of high calibre, with integrity, honesty and capability. To have such a team, it is the responsibility of the voters to vote in the right candidates that run for government positions.

Now, if Merdeka Center were to ask me "Is it difficult for Umno/BN to govern a country like Malaysia?", what do you think my answer will be?. My answer is a definite NO. I find that Umno/bn are having no problem whatsoever to run Malaysia. Even you and I can run this country if we are allowed to follow Umno/bn ways and styles of governing.

Let me give you a few pointers why Umno/bn are finding it so easy to govern this country.

1) Umno/bn government will only reach out to the rakyat once every five years when the GE is looming round the corner. After they got the mandate from the rakyat, they are free to do what they like, the rakyat are totally sidelined with no say at all. Remember what they said when they were confronted by the rakyat who were against several of the government actions and policies? "We have the rakyat mandate and we are the majority, so what we do we already had the mandate from the majority of the rakyat, they are the one who voted us in." So easy, is it not to run the country. Once you voted them in, you no longer can protest or object to their wrong doings.

2) Billions of ringgit lost into thin air, budget deficit, country going bankrupt, how could these happen. Ridiculous toll contract, going the reverse way, instead of decreasing in relation to volume increase, the toll collectors are laughing to the bank when the government agreed to toll increases as traffic volume increases. There is no way you can asked the government for answers, they will just tell you off because all these policies and contracts are under the Official Secret Act (OSA). Talk some more, we will charged you with sedition. You want to demonstrate, we will put you under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for national security sake.

3) You may have ways to seek out the wrong doings of the government and that is as far as you go. The PDRM and MACC will soon be pounding on your door. If you are lucky enough to escape the PDRM or MACC and managed to bring the government to court, the AG will not prosecute because they have their own reasoning which they themselves only believe in.

So what is so difficult to run a country like Malaysia. As long as the voters gave you the mandate, you can do practically anything you want, be it right or wrong, claiming the voters gave you the right to do so. You have control over all the institutions and the rakyat's hard earned money, what more problems could you face with.

Its so easy because we voters voted in a regime which abuses the power given to them and turn this country upside down while their bank accounts are getting fatter and fatter.

My fellow Malaysian voters, we have allowed Umno/bn to govern this country for over 50 years and they are not governing it right. We will soon be bankrupt and a failed state if we keep on supporting them. We need to be brave to make a change, a change for a New Federal Government under Pakatan Rakyat. Let us give PR a chance to prove their worth.

13th GE Online Campaign - Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Sunday, July 4, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Campaign - Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Time to get prepared and be ready for the 13th general election (13th GE). This blog will start the campaign to call for a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and oust the racist, arrogant and corrupt Umno/BN from holding on to power.

I have grown up and old enough to see through the deceit and lies by Umno/bn for the past decades under their suppressive, undemocratic, racism, corrupt and arrogant ruling system.

Many Malaysians still do not care two hoots about the importance of voting for a government that will really care more for the rakyat and country and not for the leaders individual personal gains. They are so easily swayed and simply accept the promises that are not fulfilled most of the time. Its time for Malaysians from all walks of life to grow up just like me and vote in a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

After having suffered a huge lost at the 12th GE, Umno/bn has still not changed even though they keep on talking about change. What kind of change are they talking about when they can still hold the rakyat at ransom.

They talk about transparency and yet most government contracts, projects and policies are still classified under the Official Secret Act (OSA).

They talk about fairness and equality to all Malaysians under the NEM but they retained the NEP muddled up within the NEM.

They talk about Malaysian First in the 1Malaysia concept but maintained that the Malays and ketuanan melayu are still first before others.

They talk about democracy and freedom of speech but there is no guarantee of freedom after speech.

They talk about impartial application from the various institutions but what you see are bias actions towards the oppositions and those critical of the ruling government.

They talk about fighting corruptions but they can still bribe their way through in by elections, "You help me, I help you", you wanted the money I wanted my candidate to win.

The above are just a summary of what they talk about but have no intention to actually implement them. As usual there are more talks then walks.

With this generalisation, I kick start the 13th General Election (GE) campaign with the theme:


I am not a politician but just a common Malaysian rakyat that wanted to see that we voted in a New, Clean and Fair Federal Government that are willing to serve the country and rakayt FIRST and with integrity and sincerity.

If you want to join this campaign and share your thoughts, you can submit your articles and I will post them in this blog. Send your article to or post your comment in this blog itself.

Please help to share this campaign with your families and friends and spread them far and wide.


13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

Umno/BN Controlled Multi-Media Spin And Distortion

Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

Friday, July 2, 2010

Malaysia Will Be A Better Place Without Umno/BN.

Malaysia will become a developed but a bankrupt country by 2020. I did not say this, it is the Najib Administration that told us so, loud and clear.

The Najib Administration is going all out to ensure that Umno/bn survive the 13th GE and remain in power by imposing the outdated laws such as, the ISA, OSA, PPPA on the oppositions and those critical of the Administration. Government machineries and their party owned media are also being used to ensure that Umno/bn will get a landslide victory in the coming 13th GE.

It will be a disaster for Malaysia and the rakyat if Umno/bn remained in power after the 13th GE. We need to show them the door politely by voting them out.

My fellow Malaysian voters, time have changed, the people have grown up but sadly only Umno/bn are still behaving like a child, playing with marbles and still living in the 19th century. To them MONEY and POWER is more important then the rakyat, screw democracy, screw freedom and screw human rights.

They still think that Malaysians can be easily fooled and frightened by their threats of the ISA, OSA and PPPA. Their actions to cover up all their misdeeds and corruptions with helps from the MACC, PDRM, Judiciary and with their ridiculous explanations and statements show their high level of stupidity and incompetency.

Let me tell you, Malaysia and its citizens, can survive and live happily without Umno/bn existence. You all have seen how Umno/bn run this country through their arrogant, corruptions and racism system and how the innocent can get punished while suspected murderers and criminals are still on the loose.

Just remember this, the World and Malaysia will still be around and a better place to live in without Umno/bn.

Speculation is rift that the 13th GE is just round the corner. The sudden splashing of billions of ringgit on developments and the extra 500k to each umno/bn MP to entice the voters to show that this umno/bn government cares for the rakyat, forgetting that just a few weeks ago we were told by the Najib's Administration that we will go bankrupt in 9 years time and we need to cut subsidies, introduce GST, no more scholarships and the rakyat have to be sacrificed in order to save the government.

Umno/bn is only relevant as an opposition party at Federal and State level, to be a watch dog for the rakyat to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat behave as the new ruling government.

Pakatan Rakyat is not 100% perfect but it surely is 100% better than Umno/bn which had ran this country to the ground and soon will be bankrupt after over 50 years of governing.

Time for Umno/bn to take a breathe to search their soul and repent.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Umno's "Islam For All" Does It Equals "Allah For All"??

From what I know, all religions except for Islam, are opened to any one who wanted to profess them. There are no restrictions, no force applied and the doors to their religious shrines are always open to all. You are free to embrace and you are free to leave any time. No persecution nor prosecution for their actions regarding their religious belief unless their actions are against any civil laws.

In Malaysia, Islam is the most sacred religion to the muslims and non muslims are not allowed to talk about it, words from their holy koran are banned from being used by non muslim even though certain Christian groups had been using them for centuries.

Other religions are not permitted by law to preach nor spread the words of their God to muslims. For a non muslim to convert into a muslim, it is a one way street, once in it is very difficult for you to denounce it and to embrace other religion.

So, what is Umno's "Islam For All" means? The intention to voice out that Islam is for all may be good but when applied, it can deviate from its true intention. Just look at how they manipulated and twisted the constitution, the true intention of the NEP and playing politics with religions.

When "Islam For All" is put into practice, does it mean that all Malaysians will be subjected to the Islamic laws? Is Umno trying to force Malaysians to embrace Islam and turning the country into an Islamic State? There are so many question marks as to the real intention of Umno's "Islam for all" concept.

A comment on Malaysiakini is worth mentioning here,

"Keturunan Malaysia :
Take religion out of Education and take religion out of Politics. No matter how much religion you put into anyone, if you still walk like a crab you still walk like a crab. Have you ever wonder why God gives you brains? No...then let me tell think for yourselves! If you can't think for yourselves, how the hell are you going to think for us. AND even if you can and want to think for us, please have the courtesy to ask us first. Meanwhile, until you can think, better let us help you to think for us and you!!! For 50+ years, you have wasted our growing up life. Luckily, many of us grow up on our own but sadly you are still small runts yet to finish your childish rantings. So go through the process and start with playing marbles. When you are real adults and ready, then come to talk with us."

Does Umno's "Islam for all" means that the word "Allah" can now be used by all Malaysians? Will the government now retract their appeal against the court ruling that Christians are allowed to used the word "Allah". Does it mean that we are allowed into the mosque, talk about Islam without being a muslim?

My request to Umno is, "STOP PLAYING POLITIC WITH RELIGION", there can be no "Islam for all" in Malaysia with all the hurdles that you placed in front of the non muslims.


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