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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bukit Gantang Ceramah Online Series - Jagan Ditipu Oleh Umno Najib

Is umno assured of winning the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary Seat? It looks like winning, it looks like an assuring win but its an immoral win.

The wayang kulit presented by umno at its general assembly plus the media including the online news portal making a big dash to kill off Pakatan Rakyat especially Anwar Ibrahim must not be taken lightly by voters of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai.

Read The Malaysian Insider and Mingguan Malaysia reports further down.

umno is presenting to the rakyat that they are now united and ever willing to serve the people with integrity, transparency and honesty. Are they? They are putting up this wayang kulit because mahathir wants najib to run this country with an iron fist, just like he did before. The embracing between badawi and mahathir is just an act to ensure badawi's supporters toe the line and bow to najib's demand.

They had lied once, twice and many times over and this wayang kulit is just another to fool the rakyat.

Should the voters of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai take the bait and umno/bn wins in these by elections, you can be assured that umno najib will hasten his plan to destroy and kill off Pakatan Rakyat and the ketuanan melayu ideology will form part of his ruling policy. Nothing will than be able to stop his evil rule over the country and he will show and tell the people that umno is the government, the government is umno and this country belongs to umno. bn component parties especially, mca, gerakan and mic will not be able to do anything except to bow to umno najib's command.

Voters of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai, umno/bn is already in power, albeit a smaller majority, you do not need to give them more power to do what they like. Rejecting them is the only solution to contain them from being arrogant, corrupt, racist, ungrateful and disrespect for the rakyat and slow down their greediness to enrich themselves.

You and I know that umno cannot change and never will if they remain in power. The last few months events are definite proof of their insincerity for change. The immoral power grab of the Perak State Government and the follow up of their forceful actions through the EC, the judiciaries, the pdrm and macc. The mobbing of an invalid MP (twice), total desecrating of the democracy tree plaque, using police force on the rakyat, unwarranted arrest of oppositions and they are telling us they want to change, people friendly and ever willing to listen to our predicament.

Voters of Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai, you are our only hope for now, to stop evil umno from turning our country into a police state with a dictator as its leader. They do not want to see all races living in harmony, all they want is applying their ketuanan melayu as their first and only principle to rule this country.

Please do not fall for their wayang kulit which you have seen so very often when they need your votes to stay in power and what happens after they get your votes, you already have the answers all these 50 years, that is in the form of their arrogant, corrupt and racist attitudes.

umno/bn claimed that Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat is no good and is bad, which I agree, but they have not realized that the public perception of them is many time worst with an additional point added and that is their evil doings. They are trying very hard to put make ups to their ugly faces to show you all that they are beautiful. Just do not fall for it and as you all will know when they win all these by elections, their make up will be washed away by the tears of their joy and their ugly faces will once against appear before you.


UMNO leaders’ embrace at party congress spells for Anwar Ibrahim

"The past, present and future prime ministers of Malaysia put years of backstabbing and badmouthing aside when they embraced at the UMNO party’s congress – and that could spell trouble for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

It was a stunning moment of public unity for Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, his predecessor Mahathir Mohamad and incoming leader Najib Razak, a trio whose brawling has been a boon for the opposition."

"The Malay language Mingguan Malaysia ran the photograph under the banner headline: “Finally, united again!”. Denison Jayasooria, political scientist at the National University of Malaysia, said the moment may prove vital. “I think their rapprochement is for real, and has been forced on them by the political realities that UMNO is politically retreating and also because the UMNO grassroots are demanding they close rank,” he said.

“From here on, they will consolidate and train their guns on Anwar … Anwar is the key, he is the glue that is holding the opposition together.” Anwar, who goes on trial for sodomy this month, was repeatedly attacked during the UMNO meeting."

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