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Friday, April 3, 2009

Najib Promoted To PM By His Employer

With the consent of the King, Malaysians, being the employer, had promoted najib from DPM to PM. Although the majority of Malaysians are against his promotion, we have to respect our King's decision.

Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku.

Now that you are being promoted and we are your employer, najib, we want you to perform to our satisfaction and the following are your term of employment, your job functions and duties.

1)There will be no probation period, you are expected to give results immediately.

2)Stop all your talks and get down to work.

3)Stop talking about 1 Malaysia because everyone knows that there is only 1 Malaysia in this world. Work towards a Bangsa Malaysia.

4)Stop all your racist talks and that includes your umno gang and make a law that prohibit any racist remarks or racial discrimination.

5)Make sure you understand that you are working within the framework of a government own by Malaysians and that you are not working for umno.

6)Issue immediate instructions to your subordinates that is the pdrm, macc and judiciary, who are also our employees, to perform their duties according to their sworn statements to perform, the constitution, without fear or favor and remind them that they are not employ by umno but the government who are acting on behalf of all Malaysians.

7)Stop all harassment, intimidation or arrest of Malaysians who are vocal against the government.

8)Dissolve the Perak State Assembly and allow the rakyat to chose their own rightful State Government.

9)Be transparent in using our money, no more direct negotiated contracts to cronies or umno members only.

10)Make sure that you treat all Malaysians equally, justly and fairly.

11)You still have to come clean about your alleged involvement of any criminal acts.

12)Remember what you said about "Abuse Of Power" and "The Law Is The Law". We want you to take actions against anyone that abuses their power and if they broke any law, not just the oppositions but also anyone within your administrations as well, without fear or favor.

13)Free the press and leave the internet alone.

14)You should know what to do about CORRUPTIONS.

These are your initial tasks and we will keep on adding and monitoring your performances. Just to remind you again, majority of Malaysians are not very happy of your performances when you were the Minister of defence and dpm. So start working hard and stop thinking that the government is umno and umno is the government.

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