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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bukit Gantang Voters - Are You Ready ? Online Ceramah Series

Santa Claus is coming to town. Yes, Christmas time in March and April, because it was already planned and budgeted in the 9th economy plan. So they said.

Bukit Gantang voters, get ready to receive whatever is given to you, CASH, computers, contracts, rebuilding your torn down homes, upgrading of schools, planning approval for places of worship and much much more. All these were already planned and intended to be given to you in the 9th Malaysian plan. So they said, just like any other by-elections, be it at Kuala Trengganu, Permatang Pauh or the coming Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai by-elections.

Play this game with them, sign up as members with umno, mca, mic or gerakan to ensure that you get all these benefits, anyway, these are your money. Volunteer to help in this coming by-election to earn extra income.

The only important thing to remember and which you must do comes polling day is to mark X for PAS. If you vote for umno/bn you can rest assured that you will not get anything more after polling day. To get more goodies, you must vote for PAS, as umno/bn will try to win your vote comes another election. As long as you vote for PAS, money will come your way naturally.

Another reason to vote for a PAS MP is that umno/bn already has more MPs than any other parties and they do not need this extra MP to run the country.




  1. I am going to vote for UMNO BN this coming election at Bukit Gantang. You know why because PAS screwed up their chances to rule Perak when they got a chance. They are the reason why the non malay are so bloody rude to our raja institution. Therefore I am going to persuade all my family members to vote UMNO and enough of this pakatan rakyat bullshitt and nonsence with their propaganda kerajaan bawah pokok.

  2. Dont press your luck. UMNO will prevail at Bukit Gantang. Trust me. PR is a gone case after March 28th.

  3. you both are losers.
    Pas won :)



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