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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang Ceramah Online - Umno Will Only Destroy This Country

Who can destroy this country, no one can except umno. umno is trying to take overall control of this country without any consideration whether it will destroy this country or not. Their actions lately show that very clearly enough.

Their recent general assembly proof once again that ketuanan melayu and the kris are all they need to ensure their control of this country. umno does not need the other bn component parties but are just there on umno behest to use and play them like toys.

The immoral and illegitimate power grab of the Perak State Government lead by najib, followed by the shredding of the constitution to pieces and using the EC, judiciary, pdrm and macc to sustain their illegal power grab.

Mobbing of opposition MP in parliament is ok, suspending of opposition MPs in Parliament is ok, throwing bottles at opposition MP vehicle is ok, charging opposition MP for sedition is ok, unwarranted arrest of oppositions and the rakyat is ok, all these are done according to the law and umno is above the law. If the oppositions were to do the same against umno MP, what do you think umno will do?

macc will go all out on umno behest to investigate and charge if possible on all reports submitted against the oppositions even though they may be just cows and cars but macc cannot and must not touch any big fish among umno members.

pdrm will go all out to intimidate any gatherings, ceramah, rallies by firing their tear gas and chemical lase water cannon and arrest any resistant but cannot do the same to umno holding the same gatherings, ceramah and rallies.

Opposition leaders are fearing that the ISA is now going to be heavily utilized by the incoming pm to neutralized the oppositions from further advancing their true "Ketuanan Rakyat" cause.

najib is begging the people to give him a chance and not to listen to all the rumors about him. We are not going to listen to his rhetoric cry and begging for a chance when what we see daily are ruthless actions being taken against the oppositions and the rakyat even before he is swear in as the pm. What do we expect when he is in full power, nothing can stop him from being more ruthless. Moreover, he has not really cleared his name from all the alleged accusations of the Altantuya murder case and corruptions in the military purchases.

Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang voters, do you want to see this country be destroyed by a handful of power crazy, racist, arrogant and corrupt leaders? Your votes come this April 7 are very crucial and important. You must send a very clear message to umno najib that this country cannot have such arrogant, power crazy, corrupt and racist leaders any more. Enough is Enough.

Remember that they are only putting artificial cosmetic to make them look good during these by elections to get your votes. They are going to be very generous and pour in millions to buy your votes. By all means, take whatever they give to you as you know they will forget about you after the by elections irrespective whether they win or lose.

Vote for PAS/PKR/Pakatan Rakyat to stop umno from becoming more ruthless, power crazy, arrogant, racist and corrupt which can destroy this country if not checked.

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