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Monday, April 29, 2013

BN, please stop sending me SMS-es! – Alwyn Lau

Here are six reasons why:

1. I get too many messages already; every week greedy corporations try to sell me stuff I don’t need, using cheesy messages which insult even my stupidity. Next to your corruption, KL traffic jams and our football team, corporate SMS-es will be the death of Malaysia. So stop polluting my mobile Messages and instead try a nice 1-Malaysia brochure taped to two free return tickets to Paris – this might arouse my curiosity if not my attention (but no I still won’t vote for you).

2. I can’t stand reading superficial declarations of great things to come from a party which has, for the past fifty years, been promising oceans but delivering droplets. Like that quote in Top Gun, Barisan’s mouth keeps writing cheques your body can’t cash. Worse, BN has been handing out free money to friends and cousins for half a century; but now you’ve got fewer friends because many people’s cousins are suffering from the holes you’ve been covering up with acronyms (NEP, NDP, 1M, IM4U, etc.)

And for once I’d like to read about the millions you invested for the Orang Asli or those folks I see on “Bersamamu Malaysia” (shown on TV3) whose poverty and condition I know you’ll never include into a 1-Malaysia pamphlet. These people need you more than Psy needs to visit Penang.

3. I’m also ticked off when your SMS-es wax big time about how Barisan is the hope of the country, how you’re the only group which can ensure that ‘BANGSA’ and ‘NEGARA’ remain shining bright. Because the whole galaxy knows that you’re helpless against certain people who don’t mind seeing the country burn. That independent dude standing in Pasir Mas, for example. He’s a walking, bad-mouthed proof of how some folks have more rights than others in this country or how there’s almost nothing left of rights because the center has gone south with regards to its moral-political compass. Translated: BN has messed up Malaysia’s democracy. That’s why March 8th happened; that’s why May 5th will make March 8th look like April 1st. And you still want to send corny text messages?

4. Every SMS from you which interrupts three precious seconds of my life reminds me of the traffic disruptions caused by your motley crew of VIPs’ on the road. Virtually every hour in KL, there’s some big-shot in a black car (somehow it’s always black) who doesn’t feel a tad bit guilty using public finance to frustrate public drivers. Why do your previous VIPs’ need to inconvenience every other motorist so their flashy vehicles can ride like they’re on the set of Fast & Furious? Seriously, what’s the hurry? Are you defusing a bomb? Delivering a baby?

I once saw a policeman plant his bike in front of an ambulance in order that a huge long car with flags can go at 100km/hour in the heart of the city without its driver having to hit the brake even once. Chances are the over-weight bureaucrat in the back-seat didn’t have a clue that his travel itinerary risked somebody’s life. Chances are, too, that he’s used to giving speeches about how his party is ‘for the people’ and that if Malaysia wants stability, she’ll need to stick with the two weighing-baskets bathed in dark blue. Newsflash: Bad blue is on the way out. White, green, red and happy blue are coming in. And this time no more frogs.

5. Most of your SMS-es are written in capital letters: DO YOU KNOW HOW IRRITATING AND RUDE THAT SOUNDS? WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM – BLIND? Are you guys so morally insecure you find uncapped letters a threat to your public self-image?

6. How in the world did you even get my number? Is there some national mobile phonebook published that I’m not aware of? As if it’s not bad enough our corporations are making frivolous products which turn our people into consumption addicts, we have to find out that business and government are different forms of the same rotten fruit. You and your political parties should be ensuring that corporations serve the people and the country, not the other way round. Because right now household debt is as bad as our obesity rate (the highest in the region, no thanks to food companies). Our debts are socialized, our profits are privatized and our airport taxis feel like they’re going to come apart on the highway. And instead of solving the problem, you’re buying phone numbers.

7. This is the worst part, because you seem to have graduated away from SMS-es to making actual phone calls. Today I got a call and – lo and behold – I heard a recorded message tell me that Barisan created the universe, invented sliced bread and holds the secret to global warming and cancer. All fine and good, except I hated the sound of the recording. The dude speaking didn’t sound excited at all, like he was a hostage mouthing a script thrust into his blood-soaked face. It was impersonal, unclear, full of static and devoid of life.

Just like you.

This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Bersih 3.0

by Martin Jalleh

Friday, April 26, 2013

GE 13 : Vote with anger, wipe away corruptions, racism, religious intolerance and FEAR.

Are they trying to share their FEAR of losing power by orchestrating the many violence we are seeing lately?

Umno perkasa bn have been telling people that CHANGE will lead to chaos and violence and only by staying with them will we see peace and stability.

But what are we observing today, daily reports of violence going on and they are still the caretaker government yet they are not doing anything to curb nor condemn the ongoing violence.

Have you heard the caretaker PM ordering the violence to stop or the police to take drastic action against whomever are perpetuating these violence? NO and WHY?

Instead of trying to stop the violence they go further by issuing statements of chaos and violence help by national television stations and their controlled MSM repeatedly reminding everyone of May 13.

General election is about electing a government that is going to run the nation with the rakyat in mind, a non violence government who will abide by the constitution and laws of this land.

Political parties running for general election should be campaigning about their manifestos, policies and how they are going to run, manage the country in a transparent and fair manner.

Voters must not FEAR or be confused by the threat of chaos and violence being perpetuated by umno perkasa bn leaders. The more they threaten the more angrier we should be and vote with anger on polling day to show that we do not need this kind of government to hang the FEAR over us at every general election.

This GE 13 we are not only voting against corruptions, racism, religious intolerance but voting away the FEAR that hang over our head for 56 long years.

GE 13
Vote A B C D
Anything But Cap Dacing

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rubbishing BN’s blast theory

By Ali Kadir | TMI

Barisan Nasional (BN) would like Malaysians to believe that Pakatan Rakyat (PR), or at least supporters of the Opposition, are behind the explosion in Nibong Tebal, a fire bombing of a BN office in Sekinchan and other random acts of violence.

But I find a few compelling reasons to rubbish this BN theory. Allow me to share them.

What is the motive?

What would PR have to gain by setting off an incendiary device? Very little if any. Anyone following the ceramah circuit in Penang knows that BN rallies are sparsely attended and hardly a threat to the Opposition.

What would setting off a device achieve? Nothing much except allow BN to go on the sympathy drive and blame PR for it.

Is setting off a device likely to deter BN from campaigning? Unlikely.

So there is no motive for the Opposition to disrupt its own momentum during the campaign period.

Who has a track record of violence?

The run-up to the elections has been filled with acts of violence and gangsterism by Umno and Perkasa goons. PR rallies have been broken up and their politicians threatened.

But the Opposition have not retaliated for a couple of reasons, mainly the fact that the Opposition knows that the authorities are looking for any excuse to tar them and lock up their leaders.

So Opposition politicians have not embarked on a tit-for-tat adventure despite being under severe provocation?

Why should they do so now when Putrajaya is within their reach. Also, they don’t have a goon squad like Perkasa or Pekida.

Does a feeling of fear around election time benefit PR?

The Opposition needs a strong voter turnout to defeat phantom voters and a suspect increase of voters in some states. Creating fear and discouraging Malaysians from coming out to vote does not help the Opposition.

On the other hand, a low voter turnout is exactly what BN wants.

So let me ask Malaysians this question: why would PR want to be involved in any acts of violence in the run up to polling day?

Ali Kadir reads The Malaysian Insider.

BN must be destroyed VIII

By Dean Johns | Malaysiakini

In little more than a week from now, Najib Abdul Razak will be faced with the fact that he and his phoney 1Malaysia have finally lost Malaysia, and the vast majority of Malaysians will be congratulating themselves on having won their beloved country back.

Because even if BN manages to steal back into power by hook or its customary crook, it will be living on borrowed - or rather bought - time, and surviving only in fear and dread of how even more urgently than ever the people will want to see it destroyed.

But on balance, I'm betting that the people are disgusted and determined enough to seize their long-awaited chance to make this May 5 their ‘D-day'. ‘D' for the destruction of the dumb, despotic, deceitful, double-dealing and altogether despicable BN regime; ‘D' for the decent democracy most have dreamed of and been denied for decades.

And will be denied for many more decades to come, if BN is ever again allowed to have its way. As it is absolutely desperate to do, and thus is trying every dastardly dodge it can think of, from denying the disgraceful degree of gerrymandering, roll-stacking and outright bribery with public money that so tips elections in its favour as to make a total mockery of its dacing symbol, to illegally demanding the support of government servants.

Possibly the most blatant case of such illicit solicitation thus far has been that by Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (left), who according to Malaysiakini employed his position as caretaker defence minister to tell an audience of 600 army personnel at an official event in a camp in Johor Bahru that "I'm not asking for your support, I'm not campaigning. No, I merely ask for your votes, that's it".

And he was so arrogant in his committal of this outrage that he actually went on to turn to journalists who were covering the event and ‘joke': "The press, don't write this, ya!"

Apparently confident that the press - or at least the miserable BN-owned and dominated ‘mainstream' sector of it - wouldn't dream of writing a word against its masters, he then went on to try and dispel what he called "rumours" that the ballots of defence personnel are marked in favour of BN by their superior officers.

Cross BN off the list, more like

Claiming that "the secrecy and transparency of army votes will be protected with the unprecedented implementation of advanced voting for security-forces personnel in this general election", he then went on to urge his audience to "go ahead and cross whatever you want, as long as you cross BN".

Cross BN off the list, more like it. As I hope most Malaysians of Indian descent have finally decided to join those of other ethnicities in doing, in light of the way Hindraf's disgraceful recent double-crossing of their community.

Against all its previously-stated principles, Hindraf did what it called the "unthinkable" in signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with caretaker Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and throwing its support behind the BN regime's bid to retain power, and if possible, regain the two-thirds majority it lost in 2008.

Hysterical attempts by P Waythamoorthy and his Hindraf henchmen to justify this "historic" act of treachery have been enough to make long-time BN stooge in charge of suckering while pretending to succour the Indian community, the vile and ever-venal S Samy Vellu.

Waythamoorthy had the hide to declare that "it doesn't matter whether Malaysia is ruled by Ravana (the demon of Hindu mythology) or Rama (the god) as long as disadvantaged Indians are finally taken care of.

Taken care of economically, that is, revealing that Hindraf's concern is as exclusively about money as BN's has long been. As Hindraf adviser N Ganesan later admitted, according to Malaysiakini, the group had to drop demands pertaining to human rights and the issue of Indian deaths in custody in making its financial deal with the devil.

How the hell the Hindraf head honchos managed to convince themselves that Najib would honour the agreement that he so gleefully signed with them is anybody's guess.

But it doesn't seem that they've been able to convince anyone else, as the rest of us are aware that behind Najib's claims to be the nation's great transformer, he's shown himself to be nothing but an incorrigible misinformer.

And thus, that he is as little likely to deliver on his promises to Hindraf as he has been to keep the promises he made to all Malaysians in his so-called Election Integrity Pledge.

A timely pre-GE13 reminder

Here, by way of a timely pre-election reminder, are the ‘principles' which Najib promised that he and other BN leaders would uphold in contesting the now-imminent general election:
*Truth, integrity, ethical conduct and accountability, including not accepting or giving bribes or being involved in corrupt practices in any way;

*Upholding and giving priority to the interests of the rakyat as a whole;

*Good governance and transparency; and

*Compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia.

As everybody very well knows, Najib and his BN accomplices have broken every single word of this alleged pledge, and clearly never had the slightest intention of adhering to it in the first place.

Thus, only proving for the umpteenth time that their capacity for pathological lying and perjury is surpassed only by their appetite for plunder.

Not to mention their perversion of justice for the purpose of escaping punishment for the countless billions they and their cronies have picked from Malaysians' pockets, as well as for all the lives they have callously taken in the process.

Hindraf may prefer ringgit above human rights and lives, but millions of other Malaysians will be going to the polls on May 5 determined to both regain their stolen rights and to avenge BN the likes of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan and the hundreds of other BN victims.

For these and its countless other crimes and corruptions, BN must finally - and for once and for all - be destroyed. And after all these decades of domination and depredation by this detestable regime, every honest, sentient and upstanding Malaysian deserves the satisfaction of sharing in its destruction.

DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he coaches and mentors writers and authors and practises as a writing therapist. Published books of his columns for Malaysiakini include ‘Mad about Malaysia', ‘Even Madder about Malaysia', ‘Missing Malaysia', ‘1Malaysia.con' and ‘Malaysia Mania'.

Buying support – Najib’s ‘commercialisation’ of GE13

By Bridget Welsh | Malaysiakini

GE13 SPECIAL The billion ringgit question of this campaign is how much is being spent in the 2013 general election campaign and who is paying for it?

Throughout the country, voters are already reporting early efforts to woo the electorate such as special grocery vouchers of RM300 in Sandakan and handouts of RM50 to attend a Umno meeting in Tanjong Malim, among many others.

The promise of more goodies on the way is being repeated over and over, from the symbolic extension and increase of BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) to more general ‘assistance’.

The use of electoral incentives is well-known and honed, but there is a fundamental shift in the overall pattern this time round. Scholars such as Universiti Sains Malaysia emeritus professor Francis Loh have described the electioneering pattern as from one of patronage to ‘developmentalism’, where voters have moved from relying on everyday personal ties and relations with politicians to the promise of development projects.

In this election, a new pattern of commercialisation has emerged, where the ‘You help me, I help you’ and ‘Let’s make a deal’ mantras are framing the campaign in what is crassly an economic exchange.

The base money flows, materialism and expensive brand marketing in GE13 cannot be understated, as they represent the dominant strategic mode of BN’s campaign.

Najib’s RM58bil election primer

Incumbent Prime Minister Najib Razak has systematically adopted this strategy since taking office in April 2009.

He knew he inherited a difficult terrain, and more importantly, he would need to win seats. In the four years before he dissolved parliament to get his own mandate, he engaged in arguably the most expensive election primer in Southeast Asia, and by far the most expensive in Malaysian history.

Gleaned from over 4,000 news reports since April 2009 and a study of the three budgets/supplemental budgets (2010-2013), I conservatively estimate that his administration has spent a total of RM57.7 billion from after he took over as PM to just before the dissolution of parliament on election-related incentives.

(The primary sources of these electoral-related pledges are from national news agency Bernama.)

The two main components of this largess are politically targeted distributions and 1Malaysia spending. These measures are inherently political as not only are they framed as political tools, they are being openly been touted as a reason to support the BN at the voting booth.

As shown in the table, the main share of the election primer is not BR1M in the overall 1Malaysia programmes – this only amounted to RM5.6 billion – but other measures including salary increases and targeted populist initiatives in areas such as school construction from money administered through the PM’s Office.

Targeted items include money to taxi drivers, repeated allocations for fisher folks, special allocations for the Danga development project in Johor, a rice subsidy for Orang Asli, special settlement for housing in Hulu Selangor, tricycle 50 percent subsidy support for those in agribusiness, subsidised discounts for students on trains, solar energy subsidies and so much more.

The estimate excludes money spent on special infrastructure projects, which have the spillover of government contracts. These have increased, especially in the defence sector.

Please note that this spending only captures public spending, and excludes the non-transparent donations of mass dinners, entertainers and use of jets provided free by government-linked private businessmen.

I also exclude the repeated announcements of treating different communities to a meal and drink, as the reports are only the tip of the iceberg for this funding. This estimate, and this is only what it can be seen to be an estimate, also does not fully capture the spending by the BN-linked 1Malaysia NGOs, whose funding sources remain ambiguous.

BN spends RM4,363 per voter

The most politically affiliated programmes involve 1Malaysia. Some of the highlights are provided in the table.

This estimate should be treated with some degree of caution. Many of these projects are legitimate spending on the part of the government, as they focus on basic needs. The use of cash transfers, moreover, is a common tool to address inequalities.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes these measures from earlier development spending is that rather than be included as part of ‘development’ strategy or development budget, they are part of a campaign strategy administered through the prime minister, whose main purpose is to return the incumbent coalition to office.

They are short-term tools aiming to please voters and gain their support at the polls. They are like items placed near the cash register at the convenience stores, such as sweets, to make you feel good and buy them, but they are often quickly used up and many are not actually good for you.

Most of these measures are also framed under the Najib-linked slogan of 1Malaysia. They are branded with an explicit tie to the caretaker premier. And given the amount of Malaysian taxpayers’ money spent, they are not cheap.

To put in another way, the estimate suggested that the Najib administration has spent an estimated RM4,363 per voter so far. This is by far the most expensive election primer in Malaysian history. Given that money has been allocated to different candidates for the campaign, more money is coming.

Another defining feature of this spending pattern is the use of targeting. There is a clear orientation to find potential groups of voters, identify their immediate needs, and provide it.

Some of my favourite initiatives include those for teachers, fisher folks and young people. Others are narrower, geographically located. If Najib found a group with a legitimate demand, he would try to fill it. It would not matter if you were Hindraf or a Chinese school.

All of this is part of a ‘let’s make a deal’ BN electoral mantra. The modus operandi is similar to that in Umno elections, only this time the pattern of vote buying is extended nationally, with the use of public money to fund the exercise.

‘Zaman duit’ for voters

The bottom line in the BN’s strategy is that it assumes Malaysians can be bought, and that their main motivation is driven by money. This obsession with materialism is a remnant of the Mahathir Mohamad era, where it is assumed that a person’s worth is judged by how many houses they own, the cars, or the latest model of smart phones.

‘Money politics’ is deeply ingrained in Umno. It is also assumed that the dominant paradigm is accruing wealth. They have appeared to have forgotten about the importance of morality and basic principles. Do they not see other needs for society? Do they really think that all Malaysians care about is money?

At the core, they mistakenly conceptualise Malaysians as driven by greed. They are transposing their own values and behaviour on the public.

This is not to say that money does not matter. Over and over across Malaysia, people describe this period as ‘zaman duit’, especially the young. There is recognition of the difficulties of the majority to make ends meet. This is practiced in everyday decisions such as the choice of restaurant to eat, what to buy at the market and where to send your child to university.

Young people struggle with the high cost of housing, while elderly worry about whether their pensions can cover their needs in their old age and whether their grandchildren will have the opportunities they had.

Yes, Malaysians do worry, and the aim of the cash handouts is to offer temporary relief and in that haze of temporary-flushed finances, they will reward the giver. However, polls have shown that this has had a diminishing effect over time, and the time is ticking since the last BR1M, but BN hopes that come May 5, the giving will have its impact at the polls.

Najib’s programmes are geared toward this ‘zaman duit’, as are many of the opposition’s proposals. Yet, there are three important differences in Najib’s programme. For BN, there is a more calculated aim of using everyday economic challenges for political advantage.

This can be seen by the scope of the initiatives and is much more raw than most of the opposition’s proposals. There is also no real recognition by the BN of the factors that have put the majority of Malaysians in these circumstances in the first place.

And more importantly, there is no substantive strategy to bring about sustainable changes in the quality of life and higher incomes. Many of these measures are short-term, vote-buying deliverables.

Where is the attention to the other needs of Malaysians? Where is the long-lasting investment in the people? Indeed, the ‘You help me, I help you’ modus operandi reflects a disturbing shallow view of Malaysian society.

Selling BN as a product

It is not just the money and materialist orientation of Najib’s electoral strategy that is so apparent. There is another commercial exchange taking place – Najib is offering himself for sale.

Signs across the north use the slogan ‘Produk Dahulukan Rakyat Malaysia’ next to pictures of the caretaker premier ‘People First’. In the Malay heartland, these posters contrast with the ‘Kestabilan’ posters in the urban areas.

The BN is being described as a ‘product’ that the people should repurchase. The government is hoping that the electorate is on automatic payment, and will repurchase the 55-year old incumbent coalition.

To back up the purchase is a massive amount of advertising. Traditionally, the government has used the mainstream media for its electoral messages. This time round, they have spent so far an estimated RM100 million on advertising on public websites, billboards and shows – including Malaysiakini.

This marketing is obvious. BN messages are placed in between songs on the radio, on city billboards and lit up like it is the time for a grand sale. How much is the amount of money spent to light up the Umno building nightly? This is well beyond the saturation point.

Why is there this focus on selling Najib? It is part of the commercial approach that rests on the same principles of commercial exchange above. Najib is packaged as a product to buy. The BN is framed as a ‘lasting’ product that should stay.

The beneficiaries of the branding exercise to date have been the advertising companies that were paid small fortunes for the marketing programme, and they have been the biggest advocates of this strategy.

Do voters buy their choices on brand marketing or is there something more fundamental at work? Are Malaysian voters that shallow that they will respond to political advertising?

Mitt Romney outspent Barack Obama in last year’s United States presidential campaign by more than double. The 2012 campaign spent an estimated US$5.8 billiion, a bit less than half of Najib’s election primer and not including the advertising and current vote buying efforts. Importantly, this money was raised from the private sector not public funds.

Money is important, and some people will be swayed by it, but not everyone. Romney lost. He spent billions but lacked the human touch, the needed connection to win loyalty and inspire hope that Obama provided through a more people-oriented organisational campaign that was build from the grassroots.

A successful campaign sees people in their totality, not just as materialist consumers. Najib’s use of commercialisation is increasingly pushing the electorate to see his methods and his product as past its expiry date.

Malaysia Needs to Get Off the Road to Mediocrity

By William Pesek | Bloomberg

In his bid for re-election, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has dispensed with all shame. Vote for me, he has essentially declared, or Malaysia will suffer “catastrophic ruin” and an “Arab Winter” of the kind that has undone economies from Egypt to Libya.

Both warnings are ludicrous — signs of how worried Najib’s National Front coalition is of losing power for the first time since 1957. They speak to the desperation of a government that has come to serve itself, not Malaysia’s 29 million people. And they are emblematic of a leader whose talk of bold change hasn’t been matched by action.

Najib’s claim is this: Giving the opposition, led by former Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim, a chance to lead on May 5 would reverse all the gains Malaysia has made since the 2008 financial crisis. The economy would crater, stocks and the currency would plunge, and chaos would reign.

Change through the ballot box in a democracy should never be disruptive or chaotic, and rhetoric suggesting otherwise is disingenuous. Najib likes to say: “The time has come for Malaysians to make a decision.” Actually, the time has come for Malaysia’s government to grow up.

Najib’s scaremongering, some of which came out of an April 17 Bloomberg News interview, smacks of the re-election campaign run almost a decade ago by then U.S. President George W. Bush. Instead of this vote-for-me-or-you’re-in-danger appeal, Najib should scare up some headline-grabbing reforms that leave Malaysia better off in the future.

Developing Complacency

The country’s biggest problem is complacency. Malaysia Inc. can be a slow-moving, change-resistant animal in a very dynamic neighborhood. Nations as diverse as China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are evolving in ways that have enabled them to leapfrog peers in a few years. They are all competing for the same infrastructure dollars, factory projects, bond deals and stock issues. Singapore, meanwhile, has become the beneficiary of many of Malaysia’s best and brightest, who have emigrated in search of a more merit-based economy.

Malaysia is a resource-rich nation with huge potential. But it remains shackled to a four-decade-old affirmative-action program — favoring ethnic Malays — that turns off foreign investors and undermines national productivity. This so-called New Economic Policy was devised by Najib’s father, Abdul Razak Hussein, the country’s second prime minister.

Najib, 59, has indeed rolled back some of those preferences to encourage investment. He did away with a requirement that foreign companies investing in Malaysia and locally listed businesses set aside 30 percent of their equity for ethnic Malays and indigenous peoples known as “bumiputera.” It’s time to go much further and dismantle all race-based policies.

Little Difference

When, for example, can more ethnic Chinese expect to start winning the really big government contracts? Here, Najib’s real quarrel may be with his own government. Anwar is pro-markets and pro-investment, too. When you look at the core of what Najib is promising voters — less corruption and higher living standards — it’s not wildly different from the opposition’s message. The trouble is, Najib is navigating a 13-party coalition whose interests are as entrenched as any in the world. His partners are pushing back quite assertively, afraid of losing the Malay vote they could once take for granted.

Money Politics

The opposition has gained traction with its claims that Malay-run companies, from power producers to toll-road operators, unfairly benefit from their ties to the government. Najib’s pledges to clamp down on crony capitalism and to instill greater transparency have been undercut by measures such as the ban on street protests that passed on his watch. Now, many voters hope to wipe the slate clean.

When he’s not trying to frighten voters, Najib is touting Malaysia’s 6.4 percent growth as proof he is a radical-change agent. In fact, much of Southeast Asia also is booming, and the government is helping to artificially fuel growth with populist handouts. Even more than the $444 billion of private sector-led projects ranging from oil storage to a mass-transit railway that Najib has championed, the country needs reforms that will revitalize the system as a whole. The government should be encouraging more startup companies, widening the tax base and hacking away at subsidies that institutionalize complacency.

All too often, rapid gross-domestic-product growth is used as a smoke screen to hide underlying cracks in an economy’s long-run potential. In Malaysia’s case, the numbers mask a government too focused on staying in power to do its job. If anything should be scaring Malaysian voters, it’s that.

(William Pesek is a Bloomberg View columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Malaysia can survive and live without umno perkasa bn

The world will survive without umno perkasa bn

The earth will continue spinning without umno perkasa bn

Malaysia will always be here without umno perkasa bn

The rakyat will even be happier without umno perkasa bn

Malaysians can make it and survive without umno perkasa bn

Together we can make it without umno perkasa bn

Be ready, be willing, be strong and stand up for change

Ubah Ini Kali Lah

GE 13 vote for

A B C D - Anything But Cap Dacing

Monday, April 22, 2013

Manifesto does not represent a credible government with integrity

Umno perkasa bn presented a well documented manifesto full of large figures and pledges which we, the common laymen, would never understand.

They have presented 12 manifestos for the past 12 general elections and have they really complied or implemented all of them?

Their 13th manifesto is the worst among all the others, either they copy outright from Pakatan Rakyat or the figures they gave are just pure lies.

I will just highlight three of their lies:

1) BR1M to continue and increase to RM1200 and other Cash in kinds to students and elderly folks.

Penang PR state government gave out Cash from surplus account and not borrowing from any sources.

Our national debt is now over RM500 billions, where the hell are they going to get the money to give out the estimated RM8billions annually?

This they can never tell you until they get your vote and retain federal power. But using common sense we know they will find ways to get back from you via GST, various taxes and other up in their sleeves.

Can we be on our way to be a developed nation when well over 6 millions rakyat still depend on these kind of Cash handouts?

2) They promise to build 1 million affordable housing within their five years term.

This is a straight out lie and an impossible task to do. Do you know that in order to complete the 1 million houses they have to start building the day they retain power by completing 548 units a day, everyday for the next five years?

3) They promise to create 3.3 million jobs.

The statistic taken from and I averaged it at around 400, 000 unemployed persons monthly.

If they can create 3.3 million jobs in 5 years, that means at 660,000 per year. Compare this to the figure above, we will have a negative unemployment percentage within 5 years. That means everyone will have a job and recruit workers from other countries.

Can you believe that?

My dear fellow Malaysians, this GE 13 is not about which party presented the best manifesto. We have seen how bad umno perkasa bn have run the nation for 56 years, become so corrupt and the divide and rule getting more prominent.

Pakatan Rakyat have proven themselves to be performing very well at state level and we should give them an opportunity to rule at Federal level. Make the change for GE 13 and if they failed to perform we can always kick them out in GE 14.

Ubah Ini Kali Lah

GE 13 Vote
A B C D - Anything But Cap Dacing

Saturday, April 20, 2013

GE 13 : DAP to use its own Rocket symbol

Nomination over and DAP Rocket is back in use. DAP HQ received a letter from ROS last evening at 10pm that DAP is allowed to use the Rocket symbol.

Back from watching the nomination held at Bayan Baru. Frankly I love going to nomination for By-Elections, more crowds and fun.

Anyway below will be the three logos under Pakatan Rakyat. Tell everyone that GE 13 is

A B C D - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing or Anything But Cap Dacing

Friday, April 19, 2013

DAP to use PAS and PKR logos

ROS will not retract the second letter to DAP hence forcing DAP to fight the GE 13 battle using PAS and PKR logos.

Karpal Singh confirms that DAP will be using the PAS, PKR logos as reported at 4:45pm.

I quote what Lim Kit Siang said on his blog:
DAP leaders, candidates, members and supporters are not going to be deterred or demoralised to fight the great and good fight to achieve for the first time a political change at the federal level in the 13GE, even if we have to temporarily forgo the Rocket logo and to use the logos of PKR and PAS.

In fact, we are even more determined to translate our shock and sorrow into strength and power for change.

The Rocket symbol had stood tall in Malaysian politics in the past 47 years, standing for integrity, honesty, justice, the rule of law, good governance and Malaysian patriotism.

Fellow Malaysians we must stand up together and remove umno bn autocratic regime by voting in Pakatan Rkayat.

Please informed everyone you know about the changing of DAP logo to either PAS or PKR. Show them how they look like and ensure them that PAS and PKR are member parties of Pakatan Rakyat.

Remember A B C D when you go to vote

Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing

51K views in 18 hours, my FB Page posting on DAP fighting against giant ROS and Umno bn

My FB Page postings have never breach the 5K views since I started the Page a couple of months ago. The small view numbers may be due to the Page being more on Penang issues. View pic and the posting below.

Why the sudden influx of viewers to this Page? What I can see is that people are no longer gullible when it comes to national issue. People are very concerned about their beloved nation and which party they are going to vote in the coming GE 13.

Trying to 'kill off' DAP by using ROS and EC is way beyond dirty that anyone can comprehend and people are very angry about it.

Will wait and see the final decision by ROS and DAP later this afternoon at 3pm.

I thank each and everyone who came to this Page to lend their support.

We must fight against such dirty tactics to bring down a strong opponent. Umno bn no longer have any credibility nor integrity to be allowed to stay in power

ABCD - Anything But Cap Dacing

FB Page posting Today is the saddest day and must also be angry over ROS decision not to recognized DAP CEC less than 48 hours to nomination day.

After listening to DAP press conference which Lim Guan Eng presented all the facts, all the actions by ROS leads to the dirty umno perkasa bn.

They are so frighten that they are going to lose GE 13 to the extend that they have to use ROS to kill of DAP.

With less than 48 hours DAP has to make a very crucial decision on the next step they will take. They will be holding a meeting tonight to make that final decision.

In the press conference, Lim Guan Eng did indicates that if all else failed DAP is likely to use PAS logo in Peninsular and PKR for Sabah and Sarawak.

My fellow Malaysians, you can see how dirty umno perkasa bn is. Can you believe them that they will give you a Better Nation if you were to vote them into power again. With this latest dirty play, I don't think so.

Please start to convey to everyone you meet informing them about DAP situation and get them to recognise PAS and PKR logos.

GE 13 is no longer a fight between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan National but a big fight between RAKYAT and the dirty Barisan National.

Friday, April 12, 2013

GE 13 : 98 seconds of your time, watch then talk and decide

Since you have arrived on my blog, spend another 98 seconds to watch the video. After watching you decide.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GE 13 5th May 2013: This video will help you to decide

Watch this video very carefully and weigh carefully how Pakatan Rakyat will bring ALL MALAYSIANS together while umno-bn led by Najib are so concentrated in dividing the races.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The favor has to be returned one day and the time is now, GE 13"

Millions meant nothing to them when they can easily recoup billions just as fast.

Presenting Psy at a Chinese New Year function in Penang recently was a great success that brought joys to Penangnites but a total disaster for umno perkasa bn.

Millions were spent on Psy and it failed miserably to gain any traction for Najib. Are they disheartened, of course YES, what a great shame they faced but not a bit saddened on the humongous sum of money spent because they have a mountain support from behind, Hokkien call it 'Aw Soew'.

The failure of Psy does not stop them from trying to bring more cheers to Penangnites and shame to umno perkasa bn.

Businessmen sleeping with the devil and making billions of evil dollars are very afraid that the devil may have to be kicked out of power at the federal level where their billions came from.

They can deny however they want, claiming that they are doing charity works by bringing in more celebrities to Penang.

The first question that came to mind is, why we never heard of their charitable hearts all those long years but now?

Secondly, why at the time when GE 13 campaigning is at its height?

Umno perkasa bn is fighting the air, hitting at emptiness and totally going no where and depleting their resources very fast.

The time to call in the favor is now whereby those businessmen have make billions through connections with them.

Penangnites, you are very lucky that you voted in Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th GE without which you will not get to see Psy or the coming celebrities on the 20th April.

They can splashed their millions on the pretext of charity works, free foods, free goodies etc but that does not mean we have to vote in the party that these businessmen are aligned with.

We are voting in a government that is truly working together and for the rakyat. A government that can share the wealth with the rakyat and not only to a few businessmen.

Penang Pakatan Rakayat state government have shown their ability to govern with the CAT system of management in the five years mandate given to them.

We must not allow umno perkasa bn with the help of billionaire tycoons to recapture Penang just because of their ability to bring in celebrities to disrupt the ongoing GE 13 campaigning.

They have no policies to show or tell you during the GE 13 campaigning period hence they are trying to stop you from going to Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs by bringing in the celebrities that you love.

Go, have fun and enjoy with the celebrities, sign autograph, have pictures taken with them, eat and take whatever are given but the most important thing that you must not forget is VOTE DAP, PAS or PKR to ensure that Penang does not fall into the hands of the corrupt, racist and arrogant umno perkasa bn again.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poll: Who do you trust: Anwar, Hadi or Najib -Update 2

Update 2: Very sorry the poll has to be taken down due to either a bug or someone is intruding my blog to manipulate the figures.

Update: Looks like there is a bug in Blogspot poll gadget. The numbers that have voted keeps fluctuating between 50 and 80 only. It goes up and down. This page was viewed over 1.5K since last night but the number stays the same.

Anyone who has voted but its not reflected on the poll please leave a comment. Thank you.

Ex Prime Minister is asking you this question; "Who do you trust?"

Please take the poll at top of page.


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