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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Batang Ai + 2 Bukit By Elections Online Campaign - I Am Very Angry, Are You ?

The more I read and think of what my employee, the just promoted PM is saying, the more angry I get. Voters of Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai and fellow Malaysians, are you so naive as to believe in his latest actions. Please read my earlier posting Carrot Before Stick, Umno Style.

Many argue why I should be angry instead of being happy for what he is trying to do. The answer lies within his maiden speech. I reproduce part of it and you can read the full text at Din Merican's Blog.

My life has been dedicated to public service.

Growing up, I was inspired by the positive impact of public service in the example of my late father. Four decades on, I remain committed to the goals of tackling poverty; of restructuring our society; of expanding access to quality education for all; and of inspiring a new generation of young Malaysians to work on behalf of this great country.

My own service in government has always been about getting results:

...In this spirit, I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect, to remove the temporary ban on two news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act. Additional details will be announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs shortly.

What commitment is he talking about. He had been appointed the various ministerial positions for decades and he did nothing except for his well know involvement in crying for the kris to flow with Chinese blood. He was a racist then and he is still a racist now.

Do you believe this, "In this spirit"... to remove the temporary ban on two news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention.

This is a very clear case with evidence for abusing of power. When actions are taken to ban the news publications and detaining the 13 detainees under the ISA, they must have done something against the law to justify the actions taken, am I right.

Now with "In this spirit", they are suddenly absolved of all wrong doings, they are no longer a threat to the country, what they printed are ok now and the ISA detainees no longer have any connections with terrorists.

This new pm is a very dangerous man, he care not about the rule of laws. He can take any action against you without any charges or reasons and he can release you as when he feels like it, when he is "In this spirit". He can swear on the holy book just to clear his name of any allege criminal acts.

Are you still not angry, I am as I write this posting.

The picture is now much clearer after his maiden speech.
These were all planned when the 3 by elections surfaced. He is in cohort with the EC to set 7th April to be the polling day. He knows and I suspect that arrangement had been made with badawi to step down and he takes over as pm by the 3rd April. He will have sufficient time to throw all these carrots to ensure he wins all the 3 by elections.

Voters of Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai and fellow Malaysians, dark days are ahead of us with this dangerous pm running the country. Racist umno najib will always be racist umno najib and whatever he does will only be in the interest of umno and no one else. Your votes are very important in these three by elections and you must think of your families future and not be swayed by the pm actions which are aim only to get your votes.

You have seen how they throw the carrots when they need your support over the decades, and once they got it they forget about you and return to their racist, arrogant and corrupt ways of living. Do not be fooled by racist umno najib ever again.

Please read Zorro's DON'T TAKE US FOR FOOLS!....ALTHOUGH SOME OF US CAN BE FOOLED. for a more clearer picture of umno najib bad intentions.

Take and accept what is given to you but most important is that you vote for Pakatan Rakyat.


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