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Monday, April 13, 2009

1Najib's 1Malaysia, He Cannot Explain, Let Me Explain

Each umno leader, when they took over as pm will always have their own rhetoric slogan but so far all seems to have failed to walk the talk.

1Najib is no different, he is more bolder to claim that he is willing to change and perform by his "1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now" rhetoric. Since he does not want to come out to explain in more details about his "1Malaysia", many are having their own interpretation.

One by one, umno's members are coming out to debunk his "1Malaysia" as a Malaysian Malaysia, Equality for all Malaysian, Bangsa Malaysia as interpreted by oppositions and a majority of the rakyat.

My interpretation of 1Najib's "1Malaysia" is as such.

"1Malaysia" is just like 1Ringgit note. When you break down the 1Ringgit note, you have fifty cents, twenty cents, ten cents and five cents. This means that the fifty cents goes to the malays, twenty cents goes to the Chinese, ten cents goes to the Indians and five cents to the others. There will be no meritocracy, no equality and no Malaysian Malaysia nor Bangsa Malaysia.

When you group all the cents together, as and when the situation requires, you have 1Ringgit note, other than that, all are separated according to their cent denominations.

"1Malaysia" is the same as the 1Ringgit note, when umno/bn needs the rakyat support, they will group all the races together to call it "1Malaysia". When they have used you and does not need you, they will break the 1Malaysia" into the difference races again.

"1Malaysia" is use only as and when 1najib and umno feel the situation warrant it and nothing else.


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