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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Penanti By Election Results, What Umno/bn Is Going To Say - Update: Official Results

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Update: Official Results

Mansor 6,052 votes
Nai Khan 494 votes
Aminah 392 votes
Kamarul 56 votes
Majority 5558 Votes

As expected the umno najib bn gun started blasting on the results.

From The Malaysian Insider reports:
The Penanti Umno division chief today said the low voter turnout had proven the party was right in its decision not to contest today’s by-election dubbed by locals and party leaders alike as the most boring affair in the country’s modern electoral history.

Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid in an immediate reaction said the turnout, which stood at 46 per cent, half of what the percentage was in the March 8 polls, showed the people are tired with PKR’s antics of using by-elections as a tactic to conceal its internal problems.

What do we expect them to say, nothing good and only negative comments. The low turn out is expected but what matter most is the results. The overwhelming majority indicates that Pakatan Rakyat is still a force to be reckoned with.

Well, they can say what they want, we just have to wait for the results of the Manek Urai by election.


A record for the lowest voters turnout, 46.15%, around 7,100 voters. This is what umno najib wanted and he gets it. Even though he may knows that umno were calling voters not to vote, he will surely claim that people are fed up with this type of politicking by PKR.

PKR set to win, counting is underway and PKR is leading in all the stream. PKR expected to garner between 5,000 to 5,500 votes out of the 7,100 voters that had voted.

Final results will follow.

umno najib gang starting to put the foot inside their mouth.

Allegations by the opposition that the Barisan Nasional (BN) asked voters not to go out and vote in today’s by-election in the Penanti state constituency in Penang are just election gimmicks, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin

Yes, Mr. DPM, umno najib bn can do no wrong, only the oppositions were always wrong. Time will tell and the end result will show very clearly comes the 13th GE.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please Help Save This AUTISM CENTRE....PLEASE

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SOS! Autism Centre Closing Down - 14 June 2009

Both my sons are suffering from acute form of autism, and they have been going to this centre for the past few months. This centre was funded by a businessman via charity donation. Hence it has been offered as free service to those parents who cannot afford the full commercial service. I am one of those parent who need Early Intervention Program and cannot afford it.

The centre was headed by a very experience teacher in autism management and intervention. He is a retiree and if he left this job I don't think he will be actively working for the good of autistic kids again. I want to secure his service and take over the operation of the centre. I have the business experience and also autism management experience to turn this around.

We are not going to provide a free for all kind of services, but will be very affordable. We will have a trust fund setup to help those who cannot afford to pay for the service. Time is running out, 14 June 2009 is the deadline for the centre to cease operation.

Why am I here asking for help? I have no other way to go and seeking the help from whoever I can get my hand on to. We need the following: -

1. Premise - prefer a corner lot house with some garden area where we can setup sand and water therapy area.

2. Musical - Since autistic kids are very artistic and musically inclined, I want to setup some musical class to explore their potential. Any good working Piano or Electronic piano are needed. Can Yamaha donate some? Anyone who know someone in Yamaha?

3. Art - Art supply for painting and others

4. Renovation - Can some good soul help to pay for the renovation and furnishing of the centre?

5. Telecommunication - Telephone, Fax and Internet access

6. Funding - We need at least one year of funding before we can be self funded. I will work out the requirement once we have more people come into play and willing to help

7. Teaching material - I have plenty in my house becasue both my sons are autistic and I have invested over the years.

Anyone can help me to published all the above? I have 2 weeks to put thing together before they closed it down. 20 kids will be affected if the centre is closed down without giving them an alternative to go.


29 May 9:32pm : Immediately we need a place to move all the material to. A place where we can start to put all the thing togther. Funding can be later since we need a place to continue teaching those kids after 14 June 2009.

For those who ask me about the account number, I will ask NST tomorrow to see if they can help as independent party. Using my account will be a BIG conflict of Interest.

If you want to help to donate cash, piano, or anything that we can use. Please send me an email at with the subject line of "I love to help"

29 May 10:11pm: A few friend comment that my english is really suck and they cannot really understand what am I talking about. Since I am an engineer by training, let me put it in point form: -

* The current Autism Center will cease operation on 14 June 2009 (COMFIRMED)
* 20 kids including my two sons will have no center to go after 14 June 2009
* We negotiate with the owner to take over the material and furnishing
* We need to find a new place, a corner lot house is ideal because we need outdoor/garden to setup Sand and Water Play Therapy
* We Have Not Setup a company just yet
* The idea is to have a SDN BHD as Center. This will be run as normal business center but provide affordable rate of service. The main Objective is to survive by itself.
* The SDN BHD Center will setup a trust fund to manage donation to help those needy.
* Immediate we need a House, Renovation and Funding for at least 1-2 years for Teachers and Operating Cost!

More details on how to help here and here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

PKFZ Report Released, Will Other Scandal Reports Be Released As Well

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Umno/bn, especially OTK were so proud, thrill and happy that the PKFZ report was released claiming that the government is transparent and have nothing to hide. From my point of view there is nothing to be happy about and being Malaysia Boleh, we also know that the so call transparency will not be that transparent and a lot of things are going to be swept under the carpet.

The first question is, why the long delay in releasing the PKFZ report? When the report is ready, I am sure, umno/bn and OTK must have the privy to read them first. They saw the problem (or major scandal issues) and need time to cover all the bases and be prepared for the onslaught once it is made public.

Second question, why the macc did not investigate or pursue the four reports lodged by Ronnie Liu before these audit report was called for. This just prove that the macc is a tool for umno/bn and without any green light from umno/bn, they cannot take action.

There are two probable reasons for the PKFZ Report to be released now.

1) A Distraction From Other Major Issues.

The release of the PKFZ report will overshadow the much talk about of the Perak crisis, the Altantuya murder case, the submarine deals and others.

In my opinion this PKFZ so call scandal will be no different from all the other major scandals (Perwaja came to mind). There will be investigation by macc, maybe the police or PAC but the end result will be "nothing concrete were found to warrant any charges for wrong doing, everything were done according to the book". Of course the investigation will go on for years and during this period some big shot will issue warning that no one can talk or question about the PKFZ report as it is under investigation.

2) To show najib's government is transparent and to win the peoples' heart.

The macc will swing into actions and a few scape goat will be scarified to take the fall. The investigation and corruption charges will be completed just before the 13th GE is announced. This will give najib the chance to proof that he is all out against corruptions and his government is transparent.

The end result will be just the same as others, money gone, big fish still swimming happily, case closed and we await another big scandal to surface and history will repeat itself.

Pricewater House report on PKFZ

I reproduce a well written post by drrafick from his blog.

PKFZ – A Tip of an iceberg..

1. The PKFZ astronomical saga attracted a lot of attention. The report released today indicates that when a project of national interest is about to be implemented some people with access of position, information and power took advantage of the opportunity to make money. Maybe some people who are surprised by the revelation but I am certainly not one of them. There is nothing to be surprised about for something that is a norm in this country.

2. The milking of our country wealth is not something that is an extraordinary. It is being done on a routine and regular basis by many people while they were in position of power. Information is vital and having the right information at the right time would be helpful in deciding how to make a quick buck. In the private sector, we called it insider trading.

3. Unfortunately, the trail of the evidence that it was done illegally is hard to obtain. In most circumstances, it was always done above board. Of course the people who makes the decision will not push it in any other way if they knew the particular projects belongs to a certain individual in the right position of power.

4. Unfortunately the authorities do not really want to go into details. Going into details would only means that many more worms will be unearthed. We just need to ask ourselves the simple question on how is that many of our ADUN and MP is financially wealthy despite the small amount of allowance that they officially received. Can anyone explain how UMNO a political party with a few million members and RM2 membership ever sustained it self? Where the money that built PWTC does comes from?

5. If we were to check the wealth of most of the politicians (including Anwar himself), I can bet that it is almost impossible for them to justify how they had accumulated their wealth. Their lifestyle and their family lifestyle cannot be sustained by their declared income.

6. Ever wondered on why it is so difficult for the government to nationalize or acquire PLUS. The issue is not so much mathematical or financial. There are underlying factors that need to be considered. The underlying factors are associated with streams of incomes that are probably linked back directly or indirectly to UMNO or to certain major individuals.

7. Over the years we have heard how major military procurements were made involving third party agent i.e. Malaysian companies closely linked to people in power but hired by foreign suppliers. These are all legal and above board in the strictest sense but somehow it stinks. Worldwide we are the only one doing a G to G business dealings and at the same time insisting the supplier to use a specific Malaysian company

8. I laud the decision of PKFZ management to report the matter to MACC but I think the investigation in this matter will not go anywhere. It will be good for BN in the sense that if anyone questions it in Parliament or in the street, they than can use the standard phrase; “ .. We cannot say anything as it may affect the investigations by MACC”. I might be wrong but my gut feeling tells me that MACC will be the tool to bury this issue for good. Since it is with MACC, even PR can now say very little about it.

9. If we want to know how much has been stolen ( may be stealing is too strong to use as most of deals are actually made legal) from the Malaysian Government coffers, we just need to go back to politicians. Study their wealth. There will be a strong mismatched between income and total wealth. There will now be a new definition of day light robbery.

10. The honest people in the street must be the one that provide the check and balance especially the level of trust in the investigating agencies is too low. Unfortunately many Malaysians do not want to speak and has a “not to get involved” attitude. We should change for the sake of the nation.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Najib, Way To Go With Your "Performance Now" Actions - Updates

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Update 3: 26/05/09 9:00pm

Right or wrong is immaterial. When we want you in, in you go. 2 more arrested when they were entering the Perak DAP headquarters in Ipoh where an indoor candlelight vigil was taking place.

Update 2: 26/05/09

Najib's "Performance Now" is put into full gear. More police arrest in Perak.

Exco Thoms Su: "I am also arrested for tweeting." World's first case of twitter arrest!

MP Kulasegaran (Ipoh Barat)
Speaker V. Sivakumar (Tronoh)
ADUN Thomas Su (Pasir Pinji)
Leong Mee Meng (Jalong)
Lim Pek Har (Menglembu)
Chang Lih Kang (Teja)
Chan Ming Kai (Simpang Pulai)
Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar)
2 DAP members, 2 members of Amal unit, and 2 on-lookers.

source: Jeff Ooi

Update 1: See videos of how najib's "Performance Now" in actions. Scroll down.

Update: Scroll down to see the police "Performance Now" actions.

At last, Najib's "PERFORMANCE NOW" is showing its effect. His "1Malaysia" failed to perform and given a big black eye and slumber into "1BlackMalaysia". Following it, his "People First" is just as hollow, when he resist the peoples call for fresh election in Perak by turning his illegal, immoral, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab into a legal power play.

The only thing left for him to be proud off is his "PERFORMANCE NOW" and it actually proves to be effective. The judges are following his call for "Performance Now" by speedily giving judgments on all the Perak cases irrespective whether the rule of law is applied or misinterpreting and tearing the constitution apart.

The police force must be given the highest KPI for their "PERFORMANCE NOW". They find it more important to arrest people holding candle light vigils, which they term as illegal gathering, rather than fighting the ever increasing crimes in the country. Raiding opposition HQ, charging those arrested for sedition, illegal gathering and those who dare to voice their dissent of the government.

Najib must be very proud that at least his "PERFORMANCE NOW" is actually showing results. Kudos to you PM Najib for your successful implementation of your "PERFORMANCE NOW" actions. Way to go, keep it going.

Human rights group Suaram has tabulated the recent series of arrests as follows:

5 May 2009
1 arrest – Wong Chin Huat
(He was released on the 8th May)
Arrest at apartment in Seri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur and taken to Bukit Aman then to IPD Brickfields, KL

6 May 2009
3 arrests – Sani Md Shah, Saufi Mihat, Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Sending birthday cake to Prime Minister in Putrajaya

6 May 2009
1 arrest – Mohamad Sabu
(Released on the 7th May)
Near the Harakah office in Jalan Pahang Barat, Kuala Lumpur.

6 May 2009
14 arrests
(Released under the police bail on the 6th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
69 arrests
(Released on the 7th May)
Ipoh, Perak

7 May 2009
20 arrests
- Law Teck Hao (arrested on 6 and 7 May)
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
1 arrest – Eng Kiat
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil in Penang

7 May 2009
10 arrests
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Candlelight vigil in Sarawak

19 May 2009
11 arrests
- Teo Nie Ching (arrested on 6 and 19 May)
(Released on the 20th May at 3am)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP MP Teresa Kok’s office

21 May 2009
16 arrested in Teratai, Ampang
(They were remanded for 2 days)
- Jenice Lee (arrested on 7 May in Perak ,19 May and 21 May)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP Teratai Service Centre

Total: 146 arrests (142 individuals)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Umno Najib Zambry Won The Court Appeal, Zambry The Legal MB??

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Any surprise, none at all. As expected.

The Malaysia Insider:
PUTRAJAYA, May 22 — The Court of Appeal today returned a unanimous decision that Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Zambry Abd Kadir is the rightful Perak mentri besar, ruling that his Pakatan Rakyat rival Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddinn had ceased to command the majority in the Perak state assembly.

The judges also ruled that the Sultan was right in appointing Zambry the MB and that there was no need for a motion of no confidence in the House against Nizar.

The appellate court heard submissions from both parties yesterday.

However, the Court of Appeal decision is not expected to bring an end to the crisis in Perak as the parties can still appeal to the Federal Court.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arrest "People First" Police "Performance Now"

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Update 2: While najib is in Singapore singing his great song of 1Malaysia, back home, the police continue with their arrest "People First".

Update: A well written piece by Tony Pua, MP for PJ Utara title, Police Should Stop Attending Vigils or you can scroll down to read the piece after the video.

I took a rest for the whole of yesterday evening, feeling that nothing great will happen at least until tomorrow's Perak MB Court appeal judgement. How wrong I was, when I switch on the internet this afternoon more police arrest greeted me. My first thought was that the police must have arrested the criminals that are plaguing the country. But no, arresting people for holding candle vigil.

I must give applause to najib's slogan of "People First, Performance Now" which is truly put into actions and it means najib really walk his talk. As one umno big shot did criticised RPK for not giving credit to the good things that the government had done. Now I must give credit to najib for walking his talk, Arrest "People First" Police "Performance Now".

Well, you want umno najib to walk his talk, now he had walked his talk, do you still want to complain?

Police Should Stop Attending Vigils!

By Tony Pua

The Royal Malaysian Police to stop attending candlelight vigils and focus on fighting rampant crime!

Last night when 11 persons, including DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary and MP for Serdang, Teo Nie Ching, and state assemblywoman for Teratai, Selangor, Jenice Lee Ying Ha was arrested for holding a candlelight vigil serves only to remind the public how obtuse the Royal Malaysian Police have become.

It was a low-key candlelight vigil mourning the death of democracy in Perak attended by less than 20 party members and supporters on private property below the office of MP for Seputeh, Teresa Kok. And yet in a remarkable show of force, a nearly 100-strong Police team swooped the gathering complete with helicopter support before any speeches were even made!

While we fully appreciate the effort by the Police to grant some of our low profile activities instantaneous nationwide publicity by arresting innocent unarmed and peaceful civilians, we strongly condemn Police intimidation and oppression who acts on behalf of Barisan Nasional to stifle dissent and suppress the truth.

The Royal Malaysian Police should instead focus on its job at hand to fight rampant crime across the country which in the past 3 weeks have reached an incredulous state when victims have included MCA President, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and political secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister himself, Syahrin Jamaluddin. The police force has even suffered its greatest ignominy in recent years when the Johor Bahru OCPD, ACP Zainuddin Yaakob was tied up and robbed at knife point in his very own house in Johore Baru.

We deplore the high-handed and completely unnecessary actions of the police in detaining harmless concerned citizens. We call upon the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan to apologise to the detainees and all Malaysians for wrongful detention and for acting against the Prime Minister's call for "One Malaysia".

In addition, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must carry out his promise of "People First, Performance Now" by finally fulfilling Barisan Nasional's promise to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as proposed by the Royal Police Commission nearly 4 years ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Umno/bn The Loser And Soon To Be Opposition

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umno najib can say what he wants about not contesting in the Penanti by-election but the people are telling him that it is because he fears another lost. umno najib is now acting like the opposition, not going into by-elections knowing very well that they will lose. From what I see in all the past 12 general elections and many by-elections, only the oppositions will not contest in any constituency that they were not confident of winning. It looks like umno/bn is losing ground to act like an opposition and if they are not careful they will become a full pledged opposition at Federal level soon.

The very same reason, for fear of losing is the Perak fiasco, created by umno najib's immoral, unethical, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab. All angles of argument were pointing at what umno najib did was wrong, even from TM and Tunku Razaleigh, and the only way to resolve this umno najib's fiasco is to call for fresh election. Instead of doing the right thing, now umno najib is blaming everyone else for his own failed Coup d'etat but himself and still insist to hold on to power.

From the fear of losing in a fresh election, self pride, arrogant and continuing with his call for "People First, Performance Now" (without himself realizing that he is acting just the opposite "najib first, najib now") he will ensure that Perak will remain under his control, at least till the next GE.

His statement that he will not hold direct talks with Pakatan Rakyat until the appeal court decision on the 21st May indicates very clearly that he is confidence of winning the judgement in his favor.

Will our judiciary truly stays independent and not sway by powerful hidden hands to manipulate the appeal judgement. With all the cases so far on the Perak fiasco, we can come to an easy conclusion that justice will not be served rightly and fairly.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mandela Gandhi Zambry Assured Of The MB Crown

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In Malaysia, when you are pro-opposition try not to meet your opponent, i.e umno najib, in court battle. Even before you can appoint a legal advisor, you are already handicapped with both hands and one leg missing. You are left with only one leg to hop into court. Your opponent has the fighter jets, submarines, c4 and all the machine guns in the form of the judiciary to blast you to kingdom come. Your chances of winning a case against umno najib is less then 10%.

Even if you do not go to court, just living a normal life, you are subjected to the wrath of umno najib. The institutions under his control are at all times waiting for his instruction to inflict the scare syndrome upon you. You can be arrested for wearing wrong color shirt, holding candles, having your breakfast or cycling.

We can just take a look at the Perak fiasco to see the injustice inflicted upon those who oppose umno najib. How the people were subjected to unreasonable arrest, elected aduns being lock out of the secretariat, assembly sitting held under a rain tree, speaker forcefully dragged away, pepper spray disguising as key chain/pen drive, and suspected gun being brought into the assembly. There are many more disgusting acts which you can find on the net, mostly not reveal in your local news media.

There are many cases regarding the Perak fiasco that are being challenged in court and you can see the number of verdicts in favor of umno najib while the opposition only manage to get one verdict in favor and that also had being taken away by a 'stay order' with super speed by the appeal court.

The appeal by Nizar to set aside the stay order has now been pushed back to May 21, instead of May 18 to coincide with the hearing of zambry's appeal against the May 11 High Court order that declared Nizar as the lawful Perak menteri besar.

Take a look at your crystal ball and see what is going to happen that day. If you are truly a Malaysian you should by now be accustomed with our legal system under the thumb of umno najib, and able to gauge what the verdict would be.

Either one of these will happen on May 21.

1)First scenario, umno najib giving up the fight (unlikely to happen)

In order to save face and admit his wrong doing, umno najib's court will turn down zambry's appeal and agree with the high court decision that Nizar is the rightful MB. umno najib knows very well that Nizar will seek to dissolve the Perak State Assembly if he wins the appeal. This will allows umno najib to give up the fight without him having the burden to dissolve the State Assembly.

2)Second scenario, umno najib taking the risk to hang on to power (a more likely decision).

umno najib still insist that he wants to hold on to power in Perak. umno najib's court will overturn the high court decision that Nizar is the rightful MB and proclaim that Mandela Gandhi zambry is the rightful MB. With this declaration, umno najib will quickly call for an emergency sitting and vote Nizar out. Yes, Nizar can appeal but umno najib's court will make sure to set a very distance date for the appeal.

The above scenarios will not happen if Sultan Azlan Shah calls for the dissolution before May 21. Perakians and all Malaysians can only hope and pray that the Sultan will call for the dissolution.

Anwar Plot, Najib Execute - Who To Blame?

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Malaysia claims that it has laws and the constitution to abide to. We have heard every now and then, najib, the pm and the ministers claiming the law is the law. But the rakyat is always surprise at how the law is enforce and the constitution interpreted by the ruling government. When other country leaders raised their objections to how the law is being carried out, the ruling government is quick to counter with "Do Not Interfere With Our Domestic Affair".

Firstly, foreign leaders would not want to interfere with our domestic affair if they are carried out according to the law as provided but will raise objections should it deviate from it.

We all know very well how the macc, the pdrm, the judiciary and the ec perform their duties according to the law and the constitution. There are so many cases of injustice being carried out by these so call impartial institutions but in reality they are not impartial but abide by another set of unwritten laws created by umno/bn.

There are so many cases of abuse of power by these institutions and the ruling government that many of you must have read and heard about, so I need not rewrite about them here. I will just take the Perak fiasco as an example.

By now many of you must have read, heard and seen how najib tries his very best to claim that his immoral, illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab is lawful. He applies his unwritten law to use the ec, macc, pdrm and judiciary to justified his actions. Every inch of the actions taken by the institutions had been broken and bare all and yet he has shown no remorse to admit the wrong.

The argument now is of course deflected to Anwar, claiming that he started it all. Yes, Anwar did plot and talk about defections of MP to enable him to take over the Federal government but the plot was not executed. umno najib at that time were calling Anwar's action to be immoral, illegal and all sorts of jargon law terms. In simple term, what Anwar was trying to do is illegal and unconstitutional in the eyes of umno najib.

Forgetting what they had described about Anwar's plot to grab Federal power, they execute this same plot to grab power in Perak. From their early version, Anwar's plot is illegal, umno najib, by using their unwritten law, then turn the power grab to be legal, claiming that Anwar started it all.

Those who plotted to perform an illegal act but did not execute it, is to be blamed, by someone who executed the illegal act and was caught with his pants down.

Is this one of umno najib's unwritten laws, that the one who executed an illegal power grab can plead not guilty but putting the blame on someone else who had this idea but did not execute it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Najib Is Right On This: Dissolution Is Up To Sultan Azlan Shah

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The Perak crisis, which has escalated to a situation whereby there is now no legitimate government running the State just because of one man's greed for power.

Nevertheless it had come to an impasse where the greedy man cannot obtain what he craves for and now needs to talk things out. Failing to admit his mistake and wrongful power grab using every resources that he control including the police, macc and the judiciary, he now has to rely on the Sultan for decision.

najib was asked to respond to calls made by BN leaders that the solution to the Perak political impasse was by holding a state election (Malaysiakini).

“That is one of the options but under the constitution, it is something that does not have to happen. It depends on the sultan to consider,” said najib.

When he said that the dissolution is up to Sultan Azlan Shah, he is politically right. Since the legitimate MB Nizar receive the 'stay order' he cannot perform his duty and that include seeking the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly. Likewise for zambry, the high court rules that he is not the rightful MB, he is now acting against the law to claim himself as MB, thus the Sultan cannot accept and act according to what this illegal MB wants.

Now that both MB cannot represent the State Government, it is rightfully up to the Sultan's decision whether to call for a dissolution. Sultan Azlan Shah is a very learned man and fully aware of the constitution and law and we expect him to make the right decision.

Although the rightful MB will prevail when the court cases decide on it, the time frame cannot be ascertain. While waiting for the rightful MB to be decided by the court, Perak will be in limbo and without any legitimate government. Will the Sultan wants to see his State in such a condition?

It is the rakyat's hope that the Sultan will call for a dissolution soonest possible. The Sultan must not wait any further or wanting to see the result of the talks between najib and Pakatan. Rest assured that there will not be any good outcome from this talk.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Actions By Najib's Promise Of Change - Photos,Pictures, Videos

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These are the actions taken by your PM with his promise of CHANGE.

The latest action for CHANGE is to ban TV stations from showing the thugs assault inside the Perak State Assembly.

Scroll down to see all the actions for CHANGE.

umno must change to remain relevant

Welcoming the three kataks and the illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional and immoral power grab of Perak.

Arrest of Malaysians For Voicing Out And Call To Wear Black

Wong Chin Huat
Mat Sabu
Badrul Hisham (chegubard)
Sani Md Shah
Saufi Mihad
Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman
Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching
Suara Keadilan Chinese Editor Law Teck Hao
Political columnist Josh Hong
Suaram coordinator John Liu
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall leader Liau Kok Fah
Activists Melissa Wong Yuet Fun, Temme Lee, Liew Thin Choi, Chan Kim Ming, Lim Kar Mern, Masturah Kamaruddin, Chai Chee Fatt, Lim Hong Siang and Lee King Thim plus many others.

Banning Altantuya's Name And Coffin Effigy In Ceramah

Razak Baginda Black Out/Banned From TV Reporting

Assault On The Perak State Assembly

Simply Arrest Black, Red Or White, Breakfast, Jogging Or For Just Being There

These kind of change we do not need, WE JUST NEED TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT in order to achieve prosperity, peace and harmony.


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