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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bukit Selambau Voters, Are You Ready ? - Online Ceramah Series

In the late eighties and early nineties I use to travel between Nibong Tebal and Sungai Petani and I always use the secondary road instead of the Expressway. I drove through various towns, Junjung, Titi Karangan, Bukit Selambau and Padang Serai before entering Sungai Petani. At that time, although the secondary road is narrow, traffic was not heavy and we can still drive at about 80 to 100kph. Along both sides of the road you can see the oil palm or rubber plantations, beautiful surrounding and landscape sitting on top of series of small hills. I am not sure whether the beauty is still intact but I will try to make a trip before polling day.

A by-election for Bukit Selambau is called and polling day is on the 7th April. The political scene of this country is getting very ugly. Politicians, especially from umno/bn, are a vengeful lot after their dismay performance of the 12th GE. They are quick to admit that they must change to earn the rakyat trust but instead they are changing from bad to worst.

The power grab of the Perak State Government and their insistence to remain in control, they tear the law and Constitution into bits and pieces. They are now the judge, jury and executioner. The judiciary, MACC, PDRM and all federal government apparatus are under their control.

Many are claiming that Pakatan Rakyat is bad as well. I agree to a certain extend, there are always some bad apples in a basket. Being a new coalition and just started out to form a few State Governments is not that easy, especially having to undo all the damages that had been done by umno/bn for the past over 50 years.

Many have seen through umno/bn corrupt practice, power crazy, arrogant attitude, disrespect for the rakyat, silencing dissent by using the ISA, using their control multi media to spread their propaganda, twist and turn the law to their advantage and most of all they could not care less about the rakyat. As long as you are within their inner circle you are save and the rest have to defend on their own. The blogsphere is not spared as well. They spend lots of man power and money to monitor all blogs irrespective whether you are famous or not, including this blog. They simply want to catch you for any small mistake that you make especially seditious, racial or religious remarks make by commentators.

We are more or less under a dictator rule combine with a police state. We are fighting for change, to have a government who are more concern and helpful to the rakyat. We do not like to be told what we can or cannot do, as long as we are within the confine of the law and constitution. We are fighting for our democracy and freedom.

Previously, we have no choice and option to select for a real change but now we have one in the form of Pakatan Rakyat. There are now two cars to chose from, one car with the driver who is always drunk and broke all the traffic rules in the book, the other car, a new driver with a P sticker on the windscreen driving cautiously, at times finding it hard to park his car but still willing to learn to drive more effectively. Which car would you prefer to sit in, with the drunken driver or the one with a P sticker?

Bukit Selambau voters, this by-election is not about Anwar or PR but whether we still want the change to be continued and remain effective. Although the result have no impact on the state or federal ruling, we need to send a clear message to umno/bn that we had suffered enough under their leadership and we want change.

Bukit Selambau Voters, use your voting rights and send a clear message to umno/bn that enough is enough and that you do not want to sit in the car with a drunken driver who broke all the traffic laws in the book.


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