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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Najib The Loser Must Start With These Actions

With the results of the 3 by elections yesterday, 2 Bukits to Pakatan Rakyat and 1 Batang to umno/bn, the final analyst analysis shows that umno/bn has only satu batang but without the two balls. Either in theory or practical, the batang cannot perform or take action without the two balls.

There are tonnes of news about the results and najib's defeat and his non existing popularity. If I find the time, I will try to abstract all the news from around the world and make a posting on this blog.

These are my advise to najib (provided he still want to listen to the people) to start with these few actions to restore the trust of the people.

1)The rakyat are more learned now, they dislike intimidation and suppression, they will not go crazy and run wild to create riots to show their dissatisfaction while holding any peaceful rallies or demonstrations.

The best thing you can do, is to call off your pdrm from their hush, provocative actions against peaceful rallies and demonstrations. Do not always assume that all peaceful rallies and demonstrations will always turn into riots, if it does, it is always the case of the pdrm starting to take actions or someone planted within to create commotions.

Just let the people vent their frustrations, anger or for whatever reasons in their peaceful rallies and demonstrations. Get the pdrm to guide them and flow with the crowd and not to intimidate them with tear gas and chemical lace water cannon. At the moment, the perception of the peoiple is that the pdrm is working on the instructions from political parties that do not like to hear the bad things about them being laid in the open. The pdrm is not working according to what their job specification but is siding with the ruling government to suppress the rakyat.

Tell the pdrm to perform their duties according to what they are sworn to do, without fear or favor.

2)Leave the judiciary alone, do not interfere with their judgement. You can deny that you do not have any involvement in the judiciary but the people perceptions, again, that there are much interference. Just one example, the Perak crisis, are the judges allow to perform their duties without any government interference? If there are none, then the judges should strike out all the court cases now pending and leave them to the State Assembly to solve their own crisis.

3)The macc, oh how I hate to talk about it. No report, no case. No evidence, no case. This is not the way to fight corruptions. The macc must take the initiative to hunt down corrupter and prevent corruptions from surfacing. This is the way most countries handle the fight against corruptions. Preventive measures and not the reverse to take action only after it happened. Fight corruptions without fear or favor, even if he is the pm or top umno leaders.

You need to start off by tackling the pdrm, judiciary and macc, getting them to perform their duties accordingly by the book, without the interference of the government or umno leaders, and I can assured you the rakyat will support you and even will vote for umno/bn in the future.

You can keep on singing nice songs, talk about your big plan for the rakayt, give you a chance for you want to change and all other rhetoric but still allowing umno members to do what they like and being above the law and still interfering with the pdrm, judiciary and macc will never get the rakyat support and umno will disintegrate sooner than you think.

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