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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Najib, Do These If You Are Sincere About The Economy First, Politicking Last

From Malaysiakini reports.
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today lashed out at PKR for playing political games at the time when the nation should be united in focusing on solving the global economic crisis.

BN may not contest Penanti, says PM. Full report at Malaysiakini.

Since your politicking games rhetoric a few days ago, many are sceptical about your call for the nation to be united in focusing on solving the global economic crisis. Who would want to believe you when your "1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now" are openly challenge even by your own team. You allow utusan and dpm to openly defy you and dare not take any actions against them.

You allow the federal apparatus and bullying institutions like the police and the courts to challenge your "People First, Performance Now" slogan. Their actions and judgements on the Perak crisis, simply sweep your "People First, Performance Now" right into the sewer.

The rakyat are not fools, just tell us the simple truth that you dare not face more defeats in any coming by elections. Don't tell us cock and bull story about the global economic crisis that are of more concern then by elections. This global economic crisis did not happen overnight but was glaring right at us since the middle of last year but you chose to ignore it, claiming that we are still not in any recession or facing imminent global crisis. When you sanctioned the undemocratic, unethical, illegal and unconstitutional power grab in Perak, the global economic crisis was already here and yet you did not show any concern.

All your slogans and rhetoric since you became the pm had failed miserably and the rakyat, anyway, are immune to such swan song by umno leaders when they took over the pm position. They will never believe in any of it until the talk is walked.

But I am ready to give you a chance on your call for a united front in focusing on solving the global economic crisis. To prove your sincerity and that you want to listen to the rakyat, I am proposing two immediate actions that you can show the rakyat that you can walk your talk.


You have the power to resolve the Perak crisis if what you said about the global economic crisis being more important than politicking is sincere.

You need not have to dissolve the Perak State Assembly but return the ruling of the State Government back to Pakatan Rakyat. Instruct your State Assemblymen to work together with the PR Government for now until the global economic crisis is over or the next GE, whichever come first. Let the 3 independents remain independent and it is up to them to find ways to work together with umno/bn and PR.


You can meet Pakatan Rakyat leaders to work out a political understanding to end all “political games” during this period, covering not only Penanti by-election but any future by elections before the 13th GE.

Let it be agreed that should any constituency fell vacant, the party that won the constituency before it fell vacant will retain the seat by appointing a new candidate without any by election.

My advise to you is very simple, start to walk your talk.

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