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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jumping With Joy And Appreciation For Najib !!

A band of robbers had being robbing the people in broad daylight for over 50 years until one day in March 2008 the people rise up to face them. This band of robbers had being on the rampaged to fill their pockets by legal and illegal means and was so powerful and strong that even the judiciary, anti-corruption agency and police cannot touch them. They had ways to circumvent the laws to protect them and have the power to misinterpret policies to their benefits. On that fateful day in March 2008, the people stood up to say, enough is enough, and gave the band of robbers an ultimatum, stop the daylight robbery and return what belongs to us or we will crush you. The present leader of the band of robbers, fearing the full uprising of the people that they had robbed, started to return slowly albeit in bits and pieces the stolen goods to the people.

Do you jump for joy and appreciate the leader of the band of robbers for returning the goods that initially belongs to you?

Think and think twice about it before jumping with joy and appreciation, the band of robbers are not that easy and willing to return all the goods that they had stolen. They are just trying to cool down and gain your trust before they strike big again.

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