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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Happened To Me, It Could Happen To You - Lau Chee Kin

A frightening experience by Lau Chee Kin on the eve of Merdeka!

The typical Merdeka Eve night started with an urge to watch the fireworks celebration in KLCC ended up in a racist attack by a group of teenagers. So, me and a friend of mine thought of a good solution to avoid the traffic jam in that area by walking from the office in Jalan Imbi through Pavillion, to Jalan Kia Peng through Convention Center to KLCC.

Sounds like an ideal plan as the path is a frequent walkway and is even advertised in Pavillion as 'Bridge to KLCC'. (Just to note that we didnt go into any dark alley)

At 10.15pm, we started walking towards Pavillion, stopped to get a drink at Starbucks and proceeded ahead. As we walk, we came across people from various races and foreign tourists along the way.

On Jalan Kia Peng, we walked past Novotel Hotel, Hakka Restaurant, Menara HLA and was reaching the junction of Jalan Pinang when a group of about 10 teenage Malay youngsters walking from the opposite direction. They looked like typical youths, giggling and talking to each other.

As we walked past them, suddenly one of them turned around and started to make a flying kick to my friend. Noticing the 'fun' he is having, his other friends started to do the same to me. It was so sudden and all I was thinking at the moment was, "What the hell did we do to them?"

Both of us ended up kneeling on the ground for a moment before more kicks and punches came flying in. Even though both of us had our tripod strapped across our shoulder, we were too shocked to react to it. Eventually one punch landed right on my right forehead and I started to bleed profusely. Seeing that they eventually stopped and walked away.WALKED AWAY, damn it. They were not even afraid to run but just WALKED AWAY like winning a game or something.The last thing I remember hearing from one of them was "Baliklah ke negara asal"

Imagine hearing this statement on Merdeka Eve.

I knew I was bleeding but I didnt know how bad. I could feel the right side of my head swollen and wet but I did not try to look at myself through a mirror. My friend also suffered bruises on the body and face. By that time there were more people walking around us but they did not stop to see what was wrong. I don't blame them, it was a poorly lit area just in front of Menara Pinang. We recovered and continued walking towards the Convention Center. The guards were symphatetic to let us in to use the washroom to clean up. It was then I saw my bloody face.

I did not take a picture of myself then as it is not my intention to send a horror message. This is not a message of sympathy. It's a account of a random person walking on a street.

Eventually after cleaning up, we walked back to the Police Booth in Pavillion to relate the incident. The response from the officer: "This cannot happen, we have all our men on the streets" (Well, not on the street we got beaten up ...)

Apparently informing the police booth stationed in a public area is NOT MAKING A POLICE REPORT. WTF? Apparently we have to go to a Hospital, get some treatment and make a complain/report at the police counter there. I would be dead by then, ain't I?

Is this how the police maintained that they have improved street crimes? By not noting down petty crimes like gang bang which did not result into hospitalization? Would we be taken seriously if only we landed in the hospital?

What we did was, we went back to the office, rested til this morning, went to a nearby clinic to get some bandages and medic.What else to do? I can't identify my assailants, and my wounds are not death-threatening.

If I had not wanted to celebrate Independence Day, would I walk or drive to the venue?

If I was not thirsty would I stop for 5 mins to get my drink and missed them completely?

If I had held my tripod as a defensive weapon earlier, would I save myself or get more beating instead?

If I'm not Chinese, would I get the same 'treatment'?

All I want to say in the end is ...

Forward this to your friends (so that they will be careful on the streets)

Forward this to your 'friendly police' (so that they know the procedure is wrong)

Forward this to any politician/newspaper (so that he/she can be the champion for highlighting this to the government)


1Malaysia MY HEAD!

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng 2010 Merdeka Speech

Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Malaysia

Lim Guan Eng

PENANG - As we celebrate our 53rd Merdeka, the country appears more divided than ever by racial, religious and even personal hatred. Fomenting racial and religious intolerance and hatred is now the rule rather than the exception.

The biggest challenge is whether Malaysians can rise above the language of violence used by extremists and fulfil our destiny of Merdeka 53 years ago of a shared society belonging to all and promising prosperity to everyone. Penang is under constant siege and attack by extremists and political foes from BN and Umno who use lies to create tension and division.

Pearl of the Orient

Amongst the lies still used is that the Penang state government has banned the Maulidur Rasul procession, banned Pasar Ramadan, replaced the YDP Agong’s name in Friday sermons with the Chief Minister’s name, only evict Malay villagers and traders. Up till today, the state government has not evicted a single Malay or non-Malay household and when enforcement action is taken against traders, only 30 per cent is Malay. Even when eviction is done by private landowners, the state government has also intervened to negotiate a settlement.

It is because our opponents are bankrupt of ideas that they resort to race and religion. Race and religious hatred is the final weapon of the extremists who can not win any debate based on facts and logic or find any weaknesses in PR’s performance.

Say No to Graft

Their desperation can be shown when the Penang PR government can not be faulted for being corrupt, abuse of power or wasting public funds. None of PR leaders have become rich or own luxury homes. We lived in a moderate lifestyle and travel by economy air wherever we can.

PR has reduced corruption with our CAT governance of Competency, Accountability and Transparency by turning around a projected deficit of RM35 million in 2008 to a record surplus of RM88 million. This was repeated again in 2009 by turning around a projected deficit of RM40 million to a surplus of RM77 million. For the first time in history, Transparency International praised Penang’s CAT governance for fighting corruption.

An early initiative by the Guan Eng administration

That is why the state government can afford its senior citizens appreciation programme of annual payout of RM100 to all over 60 years and RM1,000 one-off to beneficiaries of senior citizens which costs nearly RM20 million. That is why the state government can give RM100 water rebate in 2008 to all poor and middle-income households costing nearly RM 20 million. That is why the state government can give money annually to partially-assisted schools of RM 11.3 million. That is why the state government can double the allocation for Islamic affairs to RM 24.3 million in 2010 as compared to RM 13.5 million under BN in 2008.

Financial Planning

All these successes in implementing a people-centric government have made our political opponents desperate. They become more desperate when Penang became the first state to ban sports betting(judi bola) after the Federal government issued the licence. Due to Penang’s lead, the Federal government had no choice but to cancel the judi bola licence. Certainly many BN and UMNO leaders must be angered by the cancellation of the judi bola licence because of loss of revenue of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

Penang will forge ahead in establishing the first people’s government in Malaysia that listens to the people, do the people’s work and give hope to the people. We will also remain steadfast in barring sports betting in the state as this is the common aspirations of 1.5 million Penangites regardless of race.

Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Merdeka, democracy, integrity, public morality and a people’s government as well as a symbol of national unity where Penangites live together in harmony and mutual respect.

The Ultimate Malaysian Debate: Malaysia or Malaysaja? — Nurul Izzah Anwar

By Nurul Izzah Anwar

AUG 31 — Perkasa claims to defend Malay rights in a multi racial Malaysia. And these Malay rights are inalienable, non-negotiable and permanent. Those that disagree with their interpretation of these Malays rights are deemed treacherous and should leave Malaysia.

In the spirit of Ramadhan and Merdeka, I would like to invite Perkasa to a Constructive Engagement for a new beginning for Malaysia with me.

I would like to ask Perkasa, several key questions to better understand, and together seek real solutions for the crisis it claims the Malays are facing.

I believe that Perkasa is the current vocal, and not necessarily the majority voice of the Malays. And by all indication, Perkasa is the alter-ego of Umno.

If Perkasa can be engaged constructively and a resolution found, then we would have answered the acid-test of Malay concerns once and for all?

To have an honest Constructive Engagement or dialogue, I suggest that we must decide on four fundamental principles.

First, we must base our dialogue on an agreed standard reference document. Should it be the Malaysian Constitution? The Umno constitution? Or the Perkasa constitution?

If we are unable to decide then our dialogue becomes futile and a monologue at best.

However, looking at how Perkasa continues to refer to Article 153 (even brandishing a copy of the constitution in media events) we can infer that the Constitution indeed is the preferred standard reference document for this dialogue.

Second, once we decide on the standard reference document, then we have to address the issue of constitutional interpretation?

For example, nowhere in the written constitution is it mentioned specifically of the existence of the term ‘Malay rights’. Instead the only term spelled out is the ‘Special Position’ of the Malays in Article 153.

The Article contains specifically, of the powers vested in the Yang di Pertuan Agong to ensure that places in the civil service and institutions of higher learning along with quotas in the allocation of scholarships, and permits or licences required for business and trade are reserved for the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

Another case in point is interpreting to reconcile the ‘Special Position’ of the Malays provisions with other non-Malay citizens with Article 8(1): “All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law”; and Article 8(2): Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent or place of birth in any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.

It would be ideal to have a mandated entity such as a Constitutional Court or at least a Constitutional Council appointed by the King to act as the final interpreter of any constitutional issues.

The role of the King is central to the issue of constitutional interpretation, as Article 153 of the Constitution states that: “It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article.”

However, it should be noted that the existing judiciary already acts as an interpreter of constitutional matters in Malaysia.

For the purpose of this dialogue, both sides can present their interpretation of the constitution to be rebutted subsequently.

Third, the dialogue be made public and presented to the people for feedback and validation.

Again, it would have been ideal if a Referendum Process is legalised whereby such fundamental issue can be decided and resolved by the citizens and made binding to all.

As an alternative, the public feedback for comments and recommendation mechanism through letters or the internet would have to do. It is not binding but it would be a measure of public participation, which can only enrich our democratic process.

Fourth, the dialogue format is suggested as follows, I shall submit my point of view in the form of this open article to Perkasa for a rebuttal, and also later for Perkasa to provide their version for my subsequent rebuttal.

The outcome shall be presented to the public for comments and recommendations.

Then as a test of sincerity I invite Perkasa to a Publicly Televised Debate.

Dialogue Safeguards

I propose both Perkasa and I will indemnify all political parties from our views.

Maybe Umno might disagree with Perkasa’s views or PR mine. And all political parties can participate at the comments and recommendations stage if it wishes.

To avoid being seditious, I propose that our views are qualified as an attempt to seek clarification and not to challenge or repeal the Constitution.

I believe that Perkasa and I are true Malaysians and Patriots, but that only our views may differ, hopefully for now.

However, if Perkasa refuses to engage on this matter at all, then it is sufficient for the people and history to judge this dialogue as my sincere attempt to reach out to them for the sake of our country.

My first question is; who is a Malay?

Article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution, defines Malay as being one who “professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay customs and is the child of at least one parent who was born within the Federation of Malaysia before independence of Malaya on the 31st of August 1957.”

Therefore, constitutionally, a Malay is one who speaks the language, practices the religion of Islam, and performs the rights and rituals of its culture.

My question to Perkasa is, spiritually and intellectually, does a Malay accepts injustices, power abuse, corruption, racism, anti-democratic laws, state institutional degradation to ensure that the Malays are a Supreme Race in Malaysia, with first class citizenship privileges not to be shared with other non-Malay citizens?

My second question is; what are Malay rights?

Malay rights is an ideological and philosophical and not a legal and constitutional construct.

Article 153 only mentions the ‘Special Position’ of the Malays, and not the ‘Special Rights’ of the Malays.

The term Malay rights is alluding to the unwritten ‘Social Contract’ that defines a ‘Malay Agenda’ which has been extended to include the term ‘Malay rights’.

The Social Contract outlines certain privileges that the Malay community enjoys in exchange for granting citizenship rights to non-Malays during independence by the founding fathers as contained in Articles 14-18, Chapter 1 Part III- Citizenship, of the constitution.

These privileges collectively, are referred to as the ‘Malay Agenda’ which includes provisions on the status of Malay rulers to be preserved, with the head of state, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to be elected from His Majesties. Islam would be the national religion, and the Malay language would be the national language. The ‘Malay Agenda’ also includes provisions of economic privileges accorded by Article 153.

It is also pertinent to note, that according to the Reid Commission that drafted the constitution, Article 153 was intended as temporary preferences to seek racial parity, subject to be reviewed after 15 years by Parliament as to its continued need.

It then should have been reviewed in 1972 but was preceded by the 1969 race riots. Efforts were made, that no sunset clause be included for Article 153, and that under the Sedition Act (1971), it is illegal to be discussed even by Parliament.

These economic privileges in the aftermath of the 1969 race riots, was then institutionalised into the New Economic Policy (NEP) which was then extended as the New Development Policy (NDP) from 1990-2000 and currently we are in the final year of the 3rd Outline Perspective Plan (OPP3 2000-2010) which also includes the National Vision Policy.

However, we welcome the announced change from a race-based to a need-based affirmative action policy as outlined in NEM, but if past practices are any indication, the initial affirmative action stance along with an affiliation-based discrimination will still remain. We will continue to find that the actual wealth distribution will still be skewed to the cronies of the ruling elite.

This has become a ‘Malay Right and Entitlement’ and the cornerstone of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, which continues to even overshadow the New Economic Model (NEM) initiated by the Najib government today.

My question to Perkasa is, has the concept of ‘Malay Rights’ now become a permanent convention that supersedes even the written constitution in policy and practice that has to be accepted by all non-Malay citizens?

My third question is; what is the Perceived ‘Malay Anger’ about?

Can it be that the ‘Malay Anger’ built on ‘Malay Insecurities’, may appear to be racist in form, but in essence is a ‘Malay Siege Mentality’ defensive reaction, to the failure in achieving the NEP goals (reborn as the NDP in 1990, followed by the OPP3 and refined as the current NEM) after 40 years of implementation?

Can it also be that the false sense of losing Malay Entitlement and Privileges has crystallised into a political ideology of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, that further divides the nation?

Can it be that the Malays feel that they are getting poorer, marginalised and disillusioned in their own country in spite of the NEP and billions spent?

Can it really be that the ‘Malay Anger’ is conveniently blamed on the industry of the non-Malays and reformed minded Malays?

It seems that the ‘Malay Anger’ is centred on economic entitlements rather than on cultural, royalty, language, legal, educational, religious or political power deficiencies, where the Malay remains dominant and rightfully unchallenged, as seen from the official affirmative action policies, institutions and civil service population composition.

Could it be that the real question nagging the Malay psyche is, what then is the value and utility of having the Malay traditional dances, Royal institutions, Malay language, Malay medium schools, Federal and State Religious bodies, Syariah court system, civil service and the Federal and State governments remain dominantly Malay, when the Malay feels poor?

It is this imbalance of achievements that creates a dysfunctional Malay identity of being only Political Masters in name and not in wealth that keeps ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ alive.

The ‘Malay Anger’ is purposely focused on the dismal achievements of NEP goals and targets that is used as the justification to continue it ‘permanently’ at all cost and beyond reason.

Instead the angry Malays should focus on the diminishing ‘enabling’ factors to equitable and sustainable economic growth (as increasing the economic pie to achieve NEP targets is the main premise to wealth redistribution policies in NEP) caused by cronyism, corruption, wastages, leakages, wrong resource allocations (big projects phenomenon), racism, anti-democratic laws and state institutional degradation and abuse that in reality subverts and undermine achieving the well intended NEP goals.

My questions to Perkasa are;

Where does the real blame for the ‘Malay Anger’ lie? Is it with the NEP results or is it with its selective implementation, where only the ruling elite few and their cronies benefit to the detriment of the Malay majority?

How can Perkasa explain just one example, which is the well documented NEP leakage of RM52 billion in equities originally allocated to the Malays that have been sold off?

What impact has cronyism, corruption, wastages, leakages, wrong resource allocations (big projects phenomenon), racism, anti-democratic laws and state institutional degradation and abuse have in shaping the ‘Malay Anger’?

Who has really betrayed the ‘Malay Agenda and Malay Rights’?

My fourth and last question is; what is the end-game scenario that the unresolved ‘Malay Anger’ will lead to?

In my final analysis, only through free and fair elections that the people can decide if ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ or ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ shall define Malaysia.

Once the next general election outcome is determined, and if ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is victorious, then some may choose to vote with their feet (emigrate with massive brain drain and a diminishing tax base), and some will choose to vote with their wallet (domestic capital flight compounded with decreasing FDI that further stunts our economic growth), which in turn will indicate the makings of a potential failed state with irreversible consequences.

What is left will be a shell of a former Malaysia that could have been a great example of a democratic and pluralistic nation to the world.

We are truly at a monumental cross-road for the soul of our nation.

As a reminder of a possible way forward out of this ‘Malay Dilemma’, a Malaysian statesman, the late Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman once argued that “the question (of the ‘Special Position’ of the Malays) be left to the Malays themselves because as more and more Malays became educated and gained self-confidence, they themselves would do away with this ‘special position’.” Ismail believed the special position was “a slur on the ability of the Malays.”

After 53 years, are we Malays not educated and self-confident yet?

After 53 years, are we Malays still ignorant to the real causes of our problems yet?

After 53 years, are we not Malay enough to act as the protector and provider of justice, equality, dignity, fraternity, liberty and peace for all who choose to co-exist as partners and fellow citizens yet?

In conclusion, we the Malays must stand up and do what is right for Malaysia and our children as they face the challenges of a competitive borderless world.

Would we be so blind and selfish to risk their future for our sins of the past and our deliberately induced insecurities of the present day?

Then my last question to Perkasa is; Will you allow our country to remain in name as Malaysia or be renamed as Malaysaja?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Update: See how the good guy, the PM, knows how to talk only with his Merdeka speech.

"Don’t let racial & religious issues destroy what has been painstakingly built"

Can we asked him what he is going to do about utusan, Rhiduan Tee, Ibrahim Ali, the two school principles, DPM, Ahmad Ismail and the list goes on. We also want to know from Najib why only Wee Meng Chee is being investigated for sedition by the police.

I intended to use the post title Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka but someone beats me to it.

I was 3 years old when Malaya got its Independence and at that age I cannot recalled what actually happened, only to learn in later years from history books. History are written by men or historians but along the way depending on the whims and fancies of those in power, it can be rewritten.

What I learned in the sixties was that Malayan comprising of all races led by Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for our Freedom from the British rule. Following our Freedom the country had to fight the communist insurgencies and Malayan of all races fought off the communists.

The sixties, the time that I was a teenager, the country was peaceful and harmonious (other than the communist insurgencies, which have no effect on us civilians) with all the races mixing around each other without any inkling what racism is all about while religions were never a conflict.

The whole landscape of peace and harmony started to deteriorate after May 13 1969 with many versions written and told of what actually caused the fatal riots. The actual truth can or never will be revealed as some of those in the know were dead and gone while those still alive would not want to jeopardised their comfortable position. What I can say is that the disparity of the haves and haves not among the races is only part of the reason.

No one had ever questioned the NEP but seriously asked how it deviates from its original true intention and the way it is implemented. It has now been twisted and turned into as part of the constitution which no one can questioned or removed it. Just like the ISA which originally was used against the communist insurgencies now being a great political tool.

Whatever is happening now to the country should be blamed on the wealth of our country. We are blessed with natural resources and free from natural disaster. These richness lead to greed and power crazy with those in power clamouring to reap in for themselves as much as possible.

In order to continue reaping the country's wealth, they must remain in power and that is where dirty politics come into play. Before the 308 tsunami, the balance of political power is always one sided leaving those in power to do whatever they like with the country's wealth. Divide and rule is the best option to use to ensure victory and it had never failed them.

After 308, the whole political scenario had changed and those in power are scrambling to find solutions to ensure their continuing stay in power. The shallow application of the divide and rule which used to work for the past decades seem redundant in this new era.

The only way left to ensure the stay in power is not disrupted is to create confusion among the people. How to confuse the people, its easy, just introduce the slogan "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". Within the ruling party, they break up in separate groups with the PM leading as the nice guy while other groups playing the bad guys to create as much distortions and misinterpret the constitution, the PM's slogan, the use of religion and racism to the tilt.

The good guy, that is the PM will keep on talking (I am very certain that his Merdeka speech will be all about peace and harmony and his 1Malaysia concept) while leaving the bad guys to do his other dirty jobs, i.e to break up and cause chaos among the races.

Many will said that their actions will cause their own downfall but we must know that there are also many that will fall prey to their dirty plot. Non malays will be blinded by the good guy rhetoric while the malay will believe that their religion and status are being challenged.

We fight to free ourselves from the British and rid of the communists but instead of enjoying the real freedom, we are now enslaved by our own greedy government. Once a year we are told that we are all Malaysians, we must be patriotic and fly our national flag to celebrate Merdeka day. The rest of the days in the year, I am malay first, you are pendatang, beggars or prostitutes with racist slurs coming from the leaders and media every other days.

Merdeka day is the only day where we are all recognised as Malaysians, so enjoy with the 24 hours that you have to be a Malaysians.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talk Like A PM, Walk And Act Like Umno

I have no intention to blog these few days because I thought that I can enjoy the Merdeka celebration but it is not to be so.

The past weeks clearly show that the PM is no longer in control of running the country. The PM is wearing too many hats. The PM is wearing too many hats that he turns out to be the most ugly looking person.

One hat he wore represented him as the Prime Minister that can only talk with all kinds of slogan and rhetoric that contain no solid substance as it will be all blown away once he changes his hat.

Trying to balance his act, he will immediately change to his umno President hat to walk and act like umno, forgetting what he had said when he was wearing the PM's hat.

Wearing the PM's hat, he talk about zero tolerance for racism but could not take any actions against his own members, civil servants, umno controlled media and perkasa for openly stoking racial and religious sentiments.

Taking of his PM's hat and slip on his umno's hat, he called for the investigation of Namewee's video that voices out against racism albeit in a slight vulgar manner. This is followed by the Information Communication and Culture Minister warning of stern action against those who produce videos which contain racial slurs but both, PM and Minister conveniently left out those umno's degenerates that puke out racial slurs to live audiences.

Next, the PM that wears the umno's hat is happy to see that his umno's army is attacking furiously on all the non issues of non muslims trying to harmonised with the muslims, creating issues out of nothing.

How can we still celebrate Merdeka when we are so troubled by race and religious conflicts that are created solely by umno?

Can the PM tell the public truthfully in the eyes that he is a PM that can talk, walk and act impartially just like any PM should?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) To Appear On Hardtalk Update-Talk Cancelled

Latest Update:

Bridget Osborne from the BBC just called to inform Raja Petra Kamarudin that the program scheduled for 3.00pm, Wednesday, 1st September 2010, has been cancelled.

Bridget said that BBC’s lawyers advised them not to proceed with the program as this would upset the Malaysian government and may even expose the BBC to legal action.

Bridget added that the questions they would delve into, which would be very sensitive in nature and critical of the government, would run foul of the Malaysian government.

The fact that the program would be accessible in Malaysia, said Bridget, makes this a problem for the BBC.

It looks like RPK is too hot even for HARDtalk and BBC said it is a rare occasion that they have had to drop a program.

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the most wanted fugitive by the Malaysian Government, but we are wondering why there is no reward offered by the Malaysian Government to capture him, Dead or Alive.

Anyway, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the most wanted fugitive by the Malaysian Government will be featured on BBC Hardtalk.

Update from Malaysia Today:

Numerous e-mails are floating around with regards to RPK appearing on HARDtalk and various dates have been mentioned. Just to set the record straight, the recording will be done on 1st September but the program will be broadcasted the week after 6th September. The actual date has not been decided yet but we will keep you informed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video : Lawyer Demonstrates How To Strangle Yourself

DPP vs Pornthip video goes online, finally!

DPP Abdul Razak Musa demonstrates during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest how a person might strangle himself.

This clip is an except of a much longer video that was uploaded to the AG’s website this afternoon. Thanks to Malaysiakini for the editing.

Acronym Soup Swamps Malaysia Reform Drive


NKRA “Najib Kerja, Rosmah Arah”

Global News Journal
Aug 25, 2010

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak says he has embarked on a series of radical economic reforms. In reality it feels as if he has unleashed a barrage of incomprehensible acronyms on the unsuspecting public of this Southeast Asian nation.

The charge for economic reform is being led by the snappily named PEMANDU. As well as being the Malay word for “driver” it stands for the government’s Performance Management and Delivery Unit.

PEMANDU is in charge of formulating and implementing NKRAs (National Key Result Areas), MKRAs (Ministerial Key Result Areas) and getting “Big Results Fast”, according to its website, although it singularly failed to win political backing for a radical revamp of Malaysia’s costly subsidy regime.

It is also helping to formulate the 10th Malaysia Plan, 10MP for those in the know, a communist-era sounding 5-year plan that aims to help lift this middle income country to developed nation status by 2020.

PEMANDU is part of the GTP, the Government Transformation Programme, which also involves the SITF (Special Implementation Task Force). Throw in the NKEAs (National Key Economic Areas), another thinktank known as the EPU (Economic Planning Unit) and you haven’t reached the end of the alphabet spaghetti dreamed up by Malaysia’s civil servants…. There’s still the ETP. the NEP (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and the NEM (New Economic Model).

To be fair to Malaysia, it is not the only country in the world that is wallowing in economic acronyms, the U.S. gave the world TARP, a $700 billion bank bailout programme, and the even more mind-numbing ABCP MMMFLF (don’t ask), but it is fair to ask what Malaysians have got from all of this.

While it is true that Malaysia has had a “good” global downturn with economic growth of 10.1 percent in the first quarter of 2010 and 8.9 percent in the second quarter, it is also true that Najib hasn’t quite managed to transform Malaysia in the way he promised.

Najib told a conference run by investment bank Credit Suisse earlier this year that he “must execute or be executed”. He has also spoken of Malaysia’s economy being a “burning platform” based on low skill and low cost labour that is increasingly losing out to the likes of China, Indonesia and Vietnam in the race for investment and growth.

For all the rhetoric and the welcome mat being laid out for foreign banks and insurers by Najib, Malaysia still looks sickly compared with its peers.

Private investment is 12 percent of gross domestic product compared with 30 percent prior to the Asian crisis and is among the lowest in Asia, according to the World Bank. Productivity growth has halved to 3 percent since the 1998 Asian crisis and the World Bank says Malaysian firms innovate less than those in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Foreign direct investment has fallen off a cliff since the glory days of the early 1990s when Malaysia accounted for 39.8 percent of Southeast Asia’s total, in part reflecting Malaysian companies investing overseas in faster growing economies like Indonesia. In 2009, according to UN data, Malaysia accounted for just 3.8 percent of the region’s total.

Najib’s reform momentum appears to be stalled, with liberalisation being attacked by conservative Malay groups who fear their special economic, social and political privileges are under threat.

Malaysians and the global investment community are now waiting for another stir of the acronym soup when the final details of the NEM and 10MP are unveiled in September as well as a public consultation run by PEMANDU.

Worryingly for the prime minister and his reform drive, local wags have started to mock his acronyms, dubbing NKRA “Najib Kerja, Rosmah Arah” (Najib works, Rosmah directs) in a pointed reference to Najib’s highly visible wife Rosmah Mansor.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MACC, Razak Musa, Nazri, AG - Watch These Videos, Crime Scene Bangkok

MACC, Razak Musa, Nazri, AG, since you all are so determined to discredit Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand credentials as a forensic expert, please spend some time to watch these videos featuring "Thai forensic expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand on Crime Scene Bangkok by National Geographic".

There Must Be Some Degree Of Decency In Politics

Comment: Even the retired old fox would not let go but needs to continue his indecency act.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the real racist, trying to stir more hatred among the races and this is what he claimed:

“I’m not a racist who wants to incite Muslim hatred towards non-Muslims but we have certain rights that other parties must respect. And respect only comes if we are strong and in power.”

Can you read between the lines and see how racist he is?


by P Ramakrishnan

24th August 2010

There must be some degree of decency in politics.

Why are the police taking such a long time to complete their investigation into the serious allegation that the name of His Majesty, the Yang di Pertuan Agong, had been substituted with the name of the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, during the Friday sermon in certain mosques?

That is the question that is bothering Penangites.

This allegation has the potential to disrupt the harmony and unity that we enjoy in Penang. This controversy has been deliberately hatched to create political turmoil and destroy our peace. It can have terrible repercussions that will affect the existing goodwill among the various communities.

When there is so much to lose, why is there no urgency to bring the mischief-makers to book immediately? What is causing the delay and what is the problem facing the police?

None other than Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Penang Umno chief, revealed that some mosques had dropped the Agong’s name in the Friday sermon in favour of Lim Guan Eng.

The police should be able to get Zahid Hamidi to provide details as to where this took place. This would be one good lead for the police.

According to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, the police had received three reports over this matter. Those who made the reports are in a position to provide specific and definite details regarding the place and time where this took place. This would be another lead for the police.

The congregation who attended the Friday sermon where this allegedly took place would be the witnesses to confirm what actually transpired. This would be yet another lead for the police.

With so much information available and so many leads to follow, why haven’t the police swung into action as a matter of urgency and arrested the culprit who had committed this sacrilege? This issue must be in their priority list.

The longer the delay, the more dangerous this controversy becomes. What the inventors of this lie have done is to create racial and religious strife for their political purpose. What the perpetrators of this lie hope to do is to pit the Malays against the non-Malays. This is something that we cannot tolerate. This is something that we must condemn without any reservation.

There is also the attempt to implicate Lim Guan Eng as having had a hand in the substitution of his name for the Agong. This is a despicable lie. Common sense must dictate that Lim Guan Eng has no say in the preparation of any Muslim sermon.

It has been reiterated that the text of the sermon was prepared by the Penang Islamic Affairs Department (JAIPP) – as is the practice – and distributed to all the mosques in the form of booklets.

It has been confirmed that Lim Guan Eng’s name was never in the text. It has also been reaffirmed that there was no directive from the state government, JAIPP or the Chief Minister himself to mention the Chief Minister’s name in the sermon.

According to Penang Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mansor Othman, no prayer leader has admitted to swapping the Agong’s name with Lim Guan Eng in the sermon.

How then did this lie swirl round creating so much confusion and anger among those who believed this lie? Who was responsible for deliberately concocting this terrible lie?

This is why the police must nail the lie. This is why the liars must be apprehended and dealt with severely. There must be no mercy shown to these perverts who subvert the truth.

The Umno-owned Utusan is peddling this lie without any tinge of conscience and beating the war drum to whip up racial tension in Penang . It screamed in the front page that Lim Guan Eng’s name had been substituted for the Agong’s name as if this is the irrefutable truth.

Shamelessly it promoted a lie without establishing the truth. Its conduct went against the ethics of honest journalism and disgraced its profession by departing from the truth and sensationalising a blatant lie. If Umno had a hand in this, it must realise that it has lost the middle ground. It comes across as a party caught in a time warp that is alien to the present times. It is churning out the usual out-dated racial mantra that is no longer working.

Thinking Malaysians no longer believe the Umno spin masters. They are aware that this is a political ploy to unsettle the Penang State Government. They realise that this is nothing but foul, gutter politics.

There must be some degree of decency in politics. Otherwise we make a mockery of our Rukun Negara.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Rally on THURSDAY 26th AUGUST at 11.30am at the Singapore High Commission at Kuala Lumpur

22 year old Malaysian Yong Vui Kong is facing a brutal death at the gallows of Singapore's notorious Changi prison.

He may die by this 26th August 2010, as his clemency time period expires. Yong, a Sabahan, was only 18 years old when arrested under Singapore's harsh anti-drug laws.

On 13th August 2010, the Singapore High Court rejected Yong's review application, thus paving the way for his hanging.Shockingly, the High Court ruled in effect that the President has no powers to grant clemency, and that it is the Cabinet that makes the decision. In one fell stroke, Yong Vui Kong has been denied due legal process.

This young Malaysian will now be executed ILLEGALLY by S'pore against all known international norms.

Law Minister K.Shanmugam has already blurted out that they will not pardon Yong; the clemency process is thus another Singaporean farce.

The Malaysian government is doing nothing to save Vui Kong, apart from sending a letter requesting a pardon. No diplomatic protest has been lodged by M'sia despite the denial of due process to Yong.

For this, the Malaysian government will be answerable to the outraged sense of justice of the Malaysian people.

Malaysians will rally on THURSDAY 26th AUGUST at 11.30am at the Singapore High Commission at Kuala Lumpur, to show our solidarity with Yong and his suffering family, and to demand that Singapore spare Yong from a cruel, undignified and unjust death.

Singapore must show the world that they are not a hanging nation, impervious to the pleas of compassion and the demands of our common humanity.

A New Script For Malaysia - Nurul Izzah Anwar

By Nurul Izzah Anwar, MP for Lembah Pantai.

COMMENT A Malay daily recently declared that a civil war would break out in the country. And this war would dwarf the May 13 1969 racial riot – the worst in Malaysia’s history. The war, said the newspaper, is a response to a non-existing amended constitution that abolishes the special position of the Malays and Islam.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin also made reference to the 1969 riot in his comment when he reminded his Barisan Nasional (BN) colleague, Dr Chua Soi Lek, to tone down his demands to scrap what the government likes to call the pro-Malay economic policy.

In Penang, we heard stories that the name of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has been replaced with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Friday sermons in some mosques in the state.

Apart from some Umno leaders who are fond of making racist comments, we also now have Perkasa which claimed to champion the constitutional position of the Malays.

These stories have been reported at length and front-paged by many newspapers, inviting discussions from both sides of the political divide.

These stories are not new. Many of us have heard similar stories not too long ago.

Remember in 1987 when Umno organised a racially charged political rally? It was followed by detention of many opposition leaders, including Karpal Singh and Guan Eng, under Operasi Lalang.

I wonder what the people behind the recent racial provocations hope to achieve.

Political Theatre

I was too young to remember Operasi Lalang, but from my understanding of the event, it sounds so similar to the political theatre we are watching right now.

Every now and then, Malaysians are forced to watch the show based on an outdated script, written perhaps by those in power who benefit from racial polarisation.

Except for the change in the cast, the script always revolves around racial hatred, and how one community is a threat to another community’s interest.

Thank God, this latest show has not resulted in a new racial riot, or the “great war” that the Malay daily was trying to instigate.

Obviously, this tactic has not worked with Malaysians. Young Malaysians now demand a new script for the nation to be written by them.

In saying that the latest attempt at disuniting the country has failed, I am not entirely dismissing the fact that the racial rhetoric might have attracted some groups of young Malaysians.

Reading reports on Perkasa activities, I noticed the presence of a small number of young Malays. These are the people that I wish to reach out and to join other young Malaysians to write a new script for the nation.

Real Issues

Perkasa has been accused of only trying to defend rent-seeking activities, but I doubt these youths are awarded any government contract. My suspicion is they have been indoctrinated with years of racist propaganda.

They are not alone. I have heard of civil servants and even teachers who made racist remarks while on the job.

For them, this country is all about “us” versus “them”, “oppression by certain group” or “risk of losing political power.”

But I have not given up on them.

I want to tell them that it is not hard to look beyond the colour of our skin, to understand that diversity has always been the foundation of this country.

I would like for all of us to focus on the real issues that will destroy this country: such as corruption, low foreign investment, lack of job opportunities and many other problems shared by all Malaysians.

It would not be easy to make them understand, but the success of the new script for Malaysia’s future depends on not just one group but also others who have been misled and marginalised. That is why all Malaysians must speak out and decide once and for all what the new script would be. A script built on the promise and vision of an independent Malaysia for all citizens: based on the rule of law, justice and equality.

Those who deny the will of the people for a better Malaysia should take note. Malaysians recognise theatre as it is, and the days of political theatre are over.

Monday, August 23, 2010

MACC Removes ‘Offensive’ Blog Post Attacking Dr Pornthip - Updated

Update: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has ordered a probe to find out how an offensive article which called Thai forensic expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand a fortune teller wound up on its official blog.

What is there to investigate, the site belongs to macc and who other than macc can post the offensive article, the administrators of the site. Are you going to form a committee using public fund to investigate and come to the conclusion that macc did not post the article but someone else did it? Do not be another razak, telling the world that one can strangled oneself to death. Just admit that your intention is to discredit Dr. Pornthip.

The MalaysianInsider

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was forced today to remove from its oficial blog an offensive posting describing Thai forensic expert Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand as a fortune teller, and which the DAP said was prejudicial to the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

The blog at had posted an article entitled “Dr Porntip Ahli Nujum?” (Dr Porntip a Fortune-Teller), complete with an altered picture of Dr Pornthip as a gypsy fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball.

The MACC’s “Dr Pornthip a Fortune-Teller?” blog post, which was taken from an anonymous blog at, accused Dr Pornthip of being hired by the Selangor government to testify just to “inflame the rakyat’s anger”.

“The article is prejudicial to the on-going inquest and is a clear attempt to disclaim any responsibility and prevent the discovery of the truth behind Teoh Beng Hock’s death at MACC’s premises,” DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua told The Malaysian Insider today.

“The use of an anonymous post to make baseless allegations against the credibility of Dr Pornthip is an offensive tactic by MACC to cover up its own mess,” he added.

The national anti-graft body’s official blog at was launched in May this year to fight negative public perception since the mysterious death of Teoh, a DAP political aide, at MACC’s Selangor headquarters in Shah Alam last July.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (Prevention) Datuk Hajah Sutinah Sutan had cited the abundance of “gossip and inaccurate information” about the agency as the reason for launching their blog, Facebook page, and Twitter micro-blogging account this year.

The anti-graft body took down the “Dr Porntip Ahli Nujum?” post shortly after The Malaysian Insider requested an explanation on why they posted articles from anonymous blogs.

MACC’s corporate communications director however could not be reached for comment.

Pua, also the Petaling Jaya Utara MP, said that MACC’s blog post showed the agency’s insincerity in its letter of regret to the Teoh family, noting that it was nothing but “crocodile tears” on their part.

On the anniversary of Teoh’s death, MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed had issued a condolence statement to the Teoh family written in Chinese, pledging not to “cover up” the actions of anyone who may have been involved in causing the DAP political aide’s death.

The official website of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
“MACC has neither demonstrated any remorse or regret in its deeds,” said Pua, adding that the agency seemed to be interested in discrediting witnesses at the inquest instead of determining the truth behind Teoh’s death which has caused a public uproar.

The blog post accused Dr Pornthip of lacking the courage to say outright that Teoh was murdered as she purportedly “did not have any evidence to support her assumptions”.

It also questioned Dr Pornthip about purportedly changing her earlier testimony that Teoh’s death was 80 per cent homicide to saying that he did not commit suicide, although she was not a psychiatrist.

Lawyer for the Teoh family Gobind Singh Deo slammed MACC for showing “complete and utter disrespect for the coroner” by posting the article on their official blog.

“It goes beyond prejudicial; it is highly offensive,” said Gobind, adding that the article signalled a “highly embarrassing” act of desperation on the part of the MACC.

MACC lawyer Datuk Abdul Razak Musa had relentlessly attacked Dr Pornthip’s qualifications and testimony at the inquest recently to the point of asking the forensic expert if Teoh could have strangled himself, sparking an immediate retort from Gobind who asked Abdul Razak to demonstrate it.

Gobind, also the Puchong MP, said that he would still raise the matter at the next hearing although MACC has removed the blog post.

The blog post, which can now be found at, also questioned why Dr Pornthip testified only after four experts had testified, and alleged that this “arrangement” could have been done to give the impression that she was more qualified than them.

Dr Pornthip at the inquest last week.

“Is she really a forensic expert, psychiatric expert, DNA expert or merely a fortune-teller?” stated the article.

Gobind said that the article was “highly incorrect” and challenged MACC to make their statements during the inquest.

“If you (MACC) have something to say, say it in court in front of us,” said the lawyer.

Dr Pornthip maintained at the hearing last week that Teoh’s death was not a suicide due to pre-fall injuries although she declined to repeat her previous assertion that it was 80 per cent homicide.

The forensic pathologist also testified that her institute mandated strict protocol in handling evidence like documents, such as conducting fingerprint dusting and DNA testing immediately after discovery.

This caused Gobind and Selangor government lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar to question the integrity of the new evidence the Attorney-General’s Chambers is trying to tender, widely speculated to be a suicide note, ten months after it was allegedly found.

The 30-year-old political secretary to Selangor state councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead July 16 last year on a fifth-floor landing at Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam, nine floors below the MACC’s Selangor then headquarters.

He had been interrogated overnight by anti-graft officers probing claims his boss was misusing state funds.

Najib's 1'Sick'Malaysia Limps Towards Merdeka


KUALA LUMPUR: Lim Kit Siang believes that Malaysia is ill. And his diagnosis is based on news headlines which indicate that the nation is sailing in the opposite direction of 1Malaysia.

“With eight days to go before the National Day proper on Aug 31 and 24 days before Malaysia Day on Sept. 16, Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region should be celebrating a new sense of pride and unity as Malaysians after 18 months of the 1Malaysia slogan and policy.

“But every 24 hours is demonstrating the opposite,” he said in a statement.

Citing headlines like Malay groups, such as Perkasa, calling for MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek's arrest, and the Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia's beating on the war drum, Lim expressed disappointment with the current state of affairs.

Lim said prior to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia proclamation, it was a comparative rarity for lies, falsehoods and extremist incitement of issues of race and religion to dominate public and political discourse.

“But what had been rare is happening with disconcerting frequency,” he added.

According to the DAP stalwart, clear cases of sedition were now committed with impunity, like calls for the closure of Chinese and Tamil primary schools which had been decided by the courts.

“On the other hand, there is agitation and escalation of irresponsible rhetoric to classify legitimate and rational public discussion and debate as sedition.

“And if such agitation is allowed, even Najib himself could be charged for sedition for unveiling the New Economic Policy on March 30 which called for an affirmative action programmes 'to consider all ethnic groups fairly and equally as long as they are in the low income 40% of households' and to be 'be based on market-friendly and market-based criteria together taking into consideration the needs and merits of the applicants',” he said.

“This sickness is a total mockery and complete negation of Najib’s 1Malaysia to give Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region a new sense of pride and unity. It will render the Merdeka celebrations totally hollow and empty,” he added.

The Ipoh Timor MP called on Najib to provide the leadership and set the example to ensure that good sense, reason and rationality were fully restored to public and political discourses.

Not A Nice Place For Najib Up There

By Zainal Epi

Najib Tun Razak can only shake his head in dismay as the reports and briefings all paint a very bleak future for the Barisan Nasional.

The message is depressingly the same: in the next polls bout, his ruling coalition stands little chance of regaining the states lost to Pakatan Rakyat. Worse still, the opposition may make new gains in several states.

The prime minister and BN supremo is in a pickle: how to stem the tide? How to rally the disgruntled people to his cause? His pet projects lie virtually in tatters, his party members are ripping each other apart, his coalition partners are tearing into each other, while his political foes are growing stronger by the day.

The situation is so bad that some opposition leaders believe that Najib may resort to extreme measures to stop the deepening rot – exploit every issue, create a climate of fear, push the country to the brink and then invoke the draconian Internal Security Act.

The reasoning is that with all his opponents in Kamunting, he may entertain hopes that he can go to the polls playing the role of a saviour. The bad guys are not around to spoil his party. Only the good guys – him and his fellow dudes – are left and people will have no choice but to play along.

But political observers do not think Najib will turn into a desperado simply because the crude antics may backfire. People may choose to stay home.

Najib is left with one window of opportunity – the Sarawak election. A convincing victory over there will throw a lifeline to his sinking sampan. But the outlook is not so rosy. When Sibu fell in the recent battle, it clouded the prospects of the BN. Then there is Taib Mahmud, the White Rajah of Sarawak.

A millstone

The chief minister is a millstone around Najib's neck. BN leaders find it hard to deal with this man who has been around for nearly 30 years. He throttled the state and “robbed” it of its fabulous wealth. He has overstayed his welcome and there are now signs that he is losing his grip. The coming state election may well see Taib and Najib's doom.

Many politicians in Kuala Lumpur predict that the downfall of Sarawak BN will trigger a domino effect. Sabah will fall and so will the other states in the peninsula when the next general election is called. This is a scary fate for Najib.

Najib knows he needs to act fast. His sampan is leaking badly. The “rats” are deserting him. He is the only one putting his oars to troubled waters. There is little hope he can reach shore safely. All around him the storm is howling mad.

The MCA has recently whipped up a maelstrom of anger when it treaded on sensitive ground. It aroused the ire of Perkasa and many Umno leaders. It looked as if they were ready to start a civil strife. The venomous atmosphere is what Najib least needed at a time when he is trying to regain the trust of the voters.

Najib sorely needs the Chinese vote bank to stay intact. Problem is he is courting the Chinese at the expense of the Malay voters and at the same time antagonising Umno members. His efforts at fence-mending in the BN may be fruitless judging by the reports on his table. They all point to one incontrovertible conclusion: the Chinese are staying away from BN.

An Umno member said all the reports and briefings done by concerned groups for the benefit of Najib revealed the real picture of the voter trend. The flow is not going his away.

There were more disturbing news when Najib was told that the BN would not be able to retake all the states it lost in 2008. What must be more unnerving is that more states may fall to the opposition juggernaut.

Political vengeance

A source said that during the briefings, Najib was informed that states like Terengganu, Perak and Negri Sembilan are tottering. The ongoing internal bickering in Terengganu Umno is damaging and may well be the cause of its collapse. Perak may be a simple case of the people exacting political vengeance.

The source added that Negri Sembilan is another problematic state where the main issue is the feud between the Umno divisions and Menteri Besar Mohd Hassan.

More bad news piled up on Najib's table. Johor, long considered an Umno's bastion, is showing signs of crumbling as the opposition is making credible headway.

The big question is: why is the opposition making inroads into BN territories?

“It is not so much how strong the opposition is as how weak the component parties in the coalition are,” a party insider said.

“The MCA is truly losing ground and that explains its leader's controversial statements.

“Gerakan is totally out of the loop as the party is no longer seen as relevant to any of the races despite its multi-racial but Chinese-based concept,” he added.

Catch-22 position

An Umno member said: “The MIC is not functioning and so is the PPP. The Indian voters are searching for a solid political platform.”

So that leaves BN with only Umno. What can Umno do on its own? What can Najib accomplish if he is all alone?

Said another Umno member: “We feel that Najib is in a Catch-22 position. If he helps the Malays, he may lose the support of the other races. If he helps the Chinese and the Indians, he may see his Malay support evaporate.”

He said that someone floated the idea of a merger with an an NGO or even PAS to boost support for Umno. But the snag is the only reliable and strong NGO is Perkasa and the right-wing group is not the darling of the non-Malay crowd.

“PAS is split into two factions – the fundamentalists and the liberals (which are pro-Anwar Ibrahim). The fundamentalists are comfortable with the idea of a tie-up with Umno provided the prime minister comes from PAS while the liberals want PAS to stay with Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar to be the prime minister.

“With their demand, it is difficult for the fundamentalists to sit down and begin serious talks with Umno,” the Umno member said.

Perkasa may look an attractive proposition but the NGO is not too keen to change into a political entity and team up with Umno.

“Politicking is creeping into Perkasa. The fear is that if the NGO becomes a political party, then it may face the same troubles as Umno,” a source said. Hence, Perkasa feels it can play its check and balance role more effectively outside than inside the political arena.

The pile of reports on Najib's desk doesn't make good reading. He must be wondering what else can he do to bring the BN and the country back on track. The options are few. The risks are many. He is walking on a tight rope high above the circus crowd while juggling many things. The BN clowns below egg him on to perform more daring feats while jeering onlookers in the other camp will him to make a fatal mistake. The ground is hard, rocky and sharp: one slip and Najib goes down into oblivion. It is not a nice place to be at the top.

What Does UMNO Penang Fear?

By Sakmongkol Ak47

Some Muslims in Penang were highly agitated when the khatib ( the man who reads sermons) offered prayers for the Penang chief minister. In what manner was it said? Was LGE’s name mentioned in the context of something?

Actually we have not heard what actually transpired other than listening to a few emotionally charged statements from some people. Who are these people? If they are UMNO members, then their response was hardly surprising.

To me, the fearful responses thus far only reflect how desperate UMNO is in re capturing the Malay support in Penang. I won’t say re-capture Penang, because that is already impossible. what UMNO fears now is losing Malay support in Penang. That is like the end of the world.

What UMNO fears is a rising consciousness among Penang Malays that despite detaching themselves from UMNO, their lot can still be improved. This will be the beginning of a wider consciousness debunking the myth that equates loyalty and allegiance to this country to loyalty and allegiance to UMNO. The two things are not the same. If Penang is successful in demolishing this long perpetuated myth and this awareness becomes a national phenomenon, UMNO is in serious trouble.

Neither UMNO nor Zaid Hamidi who is the Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Penang have the answer to counter this rising tide. The only way they can hit back is by manipulating the sermon issue. You hope this will escalate into a tidal wave of resentment.

I say, if we truly love UMNO we should stop this childish and very shallow strategy. offer Penang Malays a better vision and promises of a better future. Zahid Hamidi is wishing he is not the Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri. Ini kes nyaya kat chek no.

Since capturing Penang from Gerakan and UMNO in the last elections, the state government has made serious inroads into winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim community. Mosques and suraus have been receiving a lot of facilities and assistance from the state government. What is the civil thing to do if someone has given you assistance? You say thank you sir.

So the particular imam who created the present controversy who happens to be the brother of the Penang mufti was telling the congregation that Muslims should pray the good deeds undertaken by the state government under Lim Guan Eng are carried out continuously. Muslims are thanking the state government under LIM Guan Eng. In addition, Muslims should be hopeful that Lim Guan Eng embraces Islam. What probably happened was perhaps Guan Eng’s name was mentioned in that context.

To me, this is a stupid way of trying to leverage on a religious issue. The present controversy serves to further expose our hypocrisy. For so many years while Penang was under the JV government of Gerakan and UMNO, the lot of Penang Malays has not improved greatly. You even had a PM from Penang and he didn’t achieve anything much for Penang Malays. He could offer only some nebulous ideas about Islam. People wanted more physical improvements not more sermonizing.

Before that you also had a former deputy PM from Penang, who did not achieve much either. All he could do was gurmal here and gurmal there. Senator Koh Tsu Koon could never match what Guang Eng has achieved in 2 years with what he has done all those years while in power. So really, you don’t have any defense against what the present state government is doing.

The better action by Penang Malays is to throw out all those useless UMNO leaders who rose to prominence not through offering great ideas and thinking, but got where they are by mastering political intrigues. It’s the comeuppance for many of these hollow leaders. For years you have come up not through the brilliance of your ideas or competency but you rise because you are more skillful at demolishing your political rivals, you rise by stabbing the backs of your political comrades, you rise because you plot here and there- suddenly you find you don’t have the substance to sustain your political relevance.

So you have incompetent UMNO leaders thinking they can stand toe to toe with better qualified Gerakan leaders. Suddenly you realize, your skills in removing your own political comrades don’t work when dealing with people from other parties.

So I find the Penang UMNO leadership and its ‘spokesmen’ behaving hypocritical in using religion to counter the state government.

Let’s have some finesse fellers.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Umno/PM Najib, Why The Hue & Cry Over The Doa Issue?

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants the police and Penang Islamic Religious Council to conduct a full investigation into the alleged use of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s name, replacing the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s, in the “doa” after the Friday sermon at some mosques in the state recently.

The prime minister said action must be taken against those responsible under the existing rules.

I understand and fully support Najib's call for a full investigation and take action against those responsible in the "doa" issue. The malay muslims must always protect the good name of the King as well as the faith of Islam & Allah.

The fast reaction from Najib on this issue is very suspicious as preliminary investigation shows no such thing happened. Under such circumstances there are a few queries that need answers.

1)Is it politically charged because this happen under PR watch?

2)Can it be a fabrication planted by umno members to make PR looks bad?

3)If the findings show that it is umno that fabricated the issue, will Najib ensure that action will be taken immediately and not give any other excuses to cover it up.

4)If the findings show that it was just hearsay will Najib take action against Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and utusan for creating such tension among the muslims?

We understand that Islamic laws are very strict and muslims must follow them diligently, fearfully and respectfully.

The "doa" issue had stirred much reaction from the PM, DPM and umno that call for immediate investigation and action without evidence or proof but just basing on one man's claim.

But surprisingly we did not hear a whimper from the PM, DPM, umno nor the Islamic Religious Council regarding prosecution star witness Saiful Bukhari Azlan affairs with DPP Farah Azlina Latif which a judge considered it to be true.

What about the allegation of the Attorney General having affair with Datuk Azailiza binti Mohd Ahad, the Head of the International Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Why are these two affairs not warrant a full investigation or are they not serious crimes under the Islamic laws or less sinful than the "doa" issue?

Many comments on the online media that reported Najib fast calling to investigate the "doa" issue were asking why is it so slow to take actions against the racist remarks by the school principles in Johor and Kedah. My answer to them is simple, both the PM, DPM and most of umno members are racist themselves so how to expect a racist to take action against another racist.

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - PR Needs To Put In Place A 2nd & 3rd Line Of Defence

Pakatan Rakyat Needs To Put In Place A 2nd & 3rd Line Of Defence to ensure that the results of the 13th GE, at least, remain status quo.

"In the name of National Security", this one phrase need no further detailed explanation, evidence or proof that will allow the authority to simply locked you up under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

"Losing Power" is not inside umno/bn's vocabulary in any language, umno/bn being the present ruling government of Malaysia. The threat of losing power is for real in the coming 13th GE and they need to do something about it.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) was and is still a very powerful tool for umno/bn except that they have to circumvent their own promises not to use it against political foes.

They can and will use the ISA to ward off all the threats and the ever growing strength of Pakatan Rakyat from capturing Putra Jaya. Read this article from Malaysia Chronicle, Another Operasi Lalang? But will what worked in '87 work in 2010. To me, it will still work, some old script will be retained while some new script that will look justifiable for their action will be added.

Umno/bn is now desperate and they have to put into motion all the power that they are holding now to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat does not reach Putra Jaya. Right or wrong, legal or illegal, peace or chaos, it does not matter anymore as long as they can hold on to power.

When Najib took over as the Prime Minister, he quickly put in place a new platform to arouse voters sentiment on his sincerity to bring all the various races and religions together under his slogan "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". On the surface, it seems to work but when he tried to get it off the ground and implement in stages the various programmes, all hell broke loose, not from the public but his own party leaders, members and some of their friendly malay NGOs.

And when they lost the Sibu Parliamentary seat in a by election, the real fear in them of losing out in the 13th GE started to show in the open. All nice talks, empty promises, throwing goodies here and there, slogans and rhetoric which used to work before are now scorned by the public.

So, what are they going to do, to stop the advance of Pakatan Rakyat into Putra Jaya? The last and most powerful tool is none other than using the race and religion cards.

They allowed their controlled media to stir all kinds of racial and religious issues while banning any pro-opposition books and newsletters that are detrimental to umno/bn. Even DJs and editors of radio and telivision stations were not spared for voicing against the wrong doing of the ruling government. They let lose the malay NGOs, like perkasa, and their own members to twist and turn anything that PR leaders said or implementing programmes under PR controlled States into racial and religious issues.

They are still the best in turning nothing into something or placing false accusations just to create frustration for PR leaders in the hope that they will retaliate in the wrong way and that is where the ISA will come into play. Two examples were the banner in Johor showing the picture of the Sultan and the name of Lim Guan Eng replacing the King in mosque sermon. They further their evil agenda with moves to allow teachers into politics whereby the practice of racism in schools by teachers and principles themselves are embolden.

They tried to use a milder form of intimidation, instigation and falsehood through the MACC and police, but it seems not to be working, so they have to dragged in the Sultan and King to arouse the malays sentiment, misinterpretation of articles from the constitution, NEP, ketuanan melayu and all things that are related to race and religion.

The old script that they used in 1987 just before operasi lallang '87 was the quarrel between mca and umno which is the same as what is happening now.

Why do I call for Pakatan Rakyat to put in place a 2nd and 3rd line of defence, is because, operasi lallang ll is visible and all PR top leaders and capable elected representatives love by the rakyat, who had spoken or retaliated against all the racial and religious issues perpetuated by umno/bn or malay NGOs will be hauled in.

These 2nd and 3rd line of defence are very crucial for the 13th GE should all of PR leaders be arrested under the ISA so that they can continue the fight even though capturing Putra Jaya may not be possible but at least to maintain status quo.

NGO freedom fighters, bloggers, academicians, alternate media, leaders of vocal groups and God knows who else will not be spared.

"All In The Name Of National Security" in which the innocents have to shoulder the blame for the insecurity created by umno/bn themselves.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

Umno/BN Controlled Multi-Media Spin And Distortion

Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

Why Be Afraid Of PAS?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's Inquest: 18th August 2010 Update

Updated with video:

DPP Abdul Razak Musa demonstrates during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest how a person might strangle himself.

"I still believe it is not suicide," the Thai forensic expert told the court.

Sorry for the late entry as I just got back from Selangor after having witness first hand how a degenerate lawyer making a fool not only to himself but Malaysia as a whole.

Details of the inquest had been transmitted since yesterday via major online news and blogs. On the day of the inquest I was sitting inside the court room since 8:30am fearing that I may not find a sit should I be late. The room was filled to the brim just before 9:30am. Standing inside the court room is not allowed, so those who could not find a seat were denied entry.

The inquest proper started at around 10:00am with Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand called to the witness stand. Teoh's team of lawyers stick to relevant questioning base on Dr Pornthip's report findings of the second autopsy and on off referring back to her first report. Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand answered all questions professionally for nearly 1 1/2 hours posed by Teoh's team of lawyers.

Then came the thriller part of the inquest, the cross-examination from MACC's head prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa. Either he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or exposing himself to be a true degenerate by posing questions that look as if he was defending an already charged person for the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

I reproduced a well summarized report of the head prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa questionings by Strait Talk.
1) MACC Prosecutor Abdul Razak asked Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand if she had come to “to attack the MACC".

2) "Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia?" he asked, eliciting disgruntled murmurs from the gallery.

3) Abdul Razak next had the gallery groaning in disbelief when he suggested that Teoh had strangled himself and was "depressive".

4) Abdul Razak riled up those in the gallery further by suggesting to Pornthip that her report was "based on her imagination".

5) He then puzzled the court when he stated, "If (Teoh) was unconscious, his body would be heavier."

6) In an effort to make his point, he asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.

Abdul Razak Musa also questioned her on what he said were discrepancies between Pornthip's first and second reports and he kept implying that there were no witness or evidence to what Pornthip's had claimed.

Instead of continuing to question on the autopsy reports, he journeyed into his own dreamland, asking Pornthip whether she knew that the interrogation of TBH ended at 3am. One point that he raised that nobody seems to find it important was the location where the body was found. He said that the office window can only opened up to about 45 degree and logically the fallen body should be falling straight down along side of the building but why was the body found lying a short distance away. He also counter how can someone be thrown out when the window can only opened at about 45 degree. ( If I am allowed to ask a question, I would like to ask Abdul Razak Musa, how can someone jump out of a 45 degree window. )

I kept pondering why Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had allowed such questioning from prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa.

After witnessing the inquest for the first time, I draw my own conclusion that there can be no justice for Teoh Beng Hock as long as umno/bn continue to govern.

The only way to seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock is to continue to show your support for his family until the 13th GE where we have the power to change the Government.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another PhD Degree For Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

Everyone is getting tired of big talks, speeches and promises that turned up to be deceits and lies. Yesterday, the Prime Minister gave another of his great speech at the Chinese Economic Congress but we are smart enough now not to be conned again, so, I am placing his speech as nothing but just another thesis of his.

All Universities in Malaysia should award a PhD degree to Najib Tun Razak for his outstanding performance in presenting his thesis/dissertation on the Malaysian economy by acknowledging that the Chinese business community, can transform to be another pillar of national growth and development via his speech live at the Chinese Economic Congress.

Prime Minister Najib thesis or dissertation is simply just a presentation and like any other presentations will be folded and kept away in one of the library after the end of the Chinese Economic Congress, never to be heard off again.

How in the world can he still come out with such a thesis when all his predecessors had already presented the same, many times over. He has no intention to see that his thesis will materialized and put into practiced. He knew very well that many will not believe in his thesis and the malay NGOs in the like of Perkasa will shot it down immediately.

Because of his lust for power, money and the falling support from the Chinese voters he has to present a nice thesis (in front of the Chinese community) even though it may be a false presentation knowing very well he can rescind his thesis as and when required. Remember one minister who had criticised the Internal Security Act (ISA) in his thesis for a PhD, but changed his stance when he rejoined UMNO and was appointed a cabinet minister in-charge of law and re-defended the ISA as against his thesis.

His thesis will pass with flying colors to earn him another PhD degree but it can never work when applied as a working system in his ruling government. Why? let me explain why.

Our staple food is rice and how do you get a cooked rice on your dinner table. First, you must have the raw rice, washed it, add some water together inside a cooker and turn on the electric/fire to cook it. You need the raw rice, water, cooker and electricity/fire in order for you to have the rice cooked.

What Najib is saying is that we can all have the cooked rice even if there is no raw rice, water, cooker or electricity. I guess that could only happened if he is a magician.

He wanted the Chinese community to trust him as their leader with their concerns at heart, this must be his biggest joke, at this point of time when everyone can only see through that he is an illusionist playing alone with his magic wane.

He urged Chinese private sector companies to spearhead the economic reforms, take up the reins and take up a more leadership role through economic innovation in genuine partnership with other communities and continues to be the backbone of the Malaysian economy through its small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but did not tell them how they can take up his challenged.

The Chinese community have been hit left and right by the DPM, malay leaders, umnoputras, utusan, perkasa, malay NGOs claiming that we are ungrateful, extremists, pendatang and are only allowed to stay in this country at their pleasure. We are reminded several times to leave this country if we are not happy with their ketuanan melayu and the NEP mental siege.

Should Najib not stop all these racist remarks, racism practices by his own malay elites and umno controlled media first, before embarking on his call for the Chinese community's cooperation? How can Najib provide the cooked rice when the raw rice are being stolen, water are wasted to fill up dams that are not needed, cooker used as war drum and electricity/fire to burn down bridges of peace and harmony.

Najib wanted the business community to move away from the “Ali-Baba” mode of partnership, the economic pie... needs to continue to grow but must be shared in a way that is fair and just while stressing that helping one community must not be seen as [being] at the expense of the other community. It requires a major mindset change in many of us.

This statement is address to the wrong crowd, don't you think so, should it not be addressed to his umnoputras, perkasa, malay NGOs and those who still believe on handouts in order to survive?

And lastly Najib's proclamation, "This is a government of the people and by the people".

Can anyone believe it? Najib who coined the 1Malaysia slogan would not dare to declare openly that he is Malaysian First.

He is standing at a distance "smiling" when his pdrm "slaughter" (figure of speech) the innocent people holding candlelight vigils, arresting peaceful demonstrators, people dies with no apparent reasons while under detention, mysterious deaths (or murdered), suppress the people from wanting to speak the truth.

The judiciary and MACC are not far behind eagerly helping the Najib administration to rid of the strong opposition leaders and those who are vocal against the administration.

By allowing one particular race to helm over others using threats and non written constitution is acceptable.

There is no end to the list of injustice from Najib's so call "government of the people and by the people".

My Challenge To The Prime Minister : REPEAT What You Said At The Chinese Economic Congress In Your Up Coming Merdeka Speech.


Let us take a look at some critical points in Najib thesis which he presented at the Chinese Economic Congress.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made several appeals today for the Chinese community to trust him as their leader with their concerns at heart.

Like my predecessors, I recognise that I am a leader for all Malaysians. Your concerns are my concerns - not the other way around.

He urged Chinese private sector companies to spearhead the economic reforms and transform it to be another pillar of national growth and development.

Here the Malaysian-Chinese community must once again take up the reins and take up a more leadership role through economic innovation in genuine partnership with other communities.

The community continues to be the backbone of the Malaysian economy through its small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Najib said the private sector played a vital role in driving the innovation, creativity and investment needed to boost Malaysia’s global competitiveness, as the government alone could not make all the necessary changes.

We all have roles to play. We also need the private sector to transform its thinking and reassess its own entrenched beliefs.

To achieve our national goals, the public and private sectors must work together and utilise the talents of all our diverse communities.

The business community had to move away from the “Ali-Baba” mode of partnership if Malaysia wished to achieve a truly equitable distribution of wealth.

The proverbial economic pie... needs to continue to grow but must be shared in a way that is fair and just.

Helping one community must not be seen as [being] at the expense of the other community. It requires a major mindset change in many of us.

This is a government of the people and by the people.


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