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Friday, March 20, 2009

Batang Ai - May The Force Be With You All, Together We Can Make It Change

People of Batang Ai, we may differ in many things in our daily life or our political affiliation but one thing for sure that we shared is the same corrupt, arrogant and racist ruling government. The same corrupt, arrogant and racist government that we have over fifty years for us, West Malaysia and over forty years for Sarawak and Sabah.

West Malaysians had moved forward, towards wanting of change and had shown that we are more than half way there on the 8th of March 2008. Till date the corrupt, arrogant and racist ruling government are still in denial and that will be their lost.

We do not understand your real situation over there and to what extend you still believe in your ruling government. A great majority of us West Malaysians have given up hope and will strife and stand united to rid of this cancer inflicted government comes the 13th General election.

Barisan Rakyat Blogger team from West Malaysia had just touch base with Sarawak bloggers in Kuching. The team comprises of Zorro, Haris and delCapo.

The statement from Bernard Khoo of zorro:

"We are here to ask them what we can do and we are not here to tell them what they should do. It is our fervent hope that we can be of help."

Our hope here, at West Malaysia, is to see that the people of Sarawak can join in to teach this corrupt, arrogant and racist ruling government, that we have had enough of them.


  1. you guys have done a big flavor to malaysia.

  2. the change has started and its a matterof time the incorrigble politicians are exposed.if given a chance i would like to black face them and make them walk the streets ofkuching with a stick in their arse.this is the only way to change the govtfrom corrupt dealings may god save sarawak from this evil hands

  3. Dear whoever wrote this blog,

    If you think the current government is corrupted, how sure are you that PKR would be any different if they rule Malaysia in the future? Corruption runs rampant in any other countries,in any government, no matter which party they're in. If PKR really stands firm on justice and fairness for all, why did Penang PKR DCM trying to uncover illegal activities from 2 pkr leaders while the CM is trying to cool down the allegations? If you think that PKR is a party with strong principles, then why does the beloved opposition leader encourages party hopping? Please...dont be silly. BN and PKR are all the same.

    I am neither pro-BN nor pro-PKR. I am a simple individual hailed from Batang Ai, who happened to have the fortunate luck to have moved to the city and have better education so that i cud speak english and freely speak my mind. It is up to u whether u want to believe that im from batang ai or not. but, yes, iban can write in english very well.

    I always go back to my kampung during gawai celebrations, its a place where i cud spend my time with friends and families. but going back to my 'menoa' is more than just a holiday trip; i will always try to observe if there's any development or not. sometimes, i wil ask my friends, uncles and aunties if they got the support from BN (formerly under the care of the late Datuk Dublin) that they need. Im quite pleased to hear that there are developments going on. but one of my uncles mentioned about how other ppl from ulu always complained that there's no development going on in their area. I was surprised and angry at the same time. But my uncle was quick to dismiss the claims and his answer was again another surprise, "well, that's their fault...they didn't vote for datuk last time yet they want development. its like asking for money but they didnt recognize the person who's willing to give them money." Another good news is that the new MP for Lubok Antu ( YB nyallau) is even better than Jawah Gerang (former BN turn PKR MP). Nyallau did well in providing every development that the ppl of Lubok Antu need. the reason Jawah was dropped out of BN in the previous election was because he was not as influential as before and there were many cases of not fulfilling the Lubok Antu ppl's demand. There's one joke about another wannabe politician from PKR, Nicholas Bawin, who magically appeared in Lubok Antu every time when there's election. After he lost, he will disappear once again and will return in the next election.

    This is a true story. People of Batang Ai, please listen to me. like i said, im neither for BN nor PKR. but i will tell you this; if an individual really cares about the things which matters most to them, they will show their passion and determination to be the most caring individual in the world. we dont need another pretender, we dont need another lie or deceit from ppl who wanted political mileage and as a matter of fact, we should not care about what the government did or what PKR will promise to us...

    The word 'government' is being twisted and manipulated by PKR so that the 'rakyat' could turn their backs away from BN, while BN ridicules the whims of PKR of tyring to wrest the word 'government' away and made themselves as 'THE government'.

    people of Batang Ai, the one who's corrupted is called an individual, not a representative for the individual. Human beings are bound to go to dark corners of their mind and spins evil deed, this is a natural trait. in other words, nobody is perfect. Is BN's government perfect? NO. Is PKR the next best thing to govern Malaysia? NOBODY KNOWS. You might ask, "Why?". I will tell you why. It is because of money and the individuals themselves. If there is one MP who truly is noble and cares for the ppl, they will spend the money for the ppl. If there is one MP who is truly corrupted, they will spend the money for themselves.

    But how do you judge a MP who is truly noble and cares about people? U judge them from their contributions. not the symbol of the party. Please i beg of u, People of Batang Ai, the late Datuk Dublin did the best he could during his tenure, and he did marvelously well. Stop complaining about BN this, BN that. If u think that PKR could do better, then go ahead. but once u vote for them, if there's any complaint, AGAIN, it's your fault because u dont vote the right one! That's the whole point of people telling you to VOTE WISELY.

    To the writer of this blog, please stop this politic of yours. We Ibans are not stupid. Dont try to tell us who we need to vote for. Stop playing the corruption game. the issue of NCR is an old issue, it was brought up to the table because its all politics. Jawah even expressed his concerns regarding NCR, but if he's really concerned, how come it was not settled a long time ago when he was in BN? How come he did not fight for it? It is because the problem happens in Batang Ai only? NO. Or the fact that he's only representing Lubok Antu last time so he has no rights to fight for Batang Ai constituency? NO. If he's really BN, he should've fought harder and helped his former colleague, Datuk Dublin, to settle the issue. Now, my question is...Did Jawah support Datuk? NO. What does this mean then? It means that an individual has neglected his duty as the representative for BN last time and im pointing towards an individual by the name of Jawah. Datuk Dublin could not fight the rights of people alone, he needed Jawah. But, sadly, the alliance never came to past.

    What about Bawin? well, he's a genie. he only appears when the election committee rubs the magical election pot.

    the late Datuk Dublin did the best he could. It was never enough, but he contributes significantly. HE is the individual i would vote for. Now that Malcolm Musen is bearing the torch, let's hope he proves himself.

    P/s: Dear owner of this blog, Never, ever, play mind games with the IBANS. even if you're an Iban yourself.

  4. Anonymous 9:00 AM,

    You have your own view and I hope that you can see the right side of things. Some of what you said may be true but still there are times when we need to face a challenge for change for the better.

    PKR is not 100% perfect, that I agree, and it may even be an evil force that we do not know as yet. A chance we have to take to fight off the worst evil of all, that is umno/bn. They have rule for over 50 years and even their own leaders are admitting that corruptions are so rampant and this is one of the reason why they lost so heavily in the last GE.

    The vote is in your hand, I cannot force on you the choice of any candidate or party to vote for. If you think umno/bn is still better with their corrupt, arrogant and racist attitude, by all means vote for them.

    PKR may not be good but they are still a lot better than umno/bn and we should give them a chance to prove it.

  5. Then sadly, your political agenda is merely against UMNO and BN's corruption n racist attitude...not about how a MP will contribute to people... i do not deny that there are good PKR MPs around, but they needed more money. Tell me, how are u going to feed your kids if you don have money? are you just going to talk your way out, saying, "daddy got not enough money, can you hold until daddy got money?". Of course the kids will say "No daddy, im hungry." How would you feel if you're the child?... BN did give a lot of money to their MPs, its just that some of them squandered it off for themselves. PKR does have money, but it's still not enough to rule one big state for long term, let alone to rule one nation!

    I've mentioned about the importance of the right criteria of an individual and the power of money for the individual to save the people from poverty and underdevelopment... NOT the party itself, its d individual. Political agenda is always there because of money and power. And yes, i do agree with you that UMNO/BN is not as strong as before and corruption runs rampant for a long time. But, what PKR should've done instead of criticising and mocking the practise, they should be united and prove themselves that they are united and with strong integrity as well... Not go to taiwan and look for 30 sarawak BN MPs to join PKR's boat! Worst yet, when our nation' economy started to show some declination last year, Anwar went off and tried to seize the opportunity to tell the people to swing their vote of confidence to let PKR to form the government... Not only he failed, he even scares off the investors and let our economy plunge even further! Why dont you tell me, is this what you're expecting from him? Let a leader risks all including the rakyat just to become a Prime Minister?... Note the previous comment you wrote, "A chance we have to take to fight off the worst evil of all, that is umno/bn." Doesnt seem like UMNO/BN is the only one who is evil...

    UMNO should acknowledge their arrogance and selfish attitude and amend their mistakes... I for one, also not happy with how UMNO always boast themselves as the best party in Malaysia. That's why they're going to reshuffle soon and let's hope Najib is a better Prime Minister, if not as good as his own father. By the way, if he's really connected to altantuya's murder case, by all means, please provide the evidence. But using the murder case against his political career and BN, to use it spread rumors among the rakyat,...that's just a plain dirty smear campaign tactic.

    Ahmad ismail,an UMNO veteran, who provoked the chinese community by saying that chinese are immigrants, should not only be punished by banning him from political activities but must be jailed as well...just like how ISA tried to jail Raja petra kamarudin. This is a serious issue, its also the reason why i agreed with u that UMNO is corrupt. But lets not forget, PAS tried to implement hudud law (mainly against muslim criminals), this is even a more obvious racism/religion-based agenda. What's the point of segregating law by dividing the criminals based on their religion if you have a federal law which will take action against any criminals regardless of their religious backgrounds... A criminal is a criminal right? take note, PAS is a radical muslim party and they still are...hudud law is just another narrow minded mentality of their own product, just to show themselves as "holy and pure". If you're a non-muslim, if PAS made muslim as a requirement in almost every single aspect of our lives if they ever rule the government, would you still vouch for PAS, a party which is part of PKR itself?

    I have no intention of being personal against you, Mr Blogger. But, think about what or who is good for our country...not which party is good for our country... Politics is a subjective topic, one that will remain controversial forever. Bad politicians or parties are part of the vicious cycle of bad administration, but that doesnt mean you should choose side... You should always put your faith on the responsible individual who will help you good intention, not the party itself, regardless whether its BN or PKR...



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