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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batang Ai + 2 Bukit By Elections - We Are Not At The CrossRoads !

Many people including the news media tend to look at our country upheaval as reaching or facing the crossroads. Some reports are indicating that umno is also at the crossroads and facing a very difficult road ahead.

Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai and Bukit Selambau voters and all my fellow Malaysians, we are not at the crossroads. We had traveled through many crossroads over the 51 years of independent, driven by only one driver, who, many think is a good driver over these years. The driver, after being given to drive for so many years, started to be arrogant. Passengers must beg and plea with him to stop and allow them to pee, have lunch or take a rest and at times this arrogant driver grew greedy and even dare to ask for money before any other requests were granted.

Initially all the passengers from all races were allow to sit together with whoever and where ever they like. The passengers were mingling with each other freely, enjoying the ride and discuss many subjects including their life happening, businesses, schooling, religions, cultures and many other things without offending each other.

This driver feels very uneasy, seeing that his own kind are not so friendly with him and with his new found arrogant attitude, he started to separate the passenger sittings by race and religion. He keeps on harping to his own race, that the other races are trying to take over his driver seat and shouting out racist remarks as he drive on. Slowly and surely, after hearing the driver speeches and threats, the passengers are now seated among their own race and seldom mix and talk to each other like before.

This driver, drunken with arrogant, corrupt and racist attitude keeps on driving the same old road without realizing that many new roads have been constructed, with flyovers here and there.

One day this drunken driver could not differentiate between a crossroad and a T-junction. He simple drive through a T-junction and landed into a deep pit, with all the passengers screaming for help. Instead of helping the passengers, this drunken driver keeps scolding them, claiming its the passengers fault that lead him into the pit. Without knowing how deep the pit is, this drunken driver keeps on engaging his gear and try to force the vehicle to move forward.

You see, my fellow Malaysians, we are not at the crossroads but inside the pit. We had been driven by this arrogant, corrupt, racist drunken driver who put us into this spot. In order to come out from this pit, we need a new driver and a complete new vehicle. No doubt this drunken driver will plea to be given a chance for change. What I understand is that a drunken person cannot just want to change but need to be sent for rehabilitation for a period of time.

Yes, we need to send this drunken driver for rehabilitation and meanwhile we need a new driver to take us out of this pitfall. We will give this new driver the opportunity to prove his capability.

umno/bn have been drunken with arrogant, corrupt and racist for over 50 years and it is time to send them for rehabilitation. They cannot simply plea for us to give them a chance without going through rehabilitation. There is no way a drunken person will stay sober for long without rehabilitation.

We have just found a new driver, Pakatan Rakyat, which we hope will not go the way as umno/bn did and will drive us through thick and thin comfortably towards a bright future.

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