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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Online Ceramah Series - Why Bukit Gantang Voters Must Vote For PAS

We are closer to hell as the day for najib to take over as PM of this country gets nearer. I simply cannot grasp what he is trying to do by the immoral, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab of the Perak State, suspending MP Gobind Singh, charging MP Karpal Singh and rampaging the rakyat for criticising him or the government by using the government apparatus as his weapons.

Instead of clamming down on dissent of the rakyat, he should be doing what a leader of a country should do. Work hard on the falling economy, seek ways to help the unemployed, assist the poor rakyat directly, calm the rakyat and show physically what is being done on the real benefit for the rakyat.

Rhetoric talks such as one Malaysia, the 60billion ringgit stimulus package means nothing if it does not flow down to the right people who needed it the most. Still hiding behind the Royalties to claim that you are right, swearing your non involvement in the Altantuya murder, using the pdrm, judiciary, macc, the medias as your tools to remain in power does not prove that you are a good, capable, honest leader with integrity.

The rakyat are not fools and they are ever willing to give you a chance to prove yourself as a capable, honest leader with integrity. But, by the way things are going daily, it seems that you are more concern about your self interest and the power you are about to take over rather than the economy or the rakyat sufferings.

Bukit Gantang voters, this by election here is very important as compared to Bukit Selambau or Batang Ai. You are electing for a Member Of Parliament to represent you. umno/bn has too much power in their hands with the majority in Parliament and we do not need to give them an additional MP to add to their power which they already had.

They are not using the power given to them to fight for the rakyat, instead they are misusing the power given to them by silencing dissent, grabbing state by using the immoral, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional ways, suspending MPs at their whims and fancies and their arrogant attitudes towards the rakyat.

Come the 7th of April place your X for PAS


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