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Monday, April 27, 2009

Dissecting Najib's "People First, Performance Now" Sham

In my last posting, A Simple Explanation About What Is "1Malaysia", I wrote a short story about a new sport car, named "1Car" as an illustration whether "1Malaysia" concocted by Najib can be sold to the rakyat. Allow me to pursue a little further on this "1Malaysia" concept before we start to dissect Najib's "People First, Performance Now" Sham.

When a car manufacturer roll out a new model, with a new name, the older model will be phased out or totally obliterated so as not to confuse the consumers. Other examples, if you care to remember, the Darkie toothpaste and Dutch Baby milk powder renamed their products to Darlie and Dutch Lady respectively with their old names totally obliterated and never again to be heard or seen.

Now, Najib wants to change Malaysia, so he came out with his genius idea of "1Malaysia" without getting rid of the existing Malaysia. So the rakyat is very confused with his "1Malaysia" running parallel to the existing Malaysia. There is no confusion if you read and study more deeply into his thoughts.

Who is Najib, Najib is umno and who is umno, umno is ketuanan Malaysia. This is a true fact from all the various actions, speeches, news report from Najib's team leaders and members. They tend to think that Malaysia belongs to them, i.e umno ketuanan melayu. So how can Najib totally obliterate Malaysia by introducing "1Malaysia" when umno still depend on it to survive.

As long as umno remain in power, there can never be any true change no matter what or how umno leaders put up with their concept of changes or slogan to the rakyat. There will always remain a separation between umno and the rakyat.

"1Malaysia" concocted by Najib is to reach out to those who are gullible and fence sitters and those that can be easily bought over with a few crumbs. There is nothing great about "1Malaysia" when the rakyat are not totally integrated as "1Malaysian" and "1Malaysia For All Malaysian".

So, do I need to dissect Najib's "People First, Performance Now" Sham, yes I will, but there is no story to tell but using the true facts of the day and if you all were to look and study deeper into it, you will be able to see through it as a sham like I do with his "1Malaysia".

Why Najib did not want it to be called "All Malaysian First, All Performance Now" instead he call it "People First, Performance Now". By using his concocted version, a very general and open concept that he can play around with it as and when the situation suits him. Let us break apart and study what "People First" and "Performance Now" means.

When he said "People First", you must understand that without the true implementation of his "1Malaysia" as an integrated "1Malaysian" with the same voice and equality, it does not mean anything to the rakyat. It can mean "umno people first" or "my people first".

Let us look at his meaning of "People First" after his lost in the recent by-elections especially at Bukit Gantang. His dpm blasted at the Chinese for being ungrateful or unappreciative for the lost thus putting Najib's "People First" to mean BLAME the "Chinese People First".

Not to be outdone Utusan’s came out with “Bangkitlah Melayu” headline with Najib's photo inserted with it, thus claiming Najib's "Melayu People First".

In the Perak crisis, does Najib really care about his "People First" idealogy, NO, if he does follow his "People First" principle, he would have called for the dissolution of the Perak State assembly to allow for the State elections to be held. He is talking about "umno's people first" and "my people first" and likewise for Trengganu, soon it will be "my people first".

Next, we look at "Performance Now". It is also like his "People First" sham. It all depends who or which department he wants to show his "Performance Now" action.

We go back to the Perak crisis again to evaluate Najib's "Performance Now". The whole crisis is put before the court and the judges are super quick in their decision to put Najib's "Judges Performance Now" into action even if they have to go against the law and constitution.

We did not or has yet to hear Najib talks about corruptions but no worry, he is working hard and behind close doors on his "macc Performance Now" acts. You can see how his "macc Performance Now" works in the Penang DCM1 and Selangor MB "cow and car" so call corruption cases.

The minister of information Rais wants to show what Najib's "Performance Now" means. He invited mostly only Pro-bn bloggers to a dinner, to show his friendliness with bloggers and he appealed to his guests to give credit to the government when credit was due, especially when the government implemented good policies. But did he allows bloggers to bash the government should they implement bad policies, he did not. So we can safely call this "Performance Now" as "Pro-bn Bloggers Performance Now".

Najib's concocted "1Malaysia", "People First, Performance Now" are shams. He is not really interested at all to forge a well integrated Malaysians of all races with the same voice and equality to lead the country into a fully developed country. All he is interested is "umno people first" and "my people first".

You can argue that, wow, he is relaxing the NEP and frees up the financial sector and more goodies to come. Do you really think that these piecemeal offers will bring the people together and stand behind him. We will just have to wait and see the outcome of all his goodies, whether it goes to the commoners just like you and me or more to towards the "umno's people first" and "my people first" concepts.

Do not be cheated, con and lied again and again, we have had it for over 50 years of umno's arrogant, racist and corrupt rule and this time we will stay put and firm against all their talks and slogans till we see that they really walk their talk and not just this but to ensure that all Malaysians benefit from their walk and not to umno or pro bn only.

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  1. If Najib can do it, I shall respect him for my entire life. Dr M cannot do it for 22years.

    I remember when Dr M stepped down as PM, his answer to CNN during an interview..."my only regret after 22years is I could not change the Malays"



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