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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taking A Break

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Will be out of FB & blogging for a while.

Just fed up with what is happening to this beautiful country being turn to shit run by lawless leaders who know nuts about governing and presenting shits in Parliament. See you all when I see you all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Prime Minister Najib, Who Am I?

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May I ask you, PM Najib, to put aside your "1Malaysia" concept on the sideline for a moment and start thinking hard. Take a few days leave and go to a quiet place where you think that can give you peace of mind without any disturbance from anyone, including your wife. Relax, have a coffee or tea whichever is your liking. Stop listening to your advisers/APCO but your own for the duration of your leave.

What you need to do is ask yourself,

"Am I sincere in wanting to bring back the glory of Malaysia where all Malaysians irrespective of their race and religious background can truly live in peace and harmony even if I were to lose my power and premiership in doing so".

When Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli ask you "Who Am I", what is your answer. Do you tell them that they are Malaysians or do you tell them that they are Malay Bumiputras, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and to those from Sabah and Sarawak, some are Bumiputras while others are whatever their race + Malaysians.

You must get the gist that all citizens of Malaysia are Malaysians irrespective of their race or religion. They can be whoever they want, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Bumiputra, Iban, Kadazan or Orang Asli in their own personal and private capacity but in the eyes of the Government they are all Malaysians. All Government policies must be implemented to benefit all Malaysians and not to any particular race. There must not be any racial tone in the working system of the Government.

Your duty as the Prime Minister of Malaysia is towards all Malaysians and not to your party umno, Mahathir, malays, bumiputras or perkasa.

The good news that you hear very often from your advisers and how the controlled media spin the news to your liking will not help you to create a united 1Malaysia but rather the reverse.

During your vacation, go online and visit as many anti umno/bn blogs, read them and also the comments posted by readers. Get first hand info on why these people are anti umno/bn. Listen to both sides of the divide and it will be much easier for you to run this country not mentioning that you will be in a better position to plan and implement government policies.

Political parties are just platforms (static) in order for the people to elect the Government they want. Once elected to form the Government, political parties must not be involved in anyway of running the Government. The duty of the Government is to look into the well being of all its citizens, irrespective of whether they voted for or against the party/parties that formed the Government.

There can be no pleasing or demand from anyone. As a leader you must be firmed once you implemented any policy and no backtracking or flip flop because of pressure from anyone or groups. But before you implement any policy, you must ensure that a full study had been conducted with feedback and the well being of the people taken into consideration, in a transparent way.

There can be no special privileges or special rights to any particular race but only to those who are truly in need of help. A majority of the Malays needed help, by all means, go all out to help them. All assistants, be it monetary, housing or food must be directly flowing to them and not through third party or intermediary.

This is a very tall order but if you sincerely wanted a 1Malaysia that cares for all Malaysians irrespective of their creed or color, there is only one route that you can take, a route that shows MALAYSIA IS FOR ALL.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Motor Insurance, Are We Paying Through Our Nose?

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First, to own a car with the pricing that cause us heart attack, now the motor insurance that will leave us in a coma.

This was written by a friend.

I write both as an insurance agent (who is supposed to represent the company) and as a consumer (who also has cars older than 10 years and a few motorcycles in pristine condition!!)

The latest problem where customers of old cars are forced to insure their cars at RM16,000 when the thing is worth less than RM10,000 and in the event of total loss (eg. due to theft) they can expect the maximum market value of RM10,000. See, there is this thing where insurance operates on a principle of indemnity wehere one cannot profit from a loss. So it will take great political will to get insurance companies to change motor policies to an "agreed loss value' policy which I'm sure they won't want. So at the end of the day, it all boils down to allowing a revision of the motor tariff to reflect current risks and allowing third party fire and theft to raise the premium revenue legitimately without fleecing customers. What say you??

And this is his mail to the papers that was not published.

Dear sir,

I read with disappointment our Prime Minister's recent remarks published in the press that those who own old vehicles should if they are unable to purchase third party motor insurance go to the Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool who are deemed to be insurers of the last resort. I am writing this to tell him that he should be fully briefed before he makes statements like that but I'm prepared to allow him the grace of asking us to go to the MMIP for insurance as he probably doesn't have a car over 15 years old and so has no need to look for such coverage himself for even if he did, he surely would have someone else suffer the inconvenience for him.

Mr Prime Minister, in case you are not aware, the insurer of last resort knowing that is who they are adopt a high handed approach to providing coverage to the public. First, there is a loading of premium which is ridiculously high. And then, there is the mandatory inspection of the vehicle to be insured by Puspakom BEFORE cover can be granted. This means that if your road tax expires today, you'll have to locate the nearest Puspakom centre to have your vehicle inspected before you head over to the HRMP office. I am not going to tell you how much this mandatory inspection costs but let you find out yourself. This Mr Prime Minister has to be added into the loading imposed by the insurer which is higher than the maximum loading allowed to be imposed by regular insurers.

I also understand that of late, consumers have been forced to purchase non motor cover to obtain motor cover and the resulting hue and cry has resulted in Bank Negara Malaysia issuing a circular BNM/RH/CIR010-7 and I reproduce a portion of the salient points in this circular for the information of the public:



Good show Bank Negara. So can the Sun also help inform the public on the pricing structure of the MMIP and how (inconvenient it is) to purchase such cover? I write this not only as a consumer who owns some old classic vehicles that are not only well maintained but also kept in pristine condition. But I am also an insurance agent whose hands are tied when it comes to issuing motor coverage for myself or my clients because the whole system is now computerised with e-cover, you key in a vehicle year of manufacture in excess of that allowed by your insurer and you will have to deal with the underwriting guidelines. Perhaps the public should be aware that the MMIP 's biggest obligation is to insure busses, taxis and A-Permit lorries whose nature of use makes them higher risks than say an old retiree's Honda C-70 or first generation Proton Saga. Why do you subject us to a loading calculated to keep the motor pool remaining profitable when we are not likely to cause a dent inthe pool even if we were to cause an accident as compared to an express bus or perhaps a goods carrying lorry,

If Bank Negara really views it as 'very serious' then do something instead of mere rhetoric. It is time to review the motor vehicle premium which has not been reviewed for over 20 years! If inflation has gone up, it cannot be that the premiums have not been adjusted. Either we the public have overpaid in the early years or insurers have been using other business premiums to subsidise. I remember fire insurance premiums were reviewed in the early nineties. Why not motor? The Prime Minister who is also Finance Minister must do something. Just say the word and get the fellows to get going. Surely, it cannot be because you don;t have the political will to do what affects Malaysians of all races. If you can't do this, then allow the insurers to increase the loadings by an additional 50% or allow the coverage to be changed from only Third Party to Third Party Fire & Theft. That way, owners of old cars and motorcycles will still save some loading on premium, save on the cost and hassle of the mandatory Puspakom inspection and insurers increase their premium revenue slightly to accomodate the higher risks of paying compensation for death and bodily injuries or property damage. Mr Prime Minister, I know it can be done if you will just say the word. Please do it and delay no longer.

Joseph Josua Yeoh

Thursday, March 18, 2010

13th General Election Campaign - Are You A Registered Voter?

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1. Forward this message to your family and friends
2. Talk to them at every opportunity and urge them to register and vote
3. Urge them to do likewise ... pass it on and keep the fire burning

The Election Commission reported that 15.47 million of Malaysians are above 21 years of age and therefore eligible to vote in federal and state elections.

However, only 11.08 million (72%) have taken the trouble to register as voters.
This means that 4.39 million (28%) eligible electors have opted to forfeit theirright to vote in the event a general election is held.

Go to the Election Commission of Malaysia Electoral Roll Checking website
and punch in your IC No: for a quick check ...




The Registration of Electors, as provided for under the law, enables qualified Malaysian citizens to register as electors. The registration is carried out throughout the year. In addition it allows the Registered Electors who have changed their address to register at the new place of residence. Electors are also encouraged to check their names in the verified Electoral Rolls.


To secure your right to vote in an election and exercise your right as a citizen.


- A Malaysian citizen
- Has attained 21 years of age
- Is residing in any Election Constituency in Malaysia; and
- Has not been disqualified.


- Go personally to the Registration Centre;
- Take along your Identity Card;
- Ensure Form A is correctly filled by the staff before signing the form; and
- Keep one copy of the form as proof of your registration.


Election Commission of Malaysia Headquarters OR State Election Offices
All Post Offices with computer facilities in the country;

Register today
and let's vote WISELY
in the 13th General Election
for a better Malaysia ... a better tomorrow
for our children and our future generations
Please help to pass this critical message on ... far and wide

1. Forward this email to your family and friends
2. Talk to them at every opportunity and urge them to register and vote
3. Urge them to do likewise ... pass it on and keep the fire burning

As an ordinary citizen perhaps this is the least you and I can do for our beloved country ... for a better Malaysia, a better tomorrow Let's do it!

Love Malaysia ? Watch This Video

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No words to describe, just watch this video.


Note: Please be patient, loading may be slow. Make sure you watch it till the end.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

[SABM] BANGKIT - Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Youth Outreach Project

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Please spread and forward this letter after reading to your friends and relatives especially the youth.

Dear fellow Malaysian,

Are you happy with the state of our country today? Is our country and
her people truly living up to their potential? What do you think of
Malaysian society today? Should “race” be a major factor in how
Malaysian citizens relate to each other? What unites Malaysians? What
divides Malaysians? Do you think Malaysia needs to change? Why or why
not? What are your dreams/aspirations for yourself? Your country?

Do you love Malaysia?

These are questions that are rarely asked of our country's youths. But
we believe that all of them have a burning answer deep within their
hearts. They may not feel at liberty to share it. Or they may feel
like even if they did, who would listen? So many of these hushed
voices go unheard. It's the greatest loss to our nation...

Well, not anymore.

We believe that the youth of our nation have outstanding opinions
about the contentious issues facing Malaysia today. We want our
nation's youths to know that they are NOT forgotten, forsaken or
frivolous. Because it is their passion that will revive the hope in
our nation to once again rise up and be a shining example to the world
for our peace and prosperity. And this will happen when the youth of
our country choose to stand up and speak out.

That's where BANGKIT comes in.

BANGKIT is a nationwide search for songs written by youths, for youths
and representing the aspirations of the youths in our country. We
believe that they, they NEED to be heard. And we're going
to provide the platform for them in the language that speaks to youths
- music!

To prove the point that Malaysians DO care about their country, we are
putting this entire project together with NO MONEY AT ALL!

No money for salaries or allowances
No money spent on promotions/marketing.
No money spent on design.
No money spent on recording.
No money to hire talents.
No money spent on websites.
No money prizes
No money for prizes.
Tak ada, mei you, eelek, zip nada!

Impossible? Maybe...unless you and I decide to believe that it is NOT
IMPOSSIBLE. We can both step out in faith that this project WILL
succeed because there will be more than enough people stepping up to
contribute their time, talents, facilities and resources FOR FREE,
with no other motivation than their passion, creativity and love for

Have we got your attention? If you are inspired and want to join us,
here are the details of BANGKIT:

- A Bangkit blog will be set up for this event
- Teasers will be spread throughout the internet (March 15 – 31)
- Selections begin, demo cuts of compositions to be submitted in mp3
format (April 1 – May 15)
- Songs will be featured on the Bangkit blog for youths to vote on
their favourites (April 1 – May 31)
- Professional judges will select 10 songs from the 20 most popular
voted songs and results announced (June 7)
- A professionally recorded CD of the songs will be released within 3
months of final selection (Target to be launched in September)
- A concert featuring local artistes will be held to showcase the
selected songs (to be held either in November or December, in
conjunction with SABM's voter registration carnival)
- No prizes will be offered. Just recognition of participants' talents
and the chance for their song to be recorded.

- Primarily viral marketing through the internet (facebook, youtube,
twitter, blogs, websites, etc)
- Flyers and posters to be distributed to colleges nationwide
- Exposure through the Mass Media
- Email, SMS & MMS

- Attach the ‘Bangkit’ posters/banners/videos to your blog or website
and make sure to link it to our blog. We will be releasing a series so
that it keeps fresh and exciting
- Tell everyone you know about this, through word-of-mouth, blogs,
facebook, twitter, email, SMS, MMS, etc. We need everyone in Malaysia
to know.
- Keep updated at our Bangkit blog or the SABM website.
- Put us in touch with people who are willing to contribute for free.

Please support us in our effort to bring the voices of our youth to
the nation and the world!

P.S. As this is still the pre-launch stage, please don't reveal too
much about BANGKIT yet. If you feel a need to explain a bit more about
Bangkit, just say something like something big is brewing in Malaysian
cyberspace and everyone under-30 should watch out for the announcement
on April 1st. We will be releasing more promos and information that
you can post as the official launch date (April 1) approaches.

If you need more information, please email:

For more info please check out our blog at

And please do feel free to pass this message to as many people as you

Let's rock Malaysian together!

Lai Chee Seng
Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia - Youth Outreach Project Team Coordinator

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Self Praising Leader Is A True Dictator

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From :In Agong’s (govt prepared) speech, Najib praises self, slams free speech.

I think Najib and gang bank on the fact that Malaysians may be unaware of how the DYMM SPB YDP Agong’s speech in Parliament is actually prepared by the government, and not by the monarch himself.

I think Malaysia’s independent media (MK, TMI) would do well to remind readers of this fact.

So, when you read in the papers that the Agong praised the PM, what is actually happening is that the PM is praising himself.

When you read that the Agong is speaking on the limits of free speech, what is actually happening is that Najib and BN are truly afraid of what Malaysians are actually saying, doing and thinking.

This is not because Malaysians are planning racial violence or any such nonsense (except maybe those in power themselves), as it has been proven time and again that normal Malaysians like you and me have no appetite for that sort of thing.

Rather, it is because Malaysians like you and me are starting to get sick of sloganeering that is so empty that the government has to resort to the monarch to prop up concepts like 1Malaysia with effusive (again, composed by the government, and entirely self serving) praise.

It is because we haven’t been seeing real action behind the rhetoric; because despite all the fancy plans and schemes, there is more corruption instead of less; and because while one hand of the government preaches unity, the other incites hate.

A truly successful PM would let his ‘famed’ walkabouts speak for themselves, and not so shamelessly stoop to having the esteemed institution of the monarch do his public relations for him. I think the PM’s actions here are insulting to both the Agong and to all Malaysians.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

To PM Najib-Make Malaysia Great Again As Malaysians Want Change - Din Merican

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by Din Merican

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday, when I wrote about Dato Ramli Yusuff’s acquittal, I quoted Martin Luther King. Jr., the much revered civil rights leader of the John F Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson era. As Malaysians, what affects you will affect me.So what happended to Dato Ramli and Lawyer Rosli Dahlan can happen to us and those who are prepared to speak the truth to power. Mr Prime Minister, Sir, I am going to speak to you from this blog.

Battered Image of Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) due to Musa Hassan, IGP

This is my continuing rally for change – about the battered image of the PDRM because of the dismal perforance of its worst ever IGP, Musa Hassan. During his tenure as IGP, the illegal money lending syndicate flourished. Crime index soared to an all time high. The Police Force has become the most despised law enforcement agency in Malaysia, the only other contender is the facelifted MACC. Both institutions have become instruments of brute power which started in the Mahathir era.

That IGP Musa Hassan has failed Malaysians, the government and the country is evident from the many and numerous crimes in the country. That IGP Musa Hassan is clueless on how to handle the situation is also evident when he keeps blaming everyone else except himself. He blamed corrupt elements within the PDRM. Using that excuse, he transferred officers at his whims and fancies paralysed the police intelligence capabilities.

He fixed up and eliminated tested proven officers like Dato’ Ramli Yusuff who would have been a threat to him. According to the Statutory Declaration by Musa’s own ADC, the transfers was for the bigger agenda at the behest of the BK Tan syndicate. It was indeed a clean-up, but one that entrenches the syndicate’s hold over the PDRM! Was that the hint made by Dato’ Ramli yesterday in his statement that the men in blue should not be fearful of the syndicate? Was this the fulfilment of Dato’ Ramli’s ominous warning in 2007 before he was stripped of all his powers by IGP Musa Hassan and persecuted by A-G Gani Patail on trumped up charges fabricated by the MACC?

Stop Blaming the best run Immigration Department

Musa Hassan also blamed the Immigration Dept for its laxed policy leading to the increased crime rate. And what happened to the Immmigration Director-General? Was he also not charged by the MACC? Some say the D-G was just a fall guy. Soon, at Musa’s request, there will be re-introduction of stringent VISA requirements for entry including for students. Unwittingly, that would be taking many steps backward towards Malaysia’s objective of being a global education centre. Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat, the architect of that open policy will have something to say about Musa Hassan and his bird brained ideas. After all, Aseh was once the Secretary of the Police Commission and the Secretary-General of the Home Ministry.

Today, we find closed and gated housing all over the country. People feel unsafe even in their own neighbourhood. and have to live in gated community with their own security gurads. That speaks volume about the “feel good/feel safe” factor in the country. The fact that PDRM and crime is one of the NKRA under Dato’ Idris Jala is more than just symptomatic of this loss of faith in the Police to maintain law and order.

The fact that Dato’ Hishammudin has to do his crime prevention walk-about is illustrative of the crisis of confidence over the PDRM generally and with Musa Hassan’s leadership. That Musa Hassan is so much scandalised and despised, simply makes it unacceptable for him to remain in office. He is a liability to the PDRM and Najib’s government. Res ipsa loquitur.(latin: the affairs speak for themselves)

Some weeks ago, Raja Petra Kamaruddin reported about the raid on Musa Hassan’s house, resulting in the recovery of large amounts of cash. The whole of Bukit Aman was abuzz with such whisperings. The self exiled web-master and blogger reported that a deal was cut to allow Musa Hassan to retire by the end of March.

Only yesterday (March 12), the China Press reported as follows:

“The Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan has submitted his resignation to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Onn, five months before the end of his contract.

Apparently he planned to formally step down on March 25 at a function commemorating the 203rd Police Day. If true, this is good news to be celebrated as Musa Hassan should not have his term extended in the first place as his performance as Inspector-General of Police had been attrocious.”

That is the voice of the Chinese community speaking. If you, PM Najib is serious about 1Malaysia, listen to that! It is only to be expected that Musa Hassan would use his own cohort like the Star’s pimp editor Lourdes Charles to refute that as follows:

Published: Saturday March 13, 2010 MYT 10:58:00 AM
Updated: Saturday March 13, 2010 MYT 11:08:41 AM
IGP Musa denies he’s quitting

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has denied that he has resigned while questioning the source of the information.

“I have not submitted any resignation letter to the Prime Minister or anyone. I want to know if the source is from an official channel or from the ‘underground’,” he said when contacted on Saturday.

“I know it is not from the (Home) Ministry as I have checked with its secretary-general Datuk Mahmood Adam, who denied any knowledge.”

Musa said if information in the article published was obtained from unofficial channels including the “underground” such as syndicates, then he “felt sorry” for the country.

He said if the “underground” could manipulate the post of the IGP, then Malaysia was heading for disaster.

“I have asked my officers to check with the newspaper that published the article and find out the source who gave them the misleading information,” he added.

Musa had been given an extension to his one-year contract and he is due to retire in September.

A Chinese daily had reported that Musa was expected to step down on March 25 during a Police Day function. It quoted sources that said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein accepted his resignation.”

Message to Musa Hassan

Listen to this, Musa Hassan- no amount of denial can change the public’s perception that you are unfit to be IGP. The people of Penang are angry with you for making your policemen to lodge various reports to harrass CM Lim Guan Eng, whereas there are many things undone by the police. If you care for PDRM, if you have any maruah left in you as the son of a much admired Ustaz Hassan Azahari from whom learn to sharp my reading of the Koran while watching TV, then leave before you are hounded out.

Message to Attorney-General Gani Patail

I now say the same thing to A-G Gani – do not desecrate your office by appealing against Dato’ Ramli’s acquittal. Do not waste public funds by continously persecuting the innocent. Spend your time and effort to get the real murderers of Altantuya, start by appealing against Razak Baginda’s acquittal. Restore religious harmony by prosecuting the two Al-Islam reporters for desecrating a Holy Communion.

Restore integrity to the august office of the A-G by prosecuting the MACC officers who murdered Teoh Beng Hock, start by ensuring government doctors do not fabricate medical reports. But then you would have to first resign since you were already implicated in falsifying the medical report in Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s black eye incident, and your role in Sodomy II.

Message to MACC Abu Kassim and DPP Dzulqarnain

I now say to the MACC Abu Kassim, withdraw the charge against Lawyer Rosli Dahlan because your misguided DPP Kevin Morais cannot be more straight than the man he is prosecuting. To DPP Dzulqarnain, remember that as an IIU graduate you must demonstrate and embody that principle of “amr ma’ruf nahy mungkar” and desist from the being a party to the persecution of Rosli Dahlan. Lest history will judge you for “bersubahat” against Rosli Dahlan who is from the first batch of IIU graduates together with Dato’ Ramli. The loyalty he has shown of that IIU brotherhood to the extent of endangering himself should cast shame on you.

In the name of change, I say to IGP Musa Hassan- step down. To A-G Gani -give way to Dato’ Yusof Zainal Abidien. To MACC Abu Kassim- be firm, do now bow to the other two, break away from being the third that Unholy Trinity.

To PM Najib, I say – Malaysians want the above changes! Let the healing process begin.

Din Merican: the Malaysian DJ Blogger

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Nearly Fell Into The Trap Of PM Najib's Illusive Dreams

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"1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" mark the new era of the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Rhetoric, slogan, concept or guideline does not matter, the most important thing is its "Implementation" through sincere actions.

After 56 years of my life living in this country, going through a short period of the most perfect and peaceful multi cultural environment in the 60's right to the uncertainties of racial unity and religious harmony of the 80's, 90's till now. What more can I say but with hope and happiness when the new leader dares to approach head on with his "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" to rectify all the previous misappropriate policies that break up the once peaceful and harmony environment among Malaysians.

Although the new PM brings along certain baggages into his premiership, I am willing to leave it aside, (it would help his image more if he were to come clean) and wait to see how his dreams can be realized and physically implemented. The impact he had created for the first four months was tremendous and people like me who is a die heart opposition supporter can be swayed by this euphoria.

He should have called for a snap poll within the six months of his premiership, where everything he does or talked about are still hot and survey was showing that he is gaining back the heart and minds of the voters. Even his inner circle and the rank and file in his administration cannot think of anything else but to lend their support. Should he called for a snap election, I am sure that he would have gotten the two third majority, even though Penang and Kelantan may still be in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat while Perak, Selangor and Kedah will be a 50-50 chances.

By getting the mandate from the people, it will strengthen his position and he would have more clough and power to see through his dreams, putting through his ideals of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now", but he chooses not to do so. I am glad that he did not for I would have given him my vote.

Another six months down the road saw his dreams shattered to pieces. These later six months revealed that "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" was not really his dream nor his real intention to unite all Malaysians with policies that are fair to all. He is the same descendant from old racist umno under the guise of the now cracked and defunct 1Malaysia just to hoodwink the rakyat for their votes. Why he did not want to call for the snap election when things are in his favor, I would say GREED. He is not satisfy by just winning the majority but the WINNER TAKES ALL attitude.

Engaging a foreigner such as APCO which are not familiar with the local politics and umno malays mentality of ketuanan melayu was a wrong move or was the appointment for some other reason and purpose. The true intention of the PM was revealed when he proclaimed that he wanted Selangor back, no actions taken against his home minister who sided with the illegal cow head protesters, feeling powerless to call for stern action against those who were protesting the Allah issue but just mumbling "what can I do, if people wanted to protest". More racist tones were raised through utusan, his top aide, ministers and through BTN, yet to date no serious actions on his part to curb all these. He has the power to put a stop to all these racist actions by his subordinates and party members but he refuses to do so.

What thrilled me the most was the phrase "People First Performance Now". To anybody who can understand simple English, this phrase would mean that the people's welfare comes first and that the Government must perform now to ensure that it takes place. There seem to be two versions to his "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" concept and this concept only apply to the people living in States that are under umno/bn rule. To those people living under Pakatan Rakyat rule States they do not belong to his concept of "1Malaysia People First Performance Now". Instead of being the PM for all Malaysians, he wanted to see that those who live in the States under PR rule, suffers and to destroy their elected State Governments by withholding development funds, constant harassment from the various institutions, creating imaginary tension among the people through his controlled media and party organization.

With the way he allows his party members, controlled media, pdrm, macc, judiciary to go all out to bring down the oppositions can only means that he is afraid of losing power and the downfall of umno/bn. One thing he forgets is that the opposition compositions are not only the DAP, PAS, PKR and its leaders but including 50% of the rakyat.

I wanted to believe in him and for the first four months of his premiership, he really lead me into his dreams and I was thrilled to see that true changes are coming but not for long. I soon realised that his dreams are all illusive and he is no better than the previous 2 PM who are just foxes in sheep skin. The saying that "A leopard can never change its spot" truly describe him.

He has provided a brilliant solution to ensure that his ministers perform their duties by having the KPI (key performance index) but who will set the KPI of the PM. Let the people be the judge and set the KPI of the PM. At the top I had placed a poll:

How would you grade the PM's KPI (key performance index) during his 1 year in office.

Please take the poll after you have really understand how the PM perform his duties, truly with the rakyat in mind or plotting to bring down the oppositions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malaysia Goods And Services Tax (GST), Do We Need It Now?

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Before I do my next posting "I Nearly Fell Into The Trap Of PM Najib's Illusive Dreams", I like to bring to your notice on the latest move by the umno/bn Government to introduce the General Goods And Services Tax (GST) very soon. I am no expert on this subject but Pakatan Rakyat experts like Tony Pua is on the road to explain in details why we must object the GST, not for the sake of objection but the reality and the effects that the people will encounter should it be hastily introduce at this point of time.

The "NO TO GST" Forum was held in Penang yesterday and my fellow blogger Romerz had a posting about the forum and why the GST should not be introduced now.

"The simple answer is the country is going BROKE! The present economic model of affirmative action (of the selective kind) without expanding capacity is bleeding the country dry. Imagine this. Despite the huge bumper profits from Petronas these last five years, the BN government saw it necessary to operate an increasing budget deficit for the last 12 years! So much so that the nation's current debt is 50+% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP measured annually) and this is an untenable situation. Experts say that when a country's debt is around 65% of GDP, the country will no longer be able to sustain its interest payments without expanding its principal debt!"

Please take a moment of your time to read and understand why the people must say "NO TO GST" at Romerz blog posting The brewing storm of GST.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Penang, 2 Years Under Pakatan Rakyat Government

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In a few days time, Penang will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pakatan Rakyat's Government. What can we expect from a 2 years old Government which are constantly being sabotaged by umno/bn, federal fund not forth coming, NGOs logical or illogical arguments, MACC, PDRM and Penangnites themselves.

Many accusations against the PR Government were in fact from the losers but sadly it does influence some of the people who are weak and expect a miracle to happen over night from the PR Government.

Abuse of power by the Federal Government in applying different sets of law in governing in the hope to disrupt and destroy Pakatan Rakyat. Federal Fund is off limit to PR rule States, gathering by PR is illegal but not umno and party align to umno, MACC will go all out to investigate all reports against PR members but hundreds of reports against umno are gathering dust and the list goes on.

Penangnites are themselves to be blamed. They want progress but when progress encroaches into their life they will scream that the PR Government does not care about them. When illegal squatters have to make way for development, NGOs joined in to defend and wanted to claim the heritage status because it is over 100 years old. If base on the logic that any place that is 100 over years old must be classified as heritage, then, there will not be any development as mostly all places in Penang are over 100 years old.

They want better transport system, better environment and improvement in everything, they want to be on par or even better than Singapore or Hong Kong but they do not want to make sacrifice.

For a better infrastructure to accommodate a better transport system and constructing the MRT or Skyway, do the people knows that land space and many existing structures may have to go? Are they willing to sacrifice and accept compensation in lieu for relocation?

Coming to development, since the flat land are untouchable or not available, developers have to go for the hill. Many Penangnites love to live and die in Penang and the population keeps growing but how to accommodate them when there are shortage of housing development land.

So, the only option is Hill Development. Many are now going to shout and scream at me for mentioning Hill Development. What is actually wrong with hill development, things that come to mind are, landslides that cause inconvenient to those who are living at the foot of the hill, fearing that the building might collapse, destroying of the environment and bla bla bla.

Let me tell you my experience how Singapore developed their land when I was working as construction worker during the 70's. Just like Penang, Singapore were filled with 100 over years old buildings yet they still can manage to develop into a first world country.

My boss got a HDB housing project located in Bedok and within the area stood a small hill with a Chinese temple sitting at the top. After about 6 months into construction of our project, we started to see that the temple was demolished and tractors starting to cut the hill. The hill was slowly trimmed off from the top and then leveled to the same ground level as our construction site to create more land space. Other than this hill many squatters and landed housing were cleared including vegetable farms and fishing ponds. There were no protest of any kind. The last trip I was in Singapore, I visited Bedok and witness the once rural area being developed into such a beautiful township.

If man can step foot on the moon and venture into outer space, what is really wrong with hill development. Does the people have no faith whatsoever with our consultants? I do not want to go into or accuse anyone of what had happened to collapsed high rise buildings of the past. What we have to do is to search for a solution to our housing needs.

Development on hill slope can be carried out and beautifully crafted out if proper planning and management are imposed and people with integrity, honesty such as the developers, consultants, contractors and the authority working together while placing the interest of the people, environment and safety first and profit second.

When a hill development project is initiated, the consultants and authority must be in the forefront to provide the assurance that their designs and construction method are safe on hill slope. Next comes the developer and contractors to guarantee that they will follow the approved plans to the dot and no short cut or saving cost while the consultants and authority will be supervising the project strictly.

When you slaughter a chicken, blood will spill. When hill development is under construction and if it rains, there are bound to be minor landslide occurring but it should be minimal if the construction works are carried out according to the consultant and authority requirements. People living at the foot of the hill must understand the situation that it is temporary and once the development is completed, things will return to normal.

I can hear some mumbling and cursing, that I do not stay there and does not know the danger and inconvenience that the landslide causes. Well I agree, but again as I said above, any hill development must be strictly controlled by the consultants and authority and not just leave it to the developers and contractors.

Well, you want your children and future generation to live in this wonderful island, you need to sacrifice and give in a little.

Lastly, people are complaining that election promises are not kept. I had seen many people including my friends complaining that they are not happy with their spouses simply because they did not keep their promises on many things before getting married. Why they cannot keep their promises? The situation, including monetary and working environment may have changed before and after marriage not mentioning the arrival of kids that can change many things. There are many other situations in your life that you cannot keep your promises. I hope that with this example many of you can at least weigh the predicaments that the PR Government are facing not just the Federal Government/umno/bn onslaught but by the laws that sometimes can be unjust.

It takes years and much effort to make good what had been mismanaged for over 50 years. Just like when you met with a serious accident with broken leg, broken arm, broken ribs and some brain damage, you need time to recuperate before you can be your old self again.

We have learn and found out that umno/bn is not suitable to run this country any more because of their lies, mismanagement, corruptions and the disharmony that they have created among the races hence the 308 tsunami.

I am quite comfortable and satisfy with Pakatan Rakyat Government for the past two years. The slow progress is due mainly to what I had observed and shared with you above. The people of Penang must help the PR Government in order for PR to help them, be willing to sacrifice a little, be patient and not fall into the trap of umno/bn's instigation. The next two years are going to be even tougher as umno will be on the rampage to discredit the PR Government for the malay voters as the next GE gets closer. I hope my Malay brothers and sisters will not succumb to umno/bn political ploy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Najib, Charged Lim Guan Eng For Abuse Of Power

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Najib says Guan Eng is abusing power on PDC contracts. Please read the report here.

I salute you, Najib, for being so sharp on such a minute so call "abuse of power" by CM Lim Guan Eng on a contract fill with so many small words. How do you explain "abuse of power"?

Allow me to explain it on your behalf. "Abuse of power" (in Malaysia only) is when you are in the opposition using the power invested in you by the rakyat to do everything you can for the rakyat's benefits, erase all kind of corruptions, raise the living standards, be transparent and accountable.

I call upon Najib to charge Lim Guan Eng if he is really abusing his power. Can I ask you, Najib, whether you or any of your ministers, MACC, PDRM, AG, EC, judges ever abuse their power?

Can I recall some incidences and you be the judge whether it is Abuse of power.

The former Home Minister arrested a journalist under the ISA for her protection.

Same crime committed by the oppositions and umno/bn but only the oppositions were arrested and charged.

Heavy investigations on, RM2000, car & cow and cake corruptions but those cases involving millions of ringgit are not fully investigated or not at all.

Sodomy by two consensual adults, one is charged but the other is smiling happily with no charge.

One parliamentary constituency consist of over 120,000 constituents while another consist of only 5,000 constituents.

Najib, can I ask you whether the RM20 million paid to APCO and subsequent millions spend on promotion just to uplift your image belongs to the rakyat. If it is, does this not constitute as ABUSE OF POWER?

Interfering in State Assembly by the police, dragging the Speaker from performing his duty.

There are many many more cases of abuse of power by umno/bn but you tend to close your eyes and ears to all such abuses but you are so quick to pick on CM Lim Guan Eng.

I want you to be fair, charge Lim Guan Eng for any abuse of power but will you do likewise for all the abuse cases that you and your umno/bn committed?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out Of The Woods And Into The Sea Of Sharks Pt 2

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What I learned from PM Najib after his claimed that the country is out of recession and the economy is vibrant was that, prices of goods will keep increasing and pay checks remain stagnant. Please read part 1 Out Of The Woods And Into The Sea Of Sharks, experiencing first hand the feeling we get from being out of recessions and into a vibrant economy.

Today, I went to the supermarket to get some groceries. What a surprise and true to PM Najib saying that we are out of recession and our economy is vibrant. I circle around the supermarket a few times before forcing myself to buy only 3 items. All the prices of goods have shot up, what a remarkable economy we are experiencing.

Instant mee, Before CNY RM2.80 - RM3.50 now RM3.30 - RM4.50

500gm peanut butter, Before CNY RM5.50 - RM7.90 now RM7.90 - RM11.20

The 3-in-1 teh tarik pack, Before CNY RM7.80 now RM9.80.

I only bought these 3 items that I need to have.

I have to forgo many items that I can live without.

When the economy is good, prices are also good.

I read from Din Merican's blog this article, "On the Malaysian Economy" which I copy and paste for your further understanding of our economy.

John’s Take on the Malaysian Economy

by John Lee @Dartmouth College, USA

The more I learn about 1 Malaysia and the Najib Razak administration, the more convinced I am that this is all just another giant farce. I cannot tell where this perception that Najib is more competent or principled than his predecessor is coming from.

1 Malaysia is all propaganda without results, and the actions of our government show it is more concerned with a good show rather than substance. The latest propaganda triumph of the Najib regime is an impressive 4.5 per cent economic growth rate in the last quarter of 2009.

All well and good, but as Najib himself conceded, the growth was driven by unique conditions: the holiday season drove up consumer spending to a degree we cannot expect for the other three quarters of the year, and the government also ramped up its stimulus spending to boost aggregate demand.

This is not a sustainable economic recipe; it is not real, meaningful economic growth.The government has been running deficits like mad for years, artificially boosting demand. Now, that is fine if we are doing it to keep pace with increasing aggregate supply.

Aggregate supply hinges on natural resources, technological innovation, and capital —both capital goods, and the more intangible human capital. And Najibonomics is a complete failure on the supply side, I can tell you right now.

In terms of capital, it is no secret that net investments in Malaysia are dropping off a cliff. Until about halfway through the Abdullah Badawi administration, net investment on an annual basis was hovering somewhere near zero—that is to say, foreign investments coming in roughly equaled Malaysian investments going out.

We want a positive level of savings and investment to boost our capital stock — but in the final years of the Badawi government, and now under Prime Minister Najib, we literally have seen investment drop off a cliff.

To put this in more concrete terms, what this means is that foreigners are refusing to invest in Malaysia, and Malaysians insist on investing their money overseas.

A back of the envelope calculation suggests that last year, Malaysians invested almost as much money in the entire Australian property market alone as foreigners invested in the whole of Malaysia.

Investors, both Malaysian and foreign, have completely lost confidence in our country — nobody wants to put money in Malaysia, and so our savings are flowing out of the country, instead of being invested in local enterprise.

Even if you don’t invest directly, you are still probably being screwed. The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), eschewing the best practices of most other public pension funds around the world, concentrates its investments solely in Malaysia, ensuring our employees’ pensions are subject to the risk of putting all their eggs in one single basket. Worse still, the Ministry of Finance manipulates the EPF portfolio at will to artificially prop up our stock market.

In other words, our financial markets are a farce built upon the farce of the EPF. And speaking of economic farces, only about 10 per cent of working age Malaysians, or 1.5 million people, pay taxes. This isn’t because of massive tax evasion — it’s because only 1 out of every 10 Malaysians even earns enough to qualify for the income tax.

Even if we assume every last one of these Malaysians is a professional, square that with the 500,000 Malaysian professionals overseas. One out of every four Malaysian professionals lives and works abroad — our human capital stock stands at only 75 per cent of its full potential, and it is falling; last year, the emigration rate nearly doubled.

At home, our schools and universities are not training high-value workers, and our economy is distorted by rent-seekers.

When my father began working as an engineer thirty years ago, his salary was in the RM1,000 to RM2,000 range. That is still the case for a young engineer starting today—despite massive inflation and rising costs of living. Things are so bad that most of these young workers — who by right should be skilled professionals, commanding high wages — are not even eligible to pay income tax.

It’s no wonder people are losing faith in Malaysia. We have no plan to fix our fundamentals. Our school system discourages innovation in favour of accepting orders from above; our economic system stifles entrepreneurship in favour of corrupt rent-seeking.

Our prosperity is pump-primed by petroleum and forestry — when we run out of these resources, without any human capital or meaningful industrial enterprises, our economy will collapse.

Instead of bravely confronting these realities, Prime Minister Najib is content to proclaim our recovery from the global recession — as if all will be nice and dandy now.

He should be announcing an ambitious policy to reverse our capital outflows, reduce our dependence on natural resources, and improve our human capital.

This is a crisis in the making — with no investment, we cannot build up our industry, and with no human capital, we cannot compete in the knowledge economy; the problem goes beyond a short-term recession.But these things do not concern Najib’s regime.

After all, this is a regime of propaganda, not results. The government under Najib now brazenly seizes books it doesn’t like from bookstores across the country. It blatantly rewrites history by contradicting Tengku Razaleigh, who helped draw up the original petroleum royalty agreements with the states.

There is no policymaking here—just propaganda.

The Barisan Nasional government is simply a ship of fools, content to lead us to disaster. They have no vision for the country, no idea of the massive challenges we face or any intention to face such challenges to begin with.

All this government does is pat itself on the back for putting on a good show. We deserve a government which lives in reality, not the neverland of 1 Malaysia. Why is this regime of “no action, talk only” supposed to be so much better than the alternatives?

I Contributed To Zulkifli Nordin's Victory & I'm Sorry

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By Nomad Muslim | The Malaysian Insider

MARCH 2 — Dear Editor, I would appreciate if you publish this long but terribly important letter on Zulkifli Nordin, Umno, the Malays and the tragic state Malaysia finds itself in today. Thank you and may Allah (sw) bless you.

The letter:

I did contribute to Zulkifli’s victory and I’m sorry dear Malaysians

I’m a Muslim student in Malaysia from an African non-Muslim country. I have been here for a while to know much about this country.

Although I’m in the science stream, I follow the Malaysian political scene with fervour. In fact, foreign students particularly Muslims follow Malaysia’s sorry state with disgust and shock.

A nation we thought we could be proud of and sell to others including our countries, but unfortunately hell-bent on proving that God’s Grace can be a curse.

As Malaysia prepared for the now historic March 08 elections, we did whatever we could in our own simple ways of contributing to the Pakatan (later formed of course) groups particularly PAS and PKR.

Either we encouraged our Malay brethren whom we knew were registered to go and vote or at least help in disseminating the PAS and PKR political platforms and popularize their candidates. One such candidate was Nulkifli Nordin, a Reformasi stalwart.

Reading his blog then which was started in Feb 2008 was interesting. What a shameful metamorphosis indeed! In case he deletes it, we have captured it for posterity and Allah (sw) knows much more. Now here comes what I did.

On March 02, 6 days before the poll, as I went through Malaysian blogs, I came across damaging information against the UMNO candidate for KULIM Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir published in the blog of former DAP MP James Wong, who linked to a statement issued by The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH).

The statement was carried by The Merdeka Review and it was in Chinese. I immediately alerted Zulkifli through email and a comment left at his blog. I also sent him the link to Lim Kit Siang’s reaction to what Abdul Azizi has done by threatening to burn down the KLSCAH in 2000.

By then, the people who were visiting his blog were very small in number. He was desperately popularizing his blog through Malaysia-Today, Harris Ibrahim and Zorro blogs which are of course very popular. But my information will change a lot. As I left the comment in his blog, I requested that his not publish my comment but act on its message. He heeded my call. To him, I was just a concerned “Malaysian” who was fighting with him (or for him?) to secure him a victory against Umno.

Zulkifli Nordin thanked me and on the same date that I alerted him published the KLSCAH information plus Lim Kit Siang’s press statement on Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir’s antics. Using the photo provided by Merdeka Review, he added: Tolak budaya samseng and then wrote: (We thank you wanyama for alerting us on this news….).

Wanyama was the fake name I used to sign in. The reaction was swift. That particular entry was published in Malaysia today. I personally linked it to Harris Ibrahim’s blog and Zorro’s too through commenting in their blogs. 20 people including me commented on the entry and I wrote: “Well, I’m the one who rang the alarm bell. Mr Zulkifli, this is a big chance to awaken the Chineese. It should be printed today and made sure every Chinese voter gets it. It is politics of honesty, accountability, responsibility and good manners. UMNO samsengs have no such qualities no wonder they are threatening people with fire. How can such people be made MPs? Kulim voters, be they Chinese, Malays or Indian, reject samseng.”

Zulkifli who was struggling with the Chinese vote got a golden chance to awaken the Chinese in Kulim and distributed thousands of flyers over this “Extremist” UMNO man (to use his own words…how days change). This also proved fatal to UMNO. Desperate to defeat him, UMNO was distributing demonic CDs against Anwar Ibrahim in Kulim and Zulkifli was campaigning on the premise that he was a Reformasi man and that he was DSAI’s lawyer. Rather than continuing on its demonic spree against DSAI, UMNO in Kulim was put on the defensive and by March 06, it was clear that Zul was headed for an emphatic history.

UMNO tried to disqualify him 2 days to the polling date on the premise that he didn’t submit his Account Statement and he lodged a police report against the Returning Officer and also sent a scathing letter to The Star for publishing a report titled: “Question mark over Zulkifli” and demanded that it publishes his press statement. Later the EC clarified that he was eligible to contest. Note that UMNO wanted to act against him only after his chances of winning became clear and didn’t object to his candidacy on the nomination day as usual.

Then the DAY came and Zul went on to win the Kulim seat. His ranted against the evil, corrupt, extremist and disgraceful Umno (his words) and the people listened and voted for him. One day after the victory, a Mahathirist commentator who used the pen name: arb_ok wrote: “Assalamualaikum YB, Congratulations on your recent election as the people’s representative. On behalf of my friends from KL who went back all the way to Kulim just to vote you, we sincerely hope that you shall carry your new responsibilities to the fullest.

Please remember not to take the voters for granted. The Kulim folks are no longer awed by the BN. I personally hope that despite you winning on Keadilan ticket, you shall not pursue the cause of DSAI as he is a gone case. Please remember to serve the Kulim folks well and you shall be rewarded handsomely.

And I must let you know that my vote went to the candidate and not the party. I despise Keadilan for their struggle on Anwar. Largely the Kulim folks are not fond of Anwar but we were simply sick of the PM and his advisers.

Selamat berkhidmat. Wassalam and syabas YB.”

I responded to this rabid Mahathirist and defended Anwar, Zul and PKR as a “Malaysian” and I wrote:

“Dear arb_ok


Your understanding is warped and your intellectual poverty is immense and heartrending that it needs attention. Let me address the issues that you have raised one by one.

1. You congratulated the new YB on his victory which is right. Then you went on to claim credit on behalf of your friends in KL. Well, you need to show the evidence that there were friends of yours who authorized you to speak on their behalf. I myself is from KL and went to vote in Kulim for Noordin. You said the new YB should carry his duties well since Kulim voters are no longer awed by BN. Agreed! But it is Malaysia which also is not awed by BN and its pussyfooters.

2. Then you addressed the new YB saying that he shouldn’t pursue the cause of DSAI since he is a gone case. It is here that I’m very interested in. first of all, what’s DSAI’s cause and who determines that cause? Secondly, how did you know that he was gone? Using which barometer? By what law, by what justice? Your calculation that you voted for the candidate but hates his party unearths your buffoonery since at the end of the day a candidate is voted on the basis of the ideals and manifestos of his/her party. Moreover, if Noordin is good, then it means the party that fielded him must have been good in the sense that it looked for the good people.

3. You wrote: “I despise Keadilan for their struggle on Anwar.” I must say that your hatred to Anwar the person has rendered you a buffoon beyond salvation point. This is because KeADILan is a party made of diverse people with diverse background driven by one goal: a better Malaysia. The fact that Anwar is part of that mass movement or party shouldn’t confuse you my dear. Yes, I can see you hate Anwar but Anwar even is not aware of your existence, so it will be civil and informed not to nag others about him as you are desperately doing here. Furthermore, the fact that KeADILan was formed after Anwar was jailed doesn’t make it an Anwar party. In any way, a party is borne at a given moment due to a certain political, economical or national cause at a given moment too, and therefore KeADILan’s birth at the height of the political assassination of DSAI doesn’t make the party bereft of any idea or its multifarious supporters and winners a hapless bunch of people wallowing in intellectual penury.

4. You said Kulim people are not fond of Anwar. Hehehe Which Kulim people are you talking about? It is just like how you said on behalf of KL friends. Mah! You are so cheap and condescending my dear. Your view and atavistic rage against Anwar can’t be said to be that of Kulim or its people. I’m sorry to inform you that Kulim is not you. Kulim has thousands of people with different ideas, perceptions, beliefs and orientations, therefore, your childish rants that the people of Kulim are anti-Anwar as if you are the Kulim itself makes your argument utterly na├»ve and ludicrous. Just say, as far as I’m concerned, ok? Thanks, wassalam.”

One may ask why all this trouble, well, we did all this to support the change and Malaysia’s prospect for a better tomorrow. We support the Islam of Tok Guru Nik Aziz (note I say Nik Aziz and not Ustadh Hadi) and the leadership of DSAI and now Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. We did this in order to support the people we thought were conscientious enough to understand that there is a crying need for a new paradigm in this nation and the salvation of this outwardly glamorous nation but deeply rotten inside. We did this because we have seen how rotten the system is, how failed Malaysia is becoming and how defeatist culture and inherent opportunism is becoming the accepted norm.

In 2006, a friend from another country was arrested in Kedah while he was going to Thailand. He was informed that his visa had expired the previous day by the Kedah Immigration and then he was detained. A relative of his requested me to accompany him to Alor Star to visit the man. I did. What I saw was shocking. Rather than putting the man through due process, the Immigration men demanded RM10,000. And when we informed them that his case has already being taken to court, a lawyer from UiTM who was working with the Immigration men said this to me: “all this will be solved. Both the prosecutor and the judge are known to me and he will be released immediately provided you pay the amount”, and then he gave me his account number.

He was a treacherous man selling his motherland. He is a product of a corrupt system that’s hailed as a success. We wanted the likes of Zulkifli to do something for Kedah, Malaysia and all those who love this nation. And those petty Umnoputras who rant against the world for demanding a fair tribal for DSAI, it is because even poor foreign students know how corrupt Malaysia’s judiciary is. We are witness to it and the world knows much than you can imagine.

Like would a Malay(sian) student in the US would in all probability support Obama, or the same student in India would do a dig for the Congress, the overwhelming majority of foreign Muslim students in Malaysia unequivocally support Anwar Ibrahim. Make no mistake about it and we aren’t stupid about it. We also salute beloved Tok Guru Nik Aziz whose courage and fatigue represent the spirit of the nation. And we also salute the always urbane and truly patriotic Ku li. For me and many others, these three men (plus many others in the trenches) are the real patriots. A patriot is the one who demands the best of his/her nation, not a vile, tribal posturing, knife (keris) waving buffoon who can’t express himself in an intelligent way. These three men also have been victims of the system and they are ones who can only correct it.

For us, Zul was part of the true patriots. The man who accused his UMNO rival of extremism became its ugly and unacceptable face. There was no intellectual input from him on any issue, a typical Ibrahim Ali, only younger. The fact that Ibrahim Ali is a vile character who can bad mouth others isn’t a sign of patriotism and neither would his empty tribal rhetoric take the Malays to a new frontier. I have been observing Zul, and I must say I feel sorry that I did little to help him win an argument against a rival whom he embraces today betraying the men and women who struggled with him all along. May be the Arab saying that revolution eats its children is true.

In fact, the Malays are very strange people if not the strangest on earth. Say, if you work together and you disagree, they will become your enemies and even do unimaginable things to you simply because you parted ways. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

They will also go to your “original” enemies simply to spite you but it is they who spiting their own souls and dignity. You can say they are a people who cut off their noses to spite their faces. Ya Allah! Take former PKR Secretary General Dato Salehuddin Hashim for example. The fact that he has had few disagreements with (may be) some PKR leaders, today, he wants to destroy the party! That’s his way of his struggle and reformasi. Reading his statements in the Malaysian Insider and The Edge yesterday reminded me of the Quranic verse: “And do not be like she who untwisted her spun thread after it was strong [by] taking your oaths as [means of] deceit between you because one community is more plentiful [in number or wealth] than another community. Allah only tries you thereby. And He will surely make clear to you on the Day of Resurrection that over which you used to differ.” (16: 92)

When Malaysian MPs were going to Korea two weeks ago, I was at KLIA leaving for my country-South Africa. As I waited for my flight and roamed the airport, I saw PKR MPs Zuraidah Kamaruddin and Kapar MP M. Manickavasagam, PAS MPs like Dr Hatta Ramli and Dr. Lo’lo Ghazali and some UMNO MPs. Zul was the loudest and the most uncouth. Wearing a tight jeans and a T-Shirt (infidel clothes I guess), he never even greeted the Pakatan MPs. He stuck with UMNO MPs and you could see him haughtily laughing from around the corner. Loudly speaking on the phone, you could think he was excited for flying. I almost wanted to talk to him, but some UMNO MPs guarded him and I was fearful knowing that I’m a foreigner even if a Muslim.

Definitely he was a trapped man, and a perfidious character devoid of God’s fear. I want to say this to Zul, dishonesty and betrayal of ideals and friends is not part of serving Islam. And Islam is not served by attacking private premises, bad mouthing others, tribalising its universal message and turning it into a base political tool. Islam is more than that my dear! One way of serving Islam is respecting your friends and comrades even if they are non-Muslims let alone Muslims and disagreements in ideas and ideologies in Islam is a mercy. If certain PKR leaders take a position and you take another, that’s a mercy unto you all. Don’t force others to take your position and don’t humiliate others and be conscious of God in Whose Court you shall answer alone. Your intentions should be for Him and remember God wants us to prove that we love Him by loving humanity.

Zul today wants PAS and PKR to severe ties with DAP but he thought it fit that he should use DAP support to win. He saw it fit to use Lim Kit Siang’s statement against his UMNO rival to get the overwhelming Chinese vote and today he talks as if UMNO gave him the seat. Any person with an iota of intelligence will tell you that Lim Kit Siang is more pro-Islam and Malay today than he was on March 07, 2008. Rather than capitalizing on that; and bringing the nation together and giving the Malays dignity and bringing to an end this heartrending mentality of: “we are sensitive people, (you mean others aren’t?), we will ran amok. We are weak, we need eternal crutches”, Zul is going back, back on anything good.

If he was a visionary leader, he would have understood that neither UMNO nor the current mentality will sustain the Malays. He would have taken his people to a new frontier much as they may hate it because a great leader takes his people where they DON’T want but aught to be while a leader (UMNO type) takes his people where they WANT. (Responding to base reactions, empty rhetoric and visionless politics devoid of God’s fear and based on brutal tactics).

Allah (sw) has been good to you Malays in many ways. He made you Muslims, He brought the Chinese and Indians to this country, if you doubt their benefit and contributions, ask others. Ask us! After Islam, the presence of the Chinese and Indians in this country is the greatest grace Allah (sw) has bestowed upon you Malays. He gave you a beautiful, an abundant nation. He gave you meek people who accept second class status and never demand much-the Sabah and the Sarawak Bumis. He gave you resources and a strategic place to call home. Rather than glorifying God and taking care of this nation, you cry daily, whine daily, threaten others daily, refuse to ask yourselves critical questions. Blame others, shame yourselves by repeatedly saying ‘we are weak, we are sensitive’ and defame Islam by using it as a tribal bomoh culture rather than a universal message.

You cry our “Allah”, since when did Allah become your tribal god? Please explains to us Muslims from the four corners of the earth why “Allah” is yours for example? You are not more Muslims than us. Are you? So tell us why? You won’t respond and if you do, it will be along the usual lines: “Our people will be confused.” All that you know is to say: our people are weak, our people are sensitive, our people are easily confused, and our people can easily run amok”. Is that’s how you prove your intelligence? Is that’s how you want others to respect you? Is that’s how you want Muslims in other countries to take your case and explain it to others? Is this is how you want to be viewed globally? My dear brethren, my dear Malays…till when? For us Muslims in other parts of the world, we know why! Unfortunately the people who are responsible for this tragic state are the same people who are leading you today and you never even stop for a moment to ask: where are we heading. May be you will wake up when you have already fallen to the pit!

Islam is not for Muslims alone. Non-Muslims can use Islam against us if they feel we aren’t being true to what we purport to believe in. If the Chinese and Indians say NEP is un-Islamic, that’s true. The Prophet (pbuh) would have decreed the same today. The Prophet (pbuh) would have issued a decree saying the poor Chinese and Indians should be given aid too. But a typical UMNO-Zulikifli type would respond: “We are sensitive, hak kita, ini bumi kita…we will use the keris… we will run amok…May 13” There won’t be a single intelligent response. An Islamic input, a humanist input, an economical input. It will be the same Ibrahim Ali and May 13 rhetoric. Not only you shame yourselves, you do that to those who love you because of Islam.

There is a crying need for the Malays to wake up and realize that business can’t be as usual. That protests don’t build a powerful community. They need to realize that Islam is for all and that UMNO’s tribal posturing will harm them more others and that the world isn’t waiting for them. You are being overtaken by all and sundry while you rant and rave, stuck in your own created quagmire. The Ibrahim Alis, demonic Utusan-undoubtedly Malaysia’s face of evil-, the Puad Zarkashis, The Alhabshees, BTN, and opportunist, inherently dishonest turncoats who can be bought for few Ringgits won’t help you in becoming a better people and a nation.

A man who can’t show your capability, but rather trades in your anguish, a man who sacrifices your future for political expediency, a man who doesn’t share with you the latest economic figures, research out, etc but sings a tribal song to you in order to inflame you and arouse your base emotions is not the one who will make you prosper and succeed in the Two World. You need intelligent leadership, a God fearing leadership, an honest leadership, true Malay leadership. You need Ku Li, Nik Aziz and DSAI. Allahuma Fashhad (O God be the witness).

“And that ears (that should hear the tale and) retain its memory should bear its (lessons) in remembrance.” Holy Qur’an 69: 13)


Your brother from South Africa


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