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Monday, April 6, 2009

This Is How Najib's "People First, Performance Now" Works

Not even 3 three days of being the pm, he is showing his true color. umno will always be umno, they never change. najib's maiden speech and all his talk about reforms are just rhetoric, they never keep their words and instead they do a 360 degree turn on their promises.

This is how najib's "People First, Performance Now" ideolgy works:

Malaysia Insider has this report:

Ganabatirao free to walk, not to talk

SHAH ALAM, April 5 — Hindraf legal adviser V. Ganabatirao is a free man today but he cannot speak to the media for a year as one condition of his release.

You cannot talk about Altantuya and at a Bukit Selambau ceramah last night, it is not clear why the FRU rush into the crowd, one eye-witness said the speaker had just begun talking about najib.

The assumption of the way najib will treat you all under 1Malaysia and "People First, Performance Now" base on the first incident of V. Ganabatirao freedom from the ISA under najib's premiership. There is Democratic freedom in 1Malaysia but you are not free to talk, you are not free to do this, you are not free to do that. What you want to talk, what you want to do, what you want to eat, you must first get 1Malaysia najib consent.

There is no more Malaysia but 1Malaysia under the full control of 1Najib.

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