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Sunday, July 4, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Campaign - Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Time to get prepared and be ready for the 13th general election (13th GE). This blog will start the campaign to call for a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and oust the racist, arrogant and corrupt Umno/BN from holding on to power.

I have grown up and old enough to see through the deceit and lies by Umno/bn for the past decades under their suppressive, undemocratic, racism, corrupt and arrogant ruling system.

Many Malaysians still do not care two hoots about the importance of voting for a government that will really care more for the rakyat and country and not for the leaders individual personal gains. They are so easily swayed and simply accept the promises that are not fulfilled most of the time. Its time for Malaysians from all walks of life to grow up just like me and vote in a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

After having suffered a huge lost at the 12th GE, Umno/bn has still not changed even though they keep on talking about change. What kind of change are they talking about when they can still hold the rakyat at ransom.

They talk about transparency and yet most government contracts, projects and policies are still classified under the Official Secret Act (OSA).

They talk about fairness and equality to all Malaysians under the NEM but they retained the NEP muddled up within the NEM.

They talk about Malaysian First in the 1Malaysia concept but maintained that the Malays and ketuanan melayu are still first before others.

They talk about democracy and freedom of speech but there is no guarantee of freedom after speech.

They talk about impartial application from the various institutions but what you see are bias actions towards the oppositions and those critical of the ruling government.

They talk about fighting corruptions but they can still bribe their way through in by elections, "You help me, I help you", you wanted the money I wanted my candidate to win.

The above are just a summary of what they talk about but have no intention to actually implement them. As usual there are more talks then walks.

With this generalisation, I kick start the 13th General Election (GE) campaign with the theme:


I am not a politician but just a common Malaysian rakyat that wanted to see that we voted in a New, Clean and Fair Federal Government that are willing to serve the country and rakayt FIRST and with integrity and sincerity.

If you want to join this campaign and share your thoughts, you can submit your articles and I will post them in this blog. Send your article to or post your comment in this blog itself.

Please help to share this campaign with your families and friends and spread them far and wide.


13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

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"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

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  1. there should be a movement in the street!!make the malaysian feel that the change is invitable!! the ant the ho chi minh trail strategy to defeat BN!!

  2. PAKATAN must have sincerity and integrity leaders and no more KATAK.. All the elected MPs should work for people and the party leadership should have KPIs on their performance....My 2 cents comments..

  3. I hear you from Kuching. Salam Reformasi !

  4. 100% in sopport of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya.
    No matter what happens, the next election we must make sure that the BN is wiped out.

  5. not easy, all kampung people are supporting BN.

  6. make it possible for those in outskirt of country to vote and support for opposition, after all they are also humen beings

  7. Like many other countries, we can see that they keep changing for a better president in order to progress for the benefits of the country and at most their people. No president can last for two terms.Wake up people do something right for yourself at least once in your life time. For a clean and honest government. Make good use of your voting right.

  8. A very good idea, but i am afraid it will only remain an idea. Defeating BN - UNMO is no easy task; and voting in PKR, many will think three times especially so when the PKR guys are beginning to show that they can be worse than UMNO; Like a gangster group they are only for thoes Malays aligned to Anwar.... just look at their recent election results. where is PR going to get enough Malay representations without PKR? without enough Malay representations they may not be able to form the next Federal Gov't; unless PAS win big.

  9. Pakatan Rakyat cannot win PRU-13 and take-over Putrajaya because lead by The Juburi Anwar Ibrahim as said by Mohamad Sabu from PAS, Pakatan Rakyat is was like PAKATAN JUBURI, All the PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders likely to followed Anwar Ibrahim behavier, always like to used reversed gear.

  10. We need hand by hand together to kick BN out. No matters how this time is the right time. BN nowaday give so much sweet to citizen because why i think yours also know. Are you all wanna pay more tax like GST, toll, high AP or buy high petrol? Since UMNO - BN as government until now what they have do for citizen. If not because 308 i think until now also same. If BN still win more NFC or PKRZ case coming. Please think our future.

  11. Corruption has been legitimized to such an extent that the favoured ones who decide on public-funded projects do it unashamedly, as if it is their right for being elected by the people. Perhaps it is time to change the political decision making process. IMAGINE a situation where elected politicians, be it at the federal or state level, are tasked to monitor the well being of citizens but are striped of decision making powers for public-funded projects. Only civil servants with relevant competencies and seniority are empowered to decide on implementation of projects. Politicians can give speeches until they foam at their mouths, cut ribbons at opening ceremonies, be present at disaster sites, etc but do not wield decision making power. In this way, corruption can be curtailed to a great extent, in my humble opinion.



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