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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still Wanna Believe That MCA Can Help & Look After You?

Instead of coming out to help the family of Teoh Beng Hock, mca used the babaric way of handling Teoh's family. The late Teoh Beng Hock's brother in law was pushed and injured when trying to meet Senator Heng Saie Kie in Galas last night.

No compassion nor sympathy from MCA’s Datuk Heng Seai Kie telling the family not to bring the case to the Galas by-election campaign.

Police report was lodged against mca for the incident but instead of questioning mca, the police went all out to arrest Teoh Beng Hock's sister, Teoh Lee Lan, and others. It was rumoured that mca lodged police report to have them arrested.

They were arrested because the police had received complaints that the group was engaged in campaigning activities, in contravention of Section 4A (1) of the Election Offences Act.

graphic courtesy zorro

For those who are still asleep or riding along blindly with mca "Do You Still Wanna Believe That MCA Can Help & Look After You?"

Is Hillary Clinton Under The Thumb Of A Soon To Be Dictator USA

A small fry in the California state assembly, Chuck DeVore, can now dictate to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom she can or cannot meet.

I can remember studying history in the 60's (now no longer a history lesson in Malaysia) that the United States revolved and truly function in a democratic system.

I can see the desperation of President Obama in running his country, which was once the most powerful country in this world and respected by world leaders across the globe. In order to maintain this position, the US had no choice but to sleep with dictatorship and authoritarian leaders who are willing to support his foreign policies.

Is this Chuck Devore sent by President Obama to dictate to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not to meet up with the Opposition leaders during her trip to Malaysia. Is Chuck Devore paid to do this dirty job or a political assassin engaged by the present ruling government of Malaysia?

What this fellow Chuck Devore described of the Opposition leader may be true in a way but did he not see or hear the worst about the Prime Minister who is willing to shed blood in order to stay in power and maybe even genocide? There are so many baggages that this Prime Minister is carrying and I wonder why this Chuck fellow had not said a single word about it.

The Opposition leaders are fighting for democracy and freedom in Malaysia and it looks like this Chuck fellow under some directive from someone above to make sure that it does not happen so that the US had dominance over the weak Prime Minister and the country.

Will the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton play along with this kind of directive and turned her country into a dictatorship as well?

You can read another piece about this fellow Chuck at Chuck the blinkers and open the mind!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Umno’s Fixation On The 30 Percent

by Kee Thuan Chye


COMMENT Every time an Umno general assembly rolls into town, the mainstream newspapers will be filled to overflowing with coverage of the event. Pages and pages will be devoted to the speeches and debates as well as photographs of the gathering.

But if you were to dig up your old newspapers of at least the past two or three decades to refer to the reports on the Umno general assemblies, you’d find that the basic issues and the exhortations of the party leaders are virtually the same.

At each assembly, the things that are said appear to be variations on the same themes – the Malays need to work harder and improve themselves; they need to be on guard against external threats; their rights will never be taken away from them; Umno will forever protect the Malays; at the same time, the Malays must understand that they live in a multi-racial society so Umno will also see to the interests of the other races…

There is always a heavy emphasis on the issue of race, and of the Malays in relation to the other races in Malaysia. Somehow, even though it is the dominant party in government, Umno can’t seem to get past that and focus instead on national issues that affect the entire population or discuss intelligently the issues of the day from a broader perspective.

Its president would utter some platitude about Umno having to show leadership and be sensitive to the other races, and then stridently champion the Malay Agenda. As the president has also always been the country’s prime minister, you’d have to look at the assembly as theatre, the president as an actor, to suppress any suspicion of schizophrenia.

Imagine this happening in Singapore, with the ruling party there championing Chinese supremacy. Or the ruling party in Australia championing the whites. Not so easy, is it?

The Hokkiens might say of the 2010 Umno General Assembly proceedings that it was all “kong lai, kong khee, kong siang mi knia.” (transliterated: Talk come, talk go, talk same things.) This is something Umno’s permanent chairman, Badruddin Amiruldin, can probably relate to; after all, when he told MCA president Chua Soi Lek, “Please don’t disturb the 30 percent which belongs to the Malays”, he did so in Hokkien.

More than that, his remark aptly summed up the theme and tenor of the assembly – the party’s fixation on the 30 percent. It didn’t matter to all present that Badruddin should instead have said that the 30 percent belongs to the ‘bumiputeras’. The significant difference was significantly overlooked, but hey! when they’re all imbued by the same party spirit, who cares about the details?

Institutionalising cronyism

Going by the quality of this year’s debates and the proposals of some delegates, Umno has not changed a bit. If a party member had been transported from the 1980s into the 2010 assembly, he would have felt quite at home.

Umno vice-president Mohd Shafie Apdal said some sensible things about the need to be inclusive and not be jealous of the success of others. So did Khairy Jamaluddin when he expressed the need to appreciate the feelings of the other races for whom Malaysia is also their home and their country.

“We often hear grouses about the civil service being dominated by Malays,” he said. “Are we to believe that there are only a few non-Malays who are qualified to hold senior civil service positions?”

Many at the assembly, however, took the non-inclusive stance and in so doing provided some entertainment, albeit unwittingly.

Former Sabah chief minister Salleh Said Keruak said there should not be open tenders for government projects. Instead, contracts should be given to Umno leaders’ followers. And this must be ensured by the setting-up of a system. Talk about institutionalising cronyism!

Johor delegate Ayub Jamil wanted affirmative action included in all the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) initiatives announced by the government. If that were done, how would the private sector be attracted to invest in them? What about foreign investors? Wouldn’t they prefer countries that don’t impose such a condition?

Malacca delegate Hasnor Sidang Hussein actually blamed the non-Malays for the failure of the Malays to achieve the 30 percent – by not providing the Malays help in this regard. But was that ever part of the deal? Since it’s not, why don’t we write a new ‘social contract’ and put that clause in?

Reezal Merican Naina Merican from Penang called for BN component parties to show Umno fairness and justice. Now, that was sumptuous. Fairness and justice from these powerless partners who can’t say anything that Umno doesn’t like without being told to shut up?

How have they been unfair and unjust to Umno? Oh, is it about Chua Soi Lek questioning the 30 percent? It’s always about the 30 percent, isn’t it? That’s not just what the Umno General Assembly revolved around; it seems the whole world does, too. Questioning the 30 percent is unfair and unjust.

Negeri Sembilan representative Jalaluddin Alias blamed Umno’s partners in BN for the coalition’s poor showing in the 2008 general election. To him, Umno was above blame because it managed to win 68 percent of its seats. It was evidently immaterial to him that in 2008, Umno lost 30 of the parliamentary seats it had held before that. Those losses must have been the fault of the component parties as well.

For the next general election, he urged the Umno leadership to take away the seats lost by its coalition partners in 2008 and give them instead to Umno candidates. This, he said, would ensure a BN victory. Hallelujah! Yes, indeed!

Yet even as he showed no quarter for the component parties, he acknowledged that “if MCA doesn’t support us, we cannot win”. So, let’s get this right – take away their seats and still ask for their support? What do you call someone who comes from Klinggong and who exhibits a twisted logic?

Strong graphic language

Numerous other delegates defended the government’s recently announced projects. They seemed to speak through more than one orifice.

Among these was Umno Youth deputy chief Razali Ibrahim who said mega-projects like the proposed 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower would help Malaysia become a high-income nation because they would attract funding from the private sector and thereby help the government save money, which it could then use to solve the people’s problems.

Brilliant! And would he be the one who will guarantee the participation of the private sector? And also see that the money saved is channelled towards the needy?

Let’s save the best for last. This year, Umno president Najib Razak came out strongly to defend the rights of the Malays. He assured them that their rights were enshrined in the federal constitution, and these could not be easily taken away from them because any amendment to the related article would have to get the consent of the rulers. He said the chapter on the rights issue was now closed and there should be no more questioning of it.

To be sure, there is absolutely no mention of ‘rights’ in the federal constitution. So it was another significant difference that was significantly overlooked, but when the actor is in the mood for a theatre performance, who cares about the details?

All this is really old hat. The surprising element is that what Najib said about defending Malay rights totally contradicts his 1Malaysia concept and the inclusiveness it advocates. But it’s theatre, and he’s performing to a Malay audience. Why not, eh? Why is there a need to be consistent, anyway? Especially when you are the leader of the most powerful party in the country?

And while you’re at it, why not use strong graphic language to rally party members to maintain control of the government after the next general election, no matter what: “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya.”?

Did somebody say this was a statement advocating violence? Rubbish! In fact, it was so unimportant it was omitted in mainstream media reports. Malaysiakini was, however, not discerning enough and decided to run it, so the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had to investigate the news website. Probably to find out if Malaysiakini was qualified to make sound editorial judgements.

But the Straits Times of Singapore reported it, too. So how? Now it looks like Najib’s unimportant statement will be read in other countries, too, because the Straits Times is an influential paper. Will potential foreign investors be confused about which the real Najib is – the one who is global-minded and assures them of a level investment field or the one who talks about crushed bodies and lost lives?

What about local investors? Will they now be inspired to strongly support the ETP? Will they be filled with confidence that no matter what, the government will not change, the political situation will be stable, and investments will be safe?

Well, it looks like the 2010 Umno General Assembly has been another reaffirmation of business as usual, and that all’s well with the Umno empire. The racial policies will remain, regardless of the ETP and the New Economic Model (NEM). It’s all back to status quo. And Putrajaya is guaranteed.

No wonder former president Mahathir Mohamad said, “It feels like the Umno of old.” Coming from someone who brought the country to where it is, that’s really ominous.

CORRUPTION: The Pass Mark Eludes Malaysia

by Tunku Abdul Aziz

Judged internationally, by almost every performance indicator known to man, Malaysia is a duffer, and that is putting it charitably. Our report card is drowning in a sea of red ink. The 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index just released shows Malaysia scoring 4.4 points at number 56 out of 178 countries surveyed. Many have questioned the methodology used and have gone so far as to suggest developing our own index. But let me just say this. Whatever we may think, the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index enjoys a reputation second to none as the world’s most authoritative index of its kind. A similar sentiment has been expressed about the world’s top universities index. Shoot the bearer of bad news and retreat to hide under our tempurung and croak our lungs out for the entire world to hear about our version of Malaysia’s achievements. We have become a nation of bad losers.

When Datuk Anwar Fazal, Raja Aziz Addruse, Datuk Param Cumaraswamy and other like minded men and women of the highest integrity met in the Royal Commonwealth Society one night many years ago to discuss forming the Malaysian Chapter of Transparency International Malaysia, they had seen enough, and had become greatly concerned at the speed with which corruption in national life had destroyed the moral fabric and consumed the very soul of our people. It was not the easiest of undertakings to operate an anti-corruption non-governmental organisation during Mahathir’s corrupt and repressive regime.

The Registrar of Societies in this case was helpful, and much to our delight, approved our application. TI owes its existence to Tan Sri Hassan Marican, then President of PETRONAS a highly principled servant of this country. He invited me to lunch in my capacity as President of TI and said, not five minutes into the meal, that he would like to support our work, and how much would I need? I responded by saying I was not interested in a one off grant, but long term support. I asked for very little, not wanting to be greedy. He agreed. I understand the PETRONAS support continues today, with no strings attached.

In the years since the TICPI made its appearance in 1995, two years after Transparency International was founded, Malaysia has very rarely achieved the minimum pass mark of 5 points. We used to be ahead of South Korea regularly, and in Asia were for years only behind Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. What all this shows is that we have regressed to a point that corruption in our country is no longer just a fact of life, but it has graduated to become a way of life. When we look closely at the countries that are perceived to be among the least corrupt, we find they are invariably well governed and that there is a correlation between good governance and competitiveness. These countries realise only too well that corruption if unchecked will distort and destroy their moral values and value systems and, sooner rather than later, their economies.

The symptoms of moral decay is everywhere in this country. It never ceases to amaze me at the naivety of our government leaders that they think that mere rhetorical expressions of good intentions to fight corruption could camouflage the unbridled systemic subversion of the country’s mechanisms of checks and balances and other institutions of government as part of our constitutional arrangements to protect the rights of our citizens. Mahathir’s had a cynical view of his stewardship, a concept totally alien to him. He set about destroying, like a man possessed, what he saw as constitutional or legal impediments to his personal and political ambitions. His legacy to Malaysia is best described as a lasting and deeply entrenched culture of corruption that this country will be saddled with for all time unless we, the citizens, take matters into our own hands and vote the corrupt government of the day out of office. Do it before it becomes a case of too little, too late.

In the meantime, my advice to Najib is to stop playing the silly games much loved by Abdullah Badawi, the keeper turned poacher. He put up a slew of anti-corruption showpieces such as the National Institute of Integrity, the Royal Commission inquiring into the Royal Malaysia Police, and new anti-corruption laws to support the work of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, all nothing more than a sleight of hand that has fooled no one, with predictable results. Badawi’s exercise was both dishonest and costly, and as the latest TICPI shows, corruption has the last laugh.

In a speech I made in 2001 at the Asian Development Bank-organised conference in Phnom Penh, I reminded my audience that “Even before we contemplate any action against corruption, it is important for us to recognise the special and complex circumstances that give rise to it. Studies show that a common cause of corruption is a lack of strong and unsullied government institutions, such as the judiciary, the legislature, the office of the auditor-general, the police, the office of the attorney general, the media, civil society organisations and the private sector.”

In Malaysia, sadly, Mahathir has succeeded brilliantly in doing his foul deed. None of these important institutions can any longer even justify their existence and they have become part of the problem of corruption. “The main purpose of developing strong institutions is to prevent corruption from occurring in the first place rather than relying on penalties after the event” according to Jeremy Pope in his TI Source Book 2000.

The Executive can change the hitherto negative international perceptions and at the same time exercise greater legitimacy to govern by making it mandatory for all holding elected public office, including the prime minister, to declare their assets and those of their wives and immediate families to an all party parliamentary commission. Other areas of concern relate to issues of integrity of the various key national institutions. Public procurement as practised in our country breeds grand corruption and is one of the reasons why we score badly in overall terms. The Official Secrets Act protects the corrupt and must be replaced with a Freedom of Information Act. It would be extremely important to bring new, intelligent and untainted blood into the MACC which at the moment seems to have run out of steam before the whistle to commence play is blown. It must report to an all party parliamentary commission.

While we want those who commit corruption to be suitable punished, this must be done within the scope of the existing judicial practice. The idea as suggested by TI Malaysia President that for the MACC to operate effectively, it must be given the power to prosecute is dangerous as it shows a lack of understanding of what constitutes justice. What is implied in this preposterous idea is that we abandon all principles of fairness and fair play so that the MACC could trample on our justice system with impunity. Enough is enough.

Early next month I will be speaking in Sydney, Australia at the annual conference of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association on, no prize for guessing, my favourite subject, Overcoming Corruption: A Regional Challenge. I will have a field day calling a spade a spade. I hope I will not be accused of disloyalty to my country, but if telling the truth is treachery, so be it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower 200,000 Target Met

Malaysians had come together in FaceBook to object Najib's 100 storey tower and within 2 weeks had gathered 200,000 people.

200,000 was breached at 9:14pm 29th Oct 2010.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Megalomaniacs And Mega-Towers

By Azly Rahman

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook campaign, now numbering to almost 160,000 members, rejecting the Menara Warisan proposal:

“Rakyat Malaysia mengatakan TAK NAK kepada Menara Warisan 100-tingkat yang memakan kos RM5,000,000,000 yang dicadangkan oleh PM Najib Razak dalam Bajet 2011. … Malaysians saying no to the RM5-billion 100-storey Mega Tower proposed by PM Najib in the 2011 budget. Malaysia needs better education, better health care, better public transportation, safer neighbourhood, cleaner water, but not taller building. We don’t need another white elephant! …

“Malaysia perlukan pendidikan, perubatan dan pengangkutan awam yang lebih baik, jiran-tetangga yang lebih selamat, air yang lebih bersih, dan bukannya bangunan yang lebih tinggi. … Kita tidak perlukan seekor lagi gajah putih yang membazirkan wang rakyat jelata. … Wahai, saudara-saudari warga Malaysia sekalian, biar kita bersatu tak mengira kaum, agama, budaya, bahasa, pendirian politik, geografi atau kelas. Biar kita bersatu dan membela nasib endiri. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!”

I am beginning to sense that the issue will contribute to the downfall of the current regime of Barisan Nasional in the next general election. It is as if the last BN hurrah to showcase megalomania and illusions of grandeur will be a rallying point for the masses/rakyat fatigued by he struggle to survive the daily grind while robber barons rob, dine, and wine.

The issue however is, developmental priority and what lies behind the proposal and what the proposed tower signifies. It is a question of political-economy and semiotics of developmentalism.

Even the name “Warisan” begs the question of authentic history of Malaysia and reminds me of the propaganda song “Warisan” (Anak kecil main api …) used by the indoctrination outfit Biro Tata Negara to create unthinking and unquestioning and mentally-domesticated citizens out of the civil servants especially.

Mega tower and idiotic pride

I wrote this as my Facebook status when I read about the proposal:

Tall towers do not symbolise progress. If the Malaysian government insists on otherwise, stick two toothpicks on top of the Petronas Twin Towers to make the building tallest in Malaysia, taller than the previous twin towers. Malaysia can then be known as the Toothpick Capital of the world – ar

Or – a cheaper path towards grandiose-ness is, as a Facebook friend of mine suggested, is to build two high rise towers on top of Mount Kinabalu.

The ruling regime is suffering from a complex called idiotic pride; trumpeting grandioseness on the outside but trampling democracy inside. I see the image of the oppressors smiling at the camera globally while an army boot is on the head of a screaming citizen on the ground, locally.

This is the image of how the nation is responding to the five-billion ringgit question: The Warisan Tower, proposed as yet another megalomanic project to boost a national ego unprepared for a regime change.

Instead of fixing the education system, attending to abject poverty in East Malaysia, poverty everywhere in general, addressing environmental degradation, improving race relations, fixing the judiciary, battling crime by instilling ethics in law enforcement, giving educational financial aid to deserving Malaysians of ALL races, the focus of the developmental agenda is on more towers, palaces, useless real estate projects, and translating meaningless developmental policies derived from a poorly-understood idea of development.

This goes to the ultra-modernisation of our national defense system itself. We didn’t even need to ‘modernise the armed forces’ – the enemy is inside the country, amongst the corrupt politicians and robber barons, not outside of us amongst the internally-problematic Asean nations themselves.

In the history of human civilisations, the erecting of tall structures has in it the question of the winners and losers in history and of megalomanic rulers.

Glorifying tyrants, sacrificing the masses

From the ancient architectures of symbolic power such as the pyramids of Gizeh, the temples of the Incas and the Mayans, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall of China, the Collosus of Rhodes, and many more – all these are about glorifying tyrants and sacrificing the masses. Millions died unknown in history whilst names such as Ramses, Shah Jehan, Shih Huang-Ti, and Nebuchadnezzar are remembered for their fame or infamy.

In the history of postmodern civilisations, the erecting of the tallest structures has become a race for idiotic pride and madness. The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State building, the Sears Tower, and the Petronas Twin Towers, Xujjahui in China, International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, Shanghai World Financial Centre, Taipei 101, Burj Khalifa, and the proposed Lotte World II – all these are symbols of idiotic pride of the both the capitalist and socialist worlds.

Down below these towers lie a population characterised by marked disparity between the haves and the have-nots, and of those living in decaying urban slums.

No, we do not need to trumpet our megalomanic tendencies. We need to look at our immediate needs and prioritise as a nation that is losing its sense of direction guided by a regime that is intoxicated with power derived from the orchestration of the archaic strategy of divide and rule using race as a tool.

No, we cannot afford another tower of raw power.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng In The News Again!

The incompetence and the arrogance of the losers could not differentiate good governance from the bad. They simply cannot accept the true fact that the Penang Chief Minister is governing with integrity, fairness to all and bringing prosperity to the State.

They wanted the corrupt, racist and arrogant way of the previous government to continue and keep on attacking the good government, calling CM Lim Guan Eng, dumb and stupid. They complained when things are not done according to their ways and also complained when things get done.

The latest news on the performance of CM Lim Guan Eng Administration came from none other than the Auditor-General's Report.

The Penang state administration has hit a record high in state revenues for the second time this year, collecting RM1.1 billion in accumulated funds for the whole of 2009.

In the recently-released 2009 Auditor-General's Report, Penang - the only Pakatan state to receive the 'baik' (good) accreditation in their financial standing - also collected 29.1 percent more in actual revenue, bringing their tally to RM376.51 million.

The Audit Report also revealed that a Bumiputera Housing Trust Fund for the state was set up for the first time, with RM12.65 million channelled to it. Although the state secretary is in charge, the fund has yet to be used up.

Three state agencies also received the level of 'sangat baik' (very good) in contrast to only two back in 2008. They are the Penang Development Corporation, the state finance department and the southwest district office. Full article here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fair & Square, My Thoughts Over RPK's MCLM

This posting is to share my thoughts over Raja Petra Kamarudin's (RPK) Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM) and not a challenge to take on RPK nor having any other ulterior motive. Who am I, an unknown little person to take on RPK, whom, up till now has strong support from the public, especially those who are up in arms against umno/bn.

Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote about the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM)
This Saturday, 30th October 2010, I am going to legalise the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM). And so that I do not create any confusion or be accused of ‘hijacking’ the MCLS, I am going to call it ‘Movement’ instead of ‘Society’.

Thus the launching of the MCLM this Saturday to take over from the MCLS that was shot down even as it was still taxiing on the runaway and before it could take off.
You can read the full posting here.

There are confusion among his readers regarding his posting on the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM) especially when they saw Tun Mahathir and Umno's big shot, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, names were mentioned.

Let me begin by describing how, for the first time and hopefully not the last, I met and shook hands with this great man, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

It was at the biggest bersih rally in 2007, I happened to walk right pass him among the 50k or so crowd. He was with his wife (we met a few more times later when RPK was detained under the ISA) and I think his son was there as well. I recognised him and paused for a while, thinking of whether to approach him or not.

We were already near the front gate of the Istana and cannot move forward anymore, just standing on the muddy ground, soiled by an earlier heavy down pour.

After looking around for a few minutes I decided to walk up to him and introduced myself. "Hi, you are RPK", no response and his wife quickly answered "yes" and she signaled to him of my presence. I said, "Richard Loh from Penang" and we shook hands, his wife gave a surprised look and asked, "you came down all the way from Penang?" RPK excused himself saying that he was trying to call someone. I had a short conversation with his wife before moving away to meet up with Haris Ibrahim.

A few days later, at home on my computer, I visited MT to read the news about the big rally. There were many photos and I was surprised to see a photograph, a closed up picture of me in full. I think it should still be in the archives.

My one sentence description of RPK. A quiet man who talks with his brain rather than his mouth.

Many of us are amateurs when talking about politics. We are clueless or incompetent when comes to talk or argue about our country's politics. We just follow the tides and sentiments depending on which side of the political divide we are aligned to.

A few may have graduated to be political analysts but many, including myself, are still hanging here and there, once a while trying to be smart, writing or commenting on political issues, after the 308 tsunami.

What we can observed is that a majority of MT followers are pro-opposition, not for the love of it, but the hatred of the ruling government. Each time when RPK whacked umno/bn, everyone would add more fire onto the already hot issue in their comments just to make one feels better.

So, what is wrong or right about RPK's article on the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM). I assume many like me had not heard about this Malaysian Civil Liberties thingy until we read RPK's article about it. He may had written about it many years ago, but, not many had much interest about politics at that point of time.

All these years, RPK had wanted change of a new Federal Government and works with PR to help in whatever way he can to see that it takes place. The 12th GE came close but not close enough to see the change except the consolation of winning 5 States. Everyone seems to be happy with the results and the forming of PR was officially sealed.

The next step is for PR to wrest Putrajaya in the 13th GE. Everything looks fine during the first year after 308 but things started to go wrong after Perak was given back to umno/bn on the platter with the help of 3 jumping frogs. Many frogs started to jump following the fall of Perak and internal bickering within each party in PR started to show the weaknesses of PR.

One party within the PR coalition is showing its true color reminiscing that of umno. The craze for position, infighting and throwing out all the gabbages of the party openly to the media. The other two parties also have their internal problems but not that glaring.

People are starting to question the capabilities of PR to govern should they be given the mandate to take over Putrajaya. What happened with PR the past 2 years indicated two very distinct weak points. Credible candidates and the arrogant 'we know best' attitude, just like umno.

Not only you and I are frustrated but I guess RPK is very furious as well. He had highlighted many disastrous events about to happen in PR by writing in MT or maybe even had spoken to the leaders but no actions were taken to prevent it from happening and sadly enough it did happened.

For you and me, we could not do anything about it, we can just write or comment about it after it happened. But, RPK is different, he truly wanted change and believe that it can be done and he will go the extra mile to do it. He has the foresight, the connections and best of all, his brain.

What would a man do if he tells the gardener that the apples are riped to be plucked but the gardener either could not be bothered or tell you to wait because he had problems with his tools and need to sort them out.

Either the man sacked his gardener, sort other ways or plucked the apples himself.

RPK saw that Putrajaya is riped to conquer but PR is still sorting out its internal problems and not having enough efficient tools. Fed-up with PR arrogant, he will find other means to conquer Putrajaya by introducing his third force and lately the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM). He is not giving up hope as yet on PR and willing to offer this MCLM proposal to PR and hopefully that PR can at least look into it and work out a compromise for the good of the rakyat and country.

Many are questioning RPK regarding the MCLM and umno leaders involvement. My observation is that RPK likes or rather loves to rebut news report on umno/bn leaders who always talk through their asses. And this MCLM came about (which is supposed not to be announced as yet) when he rebutted one of the leader.

The very true fact about RPK is that he wanted change for a better Malaysia, just like you and me. He is willing to work with anyone who share the same vision. If umno is going to change according to his vision, he will surely work with umno but fat chance, it will not happen. He did mentioned that he has many friends in umno including high level leaders, so there is actually nothing wrong to mention the names of umno leaders every now and then. What I can see is that RPK may, at times, have to enter the enemy territory and fight from within in order to win the war.

Sometimes RPK had to destroy PR (by way of writing) in order for PR to stay awake, rebuild, get stronger and be ready for battle. RPK may not be right all the time, at least 40% right as claimed by someone from umno, the least PR can do is to look and study the 40% truth, work along that line and come to a compromise to conquer Putrajaya. Even if the rakyat is not ready to accept what RPK proposed and rather look towards a two party system, it may help in one way or another.

Ain't we all have the same vision and that vision is to see that Putrajaya is run by a new government after the results of the 13th GE is announced?

Note: I was half way through writing this post when RPK released his latest posting; Why the mad scramble.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Room At The Top Of The Stairs - Forget Galas & Batu Sapi

Need to break away from the political scene regarding the coming 2 by-elections for a while. I had posted quite a few "out of my mind" issues regarding the desperado attitude of a political party who thinks that they owned this country and will defend it at all cost without any respect at all for the constitution, democratic process nor the rakyat.

There are many opportunities for the opposition to consolidate and stand as one to challenge the ruling power which is fast losing grip as seen by their desperate actions and speeches from their leaders. But, the opposition are just doing the reverse, fighting among themselves within their own party.

For the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections, I had already stated from my earlier posting that PR should not contest these seats. Instead they should sincerely work together and prepare for the 13th general election which is coming very soon.

Hoping for another miracle like Sibu? Well, good luck to PR, I will refrain from commenting on these two by-elections and just wait for the final results on Nov 4th. which a majority had already predicted both wins for the ruling party.

Instead of talking about lost causes, join me, especially the young ones who are having romantic dreams, and enjoy this beautiful song, "Room At The Top Of The Stairs" performed by Stella Parton.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Umno & PM Declaring War Against The Rakyat!

Is our country at war? Is our country being attacked by outsiders? It looks that way when we heard the Prime Minister declaring “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya.” I would be the first to stand by the PM and sacrifice my life to defend Putrajaya and the country if we are at war with outsiders. When an enemy attacked a country they will go for the capital city, trying to capture it, and if they succeed, the country will be theirs and they win the war.

This morning when I woke up, I hear no gun fire nor any bombing, just the normal sound of vehicles passing by and a beautiful sunny day.

So, what is the PM declaration all about? After reading it more closely I realized that it was umno and it's president that is declaring war against the rakyat. They have taken control of Putrajaya and that Putrajaya belongs to umno, no one else has the right to it and they will protect it at all cost.

Let me, the rakyat of Malaysia, tell umno and it's president these actual facts.

Putrajaya does not belong to any individual or party, it belongs to all Malaysians.

The rakyat will decide who to run Putrajaya and incidentally, umno was chosen to helm Putrajaya for 54 years. This does not mean that umno now owns Putrajaya and it can declare to defend it at all cost. There is nothing for you to defend if the rakyat decided to throw you out.

By declaring war against the rakyat, which they put you there in the first place, indicates that you are now no longer interested to serve the rakyat and country, but to preserve your control by any means which is legally wrong. It is even more wrong to use threat and force by indicating that you are willing to shed blood to remain in power.

Whether you remain in power and control over Putrajaya is not yours to decide nor defend by foul means.

Pakatan Rakyat or any party that wins the majority seats as decided by the rakyat will control Putrajaya and rule the country whether you like it or not.

The rakyat are now fully aware of the true color and intention of the PM after hearing his statement to defend Putrajaya at all cost. The PM is more concern about himself and umno rather than to serve the rakyat and country. All his talks and slogan of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" are just empty promises to con the rakyat into voting for him.

The rakyat will capture back Putrajaya and throw umno out and our march to Putrajaya will not be through crushing of bodies or lost of lives but by peaceful mean and that is using our vote.

My fellow Malaysians, you had given your mandate to umno for 54 years and now they are turning into a monster that cares not about you or the country. They are willing to crushed bodies and lost lives to protect their existence.

We must tame this monster not by brute force but by using our vote.

To umno and the PM, we, the rakyat, no longer fear your threat of another May 13 nor your threat of crushed bodies and lost lives. We, the rakyat, hold the power to decide who control Putrajaya.

Malaysians, we must not allow fear to stop us from marching to Putrajaya. We are now a step closer to Putrajaya when our enemy are showing signs of defeat by declaring war against the rakyat.

Change we must and this is not an option.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Najib "Back To The Future - 1987" ? Update

Umno does not know what it is getting itself into. It had better tone down that race riot rhetoric lest it backfires on them. If they think the Indians and Chinese are going to react like they did in 1999 -- they reluctantly voted for Barisan Nasional out of fear -- then Umno is going to be in for a surprise.

Today, the Indians and Chinese have faith in their Malay brothers and sisters. They know that May 13 Version 2 being bandied about by Umno is not going to be a Malay versus non-Malay incident like back in 1969. May 13 Version 2 is going to be a Malay-versus-Malay affair with the non-Malays standing on the sidelines as mere spectators.

Read the full article by Raja Petra Kamarudin here.

The crying call of PM Najib when he took over as the Prime Minister of Malaysia is "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now"...

"We are all Malaysian First"

Many Malaysians seem to be happy with the Prime Minister including world leaders that he had met.

Everyone had forgotten his racist stance when he was with Umno youth back in 1987.

But, everything changed within an hour during his speech at the 61st Umno annual assembly. In order for him and his party to survive, the PM, also the president of Umno, threw everything he propagated for the past 18 months into the sewer and "Back To The Future - 1987".

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,” Malaysiakin reported Najib as saying.

Only umno is protected by law to give speeches that are a threat to national security and do we expect the pdrm and AG to take action against the PM?

This is a very serious threat to national security, if what was reported is true.
We demand an explanation from the PM what he meant by his call.

Fear not my dear fellow Malaysians, we need to defend our country at all cost from the desperate umno who are willing to cause chaos to remain in power, with our vote. I call upon, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and all BN component parties to join us and stop umno from destroying our country.

We really need a change in the Federal Government, we cannot allow a leader and a party whose interest is not to protect the rakyat and country but only to destroy it in order to stay in power.

Are you amongst the over 3 million eligible but as yet unregistered to vote? Do you know of someone who can but hasn't yet registered? Register now and get every unregistered voter you know to do the same, if we are to have a chance for change come the 13th General Election.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dissolution Of Parliament For The 13th GE But Not The State Assemblies

Things are not looking good for the Prime Minister after presenting his 2011 budget. I wonder whether he walks through the budget with his consultants that prepared it or just simply read them without full understanding of it, in Parliament.

Take a look at the Prime Minister response to the great resistance of the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak denied today that it was his idea to build the controversial 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower in the heart of the capital, saying instead the project had been proposed by Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB).

There are so many flaws in this one sentence alone. Let me point them out to you.

a)How can he denied it when he already presented it in Parliament. It does not matter whose idea it was but as a leader he must be held responsible because he accepted it without any consultation with others. If he disagree with the proposal, why then he allocated a budget for it.

b)A project still under proposal means it has yet to be agreed or approved by the Government, so why allocate such a huge budget when the project may not be granted approval eventually. Thus, it means that the PM had accepted the proposal without consulting the public and his "People First" means nothing anymore.

c)Who owns Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB). This is what PNB is after paying a visit to it's website:

With fund under management totaling about RM150 billion, the PNB Group is the country's leading investment institution with a diversified portfolio of interests that include unit trusts, institution property trust, property management and asset management.

with it's board of trustees as follows:

YAB Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Hj. Abdul Razak

Deputy Chairman
YAB Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin

Y.B. Dato' Mustapa bin Mohamed

Y.B. Dato' Seri Haji Ahmad Husni bin Mohamad Hanadzlah

YABhg Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid

You can read more details at PNB website here but be warned, many links do not work.

Is PNB government owned or is it a private entity?

If it is government owned why the PM denied that it was his idea, basically if it is government owned then the PM should be consulted first and the public should be informed about it. The PM is the one to object or approve the project.

If it is a private entity which looks more like it, why the hell should public fund be used. PNB should arrange for their own financing if they think their proposal to develop this 100-storey tower can benefit everyone and that in turn means they can make profit out of it.

How can the PM denied that this was not his idea when he is the chairman of the board of trustees. Was he not informed about the proposal long before they decide to allocate the budget for it?

Coming to the 13th General Election. My observation is that its a touch and go situation for umno/bn and the PM knows very well.

Three States are on shaky ground, Perak, Johor and Negri Sembilan and more State seats may be lost in Trengganu, Sabah and Sarawak.

Umno/bn spent millions upon millions at every general election and this 13th GE is gonna cost them much more then usual. They have plenty of money but may not be enough for this 13th GE.

Najib needs to seek a new mandate to strengthen his grip on power knowing that failing to do so will be his downfall. There is a figure within his own party maneuvering to take control over his position.

The surprise which the PM mentioned when asked about the 13th GE, not too long ago, will be that this 13th GE will be for Parliamentary seats only and together with Sarawak state election.

The remaining 12 State assemblies will not be dissolved to allow him to concentrate on just the Parliamentary seats with sufficient funds to ward off the opposition onslaught.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poll: Which Phrase Best Described Your Prime Minister

Your present unelected Prime Minister has hold office for 18 months now. You have seen his performances within and out of the country. He had met up with the world most powerful man, President Obama of the United States Of America.

He even gave a speech at the United Nation, spreading his wise wisdom on Islam, racism and terrorism. He had travelled to most part of the world, from Japan, China to the US and Europe, each time telling us how he was well received by world leaders and how Malaysia is now recognised as a good example for others to follow.

Back home his speeches and inaction's to wide spread racism and religious intolerance contradicted his overseas presentations to world leaders.

He had spoken about press freedom but journalists, writers, cartoonist (arrested) are being called in by the police for questioning and at the same time, party newspapers, books and cartoon are banned.

He talked to the mca Chinese telling them that they are Malaysians and not pendatang while at umno gatherings he talk about malay supremacy by asking such questions:
"I want to ask who were the ones who questioned Article 153 in the Constitution? Malay privileges; who questioned them?

Who caused the incident of not offering prayers for the well-being of the king? Who wanted Universiti Teknologi Mara to be opened to the non-Malays. Not Umno, but the other side," he said.

After 54 years of umno/bn rule, the only deed he can claimed was "the government had exempted about one million households from paying their electricity bill of RM20 and below". What other good deeds that umno/bn government had done that he cannot recalled but just that electricity bill. All his speeches were prepared ahead of time and I supposed they can provide more examples of umno/bn good deeds but failed.

What is so telling about his latest budget? Its 'neither here nor there' as described by Dr. Hsu at his forum blog. The budget claimed to be people oriented but do you feel or expect to benefit from this budget or rather an election budget whereby you are given 10 ringgit now but you will have to pay back 100 ringgit after the general election?

Lastly, his "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" rhetoric had failed miserably. He himself is playing the racial card to garner support, the people in general are no longer first and what do we see in performance now by the civil service including the pdrm, macc and judiciary.

I feel it is the right time to know exactly what you think about your Prime Minister. Please take the poll at the top.

Poll question:

Which Phrase Best Described Your Prime Minister

1) A world class leader

2) A leader for the people and love by the people

3) A weak leader but guided by authoritarian rule

4) Reasonable but flip flop leader

5) A leader that no one would like to have

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Najib Explaining The True Meaning Of His 1Malaysia

Tony Pua: Najib is now the one sowing the seeds of racial discord.

Tony Pua

The Prime Minister shows his true colours when chastising the civil service for not demonstrating blind loyalty to Umno.

In the Prime Minister's speech when launching an Umno Club for retired senior government officers at his official residence, Seri Perdana yesterday, Datuk Seri Najib Razak claimed he is baffled that there are civil servants and government pensioners who preferred to support the opposition.

Bernama reported that he said the "civil servants should know better that it is only Umno that can ensure our survival".

Firstly, the Prime Minister is clearly unable to differentiate between loyalty to the Government as opposed to loyalty to a particular political party. While the civil service needs to be loyal to the Government of the day and carry out its policies diligently and professionally, the civil servants are allowed to have their own political ideals and preferences.

With Malaysia seeking to become a develop nation by 2020, the Prime Minister should perhaps start behaving like one for a developed country for countries like Japan, USA, UK, France or Australia are able to switch governments without the loyalty and political affiliation of the civil servants being questioned.

Secondly, Najib's reference to "Umno" as opposed to "Barisan Nasional" clearly shows the party's racial priorities when referring to "our survival" which could only refer to "Malay survival in the context of the civil service being dominated by Malays and Umno being a party exclusively for Malays.

However what was perhaps most damning in Najib's speech was his use of racial rhetoric and falsehoods to incite anger among the Malay civil servants.

"I want to ask who were the ones who questioned Article 153 in the Constitution? Malay privileges; who questioned them?

Who caused the incident of not offering prayers for the well-being of the king? Who wanted Universiti Teknologi Mara to be opened to the non-Malays. Not Umno, but the other side," he said.

Najib asked the questions like a true Perkasa "hulubalang" and gave away his true colours as a Prime Minister who is "Malay first" instead of "Malaysian first" as defined in his own 1Malaysia concept in the Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

It fully explains the lack of willingness to mete out harsh punishments against those who has spewed racist comments over the past few years including Penang's Ahmad Ismail, the teachers who insulted minority races, his own special assistant Nasir Safar as we'll as most recently, the BTN Deputy Director who referred to Indians as "Si Botol".

His speech marks a 180 degree about turn from his call for "moderation" to fight the global extremists at the United Nations three weeks ago. It is also in total contrast from his call for drastic reforms in the New Economic Model such as for affirmative action to be "market-friendly and merit-based" as opposed to being entirely race-based.

Who exactly was Najib referring to who questioned the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution? We would however question those who abuse to articles of the constitution to grant special privileges to political cronies, the already rich and influential.

The accusation of the King's name being replaced by others by the Penang state government in prayers at the mosque has been explained as being completely unfounded. Najib's lie is hence completely unethical and made with ill-intent.

At the same time, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's innocent suggestion of making UiTM a little more multiracial was to encourage greater diversity and exhange of ideas within the university has been taken completely out of context by Najib, Umno and Utusan as threatening Malay rights to frighten the Malays.

Under the spirit of the New Economic Model, the Prime Minister should be open to such ideas to ensure that Malaysia will be able to produce higher quality human capital and become more productive and competitive.

However, Najib has instead succumbed to Perkasa's tactics of stirring race discord with racial rhetoric, proving himself to be like his Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who had proclaimed himself to be "Malay first, Malaysian second". It also explains why Najib has taken extra pains not to criticise Perkasa for their non-stop racist and extremist posturing, despite them causing increased racial tensions and dissatisfaction in the country.

The above will severely jeopardise our goal of achieving the high income status with the Government and Economic Transformation Programme. Malaysian talents overseas will resist returning while foreign and local investors will seek greener pastures elsewhere if unequal opportunities and unbridled race-based policies continue to be practiced.

Continue reading this article:

Najib: New political model needed for Umno to stay in power.

YES, ONLY umno IN Power and not BN and what is mca, gerakan, mic and all the other component parties going to do about this?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

1Budget + 1Tower + 1Legacy = 1Najib

The budget as a whole is going to sink the country faster. "Spending without Earning", just to gloss an overall scenic picture and claim a legacy.

"We need to cut subsidies or we will become bankrupt by 2019"

"We have not enough money for scholarship"


2011 budget

an integrated development project costing RM5 billion, which will include a 100-storey tower,
justification: "We need it because we can do it"

PM's residence gets RM65 mil facelift
Do you really need this facelift, can this RM65 mil be put into better use for the rakyat?

No toll hike on four PLUS highways for five years, says Najib
But did not tell the truth how much of the rakyat money will be used to compensate the highway robbers? Bear in mind that this compensation will use the rakyat's money "everyone" irrespective of whether you used the toll highway or not.

There are many other items in the budget that benefit not the rakyat but to those you know who. No point grumbling and shout about it. This is what you get from the government you elect.

This budget will get big applause from those who have interest and will gain something in one way or another. But a majority of the rakyat will not be too happy for these kind of short term gain just to garner for votes.
They give you 10 ringgit now but rob you of 100 ringgit later.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyone Should Have Known The Batu Sapi Polling Date Before EC Announcement

When the EC mentioned that the Batu Sapi by-election date need not be the same as the Galas by-election, everyone, especially PR should have known that it was just a ploy by the EC.

On that day, I had already confirmed in my heart that it will be the same date as Galas which I intended to blog but due to some other matters I just had to put it off.

PR need not have to cry foul over the EC decision knowing very well how close they work with umno/bn in deciding matters related to any elections.

On paper, it looks like umno/bn should have no problem in winning both these two by-elections which I predicted it that way as well.

PR may want to look at the possibility of giving the two by-elections a miss and concentrate on the coming Sarawak state election and the 13th GE which may come as early as the first quarter of 2011. Why give umno/bn the heads up and using these two wins to boost further their strength and images.

Batu Sapi By-Election

Nomination Day - 26th October

Polling Day - 4th November

Eligible Voters can check whether you are registered here.

And if you are still not registered as a voter, please do so now by going to any computerised Post Office or seek help from any registration booth organised by political parties and NGOs nearest to you.

Every vote counts and it is very important to know that your vote is a very powerful force to decide your country's future.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Merit In Talking Without Commitment

No merit in talking without commitment

R. Nadeswaran

IT was a day-long seminar in London aimed at bringing home talented Malaysians working in the United Kingdom or those who had made it their country of domicile. The list of speakers for last Wednesday’s event was impressive and it is a travesty that it drew just more than 50 participants – Malaysians or those who had links with Malaysia. Perhaps what was significant was that it did not draw the younger crowd, save for a handful of students who had just completed their post-graduate studies, curious to know what awaited them at home.

Speaker after speaker delivered glowing reports of Malaysia, most of which were factual. With winter approaching, the gloomy and rainy day prompted one (perhaps in jest) even to suggest that the hot weather and the culinary delights available round the clock in Malaysia should be a consideration. But as they spoke, more than 100 Malaysian bankers were just a few hundred metres away, doing their jobs, oblivious to the fact that the "talent hunters" were in town. They are no ordinary Joes – many of them in their twenties handle big portfolios and are involved in the personal banking and investments of the rich and famous. From one of the participants, I learnt that there are at "least 1,000 Malaysians working in that square mile".

That term refers to the financial district in central London which encompasses banks, financial institutions, stock brokers, accountancy firms and the lot. Unfortunately, the Asian Strategic & Leadership Institute and the Centre for Public Policy Studies, which enjoy a good following in the UK, did not manage to get their attention. Maybe they had not heard of the event or did not choose to apply for a day off from work or they could have viewed it as "We heard it all before. Can they tell us something new?"

Yes, the economy is flourishing and there are opportunities for talented Malaysians. But some young bankers I talked to earlier in the week had misgivings. They did not question what opportunities were available but what happens after they return and start working, especially in the government, its agencies or the government-linked-companies (GLCs)

Will they rise in the organisation, especially the locally-owned financial institutions or in GLCs? In London, they can aspire to become CEOs by sheer hard work and performance. No one cares about race, religion or creed or the prefixes before their fathers’ names. Connections are of no help and the answer to success is just produce more than what is expected. Unless these persons have the credentials and the competence, you don’t go anywhere. As long as they deliver, they get rewarded and move up the ladder and that many Malaysians are heading departments in international banks is testimony of their ability. So, having been in an environment where "the best man wins", can they adapt to a system alien to them?

In short, will they be judged on merit? Will meritocracy be the beacon of hope for so many thousands of Malaysians overseas who don’t want to return? Yes, they yearn for the love of their parents and families, who had made sacrifices to send them overseas for education, but without an "equal-opportunities" system, it is now for them to make the sacrifice for their own future.

The question of meritocracy was raised at the seminar but the issue was never addressed. Every speaker wanted to be politically correct and none wanted to commit himself. One went to name two senior officials in one GLC, but one swallow does not make a summer. There were assurances that "things can’t change overnight" and that "we are already seeing some changes" but no serious effort was made to deal with it. If concerted efforts are not made to address the issue, it will remain the biggest deterrent when attracting talent to Malaysia.

A young woman I met at the seminar had this to stay: "After graduation, I worked in KL for two years and got nowhere. I moved to Singapore and worked for two years during which time I was head-hunted and offered a job in London." If there were equal opportunities, Malaysia would not have lost her. She now works in a private securities company and heads the Asian desk.

In a knowledge-based economy, we need everyone on board. However, the system that has evolved and entrenched itself over the past few decades is now our biggest adversary. Changing mind-set and perception can only see success if we make a commitment and see it through to rectify past anomalies.

R. Nadeswaran has always championed meritocracy because it is the key to bigger economic success – look at Singapore. Comments:

National Unity Unattainable Under BN

P Ramakrishnan

After half-a-century of independence, we should be firmly on the road to unity and national harmony. Unfortunately, there are depraved elements - mostly tolerated and even encouraged by the silence of the Umno leaders – who embark on a campaign to destroy this unity and harmony by constantly uttering seditious sentiments without being reprimanded.

The indifference shown to seditious statements which disparage the non-Malays has been taken to mean that it is alright to run down the non-Malays. We have numerous instances that seem to support this view.

Even the latest two instances give credence to this opinion. We had the case of the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra in Kulaijaya, Johor, who had blatantly told the Chinese students to go back to China and had referred to the Indians as resembling dogs with their prayer strings.

What is so upsetting about this incident is that she wasn't publicly admonished and subsequently no disciplinary action was taken against her. In fact, the Director-General of Education Alimuddin Mohd Dom unbelievably dismissed such a serious issue as 'just a misunderstanding.'

Strangely, the prime minister and the education minister also held their peace and said nothing about this outrage. What happened was an unforgivable offence that had clearly undermined the '1Malaysia' concept propagated by the prime minister himself and yet he failed to see the repercussions that followed.

Malaysians have every right to be disappointed with our national leaders in this instance. When the prime minister and the deputy prime minister did not take this issue seriously, it sent the wrong signals.

That is the reason why another bigoted head in Kedah was bold enough to utter similar seditious remarks soon after the Johor incidence. He had told the Chinese students of SMK Bukit Selambau to go back to China for having breakfast outside the school canteen during the Ramdan fasting month.

Again this issue was not viewed seriously neither was he disciplined sternly. It gave the impression that it was alright to be rude and seditious to the non-Malays and that the crude behavior of these bigots can be tolerated and even condoned.

When we returned to parliamentary democracy after the agonizing episode of May13, wasn't it decided that the citizenship of the non-Malays would be beyond question? Wasn't it determined that anyone who questioned this right would be committing sedition?

That being the case, why are these bigots allowed to get away without any consequence when they flout the federal constitution? Why isn't the cabinet addressing this serious issue and demand for action against these culprits? These two depraved heads of schools have gone against the federal constitution and therefore deserve to be charged in a court of law.

Why aren't they being charged? Why are they not being disciplined? Why are they being tolerated for their seditious statements? It is really bewildering when the deputy prime minister -

the second foremost powerful politician and leader of the country - pathetically says that he has nopower to take action against the two school principals who had uttered racial slurs.

Come, come Mr.Deputy Prime Minister. You don't have to take disciplinary action against them personally. You are not expected to. There are mechanisms that can take care of this disciplinary problem. Just instruct the Public Services Department to take stern action. When such instruction goes out, you would have set in motion the mechanism to take care of this problem.

When so directed, the PSD would have sprung into action and the course of justice would have been served adequately. But this was not the case in this instance. While the education minister cannot understandably take action personally, he has the right and a moral duty to condemn these bigots in the strongest language.

Why didn't he do that? If this had been done, the second incident would not have taken place. Who would have defied the deputy prime minister to commit this sacrilege? By not taking to task the first principal in Johor, he had paved the way for the second principal to repeat this outrageous offence. For this, Aliran holds him responsible.

The prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the cabinet and the police should have acted but they failed us and the nation miserably. They have come across not as guardians of our national unity but as people who have failed to uphold the rule of law.

Their often repeated platitudes on national unity and the need to respect the rights of others come across as hollow utterances lacking in sincerity when they don't display political will to stomp this outrage in the first instance.

If our national unity is at risk of being destroyed the blame lies at the feet of the Barisan Nasional government. And as long as it does not take stern action to stem this outrage at the outset, it will remain accused of indifference and destroying our unity and harmony.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Any Surprises To See RPK Working With Umno As Well?

Many will bang their fists, show their middle fingers and curse me like hell after reading this posting. All these are an indication of their hate for Umno and their love and believe in Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

When your present girlfriend slowly starts to deny you the touch, love and screwing as and when you like, what will you do? You had dumped a few girls before when they are no longer hot and to your taste. These ex-girlfriends of yours found out that you are going to dump your present girlfriend, naturally they will disguised themselves according to your taste from what they had learned previously and making a beeline to attract you back. Since your present girlfriend had shown her dislike to you and denying you the right to screw her you will be looking else where to release your tension and the faster way to achieve that is none other then your ex and they are lining up right in front of you.

Sorry RPK, for dragging you into my posting, this is just what I can make up from my little knowledge of you and politics. Nevertheless, I still need to express how I feel about the whole political scenario and the necessity to get rid of umno/bn by the 13th GE.

I am nothing or in the minus zone when compared to RPK. RPK is not the type of man who will go berserk when things do not go his way. He is a man with foresight and knows how to plan and play his game well. I need not go into details as to describe the kind of man he is, you can see it through from his writings and the way he gets into the nerves of those who think that they are smarter than him.

Lately, we are seeing a shift in RPK's original intention and planning of how to fight against Umno/bn in the coming 13th GE. At the moment, the gear is shifted from the fifth into the third and yet to reach the reverse gear. There is still hope that he will not shift to the reverse gear unless there is no more options for him to play with. Bear in mind that umno is watching him very closely, not to intimidate or arrest him but how to woo him to support and back umno in the coming 13th GE.

RPK is fighting for a better Malaysia, what should had been done ages ago and not what the Malaysia is now, as it is. So, what causes RPK to indicate his shifting away from supporting Pakatan Rakyat and talking about the third force? The problem, it seems lies with Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR.

Many of you had viewed the video of RPK talking at the Friends Of Pakatan forum in London on the 2nd October. What does it tell us here? RPK is genuine in wanting to rid of umno/bn but the possibility of achieving it is slimmed or even impossible because PR is not following the agreed plan as laid out in the Barisan Rakyat manifesto and doing things that are destructive to the coalition party itself. RPK had highlighted and sounded his warning that the way PR behaves and their performances will not lead PR to Putrajaya.

The third force RPK is talking about is not to compete or fight against PR but act as a supportive role, provide credible candidates should PR be short of it and will remain independent provided PR is willing to play along this game plan. Should PR is not willing to play along, the third force can be offered to others, maybe umno/bn if they are willing to accept the terms and conditions of the third force.

PKR, the weakest link or a destructive force in PR? I had commented in FB that the PKR party election is a lose-lose situation for both PKR and PR. The lust for power is bared for all to see, the rakyat's welfare is secondary to them and the much talk of PKR being no difference from umno's is on the rise. It is hope that PKR can wake up and not building castles in the air that Putrajaya is within reach with their kind of politiking, internal fighting and sabotaging each other.

Umno/bn is standing on the side line, laughing and wishful that PR will self destruct with the help from PKR, just before the 13th GE. Even though Umno/bn is not going to change for the better they are presenting themselves in a superficially good image performances.

They are gearing themselves to adopt most plans that were initiated by Pakatan Rakyat, be it the economic planning with all the NEM, NAM, playing to the non malay gallery of accepting them as true Malaysians and not pendatang or what not with no sincerity nor really capable of implementing them but just to woo the voters that are frustrated with PR/PKR. Malaysian voters are easily swayed by empty promises especially from umno which are skillful in this game of deceit when the voters are not happy with PR.

They are now even prepared to look into the possibility of a kind of third force. FMT reported amendments to the upcoming Barisan Nasional convention in November.
FMT learnt that some BN component party leaders were seeing red over the amendments as it would curtail their powers and render them as mere figureheads.

If approved, a BN source said the amendments would also rob component party leaders of their say on who to field during elections.

According to the source, there would be no allotment of seats to various political parties as practiced in previous general elections.

“The seats could be allocated to independent members to contest,” he added.

The source said a committee would decide on the candidate for a particular parliamentary or state seat.

Do we see some sort of similarity to the third force in the making by umno/bn? Is there some hidden hand working between umno and outsiders?

Is RPK willing to work with Umno/bn, if they can agree with his ideology in changing for a better Malaysia? Is there any talks going on now between Umno/bn and RPK?

We know RPK is able to talk to anybody, even if they are his enemy as long as he is in control and they are willing to listen to him, the outcome of the talk is secondary.

I believe that RPK is being constantly approached by umno/bn not just to end their ugly war but to sweet talk him or "conned him" into joining forces with them.

So, my advise to Pakatan Rakyat especially PKR, is to work closely with the rakyat, serve them and the country and not for your self interest if you ever think of capturing Putrajaya. RPK may not have all the solutions but his advises are worth looking into. Just put this into your thick skull, without the rakyat you all are a nobody and my guess is Umno/bn are starting to see it this way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Keyword For This Parliamentary Session - "REJECTIONS"

Parliament is in session from now till December. In just one day, the first day of sitting, most Opposition MPs questions received the "rejection" sign by the umno installed speaker. The most disgusted rejection is the motion to debate the controversy of the two racist school principals in Johore and Kedah who made racial slurs against students in schools.

It was rejected by the umno installed Speaker, Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia on the ground that he had been informed that the Education Ministry and the Public Services Department had begun initiating disciplinary action against the duo.

However, Pandikar Amin was unable to enlighten Parliament what form of disciplinary action was being initiated by the Education Ministry and the PSD.

Najib had been telling the whole world of his stand about his 'zero tolerance' on racism.

Many had asked me why I keep on bashing the PM, he is talking and talking relentlessly about his 1Malaysia and 'zero tolerance' on racism, we should support him.

To all those who questioned me, the answers are right in front of you. We cannot live on water alone, we need solid food, likewise, by just talking and talking without actions will lead us no where closer to fight racism and a true 1Malaysia.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chua Soi Lek, So What If PAS Occupy The “Captain's Seat”

Chua Soi Lek, why are you so afraid of PAS ruling this country?

Is it because of your immoral sex-capade that was acceptable by Umno and not PAS?

Do you sincerely think that PAS can implement an Islamic state and introduce the hudud laws? Don't forget that mca had supported umno in declaring that the country is an islamic country illegally. Remember 929?

Why should we, the Chinese be threaten by you, an immoral leader, who keeps on harping on non existing threats by PAS.

On every point, PAS would be a much better government than the present umno. Tell me what have you done so far to curb umno's racism, corruptions, religious intolerant towards others, indiscriminate arrests, cannot hold candle vigils, cannot wear this or that (remember the journalist Tan Hoon Cheng?), deaths under custody (too many names to list but Teoh Beng Hock should tingled your mind) and the many other discrimination against the non malays.

I hope that Chinese Malaysians will not be taken in by mca sudden bravery and deliberate carefully if they think that umno/bn will be a better choice.

Najib, The More You Talk, The More You "Make Chinese Angry"

Najib, The More You Talk, The More You "Make Chinese Angry"

A very pathetic, insincere speech by the PM at the MCA general assembly "Chinese are Malaysians, not migrants, says PM" but sadly to the wrong crowd and community.

I thought after my posting Mr Prime Minister, Are You In The Somniloquy Mode?, the PM would have woken up, but no, he is still in the Somniloquy Mode.

Why the need to talk at a Chinese gathering or the MCA general assembly about things that need to be told to your own party umno, perkasa and Tun Mahathir?

The Chinese need not be told that they are Malaysians and not migrants. The Chinese know that, but those who resist this truth are from your umno party, perkasa and Tun Mahathir.


“There can be a big polemic on what is a fair society. A Malay leader’s definition of fair can be different than your definition of fair but eventually we must converge,” Najib said.

You said that, Mr. PM, not us, but when the non-Malays presented their definition of 'fair', your umno party members, perkasa and Tun Mahathir came out with their strong racist protests, made police reports, cited their own distorted version of the constitution and you did not say or do anything about it.

“It is a conventional wisdom and rational thinking that if the majority of a country has a very small percentage of the wealth, that is not equitable. I think MCA would also agree.

The MCA can agree with you but not the majority of Chinese Malaysians. This is the worst statement coming from a leader. How can the PM rationalize equity in such a manner? Wealth comes from hard work, sweat and blood. You cannot blame anyone if you want to be lazy or are waiting for handouts. You can be the majority but if you are not willing to put sincere effort into working hard and sweating for it, choosing instead to talk repeatedly about your rights and protection, wealth will always elude you. Mr. PM, trying to play with words and twist them is not going to help you at all.

“One officer made a racist remark, we take action. We don’t condone racism, I assure you. But proper investigation must be done with due process. But the issue has been amplified because of information communication technology,” he said.

To think you have the gall to say what you did above! May I ask what actions were taken. A mere slap on the wrist for bn supporters but jail term for the opposition? How long do you need to investigate clear cut cases involving racist remarks? Infinity for bn supporters and within days for the opposition?

Please do not blame the information communication technology or others for your failure to take action against your party members, perkasa, Tun Mahathir. This shows how fearful you are and what a retard of leader you are.

We are not taken in by all your sweet talk and no-action attitude. Unfortunately mca, gerakan, mic and bn other component parties are. After helming this country for nearly two years with your stupid slogan and rhetoric, do you think you have my vote? Think again.

A Plea For Sanity Over Perak DAP Crisis

By Tunku Abdul Aziz

Perak DAP leaders must try, if they possibly can, to subordinate their personal ambitions and put the interests of the party above all else. The unseemly internal squabbling over local leadership is already causing considerable damage to the reputation of the DAP which has earned for itself, over the years in the face of great odds, enormous goodwill and credibility. Do you think it fair to put all the hard work and personal sacrifices of thousands of party members at risk to satisfy your craving for personal glory and power?

What has happened to the declaration of high-minded devotion to duty in the public interest? DAP does not exist in isolation. It is a vital part of the nation’s social, political and economic mosaic in a vibrant tangle of races, cultures and religions. We have as a party derived legitimacy from our consistency of purpose for the greatest good of the people of Malaysia. It is the height of lunacy to jeopardise what we have achieved so far and the party’s future prospects by greed-driven, irresponsible, behaviour.

While I concede that leadership infighting is the norm in politics, I suggest it is a luxury we can ill afford as we strive desperately to build a reputation for consistency, reliability and credibility. Our party must by our actions demonstrate that we put great store by principled leadership, and that individually as well as collectively, we are above pettiness of mind, deceit and greed. In other words we are a party motivated solely by considerations of service before self. We are different in the values we embrace; values that we believe can make a positive difference to the process of transformation so vitally important to ensure a sustainable future for ALL Malaysians.

Our most urgent task is to convince our fellow Malaysians that they can trust us to lead this country honestly, competently, and justly, without recourse to corruption. Why should they throw their support behind us if they could not distinguish us from the rest? We are under the minutest public scrutiny, and on the day of reckoning, they will deliver their verdict. That verdict will decide our political relevance.

While we would like to imagine that there would be overwhelming public support to propel us to Putrajaya, it would be a mistake to believe that this would be given on a silver platter. As Lim Kit Siang has said on several occasions, our success in the last general elections could well be a one term wonder unless we delivered on our promises, to the best of our ability. We have to earn public support not by intermittent rhetorical bombardment, but by remaining totally focused on issues that have continued to bedevil the nation with a view to excising them as we would cancerous cells so as to stop them dead in their tracks. We must curb our exuberance because “one sparrow does not a summer make.”

I fully acknowledge the very useful contributions of our younger members who are better educated than those in the past, but they must never fall into the temptation of supposing that because they have had the benefit of an overseas tertiary education, they have all the answers. They don’t. The confidence of youth is refreshing, but our younger members must realise that wisdom comes from wide experience and not from the confined cloisters and musty corridors of university life. No doubt they will learn from life’s harsh realities, sooner rather than later, for the sake of their party.

As a disciplined party, all in leadership positions must not expect special treatment if they go against party values and principles. Many believe that by virtue of their seemingly special relationships with those highly placed individuals in the party’s pecking order, they will receive special treatment of the sort we deplore in other parties. All levels of our leadership must discourage factionalism as this practice is guaranteed to divide loyalty and detract from the party’s main focus of bringing about changes to the governance of the country, through constitutional means. We profess to be a democratic party, and we should live up to our ideals. Anything less puts us in the same moral and ethical league of political parties we despair of and despise.

Doing what is ethically right by our party is no longer the luxury of the virtuous; it has become a political necessity for survival. Are we up to the challenge because otherwise Putrajaya could well turn into a grand mirage?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Videos: The Giants Clashed In London - Friends Of Pakatan Rakyat

Friends Of Pakatan Rakyat 02/10/2010: Raja Petra Kamarudin (Part 1)

Friends Of Pakatan Rakyat 02/10/2010: Raja Petra Kamarudin (Part 2)

Friends Of Pakatan Rakyat 02/10/2010: Anwar Ibrahim (Part 1)

Friends of Pakatan Rakyat - 2 Oct 2010 Datuk Anwar Ibrahim Part 2

Friends of Pakatan Rakyat - 2 Oct 2010 Tian Chua

Intro- In Conversation with Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamarudin and Tian Chua

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Galas By Election: Why Umno Wanted Their "Villian" Ku Li To Stand

Galas By Election

Nomination Day - 26th October 2010 (Tuesday)

Polling Day - 4th November 2010 (Thursday)

Both days fall on weekdays and working days. Any particular reason for holding an election details on such days, only the EC can give you their stupid answers.

I am not too familiar with the political environment surrounding Galas so I will not be blogging much on this by election. One thing though, Galas voters must wise up and vote for PAS, if, there is a by election. Why I said if, because there might not be a by election after all, depending on who is umno's candidate.

Why do you think that Umno was so quick to suggest their "villain" Ku Li as the candidate? They know that Ku Li is a sure bet winner and they also know that he supported PAS, the Kelantan State Government, on the oil royalty issue.

PAS, on the hand may claimed that they are confident in retaining the Galas state seat even if Ku Li is Umno's choice candidate. But, should Ku Li accepts Umno selection as the candidate, my bet is that PAS will not contest the seat. It will be a win win situation for PAS.

PAS value Ku Li's stand and support of the State Government in their quest to claim for the oil royalty and maybe other host of benefits due to the State but withheld by Umno. What better way then allowing him to sit in the state assembly, even though he may be Umno's State Assemblyman, many will see him as an independent. Challenging him in this by election may cause frictions between Ku Li and PAS when anything and everything, good or bad, will be laid bare for all to hear and see during the campaigning.

For Umno, other then a sure win, they may have felt that PAS may not contest this by election if Ku Li stands as candidate.

A by election that can be avoided and a win - win solution for both you all think so?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Najib’s Lip Service About Brain-Drain

Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysian Mirror

COMMENT Najib Abdul Razak addressed 250 Malaysians in Brussels and said: ‘Malaysia is going through an exciting time. . .We are now turning the bend and going the final stretch towards the year of reckoning ... to become a developed nation by the year 2020”.

I beg to differ, Mr. Prime Minister. Malaysia is NOT going through an exciting time; Malaysians are experiencing a thoroughly depressing time.

Why wait till 2020? The year of reckoning will come sooner. It is at the next General Election (GE-13). But the important time is now.

Now, is when we Malaysians must decide if we want to reclaim the country as ours and not just for a select group of people.

Now, is when we have to think of all those things that we hold dear, like education, civil service jobs, promotion, housing, contracts, transparency, freedom to worship (including for the Malays), freedom of expression which Malaysians who study abroad take for granted.

The PM added that “A society that is closed up will not attract the best brains; it will attract mediocre people and the good ones would have left the country, and we will be a lot poorer as a result.”

The PM is right. A closed society will self-destruct. The good Malaysians abandoned Malaysia ages ago, and the trend is worsening. The Malaysia Najib inherited and which we have to endure is a Malaysia that has been milked for all it is worth by members of BN, principally Umno.

Decades of warped policies have reduced us to this sorry state. Those who dared say something then, were silenced. Many simply stayed away.

The Umno elite have plundered the nation, when they should have treated it as a sapling and nurtured it to maturity. They profited from its natural resources and exploited its other most important resource – its people

If Najib fails to realise that it is his government’s policies that are repelling people (Malays included), then he is not fit to govern.

If he cannot understand that members of his Cabinet and a sizeable percentage of his civil service do not support his lofty ideals, then he should nominate people who do, or else hand over the reins to a party or group of people who desires a successful Malaysia which does not differentiate between the races and religions.

Maybe it is Najib who is at fault for dithering between a Malaysia for all Malaysians or to keep Malaysia exclusively for the Malays?

What is Talent Corporation? Which Umno elite was given the generous funds to start it? How much of taxpayers’ money was used for its formation? How do they propose ‘seeking out’ overseas professionals? Few Malaysians register at the High Commission.

There is no point attracting the best brains when the conditions are less than ideal for the families. For some, money may not be the prime mover. These professionals care about their children’s education too. They will not have a repeat performance of the prejudices and hardship that they endured, when they left to study. Sort out the injustices at home, and they will return.

One Malay doctor, a government scholar in the United Kingdom, is staying put. If she were to return, she has been told to start at the bottom of the rung. We have lost another cardiologist and possibly the RM 1.5 million that funded her education. She is one of several.

Another friend, a physiotherapist, has expertise in ‘special needs children’, with decades of experience in British hospitals. When she first heard about the scheme to attract professionals home, she actually sought out the Malaysian authorities and expressed a desire to return. It is over a year and the government has not responded. She is returning to London.

Najib said, “Previously, we waited for them to get back to us but this time we will seek them out. We will find out what it takes for them to consider going back home and at the same time create more business opportunities and pay them wages that are more aligned with the global wages.”

The physiotherapist friend took the initiative, but did the authorities act on it?

Maybe Malaysia does not need physiotherapists? Maybe the message from our PM rarely filters down to the bureaucrats? Maybe our ministers pay lip-service only, to what they tell us? Maybe the left hand does not know what the right hand is up to?

My two nieces – one a civil engineer and the other an accountant - were offered permanent jobs in Australia after graduation, last year. Even their parents have advised them to make Australia their ‘home’. So much for DPM Muhyiddin Yassin’s assurance that the Malays’ perks and privileges are protected in the New Economic Model.

Young, knowledgeable Malays are abandoning the NEM. When will the others open their eyes?

Najib also said: “Some of you might think about coming back home, and some of you who are married to Belgians, you can bring your spouses with you and they will be allowed to work.”

Unless the immigration authorities have been alerted about this, nothing will have changed.

For decades, thousands of spouses with professional qualifications or valuable experience in the various fields such as engineers, teachers, doctors, scientists and the arts, were treated like idiots in the immigration offices.

What man or woman, with integrity is prepared to tolerate a social visit pass for 3 months maximum to stay in the country? Some marriages failed because of our immigration policies.

Not so, the sons- or daughters-in-laws of high ranking politicians who manage to manipulate the system so that these foreigners can work and stay in Malaysia.

But the country has wasted the energy and the goodwill of several Malaysians in the past. It would take more than just sweet words to entice them back to Malaysia.

Najib cannot ignore the corruption of its various institutions – the police, the judiciary and the various government departments. How will he deal with this when Malaysia’s own anti-corruption agency, (MACC) is itself compromised?

The PM talked about creating ‘business opportunities’. A businessman told me of his frustrations doing business in Malaysia. To form the business is easy – it is done within days. To get the various permits is eye-wateringly slow. What he achieved in 6 weeks in America, took him over 9 months in Malaysia. He’s long gone.

Malaysia wants to woo the professionals from abroad despite its racial and religious undertones. So, tell me why some ministers children prefer to work in the City of London rather than return home? Are they not convinced by their fathers’ sweet talk or are we more gullible?

Sometimes, the devil is in the detail.


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