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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bukit Gantang - PAS Nizar Lets Defend The Fort And Forget About Bkt. Selambau

umno/mic won the Bukit Selambau seat with over 10,000 majority, all thanks to hindraf !!

Hindraf is cursing, swearing and threatening Pakatan Rakyat for not nominating the Bukit Selambau candidate of their choice.

Pakatan Rakyat is trying its best to forge a system that caters for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. We are all Malaysians but sad to say the Indians are still thinking that they are Indians staying in Malaysia. Their mindset are exactly what umno wants them to think , umno is for malay only, mca is for Chinese only and mic is for Indians only and that makes umno having the power to control all of them.

Pakatan Rakyat should give Hindraf the ultimatum, "Either You Are With Us Or Against Us". There is no two way about it, PR cannot allow anyone to hold it at ransom. Let Hindraf go back to mic. If we cannot have the Indian votes, we can always work extra hard to get more malays and Chinese votes.

So to the Indians from Hindraf, please do not use threats against Pakatan Rakyat. As for my thinking, we can afford to lose in Bukit Selambau as the Kedah State will still be under Pakatan Rakyat.

I cannot give a proper advise to the Hindraf Indians but reproduce a segment from The Whisperer blog.

Hindraf Brothers And Sisters: Please Do It Right In Bukit Selambau...

Dear Hindraf brothers and sisters, do you all want this to happen? True that Anwar refused to listen to Hindraf and field his choice of candidate. For that, we will deal with him later on. But right now, our common enemy is BN and our Fight shall be with BN.

Before all of you make a hasty decision, please reassess your strength base on the assumption that all Indian voters vote in favor of Hindraf candidate. What is the chance of Hindraf winning this by-election? Please bear in mind that this contest is not a one-to-one fight.

Don't get me wrong here. I fully support the Hindraf cause and I totally recognize Hindraf Movement's contribution towards the Wind of Change that is still blowing strongly throughout the country. A big statement was made then.

But this is not about making a statement again. This is about dealing with a common enemy. Maybe Anwar has become a new enemy for not entertaining to Hindraf's request. If Hindraf wants to deal with Anwar, then by all means, throw your support behind MIC and make sure PR loses this by-election. Fielding your own candidate would be meaningless in this case. Take your pick. Who is your worst enemy?

Just Do It Right! I say we deal with BN first.

Makkal Sakthi!

You can read the whole posting here.

YB Nizar, you can rest assure of our full 110% support. We may lose out in Bukit Selambau because of certain people who put self interest first before the party, but we will fight all the way to ensure that Bukit Gantang will remain under PR / PAS.


  1. Lets not be emotional over this. The battle has just begun. Remember Manika incidents. They will come back to senses

    Hindraf must understand that best ways of making their views known is in the parliament. Not Kedah state assembly. Not when one needs a well rounded professionals

    One does not need an EXCO member to be in the loggerhead with Kedah state government. The state government has enough trouble of its own

    In any case, Hindraf may not represent the entire Indians and running risk of angering the malays. I believe rational indians and even Hindrafs themselves would realise by now.

    To me, they are doing the Indian dances. Too many indian chiefs. Manika, don't ever think I have forgotten

    Why can't they be like Sivakumar? Know why I prefer DAP candidate? Ok, let rock & roll

  2. It's sad that Hindraf cannot see beyond their own to trust that PR will field a candidate to represent all Malaysians. Hindraf must see that not only the Indians are sidelined, so are other races, more so the east Malaysians tribes and the orang asli. Hindraf, please note that we must stand together to get rid of BN! This is not a time to give threats. It will only hurt ourselves and benefit the enemy.



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