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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Batang Ai (Air) Voters, Are You Ready - By-Election Online Ceramah Series

I have not been to Sarawak but intend to do so in the near future. What I heard or learn is that Sarawak political environment and political structure are different from Peninsular Malaysia. Politically they can be different but a few basic things will always remain the same.

You are still a Malaysian, you hold that precious voting rights and you have the same uncaring corrupted government. I will not write much about the by-election at Batang Ai because I am not familiar about the place but this by-election ceramah online series will still highlight what is wrong with our present ruling government because its the same uncaring corrupted government that rule and control you as they do here in Peninsular Malaysia.

The wind of change had begun in Peninsular Malaysia since the March 8th 2008 12th GE. We need to do something collectively in order to make the change and that is to vote umno/bn out. This by-election may not see the immediate change but is a good starting point for Sarawak to tell umno/bn that we have enough of their arrogant and corrupt way of running this country. Remember what umno leaders said to you not so long ago, "umno does not need any component parties to remain in power". Since they do not need your vote, why give it to them.

I repeat here what I wrote earlier for the Bukit Selambau voters:

Previously, we have no choice and option to select for a real change but now we have one in the form of Pakatan Rakyat. There are now two cars to chose from, one car with the driver who is always drunk and broke all the traffic rules in the book, the other car, a new driver with a P sticker on the windscreen driving cautiously, at times finding it hard to park his car but still willing to learn to drive more effectively. Which car would you prefer to sit in, with the drunken driver or the one with a P sticker?

You can follow my blog postings on the three by-elections ceramah online up till polling day, 7th April 2009.

Batang Ai (Air) Voters, your choice of voting is very important at this critical time. You need to be brave and make the right decision to send a clear message to the present uncaring corrupted government that enough is enough. Send this message to umno/bn by voting for PKR / PR. It is not about Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat but the future that we look forward too for a caring Government with integrity and honesty.


Bukit Gantang - Bukit Selambau By-Elections Online Ceramah Series

Bukit Gantang Voters - Are You Ready ?

Bukit Selambau Voters - Are You Ready ?

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  1. Dear Batang Ai Voters, Say "TAK NAK" TO BN/UMNO and vote for PR/PKR.Please don't miss the golden opportunity.



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