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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1Najib's 1Malaysia, He Cannot Explain, Let Me Explain Pt.2

Please read Pt.1 here, if you have not done so, before reading this posting.

I thought my maths was excellent but there are people who are more intelligent. I received an email from an unknown reader telling me that my analogy of "1Malaysia" with 1Ringgit does not add up. When you add up the fifty cents, twenty cents, ten cents and five cents, the total is only eighty five cents and where is the fifteen cents to make up the 1Ringgit.

Well that's true, where is the fifteen cents and I thought Malaysians are very smart to make their own conclusion. Anyway if you must know where is the fifteen cents, let me show you the magic.

We have the fifty cent coin, twenty cent coin, ten cent coin and five cent coin but we do not have a fifteen cent coin, do we.

Lets see again what I said in Pt.1 :

"1Malaysia" is just like 1Ringgit note. When you break down the 1Ringgit note, you have fifty cents, twenty cents, ten cents and five cents. This means that the fifty cents goes to the malays, twenty cents goes to the Chinese, ten cents goes to the Indians and five cents to the others. There will be no meritocracy, no equality and no Malaysian Malaysia nor Bangsa Malaysia.

The balance of the fifteen cents is invisible and is always withheld by umno as long as they are in power. This invisible fifteen cents is their life blood without which they cannot survive. Where do you think they get their resources and strength from, to show their arrogant, racist and ketuanan melayu attitude. The fifteen cents is suck out from every ringgit the government spend and invincibly into umno's coffer.

So, you can see why, the government cannot show a balance accounting and you all keep asking where have our money gone to. They need the invisible fifteen cents to survive and that is one of the main reason that they cannot allow transparency and accountability in their administrations.

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