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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another "Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin" PM, That Is Your Najib

I have never trusted any umno's leader, especially the PM. They are always good at talking, convincing when they need your votes but they can never walk the talk. Yes, many are asking that he be given time to show his performance. You can give him another 100 years, umno will be umno, their words cannot be trusted.

I do not want to talk about his so call reformed cabinet, they are almost the same old shit.

This is umno leaders:

"Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin"

Just read this report,

A Chinese online daily was today barred from covering Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s announcement of the new cabinet line-up in Putrajaya this afternoon.

The reporter and a photographer from Merdeka Review were told of the matter by Prime Minister’s Office security guards when trying to obtain security passes, half an hour before the press conference began at 3pm.

According to the reporter, she contacted one of Najib’s aides who confirmed the matter, adding that the decision was made by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Commenting on the ban, Merdeka Review editor-in-chief Chang Teck Teng said he would submit a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office tomorrow to protest the decision.

Chang was referring to Najib’s speech to the Malaysian Press Institute on April 6 where the newly appointed premier called on the press to perform their duties “without fear of consequence”.

Najib added that he would encourage a new national debate that would promote transparency and accountability.

“I firmly believe that there is a vital place in that dialogue for a vibrant, free and informed media…

“If we are truly to build a democracy that is responsive to the needs of all the people, we need a media - both old and new - that is empowered to responsibly report what they see, without fear of consequence,” he added.

Just you wait, rakyat, just you wait, you will all be sorry at the end of the day. Today he gives you 3 things that you requested and by tomorrow he will take back four things that had been given. This way of giving and taking back is always done discreetly that many do not feel it until it is too late. This is happening all along over the 50 years of umno's rule, until March 08 2008 when a majority just realized that they had been short changed.

So stay on alert and do not be so naive to accept his sweet talk that everything will be fine and his 1Malaysia will work, just give him a chance and time. For now he is having the chance and the time, as we cannot stop him or do anything for we have no choice but is stuck with him until the 13th GE.

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