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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The CHANGE Is Still Ongoing For MalaysiaKini

Malaysiakini reported that Zaid Ibrahim made a special appearance at the PKR annual congress but no news on his attending the Penang DAP victory dinner. More at Malaysiakini website.
The voice for change is still there, change to what, after having control the Penang Sate Government. Change the Federal Government next, the crowd of more than 10,000 seems to echo the calls from the speakers for the night.

Zaid Ibrahim And DAP supremo YB Lim Kit Siang

The DAP Penang 10,000 victory dinner was held at the Han Chiang School field on the 28th Nov. 2008. When you saw the crowd, your mind tends to recall the 6th of March election campaign held at the same venue with well over 30,000 people attending. Yes, the wind of change is ongoing for our Malaysia until we see the fall of the umno/bn federal government.

Two distinguish guest speakers provide the very points and reasonings that Malaysians must stand up and be counted in order for a true change. One is the victim of the unjust ISA, Teresa Kok, which do not need any introduction.

The other, a sales man for scotch tape in Penang when he is a teenager, later became a lawyer and a minister in the PM department is non other than Zaid Ibrahim. He is still a sales man today, he claimed, but not selling scotch tape anymore but a concept to unify all Malaysians as one, living together in harmony. This product he is selling today is call Bangsa Malaysia.

We expect to see more of Zaid Ibrahim and his kind as we march together on the road to complete freedom and justice.

Below a few snap shots of the event.

The heroine from Selangor. Everyone just want to take a picture with her.

The Crowd...

The mix of togetherness

The smile of happiness

The Lion of Gelugor

Mrs. Chief Minister Of Chong Eng and others

MP Jeff Ooi together with MPs from PAS

The V V I P

More Crowds

The more than 10,000 crowds

Friday, November 28, 2008

Paula Khoo Bail Extended

Malaysiakini reported that Police stop the anti-ISA event in Ampang with nine arrested. More at Malaysiakini website.
A small group of concern citizens in support of Paula Khoo were at the Pattani Road Police Station around 8 am this morning.

Paula Khoo who was arrested on the 15th Nov for attending an Anti-ISA vigil and released on bail that night, was asked to report back today.

The group of around 15 people were not allowed inside the police compound, and were asked to wait outside providing no reason for the action. It is my understanding that the polices who are public servants must be more polite and courteous when dealing with the public but it looks like they have a lot more to learn.

Paula Khoo who arrived at around 8:25am was having a little problem herself trying to enter the police station, although she was asked to report back. Her son was denied entry while her husband and lawyers have to somehow sweet talk their way in.

Half an hour later, Paula and her lawyers came out. Her bail was extended and told to report back on the 28th Jan 2009.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A One Way Tolerance MalaysiaKini Style!

Malaysia will always be enclave and be the odd man out in this world of diversity and openness across borders. What kind of leaders would want their country to disintegrate and using terms such as majority, religion and master of the land reasoning's to cause disunity among the races so that they can stay in power.

We cannot afford to have leaders of past generation mentality that have no foresight, no conscience, no leadership quality, no integrity, carrying excess baggage, corrupt and will never admit nor apologise for any wrong doing.

It is always the inclination that the majority win or the majority is right. Applying the majority of a particular race reasoning to deflect other minority from questioning one's right as a full citizen of the country shows the leadership have no conscience and quality. The minority is always reminded to be tolerance and sensitive to the majority but the majority can and need not be tolerance or sensitive to the minority.

Religion is a personal matter between oneself and God. In using religion as an excuse to fight for one particular race which is of majority against the minority religions and warning of its sensitivity is very unbecoming of a leader. The latest issuing of the fatwa on yoga is a muslim issue and many had voice out that non muslim should not interfere. No one is interfering but is concern that one fatwa may lead to another fatwa that one day it will affect the non muslim. Why it will affect the non muslim is the reasons that they gave to fatwa yoga.

Malaysiakini report on the yoga ban; "'Let Muslims deal with it'" which I do not agree. Full Malaysiakini report here.

As Malaysians of all races and of different religions we are bound to intertwined with each other daily in many ways, such as schooling, working, activities, businesses and religious celebrations. Base on the reasons that they can fatwa yoga, soon there will be a total separation for muslim and non muslim in all kind of activities, separate school for muslim and non muslim, muslim cannot work at a non muslim companies, muslim customers for muslim shopping malls and the list can go on until non muslim have to be isolated like lepers on an island by itself. You think about it, non muslim have to be sensitive to muslim sensitivity but not the other way round.

As a Malaysian citizen irrespective of any race, we are master of this land. Trying to misinterpret or change the meaning of the constitution will not bode well for the country as a whole. If master of the land concept is still recognise worldwide, Obama would not have been elected as President of the United State.

To enable tolerance to work, it must be on both sides of the divide and not a one way tolerance.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bloggers Ashame To Be Associated With The National Alliance of Bloggers

What is happening to our Malaysiakini bloggers. Malaysiakini bloggers must set a new course and change its president.
What I understand about the The National Alliance of Bloggers is that it is non political and will resist by blogging of any bad calls and actions by the government. To help protect bloggers under the constant harassment of the government with threats to detain bloggers under the ISA.

But sad to say, this so call "The National Alliance of Bloggers" headed by a President who now wants to turn it into a propaganda machine for umno. My earlier posting on these realigned bloggers here and here.

I am truly ashame to be associated with this so call "The National Alliance of Bloggers" with its president who has his own self interest to take care off has now deviated from what this alliance is originally planned for.

The logo for bloggers united is being removed from my blog as of now. I am calling the committees of "The National Alliance of Bloggers" to take action against the president for his non committal to the original agendas and now is using it to serve his own purpose and umno.

Will Haris and Bernard do something about it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

American Gangster Or Our Own MalaysiaKini Gangster

Update: added video on the 9th Nov anti-ISA arrest

Last night I watched a dvd movie given to me by a friend title "American Ganster". It's nearly a 3 hours movie starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The story line is base on a true story in America's seventies during the Vietnam War.

In 1970s America, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas ( a black man ) a heroin kingpin from Manhattan, who is smuggling the drug into the country in the coffins of dead soldiers returning from the Vietnam War.

The movie captured the drugs movement from Asia into the streets of major cities of New York, Chicago, Detroit and others by this Frank Lucas who handle millions of dollars of drug transactions without going through middle man.

The main story is not about the drugs but of corruptions among the police force in New York. It tells how one honest detective with a handful of his own selected force were able to bring down Frank Lucas and bring to book nearly 75% of New York police force on corruptions.

Our own MalaysiaKini Gangster is in similarity of the American Gangster, not on the drugs situation but major corruptions and misused of power in our police force.

After the end of the movie, I was thinking to myself, there must be at least a few honest cops among our police force. If they are against corruptions and willing to fight against it, I am sure that there are ways and means for them to do something about it.

If these few honest cops of ours have the opportunity to watch this movie, I am sure they can learn a thing or two on how to fight corruptions but on the negative side, if they are not strong will enough they may instead learn how to be corrupted.

If there are any cyber troopers from the police force reading this post, I strongly encourage you to watch this movie and to inform your colleagues about it.

To all the other readers, watch this movie and if you have any friends in the police force, pass it to them.

The PDRM is totally at lost on how the policing of a nation works, instead they are going after peaceful gatherings and politicians with opposing views while rampant corruptions (above the table, as quoted by TM) are not fully checked and the crime rates are escalating with no view in sight of receding.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UMNO You Got A Lot To Learn From MalaysiaKini Royalties

Each time when the Royalties speak, we can see how true and sincere their statements are, especially the sorry state of affairs our nation is in.

But UMNO will not listen nor learn from the advises that are provided in the Royalties statements. They always think that they are the greatest and above everything else. Realigned bloggers go a step further, trying to spin the Royalties statements to boost their positions in umno.

Another truthful statement from Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah which everyone must take note, including umno the mumbo.

Full text of speech by Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah at the Diversity Matters Forum on Diasporas in the Commonwealth at Monash University, Sunway Campus on Nov 19, 2008.

The serious study of diversity and multiculturalism is precisely what the world needs at this critical juncture. I do not believe that we will ever approach the goal of human security until we are able to come to terms with our feelings of hatred, fear and apathy of our differences. If we were to spend but a tiny fraction of the resources poured into waging wars to promoting and appreciating how our differences work in our favour, rather than against it, the world would be an infinitely safer and more prosperous place.

Diversity is not only to be cherished; it is essential. I know this as an educationist for the store of knowledge does not increase until and unless there are differences in thinking. It is when there is stultifying uniformity that stagnation occurs. I know this as a Muslim for Islam recognises other religions. Islam itself is built on a history of myriad traditions. I know this as a Malaysian for what has built this country and made it strong are the contributions of its different communities. Malaysians of different races and religions have come together to put their shoulders to the collective plough despite their differences, something that many countries have not been so fortunate enough to share.

Large-scale migration of people, or in the language of this conference, diasporas, has been a constant feature in human history. As Ramesh Thakur, former Vice-Rector of the United Nations University and a noted scholar on human security, has written:
If human beings were not genetically programmed to travel vast distances, we would still be living in Africa. Whether our restlessness is rooted in curiosity about lands on the other side of the land or ocean, whether we seek to escape destitution and persecution “at home” or even whether we simply go astray, large-scale movements of peoples have been intrinsic to human nature and are an integral part of the human story.

From a purely economic perspective, theory would seem to support the presumption that international migration expands global output and increases global welfare. Moving labour from low productivity to high productivity countries improves allocative efficiency in the world economy. The persistence of large differences in average income between countries is prima facie evidence that allowing greater international labour mobility would raise world welfare. Thus, allowing labour to move across borders more freely would be a simple way to help narrow global income gaps.

But this, of course, is not the whole story. In receiving countries, public debate about immigration drives national politics, with recent electoral campaigns in Australia and the US each devoting substantial attention to the topic. Immigrants are often blamed for disrupting civil society, draining public coffers and lowering wages. At the same time, skilled immigrants receive credit for spurring innovation and the growth of technology sectors. To the extent that immigrants pay taxes and have the right to benefit from public services, they change the net tax burden on native residents. Once they become citizens, immigrants generally obtain the right to vote, altering domestic politics.

There are also sizeable effects on the sending country. Whilst emigration has brought a welcome financial windfall in the form of remittances, it has also drained poor economies of their most educated workers.

Among OECD countries, those with the largest immigrant presence in 2005 include Australia (24%), New Zealand (19%), Canada (19%) and the UK (10%). Australia, New Zealand and Canada are unique among receiving countries in using a point system (rather than quotas) for admission, in which individuals with higher levels of skill are favoured for entry. European countries take into account an individual’s refugee or asylee status in making immigrant admission decisions.

Among Commonwealth countries, India is the largest example of a diaspora-enriched, as well as enriching, country. There are estimated to be some 23 million non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin. They represent significant minorities of the population of the United Kingdom, the United States, the Gulf States and countries on the African continent. Their combined wealth is estimated to be over US$1 trillion dollars in 2007, a figure roughly equivalent to India’s GDP. The World Bank has estimated that remittances by overseas Indians in 2006 were in the order of US$27 billion dollars, a little more than 10 percent of total global remittances in that year.

Significant as these numbers are, they still do not describe the full contribution. Successful migrants often return to their homeland and create new businesses, thereby acting as growth catalysts. Overseas Indians have been a vital conduit for multinational companies seeking to do business in the country. The Indian government has astutely sought to tap the Indian diaspora network by offering tax and other benefits. The latter are therefore being engaged and integrated into the country’s economic growth and development strategies.

For the receiving countries, the economic gains can be enormous. They gain a willing and energetic workforce, a thriving pool of taxpayers, and a growing domestic market for goods and services. Migrants often also take an active part in the social life and governance of their adopted countries. Many emerge as top government officials, brilliant academics and business personalities. Malaysia is a prime example of how a diaspora of Chinese, Indians and other races have led to the creation of a more heterogeneous and prosperous state. Today, all are integral to the Malaysian landscape; all belong. At the same time, Malaysians from all walks of life can be found all over the world and many have distinguished themselves in various fields.

I mention all these things with the full knowledge that there is already a long and rich discourse on these issues. I understand that among the important issues that will be discussed at this forum are how to ensure that the many diasporas are included, engaged and integrated in their adopted countries. In the remaining time available, allow me to share with you three perspectives on this issue.

First, diasporas can only be consistent with pluralistic societies. A pluralistic society is one that not only tolerates but appreciates and encourages the active participation of those of different races, cultures and lifestyles. Fundamental to the creation of truly pluralistic societies are two fundamental principles, that of equality and fairness. Of course, to ensure that these two principles are more than just nice thoughts and are vigorously enforced, the rule of law is required. And for the rule of law to be operational, there must be the most meticulous observation of the doctrine of separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary. In the UK in 1981, the Scarman report pointed out how minorities often had difficulty in getting good behaviour from the police and felt that they were discriminated. I have spoken long and often about these matters and do not wish to do so here. I also do not wish to appear to reduce the entire problem of managing diversity to a matter of the law. I do think, however, that it is a most basic building block underpinning pluralism.

Second, the principles of equality and fairness suggest a preferred policy of integration rather than assimilation. Integration accepts and enlists; it does not coerce. It respects and values differences as legitimate. Integration seeks a confederation of peoples and cultures unified by common values and voluntarily cooperating towards the common good.

Assimilation, on the other hand, seeks to change language, customs, religions and even worldviews. Nation-building was once thought to be impossible unless differences were subsumed into the dominant norm. Most of the time this has been achieved through relentless and merciless force. In the name of unity, immigrants have been forced to change their names, banned from using their mother tongue and prevented from holding certain jobs.

The integrationist path to nation building is a difficult one to pursue. In many ways more difficult than attempts at forced assimilation. In all of human history, wars have been waged over attempts to compel dissimilar communities either to fit into a uniform mould or else forcibly exclude them. Sadly, even today, there are those whose primary response to diversity is to pound those who are dissimilar into submission. They often react to diversity by insisting on socio-cultural uniformity rather than adaptability.

Integrationist approaches, it must be admitted, are beset by their own problems. Some countries that practice multiculturalism end up having significant enclaves of isolated and alienated communities. Each community stays in its own little box without contact with other communities. These communities are not bound by common ties or interests with mainstream society. Rather, they regard their adopted country in a purely utilitarian way, as places to eke out a living rather than a cherished homeland.

Which brings me to my third point. Integration is a gradual process consisting of many acts over many generations. By and large, immigrants everywhere have common needs and wants. They want food on the table, money to spend, their children educated and to be able to lead useful lives. They desire good homes, a physically secure environment, good healthcare and protection in their golden years. But many, especially those of subsequent generations, will also yearn for a deep sense of belonging and identity. To be incorporated into the wider community and not to be treated as strangers.

In this regard, the effort of some Commonwealth governments to introduce deliberate diversity policies in their public services is therefore a timely and responsive measure that can have manifold consequences down the line. Diversity needs to be promoted at every level, down to local governments and communities.

The idea behind multiculturalism is that countries with people of different cultural backgrounds should allow them to live a free life without being forced to do things they don’t want to do. What characterizes democratic life is that it is the person who decides ? whether he or she wants to adjust more and be absorbed, or remain aloof. At the same time, the need to forge a community of people with shared values and interests remains paramount. The French riots in 2005 served as a reminder about what can happen if a country allows its immigrant communities to drift in the fringes of society without meaningful integration.

Where do we draw the line between the individual’s right to live the life he or she chooses and the need to forge a cohesive society? The notion that the burden of responsibility rests solely with receiving countries is perhaps misplaced. On the part of immigrant communities, the spirit of respecting ands accepting local traditions, local history and system of government is equally important. A spirit reflected in the Malay saying ? “di mana bumi di pijak – di situ langit di junjung”.

Multicultural societies are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception. Contrary to the rhetoric, however, it is not becoming a source of strength. Mankind is failing - and failing badly – at creating a sense of community. Instead race, culture and religion have become the dominant discourse.

We must avoid falling into a new and destructive form of modern day tribalism. Nothing is inevitable. Cultures can co-operate as much as clash.

We need to reclaim religion from those who would distort its truths. We must reject radicalism and extremism of all types. If there is someone in my society who is hungry, or unemployed or sick and cannot afford treatment, then it diminishes me even if he is of a different race or religion.

source: sun2surf

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Indiscriminate Arrest - What Is the Police Trying To Proof

Malaysiakini reported that Tuition teacher Paula Khoo arrested at anti-ISA vigil on Saturday night. More at Malaysiakini
Everyday as you move along from one destination to another you are bound to notice that the law "prohibiting the gathering of more then four people" (illegal gathering) were broken every minute of the day and everywhere.

Our country's top leaders keep on reminding us that action will be taken should anyone broke any of the country's law. Their big dirty mouths keep spitting out this holy statement of theirs The "law is the law and no one is above the law".

Do they really meant what they say and order the police to act strictly according to the law, even if a crime is committed by the sons or son in laws of any leaders or members of the ruling parties?

I am 100% agreeable for the police to take action against anyone who broke the law of this country. But when action is taken against a person who committed an offence while another person is allow to commit the same offence with no action taken, then, there is a cause for concern.

Let me take you back to the latest arrest of Paula Khoo and the "Penang Anti ISA Light A Candle Vigil" on the 15th Nov 2008.

The Esplanade as usual is flooded with people on a Saturday night. I can see groups of people walking, sitting or fishing along this beautiful seafront. Nearby, the hawker center with two separated areas, one for selling halal food and the other for non halal were crowded as well.

You can see family members of 8 enjoying the tasty food while another group of 10 people talking ever so loudly as they drink their beer. As I walk towards the location where the vigil is to be held, I saw a bus load of passengers, most likely local tourist, disembarking. They look very happy upon seeing the beautiful night scene of the Esplanade, some started clicking away with their modern digital cameras. I roughly estimated there are about 30 people in this group.

I could easily see at least 10 groups comprising more than 5 people enjoying themselves at various parts of the Esplanade.

At this moment my mind does not provide me any hint at all that almost all the people having a good time at the Esplanade were committing an offence according to the law of the country.

The vigil started at 8pm sharp with the welcome message from the MC. She invited speakers to take the stage to speak their thoughts and bring awareness to the public about the expired draconian ISA Act. The ISA is good to fight the communists and terrorists but when it is used indiscriminately against those who speak or write the truth and voice their concern against the ruling government, then, this ISA Act does not serve its original purposes anymore and must be repealed.

In between speakers, the MC also played the guitar and sang a few songs to the delight of the audiences who join in the singing as well. A carnival like environment, I should say.

Many people knew that a few SBs were mingling among the crowd before the event starts and they could not be bothered with them. Half way through the event, 6 to 8 uniformed police arrived and stand along side the crowds. Everything was peaceful, just like the other crowds that I mentioned earlier, everyone just having the fun and enjoyment spending their weekend time at the Esplanade.

What could go wrong, nothing, the crowds are not going to start a riot or start hurling stones even with the arrival of 5 FRU personals just five minutes before the event ended.

The event came to a close just before 9pm and while the organiser start to pack their things, we heard the police issuing orders for the crowd to disperse within ten minutes. The police was clarifying with one of the organiser that this gathering was without permit.

While everyone was busy talking, organisers moving their equipments and others just standing around, two policewomen quietly escorted the MC to a white van which we learn a little later that she was taken to the Pattani Road Police Station for interrogation.

More details of the arrest and the aftermath at the police station from Lucia, Zorro, Antares and Malaysiakini.

Why the arrest or rather the indiscriminate arrest?

If the police are just doing their job and following the law they need to arrest her as the gathering is without a permit. Fair, very fair I would say. But what about the other groups hanging around the Esplanade, why are they not arrested as well?

The government had spoken, "nobody is above the law". Right and good. Can I ask a stupid question, did the 5 FRU apply for a permit to gather at the Esplanade? If not why? They cannot be above the law. Did the 6 to 8 uniformed policemen apply for a permit to gather at the Esplanade? We do not care whether its their job or they are performing their duties, but the law specify very clearly that any gathering of more than 4 people must have a police permit and nobody is above the law.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar had written "An Open Letter To The Inspector General of Police" and I abstract a portion to highlight what I am trying to say as well.

Compare, for instance, the experience of protestors outside the Bar Council and UITM students demonstrating against the admission of non-Malays this August with the treatment of participants in the anti-ISA vigil held earlier this month. While the third event had dispersed, spontaneous peaceful gatherings of small groups of citizens were acted against with force and culminated in numerous arrests. Though the earlier two events were by any comparison that much more aggressive, no action was taken despite the protest outside the Bar Council having disrupted a closed-door event.

Fellow Malaysians, where are we heading. The door to Freedom for this country is closing so fast that if we do not do anything now, a full police state will be installed when you wake up one fine day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wake Up Call - Pakatan Rakyat, You Are Under Attack

Malaysiakini reports on "Higher deficit budget for Penang", with a RM39.4 million deficit Budget 2009. More at Malaysiakini.
Being a Penangnite's, I will just hit or "attack" the Penang State Government and hopefully other States under Pakatan Rakyat will heed this wake up call.

Penang State now under PR rule, especially DAP must not repeat the same mistakes by the previous umno/bn government. The people voted PR for just one simple reason, and that is to see changes from the bad and mismanagement of the previous government to an open, creative and honest government with the State and the rakyat in mind.

I had read through various blogs that posted many negative views of the State Government with readers negative comments as well. This is not a good sign and we have Realigned Bloggers who are using their blogs and their latest tools, "the medias" to spin the other way round, claiming that "We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa" which is totally untrue.

This is my statement in an earlier posting titled, Realigned Bloggers Who Themselves Are Showing Their True Colours:

As bloggers especially socio-political blogs, we penned our thoughts which should be neutral and base on true facts. We will "attack" anyone that is perceived to have done wrong even if it is the party we are aligned too.

Its well over eight months since PR took over the State Government and there are good and bad decisions being made so far. We do not expect 100% achievement but at least there must be a certain level of visual improvement in the State.

There are bloggers who are attacking every decision that the State make, especially on the proposed wifi access throughout the State, transportation systems, the MOU with the Koreans on the proposed Golf Course and the “Kings of Tennis” debacle.

From what I observed, the bloggers who are leading the pack and most of the rakyat want to know everything inside out of any development plan proposed by the State Government even before any negotiation takes place.

This must be a tough call, but, if the State Government is really working towards the advancement and betterment of the State and the people, following DAP's CAT ideology, I am sure something can be worked out.

Even though the “Kings of Tennis” debacle was caused by private interest, the State Government must still share the blame for the debacle. We understand that any event, be it by the Government or private sector will still have to go through the Government to get all the necessary paper works and approval done.

To prevent any future debacles of any kind, the State Government must come out with a "Central Think Tank" (CTT) comprising of experience professionals ranging from Planners, Consultants of various fields, Environmentalists to NGOs. This CTT is not the EXCOs or Government officials nor politicians.

This CTT is an independent body, where they will study all preliminary private and Government development proposals, events etc, etc, that means everything that are of concern to the State and the public.

The CTT will have to gauge the pros, cons and evaluation of each development or event proposal and if deem necessary to arrange forum to get the feedbacks from the public. At this stage, the CTT is also responsible to disseminate informations to the public about all the preliminary private and Government development proposals and events on their studies and findings. Some projects may be confidential because of certain understanding with foreign investors, but, this does not stop the CTT from the evaluations and recommendations.

After completing the evaluation of each project, the CTT will then submit their findings and make recommendations to the Government whether the project is viable to proceed and also with the public endorsement. The Government will then decide base on the CTT recommendations and if any project falls in the negative evaluation, the Government will have to restudy or restructure the said project before implementation.

The public now wants to know more what the Government is planning or implementing projects that can be of benefits to them and not destroy the environment or causes certain negative effects.

My suggestion may not be so easily implemented, but I hope the State Government will look into something that works along this line.

We need to see a "Separation Of Power" decision making.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Realigned Bloggers Who Themselves Are Showing Their True Colours

Malaysiakini daily reporting about umno news but not on realigned bloggers showing their true colours for MalaysiaKini.
Ever since the famous blogger and the President of National Bloggers Alliance, Rockybru, slowly starting to realign himself to the shifting change in umno leadership, sometime in the middle of this year, I knew for certain that more bloggers of his kind will follow suit.

I just read the star spinning news about bloggers through Kickdefella blog and here is my take of what they are trying to spin and these realigned bloggers showing their own true colours.

“We are seeing the true colours of the socio-political bloggers,” explained Rocky.

There is a change in attitude. Bloggers are shown to be political activists.

“Those claiming they are for change are not walking the talk,” he said, citing the Selangor Government’s stand on the latest temple demolition. People are rearranging their hierarchy of trust. Before, trust was very high. Now we are slipping very fast.”
“I used to support Pakatan,” declared Zainol Abidin, 50 (aka Mahaguru58). “I felt we needed a change. I expected change. Now they have taken over five states and there is no change. So I am aligning myself to no one, not the Barisan, and I will whack Anwar (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) left, right and blue!”
Former journalist Nuraina Samad, whose 3540 jalan sudin has over a million hits, was more philosophical. The Government had come under “unbridled attack and some people now feel that enough is enough”, she said.

You can always sense the government control medias are spinning when you received a one sided views reporting. What rocky said is very true, for he himself is the one who shows his true colour and with his realignment to the umno new leadership, he is now a valuable assets to the news media.

You can easily pick some realigned bloggers to stand up together with you to condemn the five States under PKR rule for not effecting changes but does not identify what kind of changes they want. I am very sure that for each blogger who is not seeing any changes of the five States, there are ten bloggers who can see that the changes are on going even though there are so many obstacles along the way which these realigned bloggers know very well.

“Bloggers during the general election were for change,” she noted. “We walked together many times: the penguin walk, freedom walk, yellow march.”
If after the election, the PR had expected bloggers to continue with this line, they were disappointed. “We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa,”said Nuraina.

When bloggers try to point out corruption in Pakatan-held states, they become very combative and go on the offensive.

“Those Opposition bloggers even view neutral ones like me as pro-government. I am accused of not being supportive,” said Rocky.

Just one line statement “We can’t attack the DAP, Anwar, Teresa,”said Nuraina. with no examples or incidents that it occurs. I recall the only incident at rocky's blog about Teresa and utusan where rocky defended utusan (in the name "freedom of the press")for printing lies about the azan, where over 90% of comments do not agree with him. So, Zuraina, are you suggesting we must allow rocky to attack DAP Teresa with impunity even though rocky is hiding behind the freedom of the press argument to defend utusan for false reporting?

This statement When bloggers try to point out corruption in Pakatan-held states, they become very combative and go on the offensive. is again pluck out with no identification where such behaviors happens. Again, I recall that some kind of corruptions happen with some Perak excos. When this news broke, I remember reading from bloggers and their readers hitting hard at PKR for allowing it to happen. The latest is on the fuss over the Korean trip by the Penang State government. Without verifying, some bloggers including readers also hit at the DAP State Government. There may be a few who are combative and go on the offensive, which I think is because most of the cases have yet to be clarified.

Bloggers being dubbed by fellow bloggers as I see it. Bloggers Jeff Ooi, Haris, Bernard Khoo and other famous bloggers who trusted and believe in these so call realigned bloggers must have had it.

These realigned bloggers, all along are using them to fight their causes and that is to bring down badawi. Now the job is done, these realigned bloggers are showing their true colours stabbing other bloggers in full views and in broad daylight without even blinking an eyelid.

These realigned bloggers are now prepared to be used by umno to attack and split bloggers and to achieve umno's and their own agendas.



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