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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MCA Your Reputation Already Tarnished

The country is in turmoil, indiscriminate use of the ISA by umno to stay in power and here we have the MCA trying to regain their reputation..

Online news media Malaysiakini reported:

Azan controversy: MCA demands apology from Kit Siang

The DAP politician had claimed that an 'operative' from MCA had lodged a police report against Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, leading to her detention under the security law.

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has been urged to apologise for making a 'false allegation' against MCA over Seputeh MP Teresa Kok’s detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Does MCA not know that their reputation had already gone down the drain after the March 08 tsunami? Why create a huge cry over a small statement by Lim Kit Siang, which you claim is tarnishing MCA reputation. Trying to regain some sympathy votes for the 13th GE or a few seconds of fame through umno control TV stations highlighting your claim?

Let me tell you, there are a lot of things that you can do rather then follow the utusan trying to make a mountain of a mole hill regarding Teresa comment about the prison food.

There is no more reputation for MCA if MCA continue to kow tow to umno. I, as a Chinese Malaysian do not beg for anything but stand on my own two feet for justice and equality.

MCA can only get back its reputation if it got the guts to do the following:

Stand firm and stand united with all parties and NGOs who are oppose to the ISA and tell umno direct in the face to repeal this ISA Act immediately and release all detainees.

Pull out of barisan national and be an independent party if you find Pakatan Rakyat to hard to swallow.

One last note:
MCA had totally failed the Malaysian Chinese which MCA claimed to represent all this while.

Monday, September 22, 2008

PM Must Be Investigated For This Statement -Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini Headlines
I stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest
Former Sapp deputy president Raymond Tan claims that he had intervened in June to deter an anti-graft investigation against party president Yong Teck Lee.
More details at Malaysiakini.

If what is reported above is true, then something is very wrong with our legal system. There are many implications to it and I suggest that some legal expert from the bar council start investigating the PM and Raymond Tan for obstructing justice.

Has Yong Teck Lee committed any crime? If he had, then the police must take action and if Raymond Tan knew about any offence committed by Yong, he should assist the police investigation. Instead he stopped the PM from ordering Yong's arrest and by Raymond statement the PM did take his advise.

The next question, has the PM the power to over rule any police action by taking order from someone, whether to arrest or not to arrest anyone person? If he does, then my perception is that the PM order the police to arrest the journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and not the Ahmad who by law had committed a serious offence, Raja Petra and MP Teresa Kok by obeying the instructions given by someone of status just like Raymond Tan case with Yong Teck Lee.

The statement by Raymond Tan that he "stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest" prove all along that justice is not carried out according to the law of this country but to the command of UMNO leaders.

Can the PM be charged for obstructing justice? Will the bar council take a serious view and action into this kind of behavior and not just passing resolutions after resolutions but no actions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blogger "Kickdefella" Released Malaysiakini, Who Next?

Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz aka "Kickdefella" had being released according to Malaysiakini report. Scroll down to read more.

When you fly your flag this way you are

Good And Patriotic

When you fly your flag this way you are

Evil And Despicable

When you fly your flag this way you are

Well, you are alright because this flag is being raised this way by the government even though it does not look exactly like a Malaysian Flag. They can do and play around whatever they want with our flag and it is always right to them and even if you lodge a police report, no action will be taken.

Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz was released from police custody at 1pm today after being detained for two nights by the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID).

Immediately after his release, he was interviewed by officials from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in the CCID headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

He walked out of the CCID headquarters at about 4pm and was received by his family members and friends.

He was being investigated for posting allegedly seditious material in his blog kickdefella involving a campaign to fly the jalur gemilang upside down.

Penang DAP Abolish The ISA Ceramah

Before I write on the Anti ISA ceramah, lets read some of the recent remarks by some arrogant morons of this country.

PEKAN, Sept 19 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes that the release of Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok from the Internal Security Act (ISA) Friday will help subdue the furore over detentions under the Act.

The deputy prime minister said he welcomed Kok's release if the police felt that it was the appropriate thing to do.

What does this moron think when he make this remark? Does he mean that if we did not make any furore then Teresa will not be released even though she has not committed any crime that warrants the ISA arrest? What about the others detainees, there are as much furore about their ISA detention, why are they not released?

Malaysiakini - Utusan dares Kok to take lie detector test. At a packed press conference, the Malay daily reporter asks if the Seputeh MP would take the test to prove her innocence. Read full story at Malaysiakini here.

Can these people never able to just admit that they are wrong and say sorry? What are they trying to pull, a bullock cart trying to pull the cows?

I am just afraid that this country is moving on the reverse gear and these morons are thinking that they are moving in the space age.

Penang DAP Anti ISA Ceremah

Seeing the crowd at this ceramah can show Najib that the people are still furious with the ISA act. The usual crowd for previous such ceramah or forum will not receive more then 2 or 3 hundred people, but tonight Anti ISA ceramah attracted over 1,500 people.

The people are well aware that the ISA does not belong to the 21st century anymore and moreover they are not used as intended but to strike fear among the rakyat and against any opposition to the ruling government.

There are over 10 speakers who spoke in this Anti ISA ceramah. PKR send two speakers and one of them is the MP for Balik Pulau Yusmadi Yusoff. PAS send a convoy of supporters with their Parit Buntar MP, Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa as their speakers.
DAP have, Jeff Ooi, Chow Koon Yeow, Chong Eng, Liew Chin Tong, DAP vice president, Penang CM #2 and Penang Chief Minister.

The speaker I had admired and think is the best for the night is Dr.Mujahid Yusof of PAS. He speak base on a true Malaysian platform and not on race or religion. He was very supportive for any causes concerning Malaysian, irrespective of their race or religion. I first met him at the Penang Police HQ on the night when journalist Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested under the ISA. He was there to lend his support as well as on behalf of PAS.

Every speakers explain the reasons why the ISA has to be repealed and how it is being misused by UMNO/BN for their political enhancement. All were calling for the immediate release of Raja Petra, the Hindraf 5 and more than 60 others still in Kamunting.

Teresa Kok gave a short message recorded in KL and brought back by Liew Chin Tong. Overall it is a very inspiring ceramah that let the public knows the existing of the draconian ISA and how it is being manipulated and used by UMNO/BN for their own survival.

The last speaker is Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. He started off by condemning the wrongful use of the ISA arrest against Teresa Kok, journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and Raja Petra. He blasted UMNO/BN that they used the ISA because that they are weak now and fear of losing power. He stressed that the reasons given by the home minister for the arrest are ridiculous and make the laughing stock in the eyes of the world. He take the opportunity to speak about the development for Penang and will make Penang a well development state and set the best example in governing for the whole country. Penang will be the first state in the country to provide free wi-fi internet service within two years.

Two quotes for the night:

"There is only one race and that is the Human Race"

"Abolished the ISA, Abolished UMNO/BN"

Before I end I would like to mention that there are still 65 people held under this draconian ISA. You can see the list of ISA detainees here.

Nobody deserves detention without trial. If you want to support the repeal of the ISA please sign the Petition.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Freed MP To Sue Government For 'Unlawful Detention'

Freed MP To Sue Government For 'Unlawful Detention' - Malaysiakini

Parliamentarian Teresa Kok, who was released today after being held for seven days under the Internal Security Act, will sue the government for her ‘unlawful arrest and detention’, reports Malaysiakini.

PRESS Statement by YB Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament for Seputeh, Senior Exco for Selangor State Government and ADUN for Kinrara on Sept 19, 2008 at Petaling Jaya.

My ISA detention is without any legal or moral basis. It is a clear abuse of detention without trial

I have been released after being detained in solitary confinement in a 6ft by 8ft holding cell for seven days under the Internal Security Act. I was informed by the police that they detained me under Section 73(1) of Internal Security Act 1960, which means I have incited racial and religious tension and conflict.

After being detained for seven days under the guise of so-called investigations, the police failed to produce any evidence or proof of me being involved in the activities of causing racial and religious tension. They were only able to ask me few questions based entirely on the false and malicious article written by Zaini Hassan under the topic "Azan, jawi, JAIS, Uitm dan ba-alif-ba-ya" that was published in Utusan Malaysia on Sept 10, 2008.

The three main questions that the investigation officers asked me were:

i) whether I have mobilised a group of residents at Bandar Kinrara to present a petition to oppose to the azan at the Bandar Kinrara mosque;

ii) whether I have made a statement that 30% of the Selangor Islamic Department (JAIS) allocation is to be given to other non-Islam religious bodies; and

iii) whether I have opposed to the Jawi wording road signages in Kuala Lumpur.

I denied the first two accusations as I did not do any such things as accused. I also told them that the issue of opposing Jawi road signages in Kuala Lumpur was done in January/February 2008 at the request and following the pressure of resident associations. The resident associations, particularly in Taman Seputeh, were most unhappy because many of the road signages were changed arbitrarily by DBKL a few months before and changed again soon after this time with Jawi wordings. They were strongly opposed to this kind of wastage of public funds by DBKL.

I was quite surprised that there were no other questions posed to me besides these few main questions.

The Internal Security Act is meant to detain people who threaten national security. The three issues stated above have nothing to do with national security. If the police wanted to carry out investigations on me, they can always ask me to give statements in any police station and there was absolutely no need to detain me under the ISA for seven days. This is a phenomenal abuse of the power of police under the ISA.

Besides, it is nonsensical for the police to detain me under the ISA merely based on the unsubstantiated article written by an irresponsible columnist in Utusan Malaysia? How can they regard that article as the gospel truth without investigating the writer in the first place? How can Utusan Malaysia publish it without verifying the facts?

I wish to ask the police whether they have called Zaini Hassan and Utusan Malaysia's editors for questioning before and after my detention.

I know that the imam of Bandar Kinrara mosque has publicly denied that I got involved in the Puchong residents petition against the azan of his mosque on Sept 13. I am also quite surprised to read in the New Straits Times dated Sept 19 that the official of the Bandar Kinrara mosque was called by the Dang Wangi police for statement recording only yesterday afternoon. Why did the police do it so late, one week after I was arrested? Why didn't they check their facts first before they arrested me and put me behind bars?

I have been made scapegoat in the internal squabbles of Umno

I see my detention as a ploy by Umno to try to cover up the embarrassment and the outrage of the racist statements made by Ahmad Ismail in Penang. I wonder why did they choose an innocent person like me as I have never made any racist statements or racist speeches in the past?

I lodged a police report on Sept 17 against Utusan Malaysia, Zaini Hassan and Dr Khir Toyo for criminal defamation. I would therefore urge the police to investigate Utusan Malaysia's editors, those racist bloggers and Dr Khir Toyo under the Penal Code.

As I have mentioned in my previous lawyer's visit, I will sue Utusan Malaysia, Zaini Hassan and Dr Khir Toyo. I have also instructed my lawyers to sue the Malaysian government for my unlawful arrest and detention.

Raja Petra should be released

As I am free from ISA detention today, I also call for the release of Raja Petra, the Hindraf Five and all other 60 over detainees under the draconian ISA.

I would also like to thank all politicians in the ruling parties as well as in the Pakatan Rakyat, NGOs, churches and all social organisations who have campaigned and prayed for my release.

Press report from The Malaysian Insider

Teresa Kok Released - Malaysiakini


Update: Teresa Kok will be holding a press conference at 3.30pm at the DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

DAP Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was released at 1pm today, after being held under the Internal Security Act for a week, revealed her lawyer Sankara Nair, reports Malaysiakini.

The lawyer is on the way to meet her at the police station. Thank GOD that she is free now.

We must continue our prayers for the release of RPK and all the other detainees.

Reports are flowing in and will update as it comes.

Sign Petition To Free RPK, Teresa & All ISA Detainees

Please sign the petition to FREE RPK, TERESA & ALL ISA DETAINEES

I had Signed Have You!

Click Here To Sign The Petition

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz - Update 2

When you fly your flag this way you are

Good And Patriotic

When you fly your flag this way you are

Evil And Despicable

When you fly your flag this way you are

Well, you are alright because this flag is being raised this way by the government even though it does not look exactly like a Malaysian Flag. They can do and play around whatever they want with our flag and it is always right to them and even if you lodge a police report, no action will be taken.

Malaysiakini reported Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz has been remanded for a day to be investigated for posting seditious postings and is being transferred to Kuala Lumpur for further investigations. Detail report from here.

From The Star By IAN MCINTYRE,

KOTA BARU: Police on Thursday obtained a 24-hour remand order for blogger Syed Azidi Syed Aziz, better known as Sheih Kickdefella, who is under investigation for posting allegedly seditious statements on his blog.

He was brought to court around 1pm under escort by two burly plainclothes policemen in an unmarked four wheel drive vehicle.

Handcuffed, Syed Azidi who is an employee of the Kelantan Mentri Besar Incorporated firm, smiled and waved to a small group of supporters led by PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa at the magistrate’s court.

He is schedule to be brought to Kuala Lumpur later for further investigations under Section 4 (1) of the Sedition Act.

It is believed that the investigations are centred on his blog post calling for people to fly the national flag upside down as a protest to certain Federal Government policies and its leadership.

According to his wife Bariah Ishak, her husband looked pale and his lips were dry so she was worried because he suffers from low sugar levels.

”He is cautious about his food intake because his mother is a diabetic so I hope the police would consider his condition and perhaps offer him a carbonated drink when he breaks fast.”

Bariah, 37, said in the few moments she had to speak with him, Syed Azidi informed that he only received two packets of plain water besides some food since he was detained on Wednesday at the couple’s home in Demit.

The couple have four young children who have not been told of their father’s arrest but merely told that he has to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

Husam who is a close friend of the blogger, later told a press conference that this detention was a form of selective prosecution and that it was to intimidate bloggers active in cyberspace.

He would appoint lawyers to fight any charges posed against Syed Azidi.

State Deputy CPO SAC (II) Amir Hamzah Hussin said he was informed that the blogger would be brought to Kuala Lumpur since the police report concerning seditious statements was lodged there.

It is also learnt that the police have seized his laptop and several compact dics from his home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogger "Kickdefella" Arrested For Turning The Flag Upside Down??

Many are really piss off with the police force bias attitude. Many are also wondering why the police force are so efficient when any slight wrong doing or police report lodge against those who are against the government, immediate actions are taken, whereby so many police reports had being made against many bn wrong doers, including the PM Badawi and no action taken by the police force.

The latest arrest of blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.k.a Kickdefella for sedition from a police report against him for flying the Malaysian Flag upside down on his computer. Does it look how ridiculous the police force are.

When you fly your flag this way you are

Good And Patriotic

When you fly your flag this way you are

Evil And Despicable

When you fly your flag this way you are

Well, you are alright because this flag is being raised this way by the government even though it does not look exactly like a Malaysian Flag. They can do and play around whatever they want with our flag and it is always right to them and even if you lodge a police report, no action will be taken.

(Malaysiakini) The police have arrested another blogger, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, in Kota Baru this afternoon.

According to PAS parliamentarian Husam Musa, the blogger ( was picked up from his house.

Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, who works for the state government, was detained at about 5pm by a three-member plainclothes police team. His laptop was also confiscated.

Checks with his wife Bariah Ishak revealed that the popular blogger was arrested under the Sedition Act.

"The police said my husband was arrested based on a police report filed in Kuala Lumpur," she said.
The father of four will be brought to Kuala Lumpur.

Upside down flag

In a posting on his blog dated Aug 23, Syed Azidi (under the title Siasat Kickdefella Dibawah Akta Hasutan) had written that a pro-Umno website by a minister was calling for him to be investigated under the Sedition Act.
Read Malaysiakini full story here.

What Happen Now, 16 September 2008 Is Over?

The war is still on going, the route to capture the capital city is not that easy. Yes, 16th September comes and goes and the talk of taking over the capital city did not materialized. Many are disappointed while the opponent is relief and still acting arrogant.

There are many reports and news about the thousands that attended the Malaysia Day gathering, including this blogger, at Kelana Jaya Stadium on the 15th September. Malaysiakini reports about this gathering here.

I specifically went down from Penang to attend this gathering was to show my protest against the ISA arrest of Teresa Kok, Raja Petra and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng (since released).

I need not go through the details of the gathering as many must have read about it through Malaysiakini and other reliable online blogs and news media.

The important point here is that a majority of the public do not agree with these ISA arrests. I had spoken to a few malays whom I met while taking the trip to the gathering, by bus, LRT, Monorail and taxi. All of them indicate that they are not happy about these ISA arrest thing.

I read this posting from Teresa Kok blog "Sassy MP" and request all of you to,

Let's Cheer Up Teresa

We’ve decided we’ll bring some cheer to Teresa and everybody can be part of this initiative.

Being locked up in a small room with no windows and only artificial lights is very intimidating, especially when one starts to lose track of time and the body and mind struggle to adjust to the new hostile environment.

We encourage you to write to her with messages of support. Send the email to and we will print them out and try to get her lawyer(s) to pass them on to her when they meet.

1) If you want to remain anonymous and not have your personal details printed, put “anonymous’ in the subject field.

2) If you prefer the email not be printed but left on server for her to read when she gets out, please put “private” in subject field.

Wouldn’t it be great coming home and finding one has MORE mails than spams?

Please do something for her and cheer her up by writing a short note.

My thoughts on Anwar's take over plan.

This is just like a war to take over a country but does not involve soldiers killing each other. This is a psychological and political war between one man and the whole government. Although the 16th September promise did not materialized, the government was totally shaken and chaos reign within their leaders and members of the coalition partners because of just one man.

From the beginning, although I am hoping for a change of government, I feel that Anwar does not have the numbers to do so. Other then himself and maybe one or two of his closest aides, no one else knows if he can or has the numbers to take over the government.

What he is trying to do is to create as much tension and chaos among the ruling government especially UMNO to self destruct. By claiming that 30 or so MPs are crossing over to allow him a slim majority to take over seems to work. UMNO press the panic button by sending around 50 of their MPs overseas for a so call study tours which nobody believe. Sensing that the study tour does not convince the public, they use the ISA on Raja Petra, an innocent journalist, Tan Hoon Cheng and a woman MP, Teresa Kok hoping that riots will start and they can take the opportunity to rule by emergency. This also backfire.

All actions seem not to be working for UMNO and neither it is working for Anwar who thought that the chaos and tension he created within BN/UMNO will led to more MPs fleeing BN/UMNO to join PR just before 16th September.

So after 16th September, there is no winner or loser and the whole game of poker will have to start from fresh.

Have Faith, Hope And The Strength To Fight This War.
Although it looks like Anwar maybe bluffing this time round, I have Faith and Hope that he has the strength to fight this war until the day we have a change of government. The important thing he must ensure is that no riots and chaos are started because of his acts to take over the government. If it cannot be done now, be patient and wait till the next General Election.

I am hopping that the rakyat will not be taken in because 16th September did not materialized and start to blame Anwar or calling him a liar.

Let us all continue to have faith, hope and strength to see that one day the change of government will happen.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Released But The Bar Council Must Act Against The Home Minister

Thank GOD that Tan Hoon Cheng is safe and being released.

Malaysiakini headline : Sin Chew reporter released
Sin Chew Daily senior reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was released by the police this morning and she is now safely in her house in Bukit Mertajam.
Malaysiakini has the full report here.

A sigh of relieve for everyone especially her parents and family members. Where do we stand after her release, can we just let it stop here after reading the reason for her arrest by the home ministry?

The report from The Star Online,

Speaking on the one-day arrest of Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, who was arrested under the ISA, he said Tan was detained under Section 73(1) of the Act in order to ensure her safety.

He added that police intelligence indicated that there were threats to her life after she reported on Bukit Bendera division Umno chairman Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s allegedly racist remarks.

Section 73(1) Internal Security Act 1960:
“Any police officer may without warrant arrest and detain pending enquiries any person in respect of whom he has reason to believe-

1. that there are grounds which would justify his detention under section 8; and
2. that he has acted or is about to act or is likely to act in any manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia or any part thereof or to maintenance of essential services therein or to the economic life thereof.”

I do not see any mention of "for one's safety" in this section. The home minister is talking through his @sshole and even have no shame to mention "there were threats to her life."

She had to endure nearly 24 hours being confined in the police station. Is this the way to protect someone from being threaten. She was arrested at her house at 8:30pm by some 10 personel of the police force and taken to Bandar Perda. Upon hearing that she would be taken to the police headquarters in Penang I rush down there to lend my support. She was wisked in by the side entrance without anyone knowing and held till the morning before she is released.

So is the home minister trying to say that the threats to her life is over after spending a night under Section 73(1) Internal Security Act.

The Bar Council must take action against this incompetence home minister and sue the government for wrongful arrest.

Our vigilant and protest must not end here, we must stand united to fight of this draconian ISA which should have been buried a long time ago.

Please come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng.

Tan Hoon Cheng May Be Release Today

Malaysiakini reports,
The home minister says that Sin Chew Daily senior reporter Tan Hoon Cheng may be released from Internal Security Act detention as early as today. Malaysiakini can be accessed here.

We just have to wait until she is really being released, we cannot take the words of the flip flop government anymore.

The star reported that the home minister claimed that she is not arrested but under protection for her safety. Can you believe that? They cannot admit any wrong. Just admit that you make the wrong decision to arrest her, at least we can accept that.

More details to follow, stay tune.

Help From Big Brother - Malaysiakini

What crime has these three innocent Malaysians committed to warrant such a drastic ISA Arrest ?

Whatever game the government is playing, we must not fall into their evil hands.

Throughout the blogsphere, we are calling all Malaysians to stay cool although we know how angry and mad we are at this ISA Arrests.

A little comfort to hear from Malaysiakini report, The United States summoned Friday Malaysia's top envoy in Washington to protest its crackdown on dissent at a time when the opposition was attempting to take over power in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysiakini can be assessed here.

In the meantime while we wait for more news about the three brave Malaysians, please read the following obtained from People's Parliament to lend your support.

It does look as if BN’s implosion has gone into overdrive.

Question is who’s driving this new Ops?

Angry reactions to the arrests today by Gerakan secretary-general Chia Kwang Chye and MCA Youth legal bureau Gan Ping Sieu might suggest that this may have been decided upon without consultation with BN component parties.

Or is this akin to the Najib-Lee Kim Sai wayang kulit of 1987?

Whoever’s behind it, we know what they want.

They hope to create fear in as many of us as is possible.

And they hope to stir angry reactions in some of us.

Don’t fear them. Fight them.

But we fight them on our terms and on our call.

We fight them smart.

They’ve started to intimidate the MSM with show cause notices to three newspapers and detained Sin Chew’s Tan Hoon Cheng.

RPK’s been taken in and word is out that a few other bloggers, myself included, are next.

They’re trying to curb newsreporting so that they have a greater control on reporting of what might soon follow.

What might soon follow may well be in some way connected with Ahmad Ismail’s announced road show through the country to explain to party divisions about the controversy.

Recall what he has been saying first at the ceramah before the election and at his two press conferences and you would have a good idea of what will be canvassed through the country.

Their going to try and agitate reactions from us on the ground.

Enough reaction for them to lay blame for the same on others that they are targeting to detain.

Our opposition politicians. The very ones who we hope will soon take over the reigns of the federal government.

And then emergency law.

Don’t fall for this. Don’t let this happen.

We fight them smart and on our terms.

I’m going to add one more point to abu sayap’s list.

As I write this, I know that Pakatan politicians are hard at work trying to deliver this nation from this evil that is on the throes of death. I know that DAP has got its legal team looking into YB Teresa’s situation. RPK’s legal team has got down to work as I’m sure has the team of lawyers for Hoon Cheng.

You and I will have to do our part.

First, we do not fear them or fall for their agitations.

Then, we send messages out to everyone we know and who trust us and tell them the same. BN is going to try and cause trouble so please stay calm and do not react.

It’s important that we send these messages out.

A vigil for tonight at Bukit Aman has been announced. Do not fear. Go. Continue to sms to all you know to attend. And keep it peaceful.

A solidarity will be held on 15th September at the Kelana Jaya stadium. Do not fear. Go. Continue to sms to all you know to attend. And keep it peaceful.

As I write this, initiatives are being planned. They will be announced throughout blogosphere.

These initiatives cannot work without your optimum participation.

Oh, and if they do take me in, this blog will not shut down. Arrangements have been made.

Please help to spread this news to everyone you know.

Latest From Penang - Tan Hoon Cheng ISA Arrest

As I blog this, my heart is bleeding and tears forming inside my eyes. What is the Government trying to prove, that they are powerful and can just arrest you as and when they like. This is just like, the victim of a robbery is detain while the robber is set free.

When I saw the news on Malaysiakini that journalist Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested under the ISA and with informations from some journalists that the police is taking her to the Penang Headquarters, I immeadiately drive down to lend support.

When I reach there around 10pm a small crowd of about 200 people including journalist were already there. DAP and Gerakan representatives were there and a little later PAS MP for Parit Buntar shows up to lend support as well.

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng arrive around 11pm. Everyone there condemned the use of the ISA and reporters were pressing for statements from the Executives.

Tan Hoon Cheng arrived without anyone knowing because they enter through the side door while everyone is waiting at the main entrance.

A small group of youngsters then light the candles and sang song. PAS members also joy in to support the candle lighting.

At around 11:40pm PAS Parit Buntar MP gave another statement before he leaves. He said that this is not about race and he condemned the use of the ISA which PAS has being opposing for a long time. He then informed that Teresa Kok was also arrested under the ISA a few minutes earlier.

Just before I left at around 12:10 midnight the crowd had swollen to above 300 people and Tan Hoon Cheng is still inside the police headquarters. Six FRU were transported into the headquaters. I left after hearing that Teresa Kok was arrested and my heart is so disturbed that I nearly took the wrong road back.

Now at home and confirmed from Malaysiakini report that Teresa Kok is also under arrest.

There is nothing that you and I can do but pray that the polices and the government come to their senses and not just think about power and the gravy train. These arrests are not really because of the country security but their own.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Very Important Message Regarding RPK Arrest

By now many of you must have known that Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested under the ISA early this afternoon. More reports are coming in through Malaysiakini and many other blogs and online medias. Many are angry and some are in the mood of protesting by demonstration. Before you do anything stupid:

Please read the following message from Malaysia Today and watch Marina Lee Abdullah's video message.

Message From Malaysia Today

Remember May 13. The government is trying to use the same methods to make people angry so that if we all take to the streets to protest, it will basically give them a free ticket to arrest more people. So we must be clear on what NOT to do. Let's not fall into their trap.

I am being told many political party leaders are now talking about what is proper to say in public, so when commenting please exercise the same restraint.

Next, we also need to know that RPK has not associated himself to any power or position. He is just like you and me except that he means well, can swear better and can talk louder. So, there is NOTHING for the government to gain by arresting him except to perpetuate their rule and to create the emotions to help them stay in control.

People are not stupid or ignorant anymore. Today, we have the internet and mobile phones. We can always alert each other on the progress. Unlike 1969, when you are thirsty for news, you may get angry and you would go to the streets. Not today.

So stay tuned to the developments as we bring them to you. But please stay cool, keep properly informed and do not over-react.

MT team

Malaysiakini latest report Final interview: RPK saw it coming.

If you want to show your support please help to get this sms out far and wide.

‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

Translation from People's Parliament

Edmund has sent in this Chinese translation of the sms.


Thanks, Edmund.

From mei1. Thank, mei1.


From CC Liew. Thanks


Michelle’s. Thanks

RPK被ISA逮捕了。为了表示对RPK的支持, 请在2008年9月15日,晚上8点,到Kelana Jaya体育馆。

Malay translation from Shar101. Thanks, mate.

“RPK di-tahan bawah ISA. Sebagai tanda bersatu hati, anda di-jemput menghadiri perhimpunan di-stadium Kelana Jaya pada 8 mlm 15hb Sept 2008. Sila edarkan”


RPK ISA'ed, Ahmad Ismail A Free Man - Malaysia Boleh?

Update: Please show your support ‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

For more details please visit Haris Blog, Zorro, Din Merican.

Malaysiakini breaking News,

Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been detained under the Internal Security Act at 1.10pm today, says his wife.

Picture courtesy Malaysiakini.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin being detained under the ISA, under what crime. Well, you can always be detained under the ISA for not committing any crime as the ISA is "detention without trial". Without a trial there is no proof of you being guilty of any crime. The safest way to avoid being detained under the ISA is to be an UMNO member, like one Ahmad Ismail who had created the worst racial tension in the country history and yet he is a "FREE MAN" today.

Fellow Malaysian, the ISA is used against RPK not because he is a threat to society but a real threat to the people in the corridor of power. Only the coward will use the ISA to protect their self interest.




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