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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Am Begging Again For The Sultan To Speak Out

umno force Perak State Assembly to be held under the trees which approves Three Motions with Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin still as Perak MB and Speaker V Sivakumar holding the sitting of the Perak assembly.
On Feb 13th I had make a posting requesting the Sultan of Perak to speak out to the people and stop all the nonsense perpetuated by evil umno. Read the full posting here.

Till date, the Sultan is still not taking any action. Yes the Sultan is suppose to be above politics but the Perak crisis, whether one likes it or not involve the palace.

As the day passes, the crisis is turning uglier and all the rule of laws and democracy just disappeared from this country.

I am very sure the Sultan is being kept informed of the daily happening (hopefully your advisers are giving you the true picture) and now Perak is more or less under police State. Evil umno is yielding all kinds of unlawful actions to stay in this illegal power grab.

I need not give details of what is happening in Perak today as all major online news and blogs have presented the scenario.

My question to you, the honorable Sultan, is whether the actions taken by evil umno is righteous? Do you want to see your ruling State becomes a police state, in chaos or under emergency rule?.

I am begging once again for the honorable Sultan of Perak to come out and speak to the rakyat and do something about it. Please stop the crisis now before it turn disastrous and destroy Perak in total. With your continue silence which to evil umno, means consent to whatever illegal actions they are taking now, i.e to destroy Perak beyond recognition. They talk of change, listening to the people and have the rakyat at heart and yet their actions are way off from their talk.



  1. Richard, from what I see there is no honor anymore in the suppose-to-be honorable people. He has kept silent for so long, allowed the BN to do all their dirty tricks... so how can we expect him to turn against BN and allow the Perak state assembly to be dissolved for a new election?

  2. Sultan is not God.
    sultan is not above the law.
    sultan should listen to the people.
    This is a democratic country, not sultanocracy.
    sultan should not abuse his power.
    Malaysia has a system of constitutional monarchy, not abosulute monarchy.



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