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Friday, February 13, 2009

Right Or Wrong, Perak Sultan Must Speak Out For The Good Of Malaysiakini

Letters to Malaysiakini 'Sultan's powers being questioned, not sultan, so what is umno crying about?
From what I see, things are getting out of hand after the Perak crisis. Evil umno is going out to destroy this country just to prove that what they did before and now are never wrong. They are using whatever law, after being twisted by them, to ensure they remain in power. They are going out for the kill.

The police are now seen as a political tool to evil umno. A paragraph from Khoo Kay Peng blog Straight Talk speak of it in a better way.

I have said before that the police should not allow themselves to be used as a political tool by the politicians. Unfortunately, in the case of Perak, they have acted in ways which will be hard to justify their independence.

Karpal Singh is now being targeted for wanting to sue the Sultan. Even with all the experts clarifying that it is not wrong for Karpal to take legal action against the Sultan's decision, the police are so adamant to pursue with the false reports by over 80 umno members and mca.

An abstract of what the experts Raja Aziz Addruse & Ding Jo-Ann have to say as reported at February 12, 2009

No one exercising his constitutional right of access to the courts should be branded as being disloyal to the rulers or threatened with preventive detention under the Internal Security Act. Was it not the BN government that sought to justify the removal of the personal immunity of the Malay rulers in 1993 on the grounds that no one was above the law?

From what I can gather, the actions by the police and evil umno members are to rein in all those who try to seek justice for what purportedly is the wrong doing of evil umno. They are using the Sultan as their shield and defence to commit all these unjustified actions.

With due respect to the Sultan Of Perak, whether your decision is right or wrong, you must speak out to the people and stop all the nonsense perpetuated by evil umno. There may be claimed that you are being misled, blackmailed or being bought by najib. I, for one would not believe in all these but your decision had spark a lot of rumors when people started to dig out every connections in dealings between the royalties and the public.

Your highness is well respected and highly knowledgeable about laws and the Constitution of the State and country. Evil umno is now trying to use treason and the ISA against anyone who disagree with your decision and those taking legal action against your decision. For the good of the State and the country and before evil umno continue to destroy whatever is left, I plea with your highness to speak out now and advise all parties to restrain from what they are doing. Please advise evil umno and the police the truth, whether the rakyat can take legal actions against your decision or is it "treason" to do so.

Your Highness, before any untoward incident happens, please speak out to your rakyat now.

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