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Thursday, March 26, 2009

umno General Assembly - We Are Fcuked One Way Or Another

The umno general assembly is closely watch and monitored by politicians and political analysts but I am wondering why the general public are getting into it as well. I did not wait for the umno election results and had an early sleep and it was a good sleep.

Many will argue that it is important because whoever is elected will become our country's leaders. Where is your faith may I ask? Our call for total change of the Federal Government is more important than the umno state assembly and we are already within striking range to capture Putra Jaya. Use whatever energy we have to continue our fight for total change.

mahadthir had called upon najib to form a clean government. The government is run mainly by elected umno members and pray tell me which candidate including the self elected najib, in the present umno assembly is clean. mahadthir cannot name even one candidate that is clean. So whoever is elected we are fcuked.

To me this umno general assembly to elect our country's leaders will be their last and their future assembly will have no further impact on us when comes the 13th GE, a new Federal Government will be formed.

I will not follow today's umno election as well, for the results will not influence me or disrupt my effort to continue our struggle for total change.

What we need to do is prepare our ground work, give our full support and commitment to Pakatan Rakyat and help out in whichever way we can to ensure we have a new Federal Government comes the 13th GE. Please bear in mind that PR may not be 100% perfect but we can expect that their performance will be much better than umno/bn.

We need to give PR a chance to show their capabilities and if their performance is not up to expectation we can decide their faith comes the 14th GE.

Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selemabau and Batang Ai needs our full support in their coming by elections. I will be at Bukit Gantang this Sunday for the nomination and hope to team up with other bloggers to help and show our support. I will post more details about it and list other bloggers from other areas that you can contact should you want to help and lend your support.

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