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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Najib Acts To Clean Up Umno ???

Najib must be the best actor among the present umno/bn leaderships to perform his acts just before taking over the premiership.

Before we go further into najib's acts, let's see what is the meaning of act, abstracted from a dictionary:

Act; To exert power, to produce effects, to be in action or motion, to carry into effect a purpose or determination of the mind, to behave or demean, or conduct one's self, to perform, as an actor.

My GOD, how I hate umno/bn political leaders. They always have the courage to talk about change, clean the act, promise this and promise that when they are about to become the PM. Mahathir and badawi were very brave to convince the rakyat about their good plans , changes to come and all the nice promises before they are the PM, and what do you see with your own eyes, TOTAL DESTRUCTION !

Which phrase did you chose to define the act as mentioned by najib? I choose "demean" and "as an actor". Can you take the word of a person with so many baggages hanging around him to believe in what he said and promises. Most of what he described as things that need to be cleaned up and reformed are part and parcel of himself. If he does not reform and clean up himself first, how is he going to clean up umno?

Please continue reading what the star reported to understand my above posting.

You can use any of the above phrase to determine for yourself what najib means when he said, We Must Clean Up Act

The Star 18 March 2009
Najib: We must clean up act

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno has to clean up its act because a large proportion of the people in the country view Umno as arrogant and steeped in unhealthy practices, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Deputy Prime Minister said: “We have to clean up. I have said openly before and I am not just saying this in front of a couple of MBs from the other side (Opposition leaders).

If we don’t change, we will be changed. It is no secret we have to change. Insya-Allah, we will try to put (it) right and if we put right, people will support us,” said the Umno deputy president whose audience included Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Najib’s declaration came at the same time as a press conference that was being held at the Umno headquarters in which some of the contenders for the top posts in next week’s party elections were tied with allegations of money politics.

He was fielding questions from the audience after launching a report on the National Integrity Plan at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity yesterday,

A member of the audience had asked Najib if he was prepared to sacrifice “one of the big fishes” in Umno who was embroiled in allegations of money politics for the coming party polls.

Najib promised to bring reform once he took over the helm as party president.

“I have a few suggestions on what to reform in Umno. There will be reforms in Umno and I will address that later. I will not say now (but) I will say when the time comes,” he said.

Najib said Malaysians would only throw their support behind a Government that was open and transparent.

“The Government must cultivate the trust and confidence of the people. One way to get the people to trust us is by being transparent and to tell the truth. And I am committed to doing that,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, Najib stressed that it was important for a “chief executive officer” of an organisation to pick the right man to help him steer the organisation.

He explained that the common factors a boss looked at when choosing a man for a key position were ability, acceptability, integrity and loyalty.

“For me, integrity should be put first among the factors followed by ability. But sometimes in practice, it is more prone to put loyalty first.

“That is so because we might feel compatible with a person who is loyal to us. Nevertheless, if that person is loyal but without integrity and no ability, he can bring the downfall of the boss,” he said.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha! Reform? Just as charity begins at home, reform should start with himself first! He has already flexed his muscles by starting the witch hunt.. targeting members who are not on his side?



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