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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let Us Be Human For The Day, Forget About C4, Batang Ai, Perak Crisis...

Some rakyat and leaders of this country looks like human, talk like human, walk like human but may not be human. See how the rule of law can be bend to the extend that it is deem non existence, brutal killings of Altantuya, Kunan and God knows how many more. Human practice the rule of law and only non human practice the law of the jungle.

Today, I am not posting any of these non human issues or their acts.

I just want got this from Dr. Hsu's blog and had visited the webpage. I copy in full what Dr.Hsu had written in his blog:

If you are a son or daughter to someone, or if you are a father or mother to someone, please, do go to this link and see the slide show for yourself..

This is important, and pls send the link to as many as possible, your children, your parents, your cousins, your friends….Even if we cannot change what is outside our family, we can certainly change this within and make the world a little bit more comfortable to our loved ones…

I was moved to tears when i went through this slideshow, and I am not ashamed. My only sad feeling is I have lost my parents who both died in my care about 10 years ago, all almost 90 yrs old. HOw i wish they are still around!!!

Pls do g to this link no matter how busy you are, and this is one request that I seldom make…Do not disappoint me:

click this link:

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