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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gerakan, MCA - You Are Right And You Are Wrong

(The Star) - Gerakan vice-president Huan Cheng Guan has called on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to resign if there is evidence that members of the DAP-led state government are involved in corruption.

‘‘Practise what you preach. Lim has been going around saying his government is the cleanest ever but now there is an allegation of wrongdoing in his government,’’ Huan said.

He said that as a matter of principle, Lim should be responsible for the actions of his subordinates.
State MCA deputy liaison committee chairman Eng Hiap Boon urged the panel to hasten the probe and practise the concept of Compe­tency, Accountability and Transparency that the state government had espoused to.

Gerakan And MCA You Are Right

I do not condone corruption either, be it DAP, PAS, PKR, umno, gerakan, mic or mca. I would urge a full investigation to be carried out and those involved be charged and sacked. I hope gerakan and mca will agree with me.

Gerakan And MCA You Are Wrong

Gerakan, MCA, you know very well that macc is a tool of umno and they will never take any action against umno/bn members as long as they are within the so call "right camp or team".

If your parties are of principle, you should also call for Ali Rustam to resign as Malacca CM post. Would you dare. In this case the CM is found guilty of corruption and rightly be asked to resign. Is CM Lim being charged of any corruptions?

You are right when you said that CM Lim should be responsible for the actions of his subordinates. Would you also said the same thing to badawi and najib, holding them responsible for those umno members now charged with corruptions?

For heaven sake, gerakan, mca please do the right thing. Your outburst and targeting in an unbalance way will not win you political points and sympathy from the voters. We voters know that there are bound to have corruptions within the new administration because most human beings will always be tempted by money. I am sure you are all tempted as well one way or another during your lifetime.

I want you all members from gerakan and mca to remember what you said today. We will come back and haunt you should you regain power in the future which most voters think that is unlikely anyway.

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