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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Next For PDRM At Bukit Gantang, BKT Selambau, Batang Ai ?

The Perak crisis started with the immoral, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab of the Perak State orchestrated by Najib. This crisis has open bare our judiciary, proving that they are not judging independently according to the rule of law but have turn the whole constitution upside down. This is what Aliran had to say:

Justice has not been served by the following decisions of the judicial commissioner which are startling, confusing and baffling:

* He has refused legal representation of the Speaker’s choice thus going against natural justice;
* He has refused the Speaker the right to represent himself denying him his inalienable human right;
* He has refused to allow the Speaker’s leading lawyer to hold a watching brief with speaking rights, thus refusing to hear the Speaker’s side of the case;
* He has ruled that the Speaker is a public officer when the law does not support his contention;
* He has issued an indefinite restraining order when he does not have the authority to do so;
* He has decided to hear the case against the Speaker when the law does not allow him to do so under the Federal Constitution.

While everyone is piss off with how our judiciary had stoop so low in performing their duties many may have miss how our PDRM is doing their job. They are sworn to perform their duties with honor, integrity, fairness and without fear or favor. Are they performing their duties according to the law and what they had sworn to do.

Again, the Perak crisis had open bare the PDRM performance. The many actions that they take against the public who voice their anger while no actions are taken against umno members for voicing their opposing anger.

The charges against six people for insulting the Perak Sultan provide a big picture of how the PDRM acts against those who are pro-opposition.

Is PDRM telling us that only the Perak Sultan cannot be insulted while other state Sultans can be. The insult to the Sultans of Trengganu and Perlis by umno were more intense than what were thrown at the Perak Sultan but not a single umno people is charge for the offence.

I understand the PDRM is monitoring this blog and I hope that you all will perform your duty according to the rule of law and act against anyone for breaking the law without FEAR OR FAVOR. umno is not the government and the ruling government is suppose to run this country with neutrality and fairness to every citizen and not act like they belongs to umno.

There are more than 5000 policemen on duties at the Kuala Trengganu by election costing the rakyat millions of ringgit. The by elections at Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai will see tens of thousand of police force on duties and many more millions of the rakyat ringgit will be spent. Do we really need to have so many policemen for these by elections? Well security is the main reason, I suppose, but what about the increase in crime all over the country?

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