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Friday, March 20, 2009

Perak, Nizar, Bukit Gantang..Is The Sultan Not Going To Do Anything ?

"Perak Mentri Bersar", Nizar, had forwarded a letter to the Perak Sultan explaining the State Assembly resolutions passed under the famous rain tree and seek his royal highness to dissolve the State Assembly. Till now, there is no word from the Sultan.

The Sultan must take some kind of action before najib took over the premiership. It will not matter any more if najib takes over as PM for we had seen what he can do now and what he will be more capable of doing after taking over.

From what I suspect there may be some kind of communications between the Sultan and najib, and what I suspect is that najib must have told the Sultan to hang on and all will be settled once he becomes the PM.

The build up by najib to hold on governing the Perak State is by prolonging the court cases, using the police to clamp down on dissent and the most effective tool of macc to try and charge the speaker for abusing of power.

najib knows what he can do once he is the PM and will use his evil and dirty tricks up his sleeve. A win at the Bukit Gantang by election will be his prize and pride as the new PM. This fight will be the most dirtiest ever and he will have it his way since by polling day he is already the PM.

The people of Perak will have lost their democratic right to select their State Government and more suffering befall upon its rakyat.

Since the Perak crisis, I am sure the Perak Sultan must have seen by now how evil najib is. He will not stop at anything to ensure his position as PM is realized. Even his wife is playing god. Allegations of his corruptions, directly or indirectly involved in the murder of Altantuya, suspending of MP Gobind, charging of MP Karpal Singh and bloggers for sedition, lop sided persecutions of umno members who are not in line with him for corruptions, are all signs of a dictatorship.

My last appeal to the Perak Sultan, show Perakians that you care about them, show najib that you are a man of wisdom and cannot be bought or intimidated, please return the State to Perakians to decide who they want as their State Government, by dissolving the State Assembly.

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  1. if anyone is over powered by bribery and greed......correct decisions will never be made....



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