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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Setahun Pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat - Pulau Pinang

Heavy shower just before 8 pm did not stop 2500 people from attending the "1st year anniversary of Pakatan Rakyat rule" forum in Penang.

Simple setup, no food or drinks for the VIPs, even the chairs are of the plastic type.

Sorry, no pictures of the crowd as my cheap camera could not capture it in the dark.

Speakers from PAS, PKR and DAP gave their views on their performances for the past one year of governing and what is in store for the years to come. They thanks the people of Penang for giving them the support on March 8th 2008 and request them to continue providing the support to face the future together. To transform Penang to be of international standard and be recognized worldwide. Pakatan Rakyat style of governing, Malaysia is for all Malaysians regardless of race and religion, i.e "Ketuanan Rakyat".

Ketuanan Melayu by umno is no longer accepted by a majority of the malays including The Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Syed Jamalullail

I reproduce a blog posting from Sheih Kickdefella titled Sick Of Being A Malay ?

Many Young Malays nowadays are too shy to acknowledge themselves as Malay. Please don’t slam them as lacking of ‘jatidiri’ or ’tak sedar diri’ before we understand where all this problem came from.

“When we die, god will not ask whether we are a Malay, Chinese or Indian,” The MB of Kelantan once told me.

Nik Aziz, has never failed to surprise me with the depth of his thinking. When I interviewed him a month ago, he shoot this to me, “When the Chinese (in Malaysia) has the Chinese medium school, nobody made a noise, there is TV news in Chinese, nobody make any noise, there is newspaper in Chinese, nobody demonstrate against it, but when they wanted to put a road sign in Chinese, people jump sky high! Lagu mano ni?

“The problem with us is that our thinking is too shallow, we think the way we wanted ourselves to think, not the manner God wanted us to us our brain…”

“This is the problem with UMNO (and many of the Malays).”

“I pray to god (to open the heart of the Malaysian) to elect to office more non Muslim Malaysian who are more Islamic friendly to replace the Malays leaders who are Muslim but afraid to fight for the sake of Islam”.

My exclusive interview with Tok Guru is in the latest Qiadah, published during the Chinese New Year.

The sickness that Malaysia is suffering now is due of over dosage of Malay-ism. This is a long time game plan by a shrinking brain of UMNO politician. UMNO wants us to keep remembering that the Malays owe them for what the Malays are today.

What is the Malay today? Do our children still enjoy the benefits of being a Malay like we and our father enjoy decades ago?

What happen today is only selected few Malays are enjoying the benefit of being a Malay. While some quarters are rubbing shoulders with the selected few hoping to get some lose change from them, the rest of the Malay are just getting what other races are getting.

So why should the rest of the Malay subscribe to the Malay Supremacy ideology if only it was mend for those selected few like the Kings and Sultans and the UMNO elites?

Why not we all not just equal like all Malaysian at least we are not being cheated neither are we cheating our own self.

During the old Malay Nationalists time in UMNO, those Malay leaders whom were decorated with power as Ministers, fights for the Malays through series of policies that benefits the Malay but at the same time did not discriminate other races. This method basically died a natural death slowly after Tengku Razaleigh lost to Tun Dr. Mahathir in 1997.

Since then UMNO has never been the same pillar of strength for the Malays. UMNO radically subscribe to a different ball game altogether. Everything turns to dollar and cents.

Instead for fighting for the Malays, most of the UMNO elites found that it is more important for them to fight for their survival in UMNO. Instead of paving changes through government policies, the leaders in UMNO wants only status quo while forcing the Malays to accept them through series of organised bribery.

If the Malays really love UMNO then they must willing to let go of UMNO for as long as UMNO still receive their support, they will never change. The Malay will only get worst.

Can the Malay imagine how their future will look like when the future of UMNO today lies in the hand of those people like Ahmad Ismail, Neena Merican and Azeez UMNOPUTRAS, not to mention those UMNO ‘dignitaries’ like Hishamuddin, Khairy, Khir Toyo and even Mat Taib?

For those who question the land deals in Perak and the manner the PR government given it to the Chinese, I wish to ask them, hasn’t the Chinese has given so much to the state. If you understand the history of Perak, then you will understand that the Chinese has played such an important role to make it what it is today.

I felt very uncomfortable to describe this beautiful Malaysia by mentioning the races name, I feel much more lighten up to just think of us as Malaysians. We have been segregated by races differences to long and it has brought us more harm than glory. Let us celebrate those differences and think of us as only Malaysians.

It should be easy for the Malays as most of them are Muslim. Didn’t Islam teaches us to accept the differences in all of us as the sign of how magnificent our creator is. So in each languages, each skin tones and each physical differences is the sign of how great the Al Mighty is. Furthermore Islam also teaches that none of us is greater than the other, none of us is special then the other and none of us should claim this land is ours, for we are only His slaves.

For this reason, I found more and more non-Malays are finding comfort in PAS then in UMNO. Me too feel the same.

And for the young Malays, most of those in the private higher learning institution, all the embarrassment does not mean that they has become traitor but because for many years they have been betrayed by the brand behind the Malay name.

The brand that they see in Najib Razak, Mat Taib, Rahim Thamby Chik, Hishamuddin Rais, Khairy Jamaluddin and lots more. There is nothing wrong with them, but a whole lot of ‘wrong’ in those who shouted ‘ketuanan Melayu’.

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