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Saturday, January 31, 2009

JUST CHANGE - This Fight Must Go On Until The Change Takes Place

We need to stay on course for our Malaysiakini - Malaysia Today to effect the change smoothly. Malaysiakini, with the help of the people will ensure that the day of reckoning is near and will take place soon.
We are halfway there but the evil force are working overtime to disrupt the change that the people want.

"JUST CHANGE" - This Fight Must Go On Until The Change Takes Place.

In order to maintain the momentum of change and less everyone forget about it, I had place the DAP 2008 GE song title "JUST CHANGE" in the background. The song is played once only upon your entering this blog and if you need to listen again, just refresh the page or renter re-enter again.

Readers, bloggers and friends, please provide me with your feedback whether you like this song to be embedded in this blog. At times there maybe some disruption to the song, just be patient as it is hosted elsewhere because blogspot does not provide for uploading of songs and music direct from our computer.

Enjoy the song while we take the task to ensure our hope for change will be fulfilled.

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