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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank GOD, PR/PAS Wins, You Have Answered My Prayer

Malaysiakini KT news. Malaysiakini reports:Official: PAS wins KT by 2,631 votes.

Thank You GOD For Answering My Prayer

PAS WON The P36 Kuala Trengganu By Election

PR/PAS - 32883 Votes

BN - 30252 Votes

Independent - 193 Votes

Majority - 2631 Votes

Thanks also to the voters, Barisan Rakyat blogger team and Pakatan Rakyat component Parties for their effort to bring about this victory.

This blog will take a short break to see what the losers have to said and will blog again at the appropriate time. It will be very comical I think. Good Night Everyone.


  1. Yes! Thank you God for listening to our prayers!
    This victory is against all odds...the pre CNY goodies given, money to journalists, funds to schools etc..
    This time money can get the 'hantu' to push the cart.

  2. Richard,read these 2 posts by UMNO member on why BN lost KT



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