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Friday, January 9, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 8 - The Dirty Game Begins

From Malaysiakini websites. Malaysiakini reports:Pak Lah in KT early because he's 'free'.
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My Series 5 posting earlier stated:
From what I observe, umno is lying low for the first two days to plan their dirty strategy and we can expect explosive ceramah couple with spins and manipulated reports by the MSM in the coming days.

True enough, their dirty strategy is surfacing slowly on the 3rd day.

Dirty Game No. 1 - By using the police force.

Why is 6,000 ( as reported by MSM ) or 3,600 ( said the police chief ) sent to KT by-election when the crime rate keeps increasing which requires the full police force to fight the crimes. Crimes are committed daily, hourly or even every second, that, we can deal later, not that important but the KT by-election is held only once in the blue moon and we need to be there to ensure umno wins.

The dirty strategy by umno is using the police force to intimidate the opposition and limit their numbers of ceramah so that the voters cannot hear both sides of the stories.

This kind of intimidation will continue until election day and should any exit poll still indicates that PAS will win, these 6,000 or 3,600 police force will be instructed to be more forceful to stop PAS from winning.

I attached a paragraph posted by Zorro who together with RPK and Haris were at ground zero.

And the fairies? These are those plain-clothes dolls who wonder (not, wander around ceremahs and candlelight vigils.) The try their best to hide their identity and that is when they reveal to us common folks their identify and function.....not only can you smell them from a can point them out in a crowd of thousands. There is no subtlety in the way they conduct their they stick their camera into your face. This they began doing when RPK spoke at the Kampong Cina ceremah tonight. The organisers were told that they have no permit, so the ceremah must end in half an hour. Their stupidity is their calling card. The Chinese in KT are already leaning towards PAS and this crass stupidity of these special species of fairies are having the KT Chinese running after PAS.

KT Voters, Do you want to have a Police State? If No is your answer then the right choice is to:


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