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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Simply There Is No Mood For Any Kind Of Celebration

Malaysiakini headline:Intel to shut facilities in Penang. Malaysiakini reports:The computer chip maker said it will close two assembly test facilities in Penang between now and the end of 2009.
Once again this blog will not post any greetings for this Chinese New Year. This country is in such a mess with all these messy leaders running around like clowns. Do you still have the mood to celebrate. I don't.

Rhetoric call for change by the PM in waiting, but do you expect any changes?

The police who are suppose to maintain law and order are taking the law into their own hands. They implement the laws to their whim and fancy. Peaceful rallies, pot-luck gathering are not allow, whereas unruly demonstrations in the thousands is fine with them. What kind of system is that.

According to statistics revealed in Parliament last year, there were a total of 1535 custodial deaths in the country between 2003 and 2007.

I simply cannot believe that all these custodial deaths are because of health reasons.

The police must state clearly and publicly whether the police have or have not torture detainees under remand. Is torturing one of the police code to extract admission of guilt.

Do you still have the mood to celebrate after watching the video?

Thousands are starting to lose their jobs, food prices keep rocketing but najib and gang are fighting to stay in power instead of finding solutions for the gloomy economy.

On one side they are calling for change but the other side they are still using religion to incite hate among the races. Who is the government to order which word one can or cannot used. What is wrong for the Catholic weekly to use the word 'Allah'. No one can own any words that are derived from using the alphabet. Can I say that one cannot use the alphabet to spell 'Allah' because the alphabet is for use that are in line with English only?

I do not foresee najib call for changes happening in my lifetime.


  1. It appears that we all all fXXXked this year!

  2. What lar you... the economy already bad, everyone need to be cheered up. And you're stopping us to celebrate CNY.... zzz....

  3. hyperX

    Thanks for your comment. You can celebrate by all means. This posting is just to highlight the Sombre mood that this country is facing now and the so call want to changed leaders are not doing anything about it.

    This blog is just standing together with those who are suffering indiscriminately and will not post any greetings until this country is totally changed for the better.

  4. We need hope. Without it, there's only desolation. With hope, we find the strength to move on, to get up, to go through another day.

    Don't give up on hope, yet!



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