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Friday, January 30, 2009

Same Old Arrogant Umno/BN, Are You Serious About Change??

Malaysiakini headline news. Malaysiakini reports:BN backbenchers: Police training needs revamp.
This is what umno/bn stood for.

"We can do what we like unto you but we will not tolerate anyone doing the same unto us."

The call for change from the low level right up to the top leaders from umno/bn are deafening since being slaughtered in the March 8th 2008 general elections and two quick blows on both chins in two by-elections. Surprisingly with a swollen mouth after receiving blow after blow, they can still talk big about change.

But what kind of change are they talking about? The same usual way of changing things for the past 51 years, and that is, to act above the law. All non umno members must abide by the law, "the law is the law" and serious actions will be taken against any non umno members except for a few bn component parties members who knows how to kow tow to us and wag their tails.

umno/bn are pure, they can do no wrong.

A few classic way of umno/bn want to change anecdote.

Money politics are not corruptions and will be handled by the party and no one can say anything or go against it as it is a party matter.

All suspects under investigation or remand are criminals, no two way about it.

Suspects under remand can be tortured to extract confessions or even killed because the police are just doing their jobs to solve criminal cases. They just want the statistic to show a high rate of cases being solved even though the suspects may be innocent until proven guilty. Along the way some scapegoats have to be sacrificed.

Only umno members are allow to stage demonstrations, storm into forums they dislike and even spreading lies.

We do not have to listen to any of you but all of you must listen to us.

Read this posting by YB Lim Kit Siang at his blog:

Umno discipline and ethics - rules that apply to some but not to others

by Zaid Ibrahim

1. The call by Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen, Chairman of The Disciplinary Tribunal, for UMNO to disband its youth, wanita and puteri wings, as part of the measures to curb corruption, has attracted much flack from the party’s senior leaders including Dato Najib Razak. Instead of brushing aside the suggestion, as is the standard response of the party when confronted with something new, they should reflect and try to understand what Tengku Din was trying to tell them. Tengku Din was exasperated with the extent of the corruption permeating the party at all levels. He was saying that the Disciplinary Tribunal alone could no longer cope with the practice and culture of corruption within the party. As a loyal party man he was trying to politely tell the party leaders that UMNO could no longer be salvaged under the present structure, and under the present crop of leaders I might add.
Read full text here.

Yesterday, they said they want to change.

Today, they say they want to change.

Tomorrow, they say they want to change.

After umno/bn are no longer in power, they say they want to change.

Are we still waiting for them to change or is it better for everyone of us to change them.

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