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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 3-PAS Islamic Centric

Malaysiakini is reeling with KT news. Malaysiakini reports:PAS: Trust us, we stand for all races.
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PAS being an Islamic Party is always consistent with their party resolution on Islamic and Muslim Affairs. Most of us Chinese are being lead blindly by mca and gerakan for decades into believing that PAS will impose Islamic laws if they take over the government without actually laying out the details of how PAS can do it.

PAS has the right to speak in Islamic terms to their muslim brothers and sisters but they are always prepared to find solutions for the non muslim in this country. Whenever PAS talk about their Islamic values, umno/bn is quick to raise them to frighten the non muslim.

Non muslim are now no longer frighten by the rhetoric threats of umno/bn on Islamic subject. PAS need not worry too much about the non muslim as they have all realised that umno/bn is good in dividing the people by using religion and the race card. They have no love for Malaysians but themselves.

PAS must show their sincerity that non muslim will also be taken care of and look after as we are all Malaysians. It is good to hear PAS telling the non muslim; Trust Us, We Stand For All Races while umno is still shouting ketuanan melayu and to punish all those who question their rights to be charged and mca, gerakan and mic, silent as the church mouse.

Tell ketuanan umno that we have enough of their nonsense, lies and threats.

Voters of Kuala Trengganu, please make the right choice and the only right choice is to vote for PR/PAS.

Please click HOME to read the other Ceramah Online series.

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