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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 5 - At Ground Zero

Malaysiakini KT by election news. Win or lose, it's a rocky road for Najib, report on Malaysiakini site.
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What is the odd, any bet as yet? As of this posting there are not many serious pundit on the win and majority size. According to Raja Petra report from ground zero;
Day 2 of the Kuala Terengganu by-election was spent walking around Kuala Terengganu, in particular the Chinese areas. The Chinese gave us an extremely warm reception and made no secret of the fact that they were going to vote Pakatan Rakyat.

Yes, it is still too early for any prediction of who will win, but still both sides are claiming victory with bigger margin. From what I observe, umno is lying low for the first two days to plan their dirty strategy and we can expect explosive ceramah couple with spins and manipulated reports by the MSM in the coming days.

Najib is very confident of winning this by-election and he declared that Kuala Terengganu would not be another Permatang Pauh. Well, we have to wait till the final result is announce on the night of January 17 2009.

In the meantime RPK, Haris and Zerro have their own blog reports from ground zero.

Haris reports:
DAP hosted a Chinese dinner last night and very kindly extended an invitation to the Barisan Rakyat team.
The near 99 percent Chinese diners had an array of excellent speakers to prime them on the numerous reasons why they should not only vote for Pakatan, but also go out and take the same message to friends and relatives.
Read more

Zorro reports:
In the late afternoon, the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers, were invited to PAS Headquarters at Kuala Ibai by Mafuz Omar and Dr Zulkifli Ahmad, MP for Kuala Selangor. It was essentially a "brain-picking” session. We were particularly interested in PAS's perception of the non-Malay voters in KT. We were impressed with PAS strategies for the campaign as it jived in well with what we bloggers wanted to be emphatic about during our stay in KT. We felt good after the meeting. We were convinced that planning was spot on and much better than at Permatang Pauh. We left with a promise from PAS that timely feedback would be the modus operandi between both parties. Read more.

Raja Petra Reports: Read more.

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