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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 2-Chinese Voters

Malaysiakini: Najib optimistic of a bigger win, but my take to you KT voters do not fall into this Malaysiakini report.
This Ceramah Series is for the Kuala Trengganu Chinese Voters.

umno/mca is now using the hudud law to frighten you all. Why are you all so afraid about hudud law when it is not applicable to you and even if it applies to you, there is no way that the hudud law can be enacted. PAS is an Islamic party and it is only natural for them to talk about Islam and their Islamic law.

Please remember that mca had given their approval and consent that Malaysia is already an Islamic country.

Do you still believe that umno/mca can really help the Chinese community? Why did I write umno/mca and not just mca. You all know very well that for over 50 years mca is nothing if they do not sleep with umno. They have to clean and kiss umno's feet first before they can ask for the little crump left over and even that, mca may not get what they want.

Just tell me how many of you are in these predicament.

Many of your brightest children cannot get scholarship or some cannot even enter the local universities with their best results among the best.

How many of your children are in the civil service.

Tell me how many of the Chinese contractors actually are awarded government contracts and not sub-contracting through the famous Ali Baba system.

Your state is an oil producing state, just sit down for a moment and think, did any of the oil revenue reaches you.

Your good lifestyle is not the work of umno/mca but through your own hard work.

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