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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 14 - Umno The Sure Winner

Malaysiakini KT news. Malaysiakini reports:PAS: Oil royalty main issue for KT.
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I have been searching through YouTube for the song 'Money Money Money' by ABBA and you know what, the link of the song is there but when you click on it another song is played and not 'Money Money Money'. Then you look at the ticker that highlight this "This video is not available in your country". Any reason for this song to be banned in this country? All because it talks about MONEY?. Someone must be ashamed to be linked to MONEY because of you know what.

Yes, I am predicting the sure win of umno in this KT by-election and it is because of MONEY. Who in the right mind does not love MONEY especially when it comes in this most difficult time.

MONEY can do a lot of things including the sure win in by-elections. Lets take a look at the offer by umno to KT voters thus far:

The Star reported that the Terengganu state government will be giving 25000 laptops for free to all year 5 students by April next year. After that, a factory will be set up to manufacture 10000 units of laptops per month which are to be distributed to students in year 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first batch of 25000 laptops will cost the state government RM30 million.

A sum of RM2.7 million was distributed to 9000 needy Chinese folks on January 5th, a day before nomination day. This apparently is an annual event but in any other year, this handout would be made a week before or after the Chinese New Year.

RM3.3 million was pledged by the Menteri Besar for the construction of a hall for the Chinese community in Bukit Kecil, with the ground breaking ceremony slated for Jan 13.

The state government further approved RM2.8 million for the refurbishing of the sole Chinese school in Kuala Terengganu, SJK (C) Chung Hwa Wei Sin. The school's brass band will receive another RM200,000.

RM110,000 was allocated to 40 Chinese religious organisations.*

The state MCA has obtained federal allocation worth RM205,000 for two temples while Education Minister Hishamuddin Hussien on Jan 5 announced a RM2,926,000 allocation for 10 Chinese schools in the state.

Source: Malaysiakini report

Dr Azly Rahman in his blog has in the meanwhile cited a report in the New Straits Times that the state government had also promised to replace the zinc roofs houses of poor families and grant 4ha of land to anyone who wants to plant padi.

On 10th January, Malaysiakini reported that the Federal Government had awarded RM15.8 million worth of small infrastructural projects to 583 Terengganu based class-F contractors through a computerised ‘bidding’ system.

Source ARTiculations

I am sure glad for the people of Kuala Trengganu to be able to receive such a massive allocations by the Federal Government, all within such a short time frame of two weeks. Of course these funds are not because of the by-election, they are already in umno budget planning months ago and truthfully it is not corruption to entice the voters, many will argued, especially umno.

But my advise to KT voters is, take whatever is given physically to you now and just forget about the other promises as you must have learn by now, these are just promises and promises are meant to be broken. Those contracts given out now does not really help you in any way and I am quite sure that these Class F contractors will be having a tough time to get payments for work done or some may even be terminated after the by election.

KT Voters, the decision is yours to make. Do you want progress to be continuous throughout your life time or a one time affair where all kinds of promises are made during by-election only, and this may not even happen after the by-election.

A relevant issue by Raja Petra which I reproduce the title for you to make your desicion easier.

So, whom can we trust? A party that respects and will comply to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia or one that violates the Constitution every step of the way? That is the fundamental issue in the Kuala Terengganu by-election. Read the full text here.


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  1. nasib baik penyandang meninggal dunia.
    lihat berapa banyak nya habuan yang di berikan..

  2. These are all pledge only. When will they receive the money? 5 or 10 years time? If they lose, they say no more money.... If they win, they say, so big development will take some time... If they lose the federal govt, better, totally no need to pay.

  3. Oh my GOD, Najis said he will continue the "good" work of Bodowi. That is good work to him. Please tell us, what good has he done for us?

    I wonder ! what is Najis standard?

  4. It's all talk. Even if they really dispensed the money, half of it would be lost in transition!
    The best thing to do is to take whatever that is offered, but do not guarantee the vote.



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