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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Inefficient And Heartless umno/bn Listen To The Rakyat Cries For Once

Malaysiakini reports: PAS tonight named Abdul Wahid Endut to contest the crucial Kuala Terengganu by-election. Malaysiakini has yet to scoop on the real economy situation of Malaysia.
Money is pouring into KT by-election by umno/bn, and whose money are they using, their own money or the rakyat money. It seems that KT by-election is top priority for umno/bn ruling government and every effort is put into force to ensure their victory by hook or by crook while the imminent collapse of the country economy is least in their mind.

Thousands of employees had their pay cut, force unpaid leave and some unlucky ones retrenched since Nov 2008. This new year will bring more thousands of retrench employees plus the thousands of unemployed graduates into the doom market fighting for the limited jobs available.

The umno/bn ruling government is more interested to win the KT by-election where they can see, touch and syphon the money while on its way to KT disguise as development funds. Do they really care about the rakyat suffering, being jobless and for many worrying where to get the money to pay for their food and household expenses. I bet you know the answer to it.

I am calling upon the inefficient and heartless umno/bn ruling government to listen to the rakyat cries for once. Please allow partial withdrawal of the peoples EPF money. The EPF funds belong to the people and although it is meant as retirement saving it should released up to 20% of the saving to overcome the recession for those retrenched workers. Why use the rakyat EPF money to bail out GLC mostly control by umnoputras instead of providing the needed assistant to the retrenched workers and moreover it is their own money.

I am calling NGOs and Civil Societies to come out in full force to force the inefficient and heartless umno/bn ruling government to look into the real problems of the economy situation instead of criticising every damn thing that the PR States are trying hard to govern with prudent and care.

To KT voters, please be more wiser this time round. umno is all sweet talk and promises during election time and no action will ever be taken after that. We need change in order to stop umno from srewing the rakyat, destroy and bankrupt this country.



  1. Agreed with you Richard,all depends on the maturity of the KT voters, hopefully they can see what the BN regime is doing and has done over the years..Hopefully they will vote in the Opposition member in and show the BN the door step..Umno is only for the Umnoputras and their cronies, the majority if the Malaysians , Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races are still living in hardship and struggling on a daily basis.. the government of the day should be focus in assisting these group. I hope the KT voters wake up and can see through what is happening,BN is a false hope , PR is the future for all us... KT VOTERS , vote the PAS guy in and kick the BN party out...they have been cheating all your people over the years... the oil money which should rightly use to develop Trengganu state have been misuse and mismanage by Umno all these years, they have only been enriching themselves and neglecting the poor people in KT and Trengganu on the whole... VOTE FOR PAS!!!.

  2. so what can a pr MP do for all problems you anticipated above. you complaint a lot but u don't give solution plan.

    i am not going to give a vote just because u said so.

  3. shut the fuck up and just vote for PAS you dumbass douce-twat!

  4. anonymous 2:03AM

    Thanks for your input. I think you can propose some solution plans if you have any.

    At least you can see that a PR MP cannot do much, that is the more reason we need to keep on increasing the numbers of PR MPs whenever there is a chance to do so. Alternatively we can overthrow the umno/bn government in the next GE.

    You must be aware that the ACA, PDRM and Judiciary are all under umno/bn control, that is the reason why at this moment we can only complaint and do not have the Federal power to act on all the wrong doings of umno/bn.



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