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Thursday, January 8, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 6 - Malay Voters

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After 51 years of Independence, at each and every general elections and by-elections, the main topics are always about race and religion. Why is it so? Can we stop these dangerous topics being used to draw attention and win elections? Many Malaysians of all races including the malays would want these topics to be excluded in deciding the winner but umno who is in power for 51 years would not want to hear of such thing. Their only chances of winning is to promote hatred among races and will used religion at every opportunity they can get.

Look at the above picture, why keep on harping the issue of ketuanan melayu when it is a non issue at all. Just go around and ask the non malays, are they questioning the ketuanan melayu and I am very sure all will give the same answer. "Nobody is questioning the ketuanan melayu status except umno who is trying to stir the issue to their advantage." umno is using the call for the NEP to be phased out as questioning the ketuanan melayu status. What has the NEP got to do with ketuanan melayu?

The NEP is suppose to help out poor Malaysians especially the malays since the majority of the poor comes from the malay populations. As such, umno pretend to forget and ignore the original concept and purpose of the NEP. Instead they are tying the NEP with the ketuanan melayu status for their own benefits.

Talking about the NEP, what have you all benefit from the NEP? 5% to 10% discount on house purchase but do you think that is part of the NEP help from umno government? These discount do not come from umno nor the government, it comes from the non malays who have to pay more for their purchase in order that the developer can give you this discount. Many of the NEP that you may get comes from the non malays who have to sacrifice part of their hard earn money. The actual big chunk of the NEP which comes from the government coffer never reaches you all, for example, the AP, highway constructions, monsoon cup, large economic development corridors and many others from the GLC. These benefits only a handful of umnoputras.

Just remember that the call to phase out the NEP Is NOT Questioning the ketuanan melayu status. It is being hijacked by umno for the benefit of a few malays and we need to come together as Malaysians to see that all government assistants are equally distributed to the poor and needy Malaysians.

As for religion, again, umno is playing with fire trying to distort whatever and however they can to let the malays think that other religions are encroaching into muslim affairs. We are not interfering into muslim affairs but just ask that other religions be given their freedom as enshrine in the constitution.

My plea to the malay voters whom are going to decide on the 17th Jan 2009 Kuala Trengganu By-Election to make the right choice.

umno will forget you after the election, just like any other elections. Your state is suppose to be one of the riches among other states because of the oil. But ask umno, where are all your oil royalties gone too? What have they done for you since the introduction of the NEP nearly forty years ago? Why are they still harping on the ketuanan melayu when it is a non issue by the non malays? Ask umno why they have yet to implement Islamic Laws since they had declared Malaysia as an Islamic country together with mca, gerakan and mic?

Take whatever they give you now, be it rice, tv, computer or cash for you are not going to hear from them again after the election irrespective whether they win or lose.

And lastly the most important thing to do on the 17th January 2009 is:


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